Red Sauce

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A story about making spaghetti sauce with a twist.

Katherine walked into the kitchen to find Roland opening cans.

“What are you making?”

“Sauce, Red sauce, I was thinking we could have spaghetti tonight.”

“Red sauce isn’t that a bit cliché?”

“What do you mean?”

“You are a vampire and you are making a red sauce.”

“It isn’t blood and it will be really good.”

“So, tell me”

“Ok, first you put three cans of tomato sauce and paste in the slow cooker. Add one can of water and stir it all together. Put it on high and add some salt, pepper and a little garlic powder.”

“Boy you are ruining all the old myths for me.”

“How so?”

“A vampire that enjoys food and likes garlic.”

“Don’t forget going out in sunlight.”

“That is something they have only added recently. Dracula went out during the daytime.”

“Yes, but Bram Stoker said he was weakened by daylight, which isn’t true.”

“Continue the cooking lesson.”

“You want to chop up your vegetables now. A nice size onion, not too big, but not tiny. Four bell peppers, two green and two red and finally two or three cloves of garlic.”

“Again garlic.”

“What can I say I like the taste. Did I tell you that my senses are like ten times as good as a mortal’s?”

“No, but that does explain a few things.”

“Like what?”

“Your dislike of certain perfumes. Your ability to be at the door before anyone knocks, little things like that.”

“So anyways, you chop the vegetables as small as you can. Get a skillet and put it over a medium flame. I prefer to work with a gas stove so much more then an electric because you can see the flame. Add olive oil to the skillet, just enough to coat the bottom of it. Heat the skillet until the oil begins to shimmer and then add your vegetables. Some people use flavored olive oil, but I find that it adds a slight after taste to the vegetables which can affect the sauce.”

“Did you learn this recipe from some Italian woman?”

“No, she was Chinese. Lovely woman and a great cook.”

Roland made sure that all the vegetables were got covered in the oil and let them cook for a few minutes stirring them occasionally. Once they had become soft he quickly transferred them to the slow cooker the sauce was in.

“So now we just let it cook?”

“Now we cook the meat.”


“Ground beef is the traditional meat, but I also use sausage.”

“You ever consider writing a cookbook?”

“No. That could lead to me being exposed and I work too hard to avoid that.”

Roland got four sausages out of the refrigerator and a package of ground beef.

“I tried this with deer meat once, but the taste was off,” Roland explained as he filled a skillet with water and added the sausage to it. “I will cook the sausage like this to begin with then cut off the casing and brown the sausage meat with the ground beef.”

“Did you always enjoy cooking?”

“No. I started to learn after I was turned. Once I could really taste the flavor of foods, I wanted to learn to cook for myself. Besides with hundreds of years to kill a person learns all kinds of things they wouldn’t have considered when mortal.”

“Like what?”

“Music, I’m skilled in eight instruments.”


“I rarely play anymore, but yes the piano, violin, flute, cello…”

“I believe you it is just so wild that you have all these skills and knowledge and you barely look twenty-eight.”

“That is part of the downside of being a vampire.”

“What looking young is a bad thing?”

“Three maybe four more years and I’ll have to move on. I never change, well I can change my hair style or grow facial hair, but my face doesn’t age. Sooner or later somebody notices and then questions are asked, questions it is just easier to avoid.”

Roland pulled the sausages from the skillet and cut away the casing. He broke apart the meat and mixed it with the ground beef before putting it all back in the skillet.

“I guess that could be tough. You make a life for yourself and after only a few years have to move on.”

“That is if I’m lucky. There are those that hunt my kind. If the hunters show up I have to run and they don’t give up easily.”

“Why not just come out to the world? You could start a movement.”

“It isn’t just the hunters I have to worry about. Many of the things that hide in the shadows don’t want to be revealed to the world. They would work to discredit me and kill me if I ever did.”

“So, you are stuck moving from place to place never setting down roots or making any real connections.”

“I think we have a real connection. When I move on, I would love for you to join me, even if you don’t want me to turn you.”

“Until I grow old then you will leave me and move onto a new lover.”

Roland laughs. “I love you Kathy. I would never leave you.”

“How many women have you told that to before?”

“Thirty-seven. I loved them all and stayed with them until the very end.”

Roland drained the grease off the meat and added it to sauce. He added more spices and inhaled the aroma deeply.

“It smells great.”

“It does and it will taste even better when it is done cooking.”

They kissed and left the kitchen.

Submitted: February 07, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Gypsy Rose. All rights reserved.

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