The steal

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Writing and Reviewing!

Jason is a fast-food manager. He has planned a vaction with his closest friend Kevin. During his vacation he sees his ex-girlfriend. She has her wedding at the same resort Jason is staying. He decides to take destiny in his own hands.

It was almost closing time, and the restaurant was starting to look empty. Only a handful of (tipsy) customers were ordering their fries and burgers. Jason walked towards the door and closed it, so only people could get out. It was a long and tedious day, he couldn’t wait to go home. He started to instruct his employees to clean the restaurant. The customers took the hint and decided to eat their food outside, in their car. He himself was overseeing everything and checked if it was done properly. After it was all done his employees left. Jason was still doing some administration. After half an hour he turned off all the lights and closed the restaurant.

After the short drive home, he heated up a supermarket bought pizza. He parked himself with his pizza on the couch. He was flipping through the channels, finding something he could watch. He finally settled on an action movie. The movie was halfway done, and he didn’t understand the plot. It didn’t matter, it distracted him from his tiredness, so he watched it anyway. His mind was wandering to tomorrow. He would go on vacation with his best mate Kevin. Kevin was his best friend, he always had his back. They met in college, even though Jason dropped out after a year, they stayed in touch. Kevin had finished his education in finance and was now working for a bank. Jason who was working as a fast-food employee, was now the manager of the place. He had thought about going back to college, to get a better job, but years passed, and he lacked the motivation to go back to school.

He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. It was a text from Kevin: Don’t forget your passport tomorrow, Ibiza here we come! Jason smiled at the text, he couldn’t wait to be sitting on the beach tomorrow with a cocktail in his hand, maybe his arm around a gorgeous girl. Don’t you do either and don’t miss the plane! he sends back. He was excited for this trip. In the old days he and Kevin would take a trip together every summer. However, since his Janson’s girlfriend never liked Kevin, the trips stopped. It wasn’t a secret that Kevin didn’t liked Jason’s girlfriend either at the time. Kevin was thrilled to hear that Katy had dumped him. Tomorrow was supposed to be their three-year anniversary. If Katy hadn’t dumped him ten months ago. The reason she dumped him was because Jason lacked ‘ambition’, according to her. She had fancy taste, taste he couldn’t afford with his fast-food-manager-salary.

Best not to dwell on it. It took him a long time to get over Katy. Anyone would after ending a three-year relationship. He never told anyone, but he was toying with the idea to propose to her. Their relationship wasn’t perfect, she was quite controlling. But they had been together three years, that had to count for something. And Jason wasn’t getting any younger. He was 31 years old. If he told his 25-year-old-self that he wouldn’t even have a girlfriend at 31, his younger self would freak out. He had always envisioned himself married with one or two kids, maybe a dog. He and his wife would live in a small house, but not too small. She would stay home with the kids and he would go to his job as CEO of a bank. Funny how life turns out.

The action movie that couldn’t hold his attention came to an end. He got ready to go to bed. Remembering the text from Kevin he put his passport on his suitcase. He laid in his bed, visiting the website of the resort he and Kevin had booked. They had booked an all-inclusive vacation. He had a room with a king size bed and a royally filled minibar. The room had a view on the deep-blue ocean. The resort had all sort of activities: snorkelling, massages, water skiing, hiking and much more. Every night there was a party on the beach with a campfire, or you could lounge at the bar in their event hall. Knowing he would be grumpy if he didn’t get enough sleep, Jason sat five different alarms and put away his on his nightstand.

Time skip: The next day

When Jason entered his ocean-view-room he got excited. He jumped from one window to the other, looking outside. The ocean was so clean and crystal, the bottom was visible, and you could see the colourful fish swimming about. He unpacked his suitcase and heard a knock on the door. When he opened it, he found Kevin holding two beers. He eagerly took one of the beers and motioned for Kevin to go in.

‘So, what is the first thing on our agenda?’ Kevin asked him.

‘With this sunny weather and that ocean? Go to the beach!’ Jason answered him. He looked outside and saw the inviting blue water staring back at him. Kevin laughed at his answer. They finished their beers and changed into their beach gear. Jason didn’t have a six-pack but had a trained body. Since he didn’t have a tan, yet he’d chosen his olive-green swimming trunk. He put on his shades, grabbed two bottles of beers, and went off to meet Kevin at the exit. When the were on the beach Jason didn’t hesitate to run towards the ocean. He dived in immediately, embracing the cooler temperature of the water. When he looked back he saw that Kevin was in conversation with two girls. Jason got out of the water and joined their conversation. It didn’t take long for the four of them to move their conversation to the beach bar. He was chatting and flirting with one of the girls. He couldn’t quite remember her name. It started with an M he thought. With the way the conversation was going, it didn’t matter. He ordered her another fruity cocktail.

