Hear No Evil, See No Evil

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Jack Donovan encounters a client who thinks he is being gaslighted. Or is he? What is really going on? And what does this have to do with Jack's wife, Kate.

Hear No Evil, See No Evil


Brian Lee Clements


It’s been a few months since Jack’s wife, Kate, injured herself while doing her yoga class.  Yea, I know, yoga class. And then Jack even hurt his hip one day just trying to get a sock off. It was most likely empathy pain.  But now the Covid 19 pandemic really hasn't helped that much either.


Kate is now back at work in Colorado Springs at St. Francis Hospital in the emergency room.  She’s moving a little slower but doing what she loves to do. Sam, their daughter, is back at school trying to enjoy her sophomore year. Due to the Covid 19 epidemic the schools are doing most of her classes remotely by way of the internet. Sam is ok with it but she really misses being with her friends.  It looks like it’s going to be a long school year for her. 


Jack, on the other hand, has been occupied with his private detective practice.  He’s been very busy with clients in all parts of Colorado Springs and El Paso County.


On this day, Jack was wrapping up a couple of cases and writing the reports for his clients.  One was another missing person’s case, which was easy to solve.  The young lady just decided to move to Glenwood Springs on the other side of the state and just forgot to tell anybody.


The other was another divorce case where he was asked to follow the client’s husband and see if he was having an affair.  He found no evidence of any inappropriate behavior on the husband’s part, much to the wife’s dismay. She threatened to not pay him for his services but he showed her the contract and what he found.


While he was wrapping up the cases, he received an email from a gentleman asking Jack to meet him at the client’s house.


Mr. Donovan,

I hope you are doing well.  I am 55 years old and would like to see you at my home, if possible.  I think somebody is trying to make me think that I am going crazy.


I know I am not going crazy.  Hopefully you can help me prove that.  I've recently moved from my house in the Broadmoor area to an apartment trying to get away from whomever is doing this to me.


Unfortunately, I am unable to drive. I have Macular Degeneration and my eyesight is not all too well right now.  As I mentioned, I was hoping we could meet at my home this afternoon.


I appreciate your assistance,



Isaiah Adams

4747 Prominent Mesa View



Lately, Jack has been reluctant to meet clients at their homes because he always seemed to run into some sort of problems, so to speak.  A few months ago, one client tried to make him think that they were married. She then tried to run him over as he made his escape from her house. It just happened to turn out that she was an escaped murderer from another state.


However, under the circumstances, Jack decided to write him back.




Thank you for your interest in having me work with you.  I look forward to helping you with your situation.  I am available at 3 this afternoon if that is convenient to you


Jack Donovan


Jack received a reply within five minutes confirming the appointment.  While it’s still only 9:30 in the morning, Jack had plenty of time to plan the rest of his day and to figure out where Isaiah  lives. 


After he finished the email, their three dogs, Hanz, Franz and Porthos came up to his office to be let out. They are two dachshunds and a German Shepherd.


“Hey guys,” Jack called out to them. “What do you want? Huh?”


They started running around and barking at Jack.  Unfortunately, Jack couldn’t hear the barking because he lost his hearing in a car bombing a few years ago when he was working with the Colorado Springs Police Department. That episode turned into two trips to Florida where he barely missed Hurricane Michael.


Jack let the Three Musketeers out, as he calls them, and they started chasing down the squirrels that are always in the yard.  He watched them as they ran around the yard and enjoying themselves.  While Jack watched them, he noticed a small black and white animal wandering around the yard. Turned out to be a skunk.


Jack yelled out to them, “Hey guys, come here quick. I got some treats for you.”

Hanz and Franz quickly started running back to the house, but Porthos noticed the skunk and started running towards it.  Unfortunately, he got too close to the animal and got  a whiff of the aroma that the skunk let out.  He didn’t get sprayed too bad but it was bad enough and got into his eyes.


