Mr. Daisy's Kindergarten Class: First Class

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

A giant scary man is a substitute kindergarten teacher.

“I think you’re going to be a perfect fit for this classroom.”

Two figures walked side by side in a school hallway. They could not be more different in shape.

The one who suddenly spoke up was an elderly woman. She had grey and properly taken care of hair. The rectangle rimless glasses gave a boost of wisdom, complimenting the years of experience that had shown on her wrinkling face.

The man beside her was enormous, he easily towered over the woman who had already begun to shorten from the passing years. The bald man had the shadowy eyes of a mob boss. Below his nose was a thick, auburn mustache. The man’s structure and sized looked too large to be natural, as if his body were sculpted by an artist trying to make a golem out of muscle and flesh.

Yes, he was intimidating, but one thing stood out from this behemoth of a human. On the top of his bald head, around the center of it, was a flower. The stem of this flower seemed to grow directly out of his skin. The yellow petals clearly made the shape of a tulip.

“Most of the children are well behaved... but we do have a trio that us faculty members like to refer as ‘the three terrors.’” She laughed to herself with her hand over her mouth. “Ms. White is not here today due to a family emergency and, as you know, our other kindergarten teacher retired just last week. So, I appreciate you coming in to substitute sooner than intended.”

The giant listened to her closely, despite the fact he never responded back verbally. He replied to her with a glace and a small nod.

Blue Diamond elementary, a public school in the small city of Almond Bay. Surrounding this city was several hills to the west, with the ocean seated to the east.

Agatha Reed has been principal here for nearly 25 years, a true pillar that kept this little school stable and supported. Her wisdom and extreme confidence left nothing to be desired when looking for a proper principal.

The giant glances to either side of the hallway, which had been decorated with drawings that the kindergarten class had made. Agatha noticed his curiosity and is proud to enlighten him on these creations.

“Oh, the class had a simple drawing assignment recently. The only criterion was they had to draw how they would see themselves in the future.” Grasping one of the drawings, she gentle pulled it off the wall to show the giant. “Emily here, wants to be president. Isn’t she a go getter?”

The man nodded. He leaned in to get a closer look at the variety of drawings. Football player, doctor, princess, and superhero; all standard stuff that kids imagine to be. There were three unique pictures that caught the substitute teacher’s eyes. Zombie apocalypse, nuclear warfare, and a giant killer robot being piloted by a mad scientist.

“I bet you can guess who drew those.” Agatha chortled.



In the classroom, the children had just entered and are headed to their assigned seats. Under normal circumstances they would be greeted by Ms. White with a cheery, warm smile. But this time, the teachers desk remained empty.

Among the students that came in, was a girl with crimson, messy hair. It was Kari, self-proclaimed leader of the Three Terrors. When she saw the empty teacher’s desk, her tired face morphed into a sinister smile.

We have a substitute today. She thought to herself. Her mind filled immediately with a list of pranks she had for such an occasion. Pranking Ms. White was against the Three Terror’s rules. She was much too kind and shy to have fun with. All the other teachers though, were fair game.

Especially, the substitutes.

Blue Diamond elementary was infamous in the substitute teacher community. The school was often called a beast that would chew subs up and spit them out. The severity of pranks grew the longer they stayed. Starting with the simple water bucket above the doorway trick then, slowing increasing in creativity. One such teacher ran away screaming when she discovered her car filled completely with frogs.

“Hehehe—” Kari rubbed her hands together. “I’ve thought of a great one to start with. A classic!”

The crimson haired girl scanned the room for her usual partners in crime. They were certainly already in the classroom—Kari was “last one in, first one out,” when it came to attending a classroom session. So, her friends were certainly there before her.

Quickly finding her friends, she approached them from behind, placing her small hands on either of their equally small shoulders. The boy and girl turned towards Kira’s uncomfortably close face.

“Substitute.” She whispered. “We are launching project foot disintegration.”

The two nodded in sync. They separated as if they were well trained solders. The raven-haired boy, Troy, scrounged out of his backpack a bottle of glue. While he did that, the white-haired girl, Diya, opened a plastic container she pulled from her desk. Inside it were several plastic building bricks.

