Heard you on the radio

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

"And our next guests you have all been waiting for are the amazing, breath-taking, hot OUT OF THE BLUE!"

She felt her brother's gaze on her, but did not react. Her heart was hammering behind her chest so loudly, she was sure that her stoic expression was useless because her heartbeat surely gave away everything. She heard Cas greeting the band, friendly but casual as always and that made her smile. She had made her promise not to let their personal life interfere with their job.
It was her brother who made her snap out of her thoughts when he turned down the radio and asked in a calm voice: How the hell did this all happen?

She smiled sadly and asked herself that very same question.

Table of Contents


Prologue London, five years in the past The party was in full swing as he stepped out into the cold air on the roof. The city ben... Read Chapter


Chapter 1 London, present day   Loud rock music pulled her out of a shallow sleep. Every Saturday morning, she cursed he... Read Chapter


2 Nothing was well. Carly had forgotten her umbrella at home and now she was soaked to the bone. Cas eyed her with a confused look ov... Read Chapter


3 “And the tour will end in London, where we’ll have the show at Wembley and before that you’re going to do the interview with ... Read Chapter


4 “That’s what I call a good single.”, Cas said as soon as the new OUT OF THE BLUE single had ended. “Yeah it was awesome, I ... Read Chapter


-1: a visit to the past Carly stood at the bus-stop and pulled the jacket around tighter her. It was freezing and now she regretted n... Read Chapter


5 The red light from the On-Air sign blinked annoyingly in the corner of Carly’s eye and made her light-sensitive eyes squirm. She ... Read Chapter


6 Europe, Paris “Why on earth did you tell your sister you would go and watch a ballet performance with her! That is so boring ... Read Chapter


7 “I swear if I don’t hear from you every day, I will abandon everything immediately to check on you!” Cas fixed Carly with a s... Read Chapter

8 / -2

8 / -2   A loud, unpleasant, but at the same time, very familiar noise ripped Cas out of her bed. She had fallen into it onl... Read Chapter


Stockholm, Sweden   Connor was tired. Really tired. The show had been amazing as always, but once the initial adrenaline rus... Read Chapter

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