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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Are you the one with the happy memories of oldies but goodies 70's & 80's?

Table of Contents


One day in September 2020 during a boring and tedious pandemic made work-from-home gave an awakening moment for my life-long hibernated... Read Chapter

Altima vs Elantra

Managed to pack my 18-month school days in Glendale, Arizona in six boxes and shipped to a new address at Queens, New York (aka a job-h... Read Chapter


Flagstaff is a city is on the way from Glendale to Sedona, located in northern Arizona.  It is said that the  name Flagstaff ... Read Chapter

Red Rock City, Sedona

It was about a two-hour drive from Glendale to Sedona.  Sedona's main attraction is its array of red sandstone formations. &n... Read Chapter

Mystical Bazaar

The one and only reason for visiting Sedona was for healing.  So, I wandered around downtown where many shops and points of intere... Read Chapter

Bang! Ooh! Ya Got Me!

Near the cash counter, there was an old turntable and I saw many LPs (long playing record) behind her back.  There were shelves fi... Read Chapter

Blue Note

I was sitting in front of piano.  Looked like some kind of bar with dim lights.  The guy on the left corner with a mic was ... Read Chapter


I got out of the jazz club.  Now I could see the signboard saying Blue Note.  New York, here I am. Without any other clot... Read Chapter

Big Apple

I overslept as yesterday evening and the whole night was quite a drama without doubt.  The morning sunray was glowing through the ... Read Chapter

Don’t it make my brown eyes BLUE

The dark blue dress was ready for me as I instructed the manager last night.  He came along to the powder room. “You look gr... Read Chapter


I woke up in the same bed of Cedar’s Creek.  It was almost midnight.  Following morning, I checked out the Cedar’s Creek ... Read Chapter

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