Kathena of Egypt

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

An Egyptian Princess, who has no interest in marrying a prince, sets out to find the temple of Den Dour, battle Anubis and his army, and restore the Ankh to a living sphinx with the help of a warrior.


Of Egypt


Story by Travis Archer



Temple of Ra

New Kingdom

 Egypt, 1435 B.C.


1.1. Egyptian empire with giant Sphinx right, three pyramids of Giza behind it. Three dromedary camels with men on their backs walking towards town.


Narrator: Long ago, in the far away land of Ancient Egypt, there lived a great prosperous Pharaoh with his wife and five daughters.


1.2.Hieroglyphics on wall show image of Egyptian Princess Kathena on a chariotpulled by two horses.


Narrator: And the youngest and spunkiest of all his daughters was the adventurous Princess Kathena. What made her so adventurous is where our story continues.


1.3. Inside the temple with the large doors in the middle of the frame. The Pharaoh, Memphis I, and the Egyptian Queen, Vagara, are walking to the right side of the door.


2.1. A scrawny yet muscular Egyptian Prince named Rotep opens the door and holds out a ring towards Memphis with his fingertips. 


Rotep: Well, hate to break it to you, your Highness, but it seems as though your daughter doesn’t want to marry me. Which I’m fine with, totally fine with because, after all, there’s always--


2.3. Rotep shouts by putting his fingertips over his nose and his thumbs over his chin. 


Rotep: “Someone else” who wants to marry me!


2.4 Four Egyptian princesses named Nubia, Layla, Marcara, and Nefeterie run to him, raising their hands high, and looking ecstatic and excited.


Nubia: Ooh pick me, pick me!

Layla: I want be your bride, pick me!

Marca: Pick me! Pick me, please!

Nefeterie: Don’t pick her, pick me instead! I want to be yours forever!


2.5. Rotep stretches his arms around the princesses’ shoulders, smiling at the young girls and walks away with them.


Rotep: Now this is what I’m talking about! 


3.1. Memphis and Vagara open the door and see their youngest 18-year-old daughter, Kathena, sitting on her bed and brushing her cat. 


Memphis: Kathena?


3.2. Focused on Kathena with her head turned.


Kathena: Yes, Father.




Memphis: How many princes do you have to reject when you should be ready to make a decision? Don’t you know that it’s traditional for you to marry a prince? 


Kathena: Well of course I do, Father, but I’m only 18, and I don’t want to rush into things like this. It takes time.


  1. Memphis walks towards his daughter with his face in a quarter shot.


Memphis: There’s not even enough time for me to see my grandchildren when I grow old. And one way or another, Kathena, you have to walk the same path as your sisters. We are counting on you to uphold the tradition at hand.


Kathena: You can say that all you want, Father, but I don’t think Rotep is the right guy for me-- barely any of them is right for me. I’m just not ready for this marriage thing. 


  1. Memphis turns his head.


Nefeterie: Father!


  1. Nefeterie opens the door halfway with a smile on her face.


Nefeterie: He proposed to me! I’m so excited!


  1. Still in Kathena’s bedroom, but now focused on Memphis.


Memphis: Yes I’ll be right there, Nefeterie. Kathena, I just don’t want to see you throw away your entire future.


  1. Memphis walks away from the bedroom and Vagara walks towards her daughter. 


Vagara: Kathena, Sweetie, I know it’s a lot to take in.


4.4. Vagara sits next to Kathena.


Vagara: And I know how stressful it is when you have to make a decision you never thought of making. But between you and me, Kathena, you don’t have to get married if you don’t want to. You’ll be ready when you want to get ready as long as you choose the right one for you. And no, it doesn’t always have to be a prince; it has to be someone who makes you feel special.


Kathena: Thanks, Mother.


5.1. The location begins to shake. The cat jumps off Kathena’s lap as Kathena and Vagara suddenly see a flying chariot out the window. 


SFX: Meow!


SFX: aaagghhh! 


Citizen: Its alive!


SFX: rrrrraaaaoorrrrr!