The Three Terrors grouped up to begin the scheme.




Agatha and the ogre-like substitute reached the closed door of the classroom. Class started several minutes ago but the actual teaching was delayed. Agatha was often thorough when it came to introducing the ins and outs of Blue Diamond Elementary. Also, whether it was a test, or she had a much more sadistic side, she knew that the Three Terrors were going to set up a trap for the green substitute and she was curious to his response.

Kari’s trap was one the Terrors have implemented numerous times. “Foot disintegration,” as Kari deemed it, was quite simple. First the fast-acting glue stuck the victim’s shoes to the ground. During this, the victim must remove their shoes if they wish to escape. The second phase: the victim steps on plastic clear bricks. The clear portion is something Kari came up with all on her own recently. It made it more difficult to see these bricks if someone were to take just a quick glance.

With both the glue and the bricks being harder to see, this trap is a thousand times better. She snickered to herself. Kari was not very brilliant academically, but her creativity was second-to-none.

The rest of the classroom was expectant of how this would all turn out. The Three Terrors kept the mundane classroom entertaining with their infamous plots and schemes. Even those who were normally opposed to such behavior could not help but watch, if purely out of curiosity.

As the handle of the door turned, the class leaned forward.

Will the teacher scream in pain? Like a cartoon? One tough-looking boy imagined. He wore clothing with many tears in them.

I hope I don’t get in trouble. A worrywart girl thinks to herself. She had no part of this, but often believed bad events were her fault.

The door opens slowly—Kari’s heart pounded.

Then... nothing.

Next thing she knew the new substitute as well as the principal were standing in front of the chalk board. Her mind was blank, then confused. Looking towards the front of the door to investigate, she saw that the floor was bare, clean.

What happened? Did I black out from the pure awesomeness of my own trap? Kari grabbed her head and slinked down in her seat. She glanced around to see that everyone else beside her was just as confused.

As Agatha stood beside the man, she wondered to herself. Nothing today? Are the Three Terrors sick? No, they are right there. Huh.

Agatha took a professional demeaner and with a wave of her hand presented the giant man.

“Class, this will your substitute teacher. He will be working here for a while along with Ms. White once she has returned. I will let him introduce himself.”

The giant turned around and grabbed a piece of chalk. It was tiny in comparison to his massive fingers. On the board he wrote “M. R. D. A. I. S. Y.” before gently setting the chalk back down. On completion he faced towards the class once again at an at-ease military stance.

The children were silent as they looked at the name on the chalkboard then back at the man. They did this several time. Then all at once they looked upon the man’s bald head to see the tulip growing from his skin. Their stares were deafening.

Agatha read the room and broke the ice first. “So, if anyone has any questions for Mr. Daisy before we begin you may ask away.” The air in the room was uneasy but Mrs. Reed remained professional as ever.

Mr. Daisy scanned the classroom with his dark, sunken eye. His glare alone felt like it could kill-on-sight. All lips were sealed, it seems nobody was going to ask a question, until an arm was raised weakly to the sky. It was the worrywart girl with long blonde hair, Ana-Lee.

“Are... are you going to eat us...” She asks nervously with a face that was about to break into tears.

Mr. Daisy paused, staring into her very soul. The young child felt like she would die if he kept staring.  But before that happened...

“Oh, ho, ho, ho, ho!” Mr. Daisy let out a booming laugh that startled the entire classroom. His thick mustache, as well as the flower on his head, bounced up and down. Even the ever-hardened veteran, Mrs. Reed, jumped a bit. She had never heard such a jolly, genuine laugh from real life person before. Mr. Daisy shook his head “No” as he softened his laughter.

Ana-Lee’s trembling frown could not help but to form a small smile. He sounds like Santa! She thought as those worrisome feelings left her body.

The natural fear for rest of her classmates seemed to melt away as well. The intimidating size of Mr. Daisy swiftly became an afterthought while the children whisper carefree amongst themselves.

“Oh my-” Mrs. Reed chuckled “Mr. Daisy is not a monster, he’s just an exceptionally large person. Do we have­- Yes Diya?”