‘Hmm.. if I didn’t know any better, I would say you are trying to get me drunk’ she giggled while stroking his arm. He was eager to play his part and flexed his biceps as she did. ‘That is a hard accusation, do you have any proof of that?’ he smirked.

She answered him, but he didn’t hear her answer. His attention was on the girl that walked by the beach. He recognized her. She was a tall girl, with brown curly hair that reached her shoulders, wearing a black beach dress with a cut to show her leg. It was Katy. He felt himself tense, not at the sight of her, but of the man next to her. The man that had an arm around her was a few centimetres higher than him, he had a tan and was wearing a red swimming trunk. He didn’t take his eyes of her. He couldn’t hear what they said, but soon they were kissing. He looked away, feeling nauseous at the side of Katy with another man. It’s been ten months and she was a bitch most of the time. Why should it bother me that she is with another men?

He snapped out of his thought when the girl across him snapped with here fingers. ‘Hello! Earth to Jason, are you listening?’ she looked pissed. Jason made up an excuse about not feeling well and left for his room. Luckily, the walk from the beach to the resort was only five minutes. During the walk he remembered that he didn’t even said goodbye to Kevin. Kevin will understand when I’ll explain tomorrow. He reached the resort entrance and walked in the hallway. I really could use a drink. He went to the event hall and ordered a whiskey on the rocks, beer wasn’t strong enough for this situation. When the waiter handed him his drink he gulped most of it down in one sip. He turned around to inspect his surroundings. He downed the rest of his drink when he read the sign at the exit of the event hall. Closed tomorrow due to the wedding of Katy Smith and John Williams. He felt like someone punched him in the stomach, his mouth went dry and he started to sweat. This can not be happening right now! Needing to get away he went to his room. He laid on his bed with an icepack on his head. Thoughts swirling through his head.

Apparently he had fallen asleep, for he awoke when he heard someone knocking hard at his door. ‘Jason, I know you’re in there. Open up!’ he heard Kevin almost scream. He quickly got up and opened the door. Kevin’s face changed from annoyed to concerned when he saw Jason. ‘Are you okay?’ he asked. Jason let Kevin inside the room and told him about Katy and her wedding tomorrow. Kevin scoffed ‘the bitch’. Jason didn’t answer him. She wasn’t though, not always. They were happy once. After a bad day she knew how to make him laugh and forget his worries. On Sunday’s she used to bake cake and they would eat it together. Even it annoyed him she insisted on playing her piano every day, even if one of them was sick. When she broke up with him he missed her ridiculous stories, her laugh, her cake and mostly her playing the most beautiful piano pieces.

‘Well one thing left to do, get drunk!’ Kevin said while handing Jason a beer. ‘Beer is not going to cut it’ he said. ‘It is only the first drink of a many drink night, bottoms up’.

Time skip: The next morning’

Jason woke up with an extreme headache. He shot open his eyes, the sunlight pained him. He quickly shut his eyes again. He tried to swallow, but his mouth was dry. Kill me now. It had been a long time since he had a hang-over. They sure were more intense than the hangovers he had when he was younger. His head pained him when he heard a knock on the door. ‘Room service’ an unfamiliar voice called. He groaned ‘uugh… leave it at the door’. His voice croaked. I need water. He slowly sat up, trying not to move too fast. It felt like he was going to be sick. He opened his eyes and started to take in his surroundings. He was in his room, alone.

He sat up in the bed, his feet dangling from one side of it. He looked around for a glass. When he couldn’t find it, he went to his bathroom. He turned the faucet and drank straight from the tap. The water was quite cool, a feeling he enjoyed. He stopped drinking and leaned with his back against the cool bathroom wall. He took three deep breaths. Maybe some food will do me so good. I didn’t remember ordering room service though. He walked towards his front door and opened it. On the floor stood a tray with a cup of orange juice and a plate of scrambled eggs. Not really caring if he had ordered it, or if it was wrongly delivered, he took the tray inside. When he walked back in with the tray he saw it. A wedding dress hanging on his closet door.