Jack let Hanz and Franz into the house, but kept Porthos outside for obvious reasons.  He then went up to Sam’s room to explain to her the situation.


“Sam!” Jack yelled out as he went to her room.


Sam didn’t hear him because she had a pair of earbuds on for class while bobbing her head up and down.  Most likely listening to music instead of class.  Jack saw the buds and taped her on the shoulder. 


“What the hell?,” Sam yelled out as she jumped a foot off the chair. She turned around and saw her dad.


“Oh hey dad.”she said.  “What’s going on?”

“Porthos just got sprayed by a skunk. Can you find a vet to see if we can bring him in and get treated?  Better yet maybe find one that makes house calls”

“Why don’t you do it?”  Sam paused and then said. “I’m sorry.  I forgot. You can’t use the phone. You can’t hear”

“That’s ok.  Sorry about scaring you. Could you call for me?”



Sam went online to find a vet that deals with de skunking a dog. She found one about three miles for their home. But there's a problem. They don’t make house calls. That meant they would have to take Porthos in the car smelling like he did


Sam made the appointment for 10:30.  That gave them time to figure out how to get Porthos in the car while not stinking up the car  and themselves.


“Why don’t we just put him in the trunk?” Sam suggested.

“Really?  Do you really want to hear him howling all the way to the Vet’s?”

“Just a suggestion.  Besides you wouldn’t be able to hear him anyway.”


Jack gave her a sarcastic look.


“Yea, that’s true  I thought about the trunk also.  How about this?  Let’s get an old blanket and wrap him up in it. While one of us is driving, you could hold him in your lap.”

“Why do I have to hold him?” Why can’t I drive?”

“Because I thought of it first. Besides Porthos likes you and you could comfort him.”

“Really? I just thought he tolerated me.”


Jack text Kate to let her know what was going on.


Hi babe.  You’re not going to believe what just happened.

What happened? Kate replied,  I’m not going to see you in the emergency room again, am I?

Afraid not.  Thank goodness.  Porthos just got sprayed by a skunk and we’re going to take him to the vet to deskunk him.

Thats funny.  Try not to stink up the house, car or yourselves. Love 968.

Love 968.


They have always had a great sense of humor in the relationship. Even when he gets in so much trouble or gets hurt, they can always find something funny about it.  Once, Jack went to the emergency room and another woman came in claiming to be Jack’s wife while Kate was there.  She later asked Jack why she wasn’t invited to the wedding.


About 10:15, they finally got Porthos wrapped in a blanket.  It wasn’t easy.  It took three tries to get him situated in the blanket.  Hanz and Franz were not helping with them barking their heads off as if they were encouraging Porthos to escape,


They finally got Porthos into the car with Sam holding him in her lap while Jack was driving.  The aroma was stifling.  In fact the smell so bad that it was starting to make both of them a little nauseous. They were stopped at a light when Sam tapped him on the shoulder and tried to get his attention. 


Jack turned around to see what she needed. 


“Dad?” Sam yelled out, “I’m starting to get a little carsick.”

“I know. So am I. Do you need me to pull over.  We only have 2 blocks.”

“I should be ok. If we pull over, Porthos may get out and we’ll never catch him.”



What felt like an eternity, they finally made it to the veterinarian. Jack went inside to explain what happened.  After a couple of minutes, two assistants came out in protective gowns and took Porthos inside.  Jack was told that it would be better if Porthos would spend the night at the vet’s office to get the stink out of him and make sure his eyes are ok..


After they got back in the car, they started talking about their little adventure to the vet.


“Is Porthos going to be okay?” Sam asked

“Oh, he’ll be fine.”

“I hope so. He keeps Hans and Franz in line.”

“He does? How?”

“He just barks at them and they settle down.”

“I didn’t know that.?


A couple of minutes went by.


“Dad? What’s it like to be deaf.”


Jack thought about it for a few seconds.