Kathena: Did you hear that?


Vagara: What is it?



  1. Kathena and Vagara look out the window and gasps horrifyingly. Their faces are in shock yet at the same time they are horrified by what they see.


Kathena: Oh…my… Gods!


5.3. We now see a large panel of a giant living sphinx, charging towards the Egyptian citizens on its four legs with an angry expression on its face and with its razor sharp teeth showing.The people of Egypt are running and screaming.




Citizen 1: Ahhhh!!!! Heeelllp!

Citizen 2: The sphinx is alive and It’s gonna eat us!

Citizen 3: Its gonna kill us all!! Run for your lives!!


The Egyptian soldiers on their chariots shoot arrows and throw spears at the creature.


5.4. The sphinx slices the arrows and spears in half with its claws.


5.5.Focused on Kathena and Vagara peaking out the window. They both have worried expressions on their faces.


Kathena: How can this be possible, this shouldn’t happen! Unless… 


 6.1. She looks closely with her hand up against her eyebrows and she squints her eyes.


6.2. We are in a close up on the chest of the sphinx. There is an Ankh shaped hole on the Sphinx’s chest.


6.3. Camera focuses on Kathena with a worried expression on her face.


Kathena: The Ankh of The Sphinx. It’s gone! Someone took it.


6.4. Frame now focuses on Kathena and Vagara 


Vagara: And I think I know who.


 6.5. Pharaoh Memphis rushes towards Kathena and Vagara. We can see the backside of Memphis and we can also see the front side of Kathena and Vagara. 


Memphis:It’s a whole massacre out there! What’s going on here?


Vagara: I believe it’s through the works of the prophecy. And it’s all coming true.


Memphis: A prophecy? What prophecy?


6.6 Camera focuses on Vagara.


Vagara: I’ll show you.


7.1. We are now in the hallway of the temple with the hieroglyphics on the wall at the front of the camera, whereas Kathena, Vagara, and Memphis are below the frame.


Vagara: As the prophecy foretold?"


7.2. We then see Kathena, Vagara, and Memphis looking at the wall in a quarter shot.


Vagara: The god of the afterlife, Anubis, has stolen the ankh from the sphinx for himself.


Kathena: But for what reason?


7.3. Camera focus on Kathena and Vagara with the queen’s head turned towards her daughter.


Vagara: For power, Kathena. To control all those who wronged him.If he gains too much of that power from the Ankh, then he will become more destructive than ever before. And the sphinx will continue to destroy everything and everyone in its path, forever. 


7.4. Memphis comes into the frame.


Memphis: How can we stop it?


7.5. Splash page:Kathena, Vagara, and Memphis are looking up at the hieroglyphics on the wall. The person’s face on the hieroglyphics is covered in dust. 


Vagara: The prophecy also tells that only a descendent of royal blood and with the purest of heart will have to travel across the desert, enter the temple of Den dour, battle Anubis along with other obstacles and restore the Ankh to the Sphinx. 


8.1. Camera focuses on Kathena and Vagara.


Kathena: That could be anybody in the royal family. My sisters even. 

Vagara: Hmm, That may be. Or it could also be?"


8. 2. Vagara wipes the dust off the wall with her hand as it reveals the image of Kathena’s face on the wall.


8. 3. Camera focuses on Vagara and Kathena with a surprised look on their faces.


Vagara: You.

Kathena: Me? Why me?


8.4. The Egyptian Queen looks at her daughter as Kathena is in a quarter shot.


Vagara: Maybe because the gods have seen something in you that you haven’t realized. And, come to think of it, so do I. You are a descendant of royal blood and you do have a pure heart, so why not?


Kathena: Well, if I really am the right person for the job, then I might as well take it. 


9.1.Memphis is looking at his daughter in a quarter shot.


Memphis: No! Kathena, that is completely out of the question. It’s too dangerous out there!


9.2. Kathena is looking up to her father whereas Memphis is framed over his shoulder.


Kathena: Father, look, I know I disappointed you with that marriage proposal earlier, and I know that I let you down. But this is my chance to make it up to you. I’m going to set things right.


