Of Pirates and Hawaiians

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

A young englishman has to travel to the Hawaiian islands to retrieve an amulet of the lost treasure, along the way, he was attacked by pirates, rescued by a princess, and was welcomed into her island.

Of Pirates and Hawaiians

By Travis Archer


The year was 1776 in London England. A 19-year-old young man named Roger Blake sits on a rock with a fishing pole as he tries to catch a fish. He was wearing a tricorn hat, a waistcoat, some breeches, and a ponytail. Suddenly, Blake catches something in the water.


“Woah!” Roger exclaimed as he tries to reel something in with his fishing pole until he finds a golden amulet with a blue crystal center, hanging on his hook. Roger was surprised by what he saw, “Would you look at that.”


Suddenly, he hears a horse walking and winning behind him. He looks up and sees his best friend, Benjamin Smith, riding on his horse. Benjamin was a bit overweighed but was very light on horses. He looks down towards roger down the slope and ask, “Hey, what did you find?”


“I guess its just some sort of lost amulet of some kind. But I have no idea what it is.”


“Maybe you should come over to my place so we can examine it.”


“Works for me.”


Roger grabs the amulet from the hook of the rod and rides behind Benjamin on his horse as they head into Benjamin’s house.


Inside of his house are pictures of vast ships and scientific gadgets and experiments all around them. The maps of the continents are pined on each wall. Benjamin looks into the amulet with a microscope to examine it while Roger is standing on the other side of the table.


“Oh boy.” Said Benjamin, “I think I know exactly what this is.”


“What? What is it?”


“It’s the amulet of the lost treasure. It’s supposed to be the possession of the savage natives of the pacific islands. And they believe that whoever wears it would have the power to hunt for every treasure in the universe faster than any man or beast on earth.”


“Faster than any man or beast on earth? How does that even make sense?”


“You notice how when we were young, I ate all of those ginger bred cookies out of the entire basket in one day?”


“That was because you were greedy?”


“No, its because I was hungry! Very, very hungry.”


“Uh-huh, and you ate the entire freakin’ house in one just week!”


“I didn’t remember doing that.”


“Oh yeah, then how do you explain that big fat turkey leg that you are eating?”


“I just need to have a moment, that’s all.” Benjamin continues to eat the large turkey leg. “Oh yeah! So good!”


Roger puts his hand on Benjamin’s wrist and said, “BENJAMIN! THE AMULET! FOCUS!”


“Focus, amulet, gotcha,” Benjamin responds as he swallows the piece of the turkey. “Anyway, the hunger that I once had for the cookies is the same hunger that someone will have for the worlds treasure if they ever wear this amulet. Or so the legend goes. All you got to do is to bring this thing back to where it belongs and make the natives hide the amulet in somewhere that no one can find it.”


“Well that shouldn’t be that hard.”


Roger and Benjamin heard a tiny bell ringing and peered through the window, seeing a man wearing a waistcoat and tricorn hat and riding on his horse with a bell in his hand shouting, “THE PIRATES ARE COMING! THE PIRATES ARE COMING! THE PIRATES ARE COMING!”


“PIRATES?!!” Roger exclaimed, “I can’t deal with any pirates! They’re like the gold-digging bandits of the ocean!”


“Don’t worry,” Benjamin responds, “We’ll make it pass the pirates the moment we even get to the Hawaiian Islands.” Benjamin looks up at a chart on the wall that shows the schedule of the boats departing. “And the boat that departs to the island leaves in exactly…4 o’clock in the afternoon.”


Roger looks into his pocket watch and gasps, “THAT’S IN FIVE MINUTES!”


Roger and Benjamin looked out the window and saw a large sailboat as the bell of the sailboat began to toll. The two men slowly looked at each other with worried expression on their faces.


Roger and Benjamin ride on their horses towards the sailboat as the bridge of the sailboat began to ceil in. The two young men began to rush faster and faster on their horses.


“So much for a little snack am I right, Blake?”


“I don’t care what your mom says, you’re going on a diet buddy!”


Benjamin laughs, “And you need to stop worrying so much.”


“Will you just focus on what we got to do here?!!!”


The two young men made their way to the boardwalk of the ship, jumped off of their horses, and ran towards the ship while Benjamin threw a bag of gold at a local sailor who works for Benjamin’s family and shouts, “Keep the change! Take care of our horses while we’re gone!”


As the ship takes off, the boys ran closer and closer until they both jumped right into the main deck of the ship. The giant sailboat took off and sailed outward into the ocean. 


“Hoist the mass sails!” one of the sailors shouted as the sailors released the giant sails on the ship.


Roger rubs his rear end while moaning in pain. “Welp that worked.” Said Benjamin, patting his shoulder. 