“Sam, it’s hard to explain. It's like the world is completely quiet. I don’t hear traffic, people arguing, train whistles, the bells at the crossings, the chimes on the clock or people talking.  It’s weird sometimes.”

“Like how?”

“You see lips moving but there is no sound coming out of the mouths.”

“Must be frustrating….and sad”

“I know it’s frustrating for you and your mom. Just think what it’s like for me.”

“I never thought of it that way. Thanks dad.

“You’re welcome.  I have a great idea.”

“What’s that?”

“Let’s get out of these smelly clothes, throw them away and take some warm hot showers when we get home.”

“Great idea.”


Jack and Sam got home and threw their clothes in the garbage cans in the garage.  Jack let Sam get changed first while he waited outside.  Sam texted Jack to let him know that she made it to the shower.


Jack then threw his clothes in the garage and ran to the shower while the dachshunds bark and run after him up the stairs to his bedroom.


Before Jack got into the shower, he checked his GPS to see how long it would take him to get to his clients apartment.  He was stunned.


“An hour and ten minutes?” Jack says to himself, “I’m not driving to Denver.


Before he jumped in the shower, he put all of his smelly clothes in a bag and tied it up.Then by the time he got the stink off of his body, or so it seems,  it was time for Jack to head to his appointment.


Sam, I’m leaving now for an appointment.

“Okay.  Where is it?”

“It’s near Union and Powers at a new apartment complex.”

“Have you told mom where you’re going?”

‘No. Not yet. Think I should?”

“I would if I were you. She worries about you a lot. I don’t blame her”

“Could you text her for me? I’m kind of in a hurry.”

“Sure.  Mom will be thrilled.”


Jack left the house and headed to Mr. Adams apartment, but first stopped by a gas station to get a soda and snacks.  The drive was pretty nice and there’s usually a lot of wildlife that is around the area.  Just then, Jack was startled when he saw a six point deer run across the highway about 20 yards in front of him.


Jack got to the apartment complex with plenty of time to spare and decided to look around before his meeting.  He found it to be very nice and luxurious. It has two swimming pools, an exercise room, a computer room and meeting rooms.  Everything people would want in an apartment.  The staff was even out of this world and very attentive.


This is so much better than what Jack had back in the 1970’s before he and Kate got married.


Jack found the apartment and knocked on the door.


“Come in.” a voice from the other side yelled.


Of course, Jack didn’t hear anything. Jack knocked on the door again.


“Come in!” The voice yelled again



Jack still didn’t hear the voice.  Jack thought about entering the apartment. But, unfortunately Jack forgot his gun this time.  He looked down and just shook his head.


He started to turn the door knob when the door suddenly opened. There in front of him stood a distinguished older looking man about five-eleven and one hundred seventy pounds. Looked like he kept himself in good shape,


“Didn’t you hear me?” he barked out. “I yelled out two times for you to come in.”

“I’m sorry.” Jack responded. I didn’t hear you. I’m deaf.”

“How in the hell are we supposed to communicate with each other? I’m almost blind and you're deaf.” 

“I do read lips pretty well. Plus I can read body language pretty good also. I can see that you are pretty pissed off right now. Excuse my language.  I’m Jack Donovan. Are you Isaiah Adams?”

“Yes I am. Sorry about getting upset with you.  I didn’t realize you lost your hearing.”

“That’s ok.  Most people don’t realize that I can’t hear unless I mention it or I would miss something in a conversation.”

“I thought most deaf people couldn’t speak, but you speak pretty well.”

“That seems to be the misconception about deaf people.  From what I understand, people who are deaf from birth usually can’t speak well but instead use sign language.

“I didn’t know that. Thanks for setting me straight.”

“My pleasure. A lot of people don’t know these things, so don’t feel embarrassed.

“Let me show you around”

“Sounds good.  I’d love to see the place.”


As Donovan was shown around the place, he noticed the granite top in the kitchen and island.  There was also a top of the line stove, refrigerator and a built-in microwave.  The floor was dark  wood through the whole apartment except for the bedroom, which was carpeted.


