The wild, wild west

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Westerns  |  House: Booksie Classic

Billy gets tired of his old life, but is his new one any better?

Act 1 

Narrator: The year is 1865 and the wild west is happening.

Narrator: The wild west was a time of cowboys, gunslingin’, and outlaws. 

Narrator: Today we will be talking about a very special outlaw/cowboy by the name of Mr.Billy Cook.

Narrator:  Billy is in the local pub, “Westward Expansion” talking to his long time friend James Alexander. 

(Billy walks on stage)

Billy: I’m tellin’ you, James I got to get out of here. (Slams fist on table)

James: What do you mean?

Billy: I need to do somethin’ with my life. I’m twenty and I’m still doin’ nothin’.

James: Woah, calm down. Billy if you want… We can go southwest and do a little bit of explorin’ there.

Billy: That might be nice actually. Hey, Mr.Bartender another round, please.


End of scene 1 


Narrator: A week has passed since then and now they are riding on horseback heading to the new land. 

Billy: This is amazin’! I’ve never felt more alive!

James: (Laughs) This is only the beginnin’.

Narrator: After a day of riding, the duo arrives at a farmer’s home.

Hunter : (Opens door) Well howdy y’all, what brings you here on this fine evenin’?

James: Well, we were hopin’ that you’ll let us stay here for tonight.

Hunter: Anythin’ for you James, but don’t forget our little arrangement.

James: (Sighs) I won’t 

Narrator: The night passes and the sun rises. The duo is now off again.

Billy: What was that guy jawin’ about back there?

James: Oh, nothin’ important…

Narrator: The day passes and they reach a town.

Narrator: The duo stops outside a bank.

James: Billy, your the best friend I’ve got so I’m going to ask you this. 

James: (Steps off his horse)

James: (Whispering to his horse) Be free my friend.

James: (Turns around to look at Billy) Wait here.

Narrator: James walks into the bank. Moments later Billy hears screaming.

Narrator: James runs out of the bank with bags of money in his hand

James: (Panting) Don’t just stand there, tell the horse to come on.

Billy: (In confusion) W-what is happening?

James: I just robbed the bank now let’s go!

Billy: (Quietly) Come on.

Narrator: They continue riding until nightfall when they reach Hunter’s house 

Hunter: Well butter my bun’s and call me a biscuit, you actually came through.

James: There’s your money, I’m free now.

Billy: Would anyone care to explain what’s going on?

Hunter: I would love to. See your friend James over there was caught stealing from my farm. 

Hunter: I thought his stealing would come to good use. All he needed was a get-away driver 

Billy: James why would you do this?

James: I had no choice, I had no money, no job, and nowhere else to turn.

James: You are the only trusted friend I’ve got.

Hunter: Don’t look now, but the sheriff is commin’

James: Please Billy, one more time. Get me away.

Billy: (Sighs) Fine

Narrator: Billy and James jump on the horse

Billy: Giddy-up 

End of scene 2 

James: I think we lost them

Narrator: A day has passed and they are now resting at nightfall.

Billy: What have you gotten me into…

James: We’ve been through a lot together. Through thick and thin.

Billy: (Laughs) You can say that again.

James: Remember the time when we had to wrangle up the cows back into the pasture.

Billy: Indeed I do.

Narrator: The two go on reminiscing about the old days.

Narrator: Meanwhile back on farmer Hunter’s Farm…

Sheriff: Now I’m looking for a young man who just robbed that bank over yonder.

Hunter: Well, I’ll tell you where he went alright. (Points) He went that way, sir. 

Sheriff: Thank you for the information. Well, I best be off.

Hunter: Well, best of luck, sir 

Narrator: Meanwhile…

James: Okay, we best be off.

Billy: I know a guy who can help us. He can provide shelter until this whole thing blows away.

Narrator: The two arrive at the residents of Henry Smith. 

Narrator: Henry is an older gentleman and is famous for his pot pies.

James: (Stepping off the horse) We have to live here?

Billy: (Also stepping off the horse) Well yeah.

James: But it’s so... dirty and dank.