 9.3. Vagara puts her hand on Memphis’s shoulder as they are both standing in front of Kathena.


Vagara: Just give her a chance, Memphis; after all, she’s only 18. She can look out for herself.


Memphis: Hmm. Very well, but it won’t be easy. You’re going to need your camel for traveling and your falcon for navigating. Oh, and make sure you clean up after them.


Kathena: Yes father.


9.4. Memphis is framed over his shoulder, gently touching Kathena’s hair.


Memphis: I don’t want to lose you, Kathena. Not like this.


Kathena: Father, you don’t have to worry too much about me. I’ll be back and I will set things right. I promise. 


9.5. Vagara and Memphis hug Kathena with a smile on their faces and with their eyes closed.


Kathena: I love you both.

Vagara: We love you too, Kathena.

10.1. still in the hallway but now focus on Memphis and Vagara.


Memphis: Now go save Egypt.


 10.2. Kathena rides on her pet female dromedary camel named Molly out of the palace and her pet falcon, Natalya is flying ahead of her, leading her straight to the desert.


SFX: Moooaaaaoooonnn


SFX: Screeeech


10.3. Molly runs through the town with Kathena on her back. The people are still running and screaming


10.4. the sphinx turns its head and sees Kathena riding on Molly as both Kathena and Molly are in the front part of the frame whereas the sphinx is in the back.


10.5 Kathena looks behind her and gasps with an awe struck look on her face.


11.1 the sphinx leaps into the air.


11.2 The giant creature lands on its four feet with the camera focusing on its feet.




11.3 The sphinx charges at Kathena who is on her camel as she rides her way out of the city. Kathena whips Molly with her bridle.


Kathena: Yah! Yah!


11.4 The sphinx crashes through the pyramids and houses as it still chasing Kathena away from the city.


11.5 camera now focus on the camel’s hooves galloping.


12.1 An army of a thousand soldiers on their chariots, carrying swords, bows, arrows, and spears, charges towards the sphinx as Kathena is riding past them. 


13.2 Kathena rides towards the desert with her falcon, Natalya, flying ahead of her.


13.3 Molly slides down the slope while still following Natalya.


13.4 Kathena suddenly rides into a gigantic sand storm


13.5 the wind is gusting through Kathena’s face as she squints her eyes.


14.1 Kathena rides through the storm as her camel continues to run in a quarter shot.


Kathena: Come on Molly, you can do it!


14.2 Natalya gets pushed into Kathena’s face by the wind.


Kathena: Ahh!

SFX: Awk!


14.3 Natalya is now on Kathena’s shoulder and the camel begins to walk through the sand storm with the wind gusting through their faces.


15. 1 Kathena then sees a huge figure waving around his staff in the air as the storm swirls with it. 


15. 2 She looks up at the sky and sees that the storm is clearing away.


15.3 As the storm clears, Kathena sees a big but mostly fat Egyptian man whose body is thick, round, heavy but muscular and has a full head of short wig-like Egyptian style hair.The man is dressed as an Egyptian warrior; he looks as though he is in his early 20’s, and his name is Tramses. Walking along with him is his pet Egyptian griffin named Hoytep.


15.4 Still in the desert but now focused on Kathena on her camel, pointing her finger with her eyebrow raised.


Kathena: Did you just?"

Tramses: Yes,


15. 5 Camera focuses on Tramses with a suave smile on his face.


 Tramses: I did, and you’re welcome.


16.1. Camera now focuses on Kathena with Tramses framed over his shoulder.


Kathena: Great! Well, see ya.


16. 2. Kathena rides off the other side of the desert while Tramses put his hand in the air.


Tramses: No, no, no, wait, wait?"


16. 3. Camera focuses on Tramses and Hoytep.


Tramses: Wait just a minute. Hoytep, give me a boost. 


16. 4. Tramses rides on Hoytep as they fallow Kathena on her camel.


Tramses: Do need any help?


16. 5. Tramses and Hoytep are now on the right side of where Kathena is riding.