After they finished the tour, they went to the kitchen to get some tea and coffee. They then settled in the dining room where they finally got down to business.


“Very nice place you have here, Mr Adams.  How can I help you?

“You can start by finding out who’s trying to make me think I’m going crazy.”

“When did this all start?”

“About a month ago when I started to notice some odd things.”

“My remote control for the TV in the refrigerator, washcloth in the freezer, tables moved around and then put back the next day.”


Jack was puzzled by his statement


“I thought you mentioned that your eyesight wasn’t too hot right now.”

“No it isn’t. But I can see images and make out where everything is.”

“Do have anybody staying or visiting your home right now.”

“Smedley, my butler, stays there most of the time.  He lives in the servants residence next to my home.”

“Really? You have a butler?”

“Yes. He’s a very good one also.  Been with me for about six years.”

“What happened to the previous one?”

“He retired after working with the family for twenty-five years. Not sure where he is right now”

“What was his name?”

“James.  Not sure what his last name was.”

“Is that unusual not knowing the last name of an employee?”

“Not for our family.  They never told me our servants last names and I was afraid to ask.”

“Is Smedley his first or last name?”

“Not quite sure. Do you think my servants had something to do with everything.?”

“Don’t know. Just exploring all leads. How about children?”

“Three kids. Two girls and a boy. Not sure where they are now.  Their mom took them away from me when she left.  She said she couldn’t stand being with me anymore and didn’t want the kids to grow up in such a hostile environment.”


Jack thought to himself, “I can’t imagine.”


“What was hostile about it?”

“We had a lot of arguments about my infidelity and the many affairs that I had during our marriage”

“Really? Can you give me names of the women you were with?”

“Sure.  Anything else?”

“The names of your kids”

“There’s Isaiah the second, Beverly and Barbara, who are twins.”


“Wow.” Jack thought to himself, “I can’t imagine any women having sex with him more than twice”


“How old are they?”

“Somewhere in their twenties by now.”

“Okay.  Where is your home, besides here?”

“It’s located on Wood Avenue near Colorado College.”

“Didn’t that area used to be called Millionaires Row back in the early 1900’s?”

“It still is.”

Jack sat back in the chair for a minute to think what his next move will be.


“I have an idea, but I will need your help.  Why don’t the two of us spend the night at your home either tonight or tomorrow night. I can be your eyes and you can be my ears. What do you think?”

“Why don’t we make it tonight? I can tell Smedley that you are an old friend and that you wanted to see the place.”


It wasn’t quite the response Jack was expecting, but Jack said, “Okay, let's do it.”


While Adams was getting ready, Jack texted Kate to let her know what was happening.


“Hey, babe”

“Hi. What’s going on?”

“I’m going to be spending the night at my clients house to see what’s going on..”

“Is she pretty?”

“No..No..No.. Nothing like that.  It's a snobbish millionaire who claims that somebody is trying to make him think that he’s going grazy.  You know what?  He probably is..” 

“You misspelled crazy. What’s his name?”

“Isaiah Adams.”

“Really? Name sounds familiar.”

“In what way?”

“I don’t know. I’ll do some research and find out.”

“Thx..I guess you figured out I won’t be home for dinner.”

“That’s what I thought.  What time do you think you’ll be home?”

“Probably in the morning.  I’m stopping by the house to get some extra clothes for the night.”

“Your first sleepover in a long time. You excited”

“Ha Ha.  I’ll text you doing the night to let you know I’m ok. Chat with you later. Love 968.”

“You misspelled during. LOL. Love 968. Please be careful”


Jack walked Adams to the car and got in on the drivers side, of course.  Adams stood by the passenger side and just stood there.  Jack got out of the car and walked towards him.


“Is something wrong?” Jack asked.”

“No.  All my servants open the door for me.”