The ships captain, Mouphoy McGuffin walks towards the two boys who are sitting on the boat. He stands in front of them and said, “Ahoy lads, I be Captain Mouphoy McGuffin and welcome to the Mayflower Legacy.”


“Is this the boat that would takes us to the island?”


“Aye it is, fat one.”


Benjamin giggled, “He called me the fat one. Wait, what?”


“Captain,” said Roger while he and Benjamin stood up at the same time, “We would have to make sure that we would sail pass the pirates and to keep this amulet as far away from them as possible.” Roger shows McGuffin the amulet as the captain glares upon it with a greedy look on his face.


“Oh that’s lovely that is.” McGuffin whispers, “Perhaps I can hold on to the trinket until we reach the island.” 


“Uuuuh, okay.” Roger gives McGuffin the amulet and the captain puts into his pocket.


“Don’t worry lad, I’ll guard this trinket with me life and they’re aint no pirate out sea who would stop me.” McGuffin walks to the deck of the ship. 


“Psst, Ben,” Blake whispers, “Over here.” Benjamin and Roger walk over to the left side of the ship. “Have you noticed anything peculiar about him and the way he talks?”


“I don’t know,” Benjamin, answered, “He could be native to Ireland. Or Scotland. Why?”


“And did you see the way he looks at the amulet? I could have sworn that there’s something fishy about him.”


“Mmmm, fish and chips.” Benjamin slurped with his tongue moving around his upper lip. 




“Right-right, of course! So what do you suppose we do?”


The two boys heard the loud rumbles of thunder and saw the dark gray storm clouds coming toward their direction.


“I think we should get inside.”


Roger and Benjamin entered through the inside of the ship down the steps and walked through the hallway until he hears someone talking with a strange Irish-like accent. The two of them gasps with disturbance. Roger puts his index finger on his lips and says, “Sssh.”


The two boys leaned over to the wall and walked side ways towards the open door. They peaked over and saw a notorious band of Pirates gathered in one big circle with two tables on the left and right side.


“The pirates were here the whole time?!!” Roger whispered, “I don’t believe it!”


“Its plain and simple lads,” says one of the pirates, “we wear the amulet, use it to hunt the treasure in Hawaii, and steal everyone’s treasure from the world!!!” The pirates cheered and laughed sinisterly while raising their guns and swords, leaving Roger and Benjamin worried and petrified.


“Lets get out of here!”


Roger and Benjamin turned around and saw one of the pirates holding his sword toward them. The pirate smiled to them sinisterly and remarked, “Going somewhere?”


Roger punches the pirate in the face and steals the sward while the other pirates rushed out of the room with their weapons and approaches to both Roger and Benjamin. Benjamin steals a pistol from the pirate’s pocket and points it at the other pirates while Roger points the sword at the pirates. 


The boys walked backwards as the pirates walked closer and closer to them. One of the pirates strikes towards Roger until he fights him off with his sword and punches him in the face. The pirates rushes into the attack and two boys continues to swipe their swords and guns at them. Afterwards, they rush through the hallway while Benjamin shoots at them with his gun.


One of the pirates swooped in with the rope attached to the ceiling and knocked two boys over with his feet. The pirate kicked Roger in the face until he grabbed his other foot and tosses him into the wall. Benjamin shoots at the pirate twice in the face. Roger steals the gun from the other pirate’s pocket and runs through the hallway of the ship while he holds Benjamin by the arm.


While the sky starts to rain with the lightning storm crackling in the sky, the two boys escaped out of the inside of the ship, locked the door shut, and walked towards the captain while he is steering the steering wheel. 


“Captain McGuffin!” Roger exclaimed, “You’ve got to help us! Theirs a bunch of pirates chasing us!”


“Pirates, you say.” McGuffin remarks.


“Yes and there are a thousand of them trying to kill us,” Benjamin added.


McGuffin smiles deceivingly, “Let me ask you a few questions, boys. Do they have swords like this?” McGuffin turned his body, unsheathed his sword and points it at Roger and Benjamin. The two boys were startled.




“Or guns like this?” McGuffin brings his gun out of his pocket on his other hand and points it at the two boys while the gun clicks.




“Or beards like this?” The ship’s captain took off his fake white beard and revealed his realistic large black beard.





“Do they even talk like this?” McGuffin asked with a sinister tone of voice as reveals to be a notorious pirate captain named Gordon McBrugal.




“Oh for god sake, Benjamin!” Roger yelled, “Stop answering his stupid rhetorical questions! It’s Captain Gordon McBrugal!”


“That’s right, lad!” McBrugal remarks, “I be the most feared pirate of the seven seas and this trinket is mine to keep.”


“We’ll just see about that!”