Kathena: No, I think I know where I’m going, thank you.


17. 1. Camera now focuses on Kathena and Tramses in a quarter shot with Tramses head turning to her.


Tramses: Are you sure? Because you could get lost out here and I do have a little reputation that I want to keep.


Kathena: What reputation? Who are you, anyways?


Tramses: You never heard of me, did you?


17.2 camera focus on Kathena on her left.


Kathena: Nope.


17.3 Tramses jumps off his griffin.


17.4 Tramses lands on the ground next to her camel. He smiles with his one hand in the air and his other on his staff, posing as if he’s confident and heroic in his role.


Tramses: I am the mighty Tramses! The greatest warrior and guardian of the spirit world.


17. 5 Tramses puts his head and arm down, looking depressed.


Tramses: Well at least I was until I really messed up, big time. 


18. 1 camera focuses on Kathena on her camel with Tramses framed over his shoulder.


Kathena: Well what did you do?


18. 2 Tramses puts his arm on the back of his neck with his eyes looking back.


Tramses: My reckless behavior has gotten a little out of hand lately; I accidently hit two gods with one of my powers, and I pretty much destroyed most of their valuable possessions so, yeah, technically they didn’t take it well. If anything, they were so furious that they banished me out of the spirit world and… here I am in the mortal world.


Kathena: Wow, that must have been awful. But you don’t seem to look like you have any powers.


18. 3 Tramses grabs an electric whip out his palm with his other hand.


18.4 He whips it on the sand.




Kathena: (clears throat). Continue.


19. 1 Tramses looks up at Kathena.


Tramses: So now that you’re out here in the desert, I just figured that if I can help you on your journey, I would restore my place amongst the gods. 


19. 2 Camera focus on Kathena in a medium shot.


Kathena: Really, well my name is Kathena, I am the daughter of the pharaoh, and I am heading to the temple of Den dour to retrieve an Ankh for the sphi?"


19.3 Tramses puts his hand up with a serious expression on his face, posing as if he interrupts her sentence.


Tramses: Woh, woh, woh, wait a minute! Thee temple of Den dour? Like, the place that has so many life-threatening obstacles no mortal has ever made it out alive?


Kathena: Well yah, if you would put it that way.


Tramses: Kathena, what you’re about to do is both risky and unfathomably dangerous.


19. 4 Tramses smiles at Kathena with excitement.


Tramses: Lets do it together!


Kathena: Seriously?


Tramses: Yeah, seriously!


19.5 Tramses moves his staff around. 


Tramses: I love taking risks; fighting off monsters, going through booby traps, escaping through natural disasters, and facing all kinds of dangers, it’s my thing! And the best part of it is, I can guard you and protect you through it all!


Kathena: Sounds like you’re really excited to go there.


20. 1 Hoytep approaches to Kathena and Tramses.


Hoytep: Ahem.

Tramses: Oh, and this is Hoytep, my griffin. And yes, he can talk.

Kathena: Oh, Hello.

Hoytep: Salutations and greetings, princess. I’m sure that you’ll be safe with us around.


20.2 Kathena is in the middle of the panel whereas Tramses is on the left and Hoytep is on the right.


Kathena: Ok, cool. Now do you guys know where I can find the temple?

Hoytep: Alas, the temple of den dour is hidden somewhere in this very desert after that sand storm came in.

Tramses: Yeah, the chances of finding the entrance are limitless. It could be anywhere in the desert.


20.3 Camera focuses on Kathena with a determined look on her face.


Kathena: Well wherever it is, we have to find it.


20. 4 Kathena rides through the desert on her camel and Tramses rides on his Hoytep who is flying right next to her camel. 


20. 5 Kathena and Tramses are both on in a quarter shot.


Kathena: So I’m guessing maybe you’ve heard about it but never actually been there, right?


Tramses: Oh yeah, I’ve definitely been there tons of times. And the thing about it is that it’s unpredictable. You’ll never know what kind of trap you’ll get caught into.


Kathena: Now what do you mean by?"