Diya had had her arm raised straight into the air, completely stiff and calm. She stared atop the head of Mr. Daisy, looking at the flower that grew there. The tulip on Mr. Daisy’s bald head closely resembled a lonely tree living on a hill.

“Mr. Daisy. Are you aware that there is a flower growing out of your crown?” She had a tiny, soft voice and vocabulary that greatly complimented her intelligence. She was very smart for a kindergarten student. In the Three Terrors, she often did all the calculations for Kari’s ideas.

With that question, Mrs. Reed was stuck between a rock and a hard place. She was fully aware of the plant that grew out of the giant’s head, but bringing something up seemed rude and unprofessional, especially with a man she had just met. It may be a weird quirk he has or a medical condition, neither was any of her business if it brought no harm to others. Mr. Daisy assured her that the flower on his head emitted no pollen, so allergies were not a problem.

The curiosity of a child was a ravenous beast; never ending hunger for information. The subject was bound to be brought up in a kindergarten class. Personal questions were not taboo here.

Agatha did not know how to respond. She gradually panned her gaze towards Mr. Daisy. When she looked at his face, she saw an expression she would have never expected Mr. Daisy to make. His big burly eyebrows were shot up in surprise.

“OH!” He responded. His eyeballs gravitated towards the flower on his head. Gripping the stem of the flower with his large hand, he pulled it off. The flower was indeed growing directly out of Mr. Daisy skin, but when he plucked it off there was no indication of pain or discomfort.

From behind his back, Mr. Daisy produced a clay pot with dirt in it. All the children became mesmerized with every action the giant did. All had leaned forward in their seats: well, all except for Kari who still had her head in her hands. She was obviously still thinking about the prank that had failed while everyone else in the class had already lost interest.

Mr. Daisy placed the pot on the desk in front of him and the principle. He buried the stem of the tulip into the dirt. Once again from behind his back he pulled another object, a small watering can. Well, it was a normal sized watering can but, in his hands, it looks like a child’s toy.

He watered the flower delicately and evenly. The dew on the petals and the water poured from the watering can refracted the sunlight coming from a window nearby. It looked as though he had sprinkled magical dust all over the plant. The tulip sparkled, emitting a warm, happy aura all throughout the classroom.

The young girls in the class all gushed about the flower together. “It’s so pretty!”

“It is quite beautiful.” Diya added. She was just as taken as the other girls but had a much different way of showing it. She was much stiffer in her facial and physical expressions.


Suddenly, on the teacher’s head, a green bulb sprouted up. Within a few seconds, it had fully grown into a new flower. Instead of a tulip, this time the flower on his head was a yellow buttercup.

All the children as well as Mrs. Reed were amazed. The kids could not help but clap at the incredible trick they just saw. The man had grown a new flower out of his head.

A girl with hair as dark as space jolted up with her hand raised. She got up so fast that her desk moved slightly with a scraping sound. “Mr. Daisy! Are you married!?” She asked while blushing. This was Emily, the one who wanted to be president in the future.

The giant showed both of his hands to display that he had no wedding ring on either of his ring fingers. He shook his head “No.” He was a man of very few words but that did not hinder his teaching methods in any way.

The tough-looking boy slammed his feet into the desk. This made Ana-Lee who was seated right next to him jump a bit. He had a sucker in his mouth, which he used to pretend he was smoking a cigarette. The boy, Desmond, placed his arms behind his neck and took a reclined position in his seat.

“These questions are dumb.” Desmond said. He had become sick of all the girly questions the substitute had been asked. “I have a real question.”

Mr. Daisy stared at him expectantly while Mrs. Reed smiled at Desmond, but she was not eager for what he was about the ask. Desmond has had a punk-like personality since she has known him, and one of his iconic questions was “Have you ever killed a man.”

Please do not ask him that! Agatha thought. She was cool on the outside but on the inside, she was panicking internally. I think the answer to your question is “Yes”.

“Yes Desmond?” Mrs. Reed responded naturally. “What is your question?”

Please do not ask it!

Desmond pulled the sucker out of his mouth. He aimed the head of it towards Mr. Daisy while holding it between two fingers.

