Chapter 7: Encounter

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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I got out of the jazz club.  Now I could see the flag sign saying Blue Note.  New York, here I am.




Without any other clothes to change to, I was standing in front of the club entrance wearing a black dress pondering what to do till tomorrow performance.  The money seemed enough for one-night lodging at a decent hotel with three meals. 

It was getting dark and needed to find a place to spend overnight.


THAT moment, one guy was approaching me saying:

“Hi, I was at the club just now, very much enjoying your singing and piano playing.”

It was the same guy who was staring at me throughout my performance.  I could recognize his eyes, light blue.

He was quite tall with baby face and slender body. 


“Yes, you were sitting at the front table, right?  I think I saw you.”

“That’s right, I was staring at you the whole time.  Hope you didn’t mind.”

“Well.  Did you enjoy the music?”

“Absolutely.  I have to meet with you and talk to you.  So, I wait outside till you come out.”

“Here I am.  Now you met me and talked to me.  So, your job is done?”

“Well, after I met with you and talked to you for about ten seconds, I would like to spend more time with you.  Would you like to have a dinner with me?  It’s quite late and am sure you must be hungry.”

Suddenly, I felt hungry.  Remember I didn’t eat after the Mystical Bazaar visit.

“Sounds like a good idea.  I am about to find a decent place for tonight as I have another performance tomorrow, since the club manager wanted me back.  Having dinner is a good idea”

“Any special food or restaurant in mind?”

“I think I am new here in New York.  Sounds strange though, knowing I was performing tonight.  Why don’t we go to a restaurant near here?  It will be nice to have a warm soup or something.  A bit chilly tonight”

In sleeveless long dress made of silk, it felt like October.

He hurriedly put his denim jacket around my shoulder and smoothly put his right arm around my waist.  We started to walk together.

About five-minute walk without talking, we stopped at a small Vietnamese restaurant called ‘Miss Saigon’ – same as the Broadway musical.

“What about here?  Rice noodle will be nice.”

“Sure.  Sounds good.”


It was a small restaurant with about five tables.  Other than us, there was another table occupied with one middle aged couple having noodles.

“What shall we have?”  He asked.

“Let’s have Pho, rice noodle soup with thin beef slice and cilantro toppings.  And we can also order vegetable spring rolls.”

“Sounds good”

I ordered what I used to have at Glendale Vietnamese restaurant just naturally.


“I don’t think I even know your name.”

“Oh, sorry.  It's Peter, Peter Beckett.”

“Nice to meet with you, Peter.  My name is…”

“I know, Ana Young, right? “

“Yep, so Peter, what were you doing at the Blue Note?  Are you a regular there?

“I am a musician.  My current band just broke up, so I am thinking of coming back with a new team.  Thinking of trying some kind of jazz/soul, so I stopped by the Blue Note these days as this is a Jazz club.”

“Oh, so what kind of music was your band playing?“

“It’s soft rock and I am playing a guitar.  Also, I write songs and can do vocals, too.  I guess I need some changes as we didn’t do that well with our recent album.”

“It’s about what and how to express yourself and your feelings.  It doesn’t matter whether it is rock, pop or jazz, I believe.”

“You are right.  I always wanted to make kind of a hit song, to make people love.  I didn’t think that much that I need to write something that I could express.”

“People will love if you are sincere regardless.  Why don’t you think about it when making a song next time?”

“Will try.  Good idea”

“That’s what I am trying to do whenever I sing.  I never wrote a song before and I didn't even try to.  But I do want to sing a song that I can relate to.”

“Then, today’s song is about your story?”

“Well, you can say that.  There's always a heartbroken relationship regardless how hard you try to keep it.  And those are not mendable, sadly.”

“You are right.  But your song is so sad.  I almost cried out when listening to your soulful voice.”

“Is it?  Just thought about him when I sang that song.  That jerk.  Left for the bitch!  Not worth it.“

“He will regret definitely.  Shame on him”

“Thank you for saying that.  I feel better.”

We laughed.