20. 6 Kathena and her camel, Molly falls from the ground which is now a ceiling of the temple.



21. 1 Kathena, Molly, and her falcon, Natalya lands on the floor that is filled with snakes and scorpions.


21. 2 Kathena draws her spear from her bag that is on Molly’s back and points it at the snakes and scorpions that are approaching her.


Kathena: Stay back! Back! Back away from me!


21. 3 Tramses and Hoytep enters the ceiling and the Egyptian warrior shoot fireballs at the snakes and scorpions from his hands.





Tramses: Ha-ha! Take that! And that! And some of these!


21. 4 Tramses lands on the floor and whips them with his electric whip.




Tramses: How do you like them apples! Ha-ha!


21. 5. Still in the dark room of the temple but now focus on Tramses, Kathena and Hoytep.


Kathena: I can’t believe it. You saved my life, thank you.

Tramses: Well, it was nothing, but you’re welcome.

 Hoytep: Good news, comrades.


 22. 1 we are now in the dark hallway of the underground temple of Den dour. The torches are on the wall and there are pillars on the left and right side of the temple.


Hoytep: We’re here.


22. 2 Panel now focuses on Kathena, Tramses, and Hoytep. 


Kathena: The temple of Den dour. This is perfect. Now all we have to do is get the ankh!


Tramses: Jeez, this place looks more like the temple of den dirty.Well Kathena, if its important you, we’ll do this together.


22. 3 Tramses pushes a large canoe to a river while Kathena and the others are standing behind him.


Tramses: Our first step to the Ankh is to cross this river. 

Kathena: Where did you get that canoe?

Tramses: I found it near that skeleton, where do you think?


22. 4 Kathena, Molly, and Hoytep are sitting on the canoe while Tramses paddles with an oar.


Tramses: You just had to bring your camel, did you? You couldn’t make it any easier to lighten the load.


Kathena: Hey, I’m only doing this so I can keep them safe.


Tramses: Ok, all right, I hear ya.


23.1 Camera focuses on Kathena in a medium shot.


Kathena: So, um, do you ever, like, fall in love with someone before?


23. 2 Camera focus on Tramses who is still paddling. His eyes look down at the water with a sad look on his face.


Tramses: Well, now that you’ve mentioned it, princess, it’s been a very long time since I ever had a relationship with anyone before. I don’t remember much about it, but it felt so wonderful that I just want to have it again. I’ve been single for so long that I just don’t even know when to start. (Huh) I’ll be Tramses the bachelor forever.


23. 3 we are now in a close up of Kathena’s hand touching Tramses’ hand.


Kathena: Well, as long as you’re with me--


23. 4 Kathena smiles at Tramses while she holds his hand. Tramses smiles at her back.


Kathena: You don’t have to be. 


24. 1 A crocodile bumps the canoe as few more crocodiles approaches them.



SFX: ssssss

SFX: rrooaarrr


Hoytep: Well, this is this going to be a very long journey.


24. 2 Kathena knocks the crocodile with her spear.




24. 3 Tramses knocks another crocodile with the oar.




24. 4 Tramses keeps paddling through the river on the canoe as the crocodiles chase after them. 


25. 1 Kathena, Tramses and the animals run through a booby trap with blow darts shooting left and right. Tramses blocks the darts with his shield. He holds Kathena’s hand as her other hand is holding Molly’s bridle.


25. 2 the princess, the warrior, and their pets also hops on the rock pathway through the lava pit.


25. 3 they also run through a huge obstacle coarse with the battle-axes swinging above them and raiser sharp needles popping out of the floor. 


26. 1 Kathena and the others are still walking in the temple feeling relieved. Hoytep and Natalya are flying along with them.


Kathena: Wow, that’s more fun than I ever want to have again. 

Tramses: Well, not as much fun as being with you, Kathena.

Kathena: Oh stop it. Your making me blush.

Hoytep: Pssst, over here.


26. 2 Splash page:Kathena, Tramses, Hoytep, Molly, and Natalya leans against a giant pillar and see an Ankh symbol, sitting on a huge stone. 