Last night came rushing back to him. He and Kevin started drinking in his room. Soon after they went to the bar in the event hall. Seeing the sign again, they decided to drink more. He vaguely remembered doing some shots. After that he saw everything in flashes go by. He was at the beach, there was a campfire. Bottles of booze. Music. Dancing with some girls. Then his mind went blank. He looked at the dress. How did I end up with a wedding dress? Whose dress is it? It’s not Katy’s is it? He started to panic. He abandoned the tray with scrambled eggs and put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. He stormed out of his room to go across the hall. He started to knock on Kevin’s door. Kevin answered the door. He looks a lot better than I do. Kevin was only wearing his boxer shorts. Jason glanced behind him to see a girl tangled in sheets, still fast asleep. Kevin grinned widely at him ‘Morning sunshine!’. Jason pulled Kevin into the hallway. ‘What the hell happened last night?’ he hissed at him.

Kevin’s grin faltered from his face. ‘You don’t remember?’ he asked him. ‘Of course, I don’t remember! Dude, why do I have a wedding dress?’ he whisper-yelled back. Keven started to chuckle ‘Dress? I thought you stole the suit!’. Jason was now utterly confused. ‘Why would a steal a suit? Whose suit was I going to steal?’ Kevin just shrugged ‘I don’t know his name, but Katy’s fiancée’. Jason felt al the blood run from his face. He was starting to feel dizzy. A wave of nausea hit him. He stumbled backwards, trying to find a garbage bin. He saw a vase halfway down the hall and ran towards it. He grabbed the flowers and threw them on the ground. He then hurled into the vase. Meanwhile he heard Kevin laughing loudly. Glad someone finds this amusing.

After Jason was done hurling he wiped his mouth with his T-shirt. He looked around and saw only Kevin in the hall. He grabbed the flowers from the floor and put them back in the vase. I’m just going to pretend nothing happened. Kevin was snorting with laugher. ‘Dude! You can’t just… Someone is…’ he was not able to complete full sentence, due to his laughter. Of course, someone will notice, but they won’t know it was me. ‘What happened last night Kevin?’ Jason asked more calmly this time. ‘Well, we got drunk. And ended up at the beach. That is where we saw Katy’s bachelorette party. If I knew she had such lovely friends, I would have liked her much more. Anyway, even though I TOLD YOU it was a bad idea to confront her, your drunk ass did it anyway. I don’t know what you two talked about, but you were gone for more than an hour! You came back, yelling that you needed to steal a suit. I walked you towards the resort, with the intention to get you to bed. But when you saw the sign of the wedding you ran off. I couldn’t find you, but I found Maria who was extremely helpful in helping me look for you.’ Kevin was smiling widely. Katy, I need to find Katy! Jason stormed towards his room.

After taking a shower and eating the eggs he went to the lobby. He asked for Katy and they told him the room she was staying in. When he walked towards her room his pace began to slow. Seeing her door made him remember the conversation they had.

‘So, you got engaged fast.’ he had said to her. ‘I know, it just sort of happened.’ she had told him. ‘Who is he?’ he asked. She had started to fiddle with her fingers, something she did when she was nervous. ‘Ehm.. I’m sorry. Don’t be mad, but you remember the night we had a big fight, because some guy at the club was flirting with me?’ Jason remembered that night. He wasn’t a jealous man, but seeing that guy hit on his girlfriend, he lost it. That was the biggest fight he ever had with her. ‘Did you?’ he wondered. ‘Yeah, it sort of overlapped a bit. I’m sorry Jason. But we weren’t right for each other! I need to be with someone that has ambition. Prospect.’ tears were filling her eyes. He got angry ‘I have prospect!’ he yelled at her. ‘Did you finally quit your job, get back to school, or are you still content just flipping burgers?’ she yelled back. This was the same fight the had to the end of their relationship. ‘Look, if I weren’t meant to be with John the universe would have told me by now. Now if you excuse me, I need to get back to my party.’. He didn’t know what came over him, but he grabbed her and kissed her. When he stopped he looked at her and saw she was crying. She had closed the gap between them and kissed him back. Things heated up quickly and they had sex behind one of the rocks on the beach. Jason knew in that moment that he had to get Katy back. If she needs a sign, I will give her a sign he had thought.  

He stood in the hallway of her room. He remembered seeing the suit and wedding dress hanging next to each other. He then thought that stealing the dress made more sense. She obviously loved it, and he could never afford it for their wedding. But do I want her really back? Or do I want revenge for her cheating? He pondered over the thought while walking back to his own room. To his surprise he saw Katy standing in front of his door. He cleared his throat and she turned around. She was wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt. Her eyes were red and puffy. She has been crying. ‘Jason! I know, it is terrible to ask. But I need your help!’ she paused for a second. ‘My wedding dress is gone, everyone is looking. I thought maybe Kevin and you..’ she didn’t finish her sentence, but he knew she wanted him to help looking for it. ‘You’re still going to marry him? After last night?’ a hint of anger in his voice. How could she do this to him? Did last night mean nothing to her? He had hoped that she would have realized that she made a mistake.