“Really? Well, I’m not one of your servants. You can open the door just like anybody else can. And in the front seat or you can stay here.”

“Okay. If you insist.”

“I do”


Jack thought to himself, ‘This is going to be a long night.”


Jack and Adams stopped by his home for a few minutes to pick up his weapon and his ankle holster so Adams won’t be too suspicious.


While at home, Jack showed Adams around the place and introduced him to Hanz and Franz. He explained the situation concerning Porthos and the skunk.


“Ah...That’s what that interesting aroma is.”


Jack didn’t respond to him and read a message from Kate concerning Adams.


“Okay..Let's head on out.”


Jack took the quickest route to Adam’s home, which was just a fifteen minute drive.  At least the traffic wasn’t too bad.  And the aroma from Porthos was gone also.


One thing that Jack noticed about Adams was that his client kept looking around at the scenery as he was driving to the Wood Avenue address.


They got off at the Uintah exit and turned onto Wood Avenue.  Most of the houses were over one hundred years old and still in excellent condition because of great maintenance. Something Jack was not good at.


“Ah, here we are.” Adams said as he was pointing to the left.  “That’s the house right there.  Turn in there.”


Jack is thinking Adams has good eyesight for a man who was going blind.


“Oh, wow!” Jack said out loud. “I’m impressed.  Very nice home you have here.”

“If you want to call it that.”

“Why would you say something like that?”

“I’m here by myself with Smedley. I really have nobody to talk to since George passed away.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. What happened?”

“He died in the emergency room after he got shot during a drug deal gone bad.”

“Wow...I didn’t know.”

“Well, What’s done is done.  Let's try to find out who’s doing this?”


Jack and Adams got out of the car and Adams led them to the front door.  While they were heading u[ the stairs, Jack received another text from his wife which really concerned him. He only had a few seconds to look at it.


It basically said, “Be very careful”


Jack got to the top of the stairs and saw that the butler, Smedley, was already opening the door for Adams. Jack noticed that Smedley looked unkempt. Something that a blind person would not notice.


“Hello Smedley,”  Adams said without blinking an eye

“Good afternoon, Mr Adams.” Smedley responded.

“This is my good friend Jack Donovan. He’ll be spending the night. Can you prepare the guest room for him?”

“Yes sir. I’ll make sure it's ready for him.”


Adams gave Jack a tour of the place while Jack made mental notes of what he saw.  One thing that Jack noticed was that there are a lot of new furniture pieces in the house.  You would usually see antiques in a place like this that would have been collected over the years.  Everything was too modern.


Adams finally showed Jack his room and Jack quickly unpacked. 

 He quickly texted Kate back, “This man is a fraud.


Jack headed downstairs to look around the house a little closer.  He noticed that the tables and lamps had not been dusted in a long time.


“Smedley is not doing his job.” Jack said to himself. 


Jack then realized that he might be talking to himself a little too loud.  He kept seeing some small clues.  Dirty kitchen, unvacuumed rugs and the list keeps going.  He finally caught up with Adams.


“Do you know when these houses were built?” Jack asked

“I guess around 1890 or 1900. Why?”

“A lot of older houses had secret rooms and walkways so they can get away from law enforcement during Prohibition.”

“I haven’t seen anything like that.  My brother may have known about them.  He would disappear for hours and we would always try to find him. Do you think it may have something to do with what’s going on?”

“Could be.  The person could be going through the secret passages to make you think you’re going crazy.  What about Smedley?”

“What about him?”

“He was a few years ago. Don’t know much about him?”

“Tell me about your brother.”

“Not much to tell you as I mentioned earlier.  He died about the same time when Smedley started working with us. Do you think it might be related”
“May be just a coincidence.”

“I’m going to look around some more to see what I can find out.  Is that okay?”


Jack started up in the attic and went down all the way down to the basement to see if there was  anything unusual.  Nothing.  He then went to the garage and found nothing except for some weed killer and rat poison.