“How much... can you bench?”

Mrs. Reed sighed to herself in relief. Desmond pointed his thumb at his own chest.

“My old man can bench his own body weight easy.”

I have seen your father. Diya thought to herself. She imagined a scrawny nerd working in a cubicle. I highly doubt he could.

Mr. Daisy was silent. His smile disappeared into his mustache. His eyes reverted into the darkness. Even the flower that bloomed on his head looked like it was about to get serious.

“Well? How much? Can you bench your own body weight?”

The giant answered with a low rumbling voice. “Yes.”

Every boy in the class felt a surge of adrenaline shooting down their spine. Even Troy, a Terror, could not help but feel absolute respect towards the substitute. They looked upon him like a general in an army. Desmond had a look of astonishment on his face: he had dropped his sucker. He adjusted himself, sitting up straight and proper in his seat, and saluted Mr. Daisy.

It seemed that Mr. Daisy had won everyone’s hearts: the boys and the girls. Within minutes of introduction, Agatha became completely confident in her choice of the substitute.

“Alright children.” Mrs. Reed said. “I will take my leave. Mr. Daisy is going to start with some mathematics.”

The excitement in the air had been short lived. Now everything felt sour. Math would do that to any child. The teacher and the principal could not help but laugh at the mood shift.

Yes, Mr. Daisy had won over everyone in the class: Everyone but Kari.




Mr. Daisy had drawn several animals on the chalkboard. All had been very well drawn with a realism style. He was using these animal drawings to teach math in a simplistic and fun way for kindergarteners. He would point at an animal and ask how many legs, eyes, or ears they had.

One after another the children would answer happily. Normally they would have been bored to death if anyone else had been teaching them math, but the sub’s enthusiasm and praise made it a lot less painful. The student’s small attention spans had been considered by Mr. Daisy, so he did his best to reward them for their participation by positive gestures.

Kari had pushed the first pranks failure out of her mind and thought of a simpler one. She and Troy had been keeping wads of paper in their mouths, making them wet and sloppy. In their hand were straws.

Spit wads are a classic one. She thought to herself. But with Diya’s design, our shots will be beyond accurate.

The straws were indeed not ordinary straws, they were modified. The inner parts of the straws were much slicker to reduce friction and the tops were mounted with a hinged scope. The plastic they were made from was a lot thicker and of much higher quality than those made for drinking. They had a telescoping feature as well for those long-range snipes.

“When he tuns awound we aim fo hes head.” Kari told Troy. She could hardly speak with the amount of paper pellets in her mouth. Troy had even more in his mouth then Kari so all he could respond with was just a strained nod.

“Um... eight?” Ana-Lee answered one of Mr. Daisy’s questions. He smiled and gave a nod. “Yay!” She was so happy to get a number right.

A soon as the sub turned back towards the chalkboard, Troy shot a spit wad. It flew lightning fast and deadly accurate towards the back of the bald giant’s head. But before it hit, Mr. Daisy swiftly caught it with his hand and gently threw it in a trashcan next to him, all without even turning around. His speed was mind blowing.

The teacher continued the math lesson without making any mention of what just happened. Some of the kids did not even notice event.

Kari was stunned, then annoyed. “Shoo mor thes tim.” He incoherent words translated to ‘Shoot more this time’, at least that is what Troy could decipher.

The pair were well trained in the ancient art of spit wad. They had even mastered a dangerous and forbidden technique: the gatling. Shooting faster rather than more accurate, it would have been impossible for Mr. Daisy to stop them all. At least that’s what the Terrors believed.

As soon as his back wars turned again, the barrage was launched at the sub. At least forty or fifty paper bullets flew every-which-way, no longer just concentrated on the shiny dome. Mr. Daisy sensed the onslaught approaching from his rear. He stopped his writing on the chalkboard and had a twinkle in his eye.

Pap pap pap pap. A bit of smoke came from Mr. Daisy’s fist. He had caught every single one of the bullets. Even the flower on his head had caught a few. He gave a large grin and threw all the paper pellets in the trash.

Kari was awestruck. She couldn’t speak. The rest of the class applauded. Troy patted Kari on the shoulder.