She stared at him blanky. ‘Of course.’ she said. Jason started to think about his relationship, the controlling, the cheating, the fights. The fact that she cheated with him, a day before she was supposed to get married. He suddenly was disgusted by the look of her face. What to do, what to do? He could give her the wedding dress, or he could pretend not to know where it is and keep it. No, it will only remind me of her. He sighed ‘just get ready, Kevin and I will find your dress’. She thanked him ten times and quickly left to get herself ready. Jason went inside and looked at the dress. He wasn’t going to keep it, but he didn’t want to give it back either. He grabbed the dress and walked across the hall to Kevin’s room. He made sure nobody saw him. He entered the room, without knocking. Kevin was startled but relaxed once he saw that it was Jason. Luckily for him, the girl in his bed earlier was gone. He filled the blanks in for Kevin. ‘So, what do you think I should do?’ he asked him.

‘Dude, I love you. But she is so not worth this. Give back her dress, let her get married and move on.’ Kevin told him. This took him aback, he had hoped Kevin would suggest something worse than just giving back the dress. Is Kevin more mature than I am? He reflected on his life. Katy did have a point, he was just a fast-food-manager. I am 31 years old, I am the oldest guy in that place. His fellow managers were all under 28 years and the employees even younger. ‘Look, Jason, I never say anything about these topics. I’m just your crazy friend who you do stupid things with. But I have a steady job, a nice apartment, and my shit together. You really don’t. It’s time.’ Jason knew that Kevin was right, and so was Katy. It still was hard to accept that you screwed up. ‘Look, I’ll help you. We will spend this trip figuring out what you want. And we will get drunk every night, have incredible hangovers the next morning. And after this trip, you will get it together and start living. But first, return the dress.’ He nodded at Kevin. When did he get his life together? He wondered. It didn’t matter. Right now, he had to return the dress.

He walked towards Katy’s room, slowly. His nausea returned and a know was forming in his stomach. I can’t face her. She’ll know I have stolen it. Since he was getting his life together after this trip, he decided this was the last time he would dodge his responsibilities. He laid the dress on the ground of the hall. He knocked on her door and ran around the corner. He heard a door opened and Katy gasp. There was another voice, which he didn’t recognize. ‘Oh thank god, the dress!’. He heard someone picking up the dress. ‘It looks good, nothing bad happened to it. Katy? … Katy? Why are you crying?’ the unfamiliar voice asked. ‘Everything is fine now, the wedding can continue. This is what you always wanted, what’s wrong?’. ‘Nothing, I just… I had a different scenario in my head’ she sobbed. He heard the door close. Should I have faced her? He thought about it. No, as for now I will focus on me and me alone. He walked back to find Kevin and continue their vacation.


Jason was sighing heavily. He scrolls the textbook one last time. He still was struggling with the subject. Luckily for him, Kevin already passed this class. He called him if he could come bye, so Kevin could explain it to him. Kevin was really supportive when he went back to school. He even got him an internship next month at his bank. Jason was excited to be working at the same place.

He packed his school supplies and was searching for his car keys. Even tough Kevin didn’t live far away from him, it was raining. So, taking the car was the best option. Right when he found his keys, underneath some of his notes, the doorbell ring. I thought I was supposed to go to Kevin’s? He went to the door and opened it.

Before him stood Katy. She was wearing jeans and a hoodie. He noticed that she had gained some weight over the last half year. He hadn’t seen her since she asked him to help her search for her wedding dress. On her wedding day he and Kevin had stayed away from the resort the whole day. When they came back late he went to his room. He never told Kevin, but when he looked outside the window he saw Katy. She was in her dress, her husband walking in front of her. He opened the door off the limousine for her, she smiled at him. She looked so happy he thought then.

‘Hey’ Katy said. He realized that he hadn’t thought about her for a few months. He hadn’t thought about her ever since he had met Rose, a girl he often saw in their school’s library. ‘Hey, what are you doing here?’ he asked her. There were tears forming in her eyes. She fiddled around with her fingers. ‘I’m.. ehm.. I’m pregnant and I think it’s yours’ she whispered. Jason was shocked. He opened the door more widely and motioned for Katy to get inside. She was soaking wet and trembling from the cold. She got inside and sat on the couch. He was still standing in the doorway with the door open. Not able to conjure up a sentence or even a word. What now?


Submitted: February 08, 2021

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