McBrugal swipes his sword at the boys twice until Roger blocks it with his sword. Roger and McBrugal sword fights each other rapidly and violently while moving back and forth until Blake punches him in the eye, causing him to fall on the deck. While the head pirate is unconscious, Roger digs into his pocket, grabs the amulet and runs away with it.


A large pirate breaks the door open with his fist and all the other pirates’ charges towards the two boys with their weapons. Roger steals the sword from McBrugal’s hand, puts the tip of the blades of the two swords on the floor, and spins his lower body around while kicking all the pirates with his feet. Benjamin continues shooting the pirates with his gun.


 Captain McBrugal rises from the floor and continues to swipes his sword towards Roger while Blake fights him back with his sword. The two men swipes swords at each other while Benjamin punches and shoots the pirates with his gun. When the gun was out of bullets, Smith kicks the pirate in the jaw and steals his sword, swiping it towards the other pirates. 


Afterwards, Benjamin and Roger take two large barrels of water and throw it towards the pirates, pushing them into the wall of the ship.


Benjamin shouted “RUN!!” and the two boys ran towards the forecastle of the ship. McBrugal emerges off the barrel and shoots directly towards Roger until Benjamin grabs Roger and takes the bullet for him. “Roger, Look Out!”


The two boys fall on the floor of the ship with Benjamin’s waist bleeding out of his side, wounded and close to death.


Roger turns his head and shouts, “BEN!!!” He walks closer to Benjamin as his eyes starts to water. “But why did you-


“Don’t worry about me! Taking the amulet is more important now! Go to the island! Warn them about the pirates! And make sure they hide it so no one can find it! No one must ever find the amulet of the loss treasure!”


“But…Ben…What about you?”


“Its okay man, I had a good run. I won’t make it. I’ll slow you down. It’s been a great honor being your friend.” Roger hugged Benjamin and the pirates charged towards him. “Now Go! Hurry! Just leave me here! Save the island, Roger!”


Just when Roger was about to drag Benjamin up, the pirates continued charging at him with their weapons. Roger runs to the forecastle, grabs a rope from the sail, and swings himself all around the ship while the pirates are shooting at him. While swinging on the rope, Roger brings out his gun, shoots it directly at the pirates, and kicks them with his feet, knocking one pirate after the other. McBrugal shoots the rope that Roger is swinging on and the boy lands safely on a rowboat, hanging right next to the ship.


The pirates charges towards Roger until the boy brings out his dagger from his vest pocket, cuts the rope, and drops into the ocean on the rowboat. Roger grabs the oars on the boat and paddles towards the ocean while the pirates shoots at him with their guns. One of the pirates shouted, “RELEASE THE CANONS!!!”


While Roger paddles away from the giant sail ship, the pirates leans their canon towards him and shoots a bomb out into his left side. The pirates released a few more canons on the left and right side of the ship and fires all the bombs at Roger as he continues paddling. The giant waves tossed the rowboat as the pirate ship still chases him through the massive giant waves of the ocean. Roger rides the up the giant wave going upward and shoots at the sailboat with his gun as it still continues to chase him up and down the giant waves. 


 The pirates shoots another bomb out of the canon and hits directly at Roger on his sailboat, causing him to fall right into the ocean. The young man closed his eyes and moved slowly into the abyss of the ocean with the bubbles out of his mouth. But then, a mysterious feministic figure comes in and carries Roger away from the abyss and into the surface. 


Roger’s eyes are sealed shut. Seeing nothing but blackness and darkness until he hears a soft angelic singing voice. He thought that sound came from everywhere and nowhere, but really, the voice was singing right in front of him. The volume of her voice gets closer and closer to his face and the texture of her voice was very soft, sweet, and welcoming, like a beautiful feministic angel, singing to him from heaven. The song he hears is not in English but in another language. A language he has never heard or studied before. An unusual language, and she sings it very softly, clearly, and fluently in her native tongue.


The young Englishman slowly opens his eyes and sees a blurry vision of a female figure standing in front of the glowing sunlight until the blur reveals to be a beautiful gorgeously appealing teenage Hawaiian princess named Lolaka, smiling at him with flowers in her hair. Her body type was thin yet thick at the same time, her breasts were large by comparison to his face, and her face was beautifully designed as if she is a model. She gently touches Roger’s face as she continues the song.


 The princess was sitting on her knees and Roger was lying on the sand by the shore while the sun is shining. After the song ended, Roger becomes startled and screamed, “AAAH!!! SAVAGE! Please don’t hurt me!”


“Hurt you?” said Lolaka with a soft soothing voice and giggles innocently, “Why would I want to do that?”


“Wait? So you’re not going to attack me? Or are you?”


The Hawaiian princess giggles and laughs attractively, “Silly cute white man.”