“Maybe we should try a different approach.” He spoke.


It was time for a building exercise. Large bins filled with wooden blocks took up the center of the classroom and all the desks had been put aside. The classroom would be divided up into groups of two to make the tallest and most stable block tower. The groups would encircle the bins for easy access to handfuls of wooden blocks. After all their creations were done, the room would have a ring of miniature buildings.

Mr. Daisy had pulled out a top hat that had been filled with small bits of paper with all the student’s names on them. He would pick at random who the pairs would be.

Kari and Desmond had been paired together. She was not thrilled to work with Desmond. She considered him “dumb and stinky”.

Troy and Ana-Lee had their names pulled from the hat. Troy looked over at Ana-Lee who was beside him. He was startled by her sudden bow.

“I-I will do my best.” She mumbled. Her tiny fists were shaking.

“Uh. Yeah sure Al.” Troy was often a calm person, but her nervous personality had made him nervous in that moment; Ana-Lee was rubbing off on others.

One after another names were pulled, and children were paired together until there was only one more name in the hat. This particular class had an odd number of children. To remedy this, someone would have to be paired with the teacher. The last name in the hat had been pulled. It was Diya.

Before Diya walked over to her partner, Kari grabbed her by the arm. Diya looked at Kari confused as the red-haired lass placed an object in Diya’s tanned hand. Diya examined the object she had been given; it was a rectangular pack of gum.

“Diya, I want you to offer the sub this.”

“What is it?”

Kari presented a little instruction manual for Diya to study. What she had in her possession was actually a shocking toy. Anyone who would try to take a piece of this “gum” would get a nice shock instead.

“Offer this to him and he will get six trillion volts through his body.” Kari whispered at Diya.

“I do not think that is possi—” Kari turned Diya around and had pushed her towards her building partner.

“Don’t think. Just do. Actually, do it while he is building and the whole tower could fall. It will be great.” Kari had a fire in her eyes. All Diya could respond with was a sigh.

Diya stood beside Mr. Daisy. She barely reached passed the man’s knee. The looked at each other and exchanged a nod. The sub grabbed a sand hourglass that he had set out of the desk.

“Begin.” He boomed and flipped over the hourglass. The white sparkling sand begun pouring to the base.

“Hey, Kari.”

“Hmm? Yeah, what?” She glanced over at him with displeasure. Kari didn’t hate Desmond, she just found him loud and annoying sometimes.

“We’re going to win this, hands-down.” He showed her a tube of glue which he had relabeled himself with a sticker that said, “not glue”.

“Do what you want.” Kari ignored him, placing block after block, building the tower. She started with a wide base. Desmond followed, doing the same with the addition of glue on every block he had placed.

On the other side of the room Troy and Ana-Lee’s tower was already up to their chest. Troy was building it at his own, swift pace while all Ana-Lee had done, since the beginning, was stare at the block of wood in her hand, sweating and shaking. She hadn’t placed a single block yet.

“I’m sorry. I just don’t want to ruin your tower.” Ana-Lee spouted. She had often felt more edgy when interacting with Troy. She was too young to understand why, but an adult could clearly see it was because she had a little crush on Troy.

“Don’t worry about it.” Troy responded. He held out his hand toward Al (Short for Ana-Lee) with his eyes focused on the project at hand. “You can just hand me the blocks and I can place them.”

Al grew a little smile on her face and handed the raven-haired boy the block she had been clinging to. “You’re so cool Troy.” She muttered under her breath.

“Hmm? What was that?”

“Oh, nothing.” She blushed, grabbing several blocks all at once with her two hands. She attempted to place the cluster in Troy’s open hand, but the sheer number was far too much. All the blocks had hit the ground.

“Sorry...” Ana-Lee bowed over and over. Troy just sighed.

Diya and Mr. Daisy’s block tower was already the highest in the class. The two worked together like a well-oiled machine. Every movement they made was pure efficiency. Diya had so much enjoyment out of this she had completely forgotten about the shock prank.