Kathena: The Ankh of The Sphinx. 

Tramses: Huh, This should be easy. How hard could it be?

Hoytep: (gasp) He’s coming! Quick, Hide! 


26. 3 Kathena and the others stands on the backside of the pillar whereas Anubis, the god of the afterlife, is walking on the other side of the pillar holding a battle-axe. Anubis’ body is shaped like a strong man but with hind legs, dark brown fur on his body, and a tail. He has the head of a Jackal and the crown of the pharaoh. The god is 12 feet tall, thin, yet muscular and evil looking.


 26. 4 Camera focus on Kathena, Tramses, Molly, Natalya and Hoytep who are still standing behind the pillar.


Kathena: Ok, I’ve got a plan to get pass that creep. Hoytep, you fly me over to that stone and I’ll grab the Ankh. 


Hoytep: Got it.


Kathena: Molly, you fallow Natalya to the exit and we’ll meet you there. And Tramses, how good are you at keeping him distracted?


Tramses: Princess, I am the master of distraction. You’re looking at a guy who starves for attention. I got this.


26. 5 Tramses walks away from the pillar with his two palms up, posing as if he’s happy to see him. The warrior has a smile on his face while Anubis is framed over his shoulder, still holding his battle-axe.


Tramses:Heeey! Anubis! Ha-ha! How you been buddy? Long time, no see, am I right?

Anubis: Oh, its just you. What do want this time, Tramses? Haven’t you caused enough trouble already?


27. 1 Tramses is walking towards Anubis and Anubis is pointing his battle-axe at the warrior.


Tramses: Whaat! I just came all this way to this temple to see my old pal. What you been up to, buddy?


Anubis: I am not your buddy, DON’T EVER CALL ME BUDDY!! I hate that word. “Buddy.” It sounds idiotic and ridiculous. 

27. 2 Kathena and Hoytep are watching Tramses and Anubis from a distance whereas Kathena and Hoytep are at the front of the frame.


Tramses: Ok, how about chum? 

Anubis: No.

Tramses: Pal?

Anubis: No.

Kathena: (whispering) Wow, he’s really good.

Hoytep: (whispering) I know right. Ok, now.


27. 3 Hoytep flies over Tramses and Anubis while holding Kathena at an Ariel shot.


Tramses: Main man?

Anubis: No.

Tramses: Amigo?

Anubis: No!


27. 4 Kathena reaches out her hands to the Ankh as Hoytep still holds her by the waist.


Tramses: Companion?

Anubis: Not even close.

Tramses: Mate?

Anubis: No!


28. 1 Anubis gets angry with Tramses as he still points his battle-axe at him.


Tramses: Best friend?




28. 2 Tramses looks pass Anubis’ face.


28. 3 Hoytep and Kathena are both from a distance as the princess picks up the Ankh from the stone while Anubis’ face is on the front left of the frame.


Tramses: Um…I just want to… 


28. 3 Tramses smiles, nervously and opens his arms.


Tramses: give you a nuggie!

Anubis: A nuggie? Seriously?


28.4 Tramses raps Anubis around his neck with his arm and rubs his head with his fist.


Tramses: Come here you! Nuggie, nuggie, nuggie, nuggie, nuggie.

Anubis: Hey, hey, stop that! Stop that! What are trying to do, you clumsy oaf?


29.1 Hoytep flies away from the stone and Kathena point finger.


Kathena: (whispering) Molly, Natalya, go!


29. 2 Molly the camel and Natalya the falcon runs to the backside of the temple.


29. 3 Anubis pushes Tramses away from him with his paw like hands.


Anubis: Get off of me, fool! 


29. 4 Anubis then throws a rock in the air.


Tramses: NO!


29. 5 the rock hits Hoytep on the back and falls on the floor as he shields Kathena with his wings.


30. 1 Hoytep and Kathena gets up from the floor with Tramses helping them up. 


Anubis: You’re plan is so predictable I just have no choice but to cut to the chase.


30. 2 Anubis snaps his fingers at a close up.


SFX: Snap!