We had quite a chat after dinner by moving to a bar till midnight.  Despite his talent and passion, it looked like he couldn’t find good team members and right songs.  A struggling young musician in his late twenties.  I felt he was like that when I met him during one of the days in June 1976. 

The waiter said the bar would be closed at midnight, so we had to leave.


“Where do you live?  I can walk you there or we can take a taxi.”

“Believe it or not, I have nowhere to go.  Need to find a place to spend a night, can you believe that?“

“Are you serious?  You are an amazing performer for Blue Note and yet homeless?”

“I think so.  As a matter of fact, I got lost and don’t know what I am doing today here at New York.”

He didn’t seem to believe that I was a stranger out of nowhere, out of the blue.

He was mumbling and then, asked with full of shyness,

“Do you mind staying at my place?  I can sleep at the couch.”

I just met him.  What do I do with this tempting invitation, especially when it came from a pretty face boy?

“If OK with you, I would love to.”

“Wow, great.  It’s not that far, we can walk.”

“By the way, my dress is not that mobile friendly with high heels.  I need to buy clothes for casual mobility, I mean it.”

“Oh, sure.  Now it’s too late, why don’t we figure out tomorrow morning?”

He was living in LA but staying in NY in the past few weeks for new ideas and inspiration to move forward with his singing career.


Bayside Window



It was a small studio with a nice view of Central Park.  Must be a brand-new building with decent furniture decoration and marble flooring.

Tiny kitchen with a two seated couch, one single bed, dining table with two chairs.  Bathroom with rain shower.  Arch type bayside window was facing Central Park.  That window would give you a great view in the morning when sun rises, I bet.

He gave me a jersey shirt with LA Dodgers logo.  It was big enough to cover half of my thigh. 

Despite being a young artist wrestling with music direction and vision, the place was neat and clean.  I didn’t mind spending the night here.


While he was making coffee, I went to shower first.  I saw my body for the first time.  YES!  Exceeding my expectation.  Even with the tiny mirror above the sink, I could see the curvy shape of my body.  It was impressive.  I was very happy with my new look.

Not a gasping beauty, but my look could be deemed as seductive and sensual with dark brown dreamy eyes.  Had a very fair skin without any single freckle or blemish mark.  Love it!!

He was waiting with a mug of decaf to hand it over to me. 

While sipping the light decaf, I was wondering how all this happened.  I could remember I was at Sedona.  Did I teleport?  Some kind of time travel?  Or just daydreaming, spell-bounded by lady at Mystical Bazaar?

I was holding the necklace of red rock stones with carnelians, which I had to take off from my right wrist during shower.


While looking over the Central Park from bayside window, I could see him walking out of bathroom door.  There was moon light.  He was quietly walking towards me and softly holding me from the back with two hands around my tiny (?) waist.

His kiss was very soft, I could smell citrus scent.  Must be the soap he was using.

His lips and tongue taste little bit of sea salty.  When he was slowly taking off my LA Dodgers jersey shirt, I got blushed as I was naked.  Had to wash the underwear during shower for tomorrow. 

He was naked, too.  Didn’t notice that he was naked when he got out of the bathroom after shower.  He had a clean chest without hair, contrary to his brownish arm hair.

His long fingers were smoothly crawling my face, neck, waist, butt and legs while he was kissing.

It was a long and tender sex.  When doing in standing pose, I was enjoying the Central Park view from bayside window while glaring the silhouette of his body rhythmically moving against me.

We were having eye contact all the time throughout the night and it was not awkward even though we just met today.

I was touching his chest.  Rolling the one hair near his right nipple with my left index finger.  He was giggling.


“What do you want to do tomorrow?  Do you want to look around here in NY?”

“It’s my first time here, I have time till 9pm for performance at Blue Note.  Are you free tomorrow?”

“I am at your disposal, my lady.  Let’s explore Big Apple.”

“Great.  I always want to go to Soho and Chelsea areas.”

“Sure, baby.  Good night.  It was nice meeting you today.”

“Me, too.  I am glad I get to know you.”









Submitted: February 09, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Jator. All rights reserved.


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