Suddenly, she felt something hit the back of her head. She picked up the rubber eraser that hit her and looked in the direction that it had come from. Kari was standing there across the room mouthing undecipherable words and pointing at Mr. Daisy. Diya finally remembered the plan.

Mr. Daisy had been placing a block in a sensitive spot in the tower. This seemed like the perfect time for Diya to act.

“Mr. Daisy. Would you like some gum?” Diya asked, dryly.

“Sure. Thank you.” He responded and reached for the rectangular packed decorated with lime-green and mint leaves.

Kari watched the distance between the subs fingers and the shock toy shrink. The closer the two got the faster her heart would beat until contact was made.

“I’ve got you now!”

The giant paused when he touched the pack. For a few seconds he looked like a statue.

He’s being shocked so bad he can’t even move! Kari thought.

Mr. Daisy’s pulled an aluminum wrapped piece of gum from the supposed shocker. He unwrapped it, placing the mint gum in his mouth. He gently patted Diya on the head as a “thank you”.

Diya surprised herself by giving a sigh of relief. She pocketed the shocker—which seemed to just be a regular pack of gum—and began working on the tower once again. As Mr. Daisy chewed the gum, the flower on his head swayed left and right. Almost as if it were dancing.

“What!?” Kari shouted. Her subtlety had been thrown out the window.

Everyone halted their projects and looked over to the red-headed girl’s outburst. She quickly thought up an excuse.

“Mr. Daisy. I have to use the potty.”

Mr. Daisy nodded and Kari ran out into the hallway, into the bathroom. She hid in the stall and began talking to herself.

“How did he do that? Diya wouldn’t switch out the gum, so it had to be him.” She pulled on her crimson hair. “Who is this... beast.” She imagined the sub as a giant magician gorilla, casting spells and making all her traps and tricks disappear.

Mr. Daisy had no magic though. He just happened to be an extraordinary teacher. He also was as quick as he was big and could be just as mischievous as the Terrors.

Kari thought about her failed tricks for several minutes before giving up. She decided to just take the loss and move on to the next prank. She returned to the classroom and saw that everyone’s towers had grown in progress while she was gone. Some were impressive, others not so much.

Her and her partners tower was a mess. She could clearly see that it had been glued together, but it wasn’t even that tall or practical.

The hourglass ran out. Mr. Daisy took notice of this. “Times up!” He boomed. All the children in the class stopped their building. Kari rejoined her partner.

“...And now... the judge!” Mr. Daisy announced as he made a dramatic pose that pointed towards the classroom doorway. The children suddenly became excited that a mystery person was going to appraise their hard work.

A young woman made her entrance. She had a long black ponytail and wore sporty clothing.

“Ms. Watson!” Several children boasted.

Raven Watson: PE teacher for Blue Diamond elementary. She was all about living a healthy lifestyle and fitness; she clearly displayed that in her teaching. Almost every student loved her.

“Hello kids.” Ms. Watson greeted with a chipper tone. She gave a small wave to the whole class. She was here for multiple reasons. The main reason was to help the sub, Mr. Daisy, with the classes recess that would be coming up shortly. It was a lot better to have two teachers present during that time. Years one through four had physical education separate from the kindergarten class due to age and location differences, so Ms. Watson would come around this time.

The second reason was out of pure curiosity for the new, and mysterious, substitute. She had heard the man was a specimen to behold. Upon entering the classroom, she even looked the giant up and down and confirmed that just that. She wanted to see the man that would be working with her best friend Leena White. At least for a while.

The third reason, to rate the towers the children had built, of course. She was not going to harshly critique them; they were only children. It was a team building exercise more than it was an actual block tower building competition. 

“Alright!” Ms. Watson pumped her fist. “It’s time so see those buildings you youngens were working on. “

Ms. Watson paced around the circle of block toy buildings. She would stop in front of each one, commenting and complimenting the little-one’s creations, even offering advice on how to improve there structure.

Raven stood in front of Kari and Desmond’s project. Kari had not been involved with the process that much, she only made the base of the tower. She had been distracted with the prank too much. So, Desmond was left with the responsibility.