Billy: Well it’s either this or the middle of the desert.

James: (Starts to turn) The desert doesn’t seem that ba-

Billy: You’re not leaving.

(Enter Henry)

 Henry: Now, what brings you gentlemen here on this fine evening.

Billy: Well, actually it’s a long story.

Henry: Well do come in, I made pot pies.

Narrator: The two walk into the dank and crusty house.

End Act 1 

Act 2 Scene 1

Henry: (To James) I see, you’re an outlaw.

James: Pretty much.

Henry: Well, I can offer you a stay for 3 nights. Then you have to find somewhere else.

Billy: Thank you so much, Henry.

Narrator: Three days have passed and the duo is off again.

Narrator: Meanwhile, the Sheriff arrives at the old campsite of the two.

Sheriff: They’ve been here alright… I can smell it.

Narrator: The sheriff rides into the local village, Jeffersontown to see if anyone has seen the fugitive.

Narrator: The Sheriff hears loud chattering in the streets.

Sheriff: Hey, you there. What is going on? 

Narrator: Little did the Sheriff know something big just happened. 

Narrator: The date is April 15, 1865. The date on which President Abraham Lincoln was shot in Ford’s Theatre. 

Narrator: Now, Billy and James are near the point of Washington D.C 

Narrator: They see a young gentleman on horseback riding down the road. The young man stops for a little chat 

Stranger: Well Howdy, what brings y’all around here.

Billy: Well, that’s not really the best question…
Stranger: Well, allow me to introduce myself. My name is John Wilkes Booth.

James: Well run me over and call me dinner, you’re the man that shot the president.

John: Why indeed I am. This is my partner, David Herold.

David: (Stretches hand) Nice to meet ya.

John: Now what’s y’all’s story. 

James: (Sighs) Well, I guess I’ll tell y’all.

Narrator: James precedes to telling the story.

John: Well, quite a story y’all have.

David: Now, allow us to tell ours.

Narrator: John and David tell them about how they assassinated President Lincoln.

Billy: Well run me over and call me dinner, that’s one heck of a story.

James: You can say that again.

John: Well nice talking to ya, we best be off.

Billy: Have a good one.

(David and John leave the stage)

Billy: What interesting people.

James: Hey Billy, if we help the Sheriff find those two, maybe I can be off the hook.

Billy: It’s worth a try.

Narrator: Billy rides into town and brings the Sheriff back.

Billy: We saw the two assassins and we can help you; however, you’re going to let James off the hook.

Sheriff: It’s a deal.

Narrator: Billy tells the Sheriff where the two were heading.

Narrator: The sheriff calls in backup and after searching for a while they found them.

Narrator: It’s April 26th, 1865. Booth and Herold are hiding in the barn. At last, the hunt is over.

Narrator: Herold surrenders and Booth gets shot and killed.

Narrator: The sheriff tells Billy and James the news.

James: I’m free thank the lord.

Billy: (Laughs) Yes you are my friend.

James: I’m free now; however, there is still something I must do.

Billy: You’re not planning on…

James: (Grimly) Yes I am

Narrator: The two ride back to Hunter’s house.

James: (Knocks on the door)

James: Hunter Sean, you have tarnished my name. For this, I challenge you to a duel.

Hunter: Well, shave my legs and call me grandpa. I’ll humbly accept your duel 

Narrator: The two duelists meet at the dueling ground.

Hunter: Grab your weapon.

James: (Picks up pistol) I’m ready…

Narrator: Billy is James’ number two.

Billy: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10! Fire 

Narrator: Shots fire and when the smoke clears…

Narrator: James is on the ground.

Narrator: Billy rushes over to James.

Billy: J-James, come on, don’t leave me

Billy: We’ve been too much for you to leave me now.

James: B-b-Billy. I’m going to miss you.

James: Goodbye my friend.

Billy: (Crying)  Goodbye, I’ll see you again someday.

Narrator: James is gone.

Billy: Well love me tender and call me Elvis...


End Play


Submitted: February 11, 2021

© Copyright 2021 brbray. All rights reserved.

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