This is a nightmare!
She tried hard, to stand still, to control her trembling, to squeeze her thumping heart. Holding onto the razor-sharp scalpel that suddenly felt heavy.
Murder? No, that was not a part of the plan.

When Ohio based Aria decided to join her friends on their camping trip in a secluded location, deep in the forests of Dandeli; she was looking forward for that last dashing weekend before heading for college.

But then, two strangers join. When Anya introduces her mysterious boyfriend, Kai and his cheerful, and yet over-friendly best friend Rylan; Aria feels something is off.

Initially, everything seems fun, but when Rylan suggests they spend the weekend at his Cabin, Aria couldn’t shake off the feeling that they can’t come back from what they are going into.

As secrets are uncovered, a sinister plan unfolds. And deaths follow.

Will they make it out alive?

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This is a nightmare! She attempted to stand still, shaky hands holding onto the razor-sharp scalpel that suddenly felt heavy. I c... Read Chapter

Chapter 1

I watched the trees as they played by through the cold windowpane. My fingertips burned at the frigid weather as I attempted to jam them ... Read Chapter

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