“Have you been sick anytime recently?

“I was treated for Cholera a few months ago. I visited India about 7 months ago and I was treated back in July.  Why?”

“Well, Cholera and Arsenic poisoning have some of the same symptoms.”

“Really? Do you think somebody is trying to poison me also? Why?”

“Because of what happened to your brother.”

“What does my brother have to do with that? He’s been dead for years”

“I received a text from my wife that Smedley was also brought into the hospital the night your brother was killed.  Plus he had gunshot wounds to his shoulder and leg.”
“I didn’t know that or really cared.  I just thought he had bad care at the hospital.”

“My wife also told me that too.  She said that you were very upset when your brother passed away and that you blamed her for his death.”

“Yes, I did. But I had forgiven her for that.  And I am so sorry for the way I acted.”

“Also, I thought you brought me here to seek revenge on her and somehow use me for that revenge.”

“That was not my intention.  I really need your help. I think somebody is trying to make me think I’m going crazy.”

“I started believing you when I saw the rat poison.  It contains arsenic.”

“Thank you for trusting me.”

“I bought my weapon with me. Let’s try to find Smedley. Walk behind me. Let me know if you hear anything? Where does he usually stay?”

“I thought he stayed in the servants building but I’m not sure.”


Jack and Adams started to walk towards the servant’s quarters. It was already dark but there was a street light at the end of the driveway near the garage.  The shrubbery was not trim and looked like a jungle.  As were walking, Smedley jumped out from behind the bushes and pushed Adams and started to attack Jack.  Jack tried to get his weapon from his holster but Smedley was able to knock it out of his hand.  Jack then took a swing and hit Smedley in the shoulder. Had no effect on him.  Smedley then punched Jack in the stomach which caused him to lose his breath.


Meanwhile, Adams got off the ground and tried to help Jack but was pushed back by Smedley.  Smedley then pulled out a nine millimeter and pointed it at Jack.  Suddenly a shot rang out. But it didn’t come from Smedley. 


Instead, the gunshot  came from Adams.   He was holding Jack’s gun and had just fired a round at Smedley.  Smedley collapsed on the ground.  Jack went over to him to see how bad it was.  He was shot in the chest and didn’t look well. Smedley was breathing shallow and was bleeding pretty bad. 


Jack got out his cell phone and texted 911 and requested an ambulance and police at his location.  Jack then turned his attention to Adams who was still stunned and started to weep.


“It’s over, Isaiah.”

“That was for George. I will never forgive myself”

“You will.  Just give it time.”


A few hours later, Jack was released by the police and went home.  Kate was already in bed but couldn’t sleep after seeing the news about what happened.  Jack wearily walked into the bedroom and tried to get changed without the light.  Kate got up and turned on the light.  She then walked towards Jack and gave him a hug and a kiss.


“Jack, I got really worried about you when you didn’t text me. What happened?”

“Well, it turned out his butler was the person who shot Adams' brother.  Also Smedley became the butler so he could find out where the stash of cocaine was located.  George hid about three kilos of that junk in the house.  Smedley never found it. 

“Where was it all this time?”

“It was still there.  The police found it in one of the hidden rooms in the house.  They also found a big stash of beer and wine from the 1920’s that was hidden there during the depression.”

“How did you figure it out?”

“It was difficult after I found the rat poison.  It all fell into place.

“How is Adams?”

“He’s shaken up and very apologetic.  He would like to sit down and talk to you when he gets better.”

“I would like that.”


Jack changes and gets into bed and he and Kate hold each other closely.  The light was still on.  All of a sudden Jack started laughing.


“Jack, why are you laughing?”

“I just realized something.”


“The Butler did it.”


Kate leaned over to the lamp to turn it off


“Good night Jack.”


Submitted: February 13, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Brian Lee Clements. All rights reserved.

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Your right it is funny. The butler did it lol

Sat, February 13th, 2021 10:27pm

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