30. 3 An army of mummies opens their tombs and walks out of them carrying their weapons as they approach Kathena and the others.


30. 4 the mummies grab Kathena and Tramses arms as well capturing Hoytep, Molly, and Natalya with their ropes.


30. 5 Anubis stands in front of Kathena with a sinister smile in a quarter shot. Kathena looks angry.


Anubis: Ah, Princess Kathena of Egypt, I presume. We meet at last.


Kathena: Anubis! Remind me again why you’re doing this still!


Anubis: Everyone has they’re own wants and needs to become much bigger than themselves. For years, I’ve always been cast aside from the other gods just so they think they’re better than me. So I took the matters into my own hands by taking that symbol and soon I will have the power to control every mortal and immortal that wronged me. Now give me that Ankh, or I will make you into one of my mummies!


 Kathena: And let all of my people suffer? I don’t think so!


31.1 Kathena flips the mummy over on Anubis with her hands.




31. 2 Kathena knocks the mummies with her spear.


31. 3 Tramses pushes the mummy with his elbow and punches the other mummy. 


31. 4 the warrior uses his electric whip to fight them off.


31. 5 Molly swings her neck at the mummies as Natalya scratches them with her claws.


31. 6 Kathena spins her spear as she continues to fight off Anubis and his mummified army.


32. 1 Tramses comes in and punches Anubis on the cheek.



32. 2 Kathena jumps on her camel and Tramses jump on Hoytep.


32. 3 they both run to the other side of the temple.


32. 4 Anubis gets up from the floor and points his finger. He squints his eyelids and opens is mouth almost widely.




32. 5 Kathena and Tramses look behind them and sees that Anubis and his army are on their chariots, chasing them.


Kathena: They’re gaining on us. And now there are more of them.

Tramses: Good, it’ll keep things interesting.

Hoytep: My gods, these undead corpses are persistent.


33. 1 Anubis reaches out his hand towards the Ankh as he rides closer to Kathena and Molly.


33. 2 the half man half jackal god snatches the Ankh away from her.


33. 3 Kathena reaches out her hand as she rides on Molly.

Kathena: NO!


33. 4 Hoytep flies back to where Kathena is running as Tramses holds out his hand to her.

Tramses: Hop on my griffin your highness.

Hoytep: Hey, I have a name you know.


33. 5 Kathena is now on Hoytep with Tramses in front of her and the griffin grabs the camel with his two front feet.


33. 6 Anubis holds the Ankh as the electric bolts spreads from the symbol to him. Anubis has an evil smile on his face.

Anubis: Ahahahahahahaha! Yes! More! Hahahahahahahaha!


 34. 1 Anubis begins to grow up to 25 feet. Still holding the Ankh in his hand.
Anubis: More! More! More! I WANT?"


34. 2 Anubis becomes physically gigantic at a low angle shot, holding up his arms in the air, posing as if he’s victorious.


Anubis: MOOOOOORE!!!!! Ahahahahahaha!


34. 3 Tramses snatches the Ankh from Anubis’ hand as Hoytep flies passed him. Anubis has an angry expression on his face and reaches his hand towards Hoytep.

Tramses: Yoink!



34. 4 Anubis charges towards Hoytep as his army of mummies charges along with him.



34. 5 camera focuses on Tramses with his head turned and pointing his finger with an angry look on his face.



34. 6 camera now focuses on Anubis in a medium shot.

Anubis: YES! Yes I did!


35. 1 Tramses looks monstrously angry. His face is red and he puts his hands in the air, bending his fingers.

Tramses: AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!


35. 2 Tramses jumps up in the air towards Anubis, holding up his fist as if he’s ready to punch him.

Tramses: AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!


35. 3 In a quarter shot, the warrior punches Anubis hard on his chest. The power of his punch pushes Anubis.


Anubis: Oooh!


35. 4 Anubis falls on his army as well as a few rockslides falls on them as well.


35. 5 Tramses jumps back on Hoytep with Kathena riding next to him. 

Tramses: No one calls me a fat tub of lard and gets away with it! 