Raven looked upon the pile of wooden blocks and glue. The tube that Desmond had was a small one, but it seemed like a gallon was mixed in with the toys. The pile was oozing a clear viscous liquid and being this close to it gave off and awful smell, it did not smell like glue. Raven felt nauseous looking at it, but only for a moment. She gave a smile, but her nostrils were burning.

Ms. Watson shifted her glances a couple of times, saying nothing all-the-while. The athletic woman looked at the mess, then Desmond, then Kari. She kneeled, becoming face to face with Desmond, clearly it had been his idea to use what he thought was glue.

“Desmond...” Her voice sounded sweet and caring but Desmond could not help but feel unease. “Did you attempt to glue your tower together.”

Desmond stiffly pointed at Kari, who was standing beside him. “It was Kari, she made me do it!”
“He’s a liar!” Kari immediately defended herself. She returned the accusatory pointing back at Desmond. “He has a tube a glue in his pocket.”

Desmond became flustered. “Th-that’s not true.”

“All I did was make the bottom of it. Desmond did the rest.” Kari crossed her arms. Her fiery hair swayed and sparkled.

“Calm down you two.” Ms. Watson placed her hands on either of their heads. They both dropped their arms back to their sides. “Desmond, lying is a bad thing. Especially if you are blaming your partner for something you did.”

The Three Terrors were pranksters, yes, but cheaters, not so much. Diya and Troy were never ones to take shortcuts in their education. And Kari, well, she was much too lazy to even cheat. This was common knowledge of those who knew the Terrors.

Desmond had thought about doubling-down on blaming it on Kari, but ultimately, he did not. Which had been the right choice. He also found that Ms. Watson, who was a kind teacher, could also be scary.

“I-I’m sorry.” Desmond finally admitted. “The glue was my idea.” He pulled out of his pocket the oddly labeled tube and presented it to Raven. She took it, trying to avoid getting her hands messy from the residue that was on the outside of the tube, but that attempt was in vain.

“You shouldn’t be apologizing to me.” Ms. Watson retorted.

The punk child faced Kari; his eyes were shifted to the side. “I’m sorry Kari...”

Kari could have easy belittled Desmond in this moment, but she did not. She just smiled and said, “It’s okay.” And held out her hand. Desmond reacted by shaking her hand.

Across the classroom, the behemoth, Mr. Daisy, was content with the turnout of these events. He knew about the attempted cheating but wanted to see how it would all turn out once Ms. Watson would get here. Ms. Watson was curious about the new substitute and Mr. Daisy felt the same curiosity towards her as well as the other teachers he would meet in the future.

The innocence of children was a catalyst to get to know adults.

Mr. Daisy had a smirk on his face, his flower was dancing. Nobody in the class was looking at the sub’s expression during this time, they were focused on the Kari, Desmond, and the judge Ms. Watson. Nobody except Diya, who happened to look over at the man. The smirk on his face caused her to mimic him. Her normally solemn mouth had a sharp smile as well.

Ms. Watson moved on to the next duo; Troy and Ana-Lee. She was presently surprised to find that the pair had made a mansion out of the wooden blocks. It wasn’t very tall but for something made entirely out of rectangular wooden blocks it was unexpectedly detailed, one could even call it art.

Also, it was a breath of fresh air after seeing the abomination that the previous pair gave birth to.

The smell of this one is much more bearable. This was a thought that Raven did not she would have today.

“This is quite amazing.” Ms. Watson praised. “How did you both come up with something so original?”

Al was twiddling her thumbs and shifting her feet back and forth, while Troy on the other hand, was standing beside the mansion in a presenting pose. Both his arms were outstretched with open palms, he looked like a painter trying to sell his latest masterpiece to observers.

“Well, Troy did most of it.” Ana-Lee was honest. “All I did was pass him the blocks, he built it with his own two hands.”

“Masterpiece.” Troy interjected. Along with his arms he had also brought up one leg to further present his artwork, he had an amazing sense of balance, it reminded Ms. Watson of yoga classes she used to take.

The black-haired boy enjoyed drawing and creating. At home he would make several toy models for fun. His room was covered in these pristine models that he had made with his father. His favorite ones were displayed on shelfs as if they were trophies.

Submitted: February 08, 2021

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