Kathena: Tramses, that was so risky for to do that. And yet, I feel like I wanted to kiss you.

Tramses: I know, princess, we’ll do that later. 


35. 5 Hoytep flies side to side to avoid getting hit by the rocks that are falling from the ceiling.


35. 6 the griffin glides over the lava pit as the rocks falls into it.

SFX: Splash 

36.1 Hoytep flies through the exit with a huge bolder falling behind him.



36. 2 we are out in the desert with Hoytep still carrying Molly and Natalya with his hands and the couple are still on his back. The griffin holds a sundial with his tail.
Tramses: Ok, we got what we came for. Now what do we do?

Kathena: We have to go back to the kingdom to restore this to the sphinx.

Hoytep: According to my sundial, we only have 12 seconds till the kingdom’s destruction.


36. 3 the griffin flies back to the city with the giant Sphinx swiping his paws.

Tramses: Man that is one big angry sphinx.


36. 4 Hoytep drops Molly and Natalya to safety.


36. 5 Hoytep flies to the sphinx.

Hoytep: 7, 6,


36. 6 Kathena throws the ankh to the sphinx.

Hoytep: 5, 4,


37. 1 the sphinx leaps towards the griffin.

Hoytep: 3, 2?"


37. 2 The Ankh lands on the sphinx’s chest in a close up.


37. 3 the sphinx turns around and walks straight to the right side of the temple.


37. 4 the sphinx lays down on the ground with its head up and turns back into stone. The crowd begins to cheer with their hands up.

Crowd: HOORRAAAAAAAAY!! Katheena! Katheena! Katheena!!!


37.5 Camera now focuses on Memphis and Vagara, smiling at each other.

Memphis: I guess the gods knew exactly what they were doing when they pick her.

Vagara: Told you.


37.6 Hoytep lands on the floor with the cheering crowd circling around them. Kathena hugs Tramses with contentment.

Tramses: We did it, Kathena, We did it!

Kathena: Oh Tramses, I couldn’t have done this without you!


38. 1 the gods of Egypt such as Osiris, Isis, Ra, Horus, and Hathor flies down toward the crowd on their chariots.


38. 2 Tramses, Kathena, and others bow to them in respect.


38. 3 camera focuses on Osiris approaching to Tramses with his hand touching his shoulder.

Osiris: Tramses, for assisting the descendent of the royal family and helping her save her people, I would like to welcome you back to the spirit world, for all eternity.


Horus: Yeah buddy, you can hang with us any time, forever! 


38. 4 camera focuses on Tramses, holding Kathena’s hand.

Tramses: I appreciate the offer my lord, but I feel as though that I would be more than happy to stay on earth with the princess.


Osiris: Very well. Until you pass on to the next world then.


38. 5 The five gods rides off into the sky.


38. 6 camera now focuses on Kathena and Tramses.

Kathena: I don’t get it. Why did you have to give it up?

Tramses: Because?"


39. 1 Tramses kneels on his knee and Kathena begins to smile.

Tramses: Kathena, from the moment I first met you and we’ve gone through crazy adventures together, I knew it was love. You are my light, you’re my best friend, and I want to spend every waking moment with you. I mean sure, I may love going on adventures and fighting monsters, but you are my greatest adventure and a princess worth fighting monsters for. Princess Kathena of Egypt, will you marry me?


Kathena: (gasps) Oh my god?"


39. 2 The young princess looks back at her parents who are from a distance.

Memphis: It’s ok, Kathena. If you’re happy, I’m happy.


39. 3 Kathena hugs Tramses with a smile on her face.

Kathena: Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!


39. 4 Kathena and Tramses kisses each other on the lips with her arms rapped around his neck.


39. 5 The crowd cheers for the couple.

Memphis: Let the wedding ceremony begin!


Narrator: And so, the adventurous Princess Kathena made her decision to marry the mighty warrior Tramses. The people rejoiced, their kingdom is saved, and they all lived happily ever after.


Submitted: February 09, 2021

© Copyright 2021 travis archer. All rights reserved.

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