Lolaka helps Roger up on his feet by gently pulling his arm up and brushing the sand off of his cloths. “Uh, thank you for…saving my life, I guess.”


“Oh you are absolutely welcome,” Lolaka kisses him on the cheek, “curtsy of the princess of Hawaii.”


“Wait? Did you just say, Hawaii?”




Roger turns his head and sees a tropical island filled with large palm trees, enormous grassy green mountains, exotic plant life, colorful flowers and peddles, colossal waterfalls, and a giant volcano in the background. Roger was in awe, “Sweet holy mother of god.” 


Lolaka puts a colorful and vibrant flower chain around his neck, touches his chest softly with her hand while leaning on him and responds, “I know, isn’t it beautiful?”


“Oh boy, its so much to take in. I need to sit down.”


 Lolaka laughs and giggles while he sits on the sand and the princess sits right next to him while touching his chest and leaning against his head. “So tell me…what name do they call you at birth, silly white man?”


“Roger. Roger Blake.”


“Roger Blake. Well that’s a very strange and silly, yet also a very cute name. Roger. Its sounds so bizarre, it’s adorable.”


“And what do they call you, strange native woman who I’ve never met?”


Lolaka laughs, “What a funny set of words for a cute little white man. I am princess Lolaka.” 


“Lolaka? Wow, your name is ten times more stranger than mine.”


The Hawaiian princess continues laughing, “Silly handsome white man.”


“Ok listen, you and you’re people are in grave danger.”


“Would you like to meet my people?”


“No, that’s not what I meant, I-


“Come, Roger Blake, you must see them now.”


Lolaka quickly grabs Roger by the hand and runs into the island. “No-no-no! Wait! Wait! You don’t understand! You guys are in grave danger! Wait!”


Roger and Lolaka runs through the jungle while Roger gets hit by the leaves, branches, and coconuts from the trees until they reach the Hawaiian village of Koai’e. The village has enormous huts made of straw hay surrounded by exotic bushes and tropical palm trees, large sailing canoes where the villagers paddles towards the shore, enormous Hawaiian statues and totem poles carved out of solid stone, grassy gardens and villagers walking individually with their vases, coconuts, and spears. 


The hula dancers are dancing with their skirts and leaves on their heads while the men are drumming. Most of the natives are digging through the grass with their sticks. And they are all wearing colorfully vibrant tribal cloths.


Roger stares at them in awe, “Oh good lord.”


Lolaka exclaims to the crowd, “People of Koai’e, I give you, our first visitor, Roger Blake!”


The villagers of Koai’e smiles at Roger, waves their hands up and say in unison, “ALOHA!”


“A whaaa?”


“Aloha,” Lolaka responds, “It means hello.”


“And what’s goodbye?”




“That also means goodbye?”

“Yes. Aloha means hello and goodbye.”


“Well, before I go, ‘Aloha’, as in goodbye, there’s something I must warn you. Something urgent.”


“Hey, Aloha little white dude!” said Lolaka’s brother, Mokii, walks up to Roger with his arms opened wide and he appears to be very big and very muscular. “Welcome to the Hawaiian Islands, the living paradise on earth. Keeping an eye on my little sister I see.”


“Well, yes…no…but…ugh, listen, I’m not for your sister, I’m here to worn you about-


“Yeah, she is quite the cutie on this one, especially when she’s into new comers like you.”


“No, your not listening to me, I’m here to-


Lolaka gasps, “My father is coming! You must see him!”


Lolaka grabs Roger by the arm and runs through the village, “Wait a minute! Wait a minute! You guys are not listening to me!!!” 


The princess rushes towards her father, Chief Chaka appearing out of the hut, wearing his crown and his cape and walking with his staff. Chief Chaka appears to be much bigger and muscular than his son, Mokii. The chief opens his arms and says, “Welina!”


Roger responds with a high squeaky voice, “Mommy.” 


Chief Chaka grabs Roger and squeezes him with his arms, giving him a big hug. “Welina, foreign traveler.”


“What does that even mean?” Roger asks while he is chocking.


“It means welcome.” Lolaka added.


 “Wow, I’m learning so much about your language all day.” Chief Chaka continues to squeeze Roger with his arms. “Uh, chief, could you put me down please?”


“Oh, sorry.” Chaka responds puts him down on the ground and pats him on the head.


“So you must the village chief, right.”


“Yes. I am chief Chaka, and welcome to the Koai’e village.”


“Oh finally, someone I can talk business with! Chief, I must discuss with you about the-


“Are you hungry, young one?”


“Wha-, no, I’m not! Anyways, I-


“Here, have some of our traditional ritual fruit feast.” 


Chaka shows Roger a large table of a thousand fruits from the island. The table is filled with seven pineapples, five bowls of mangos, six passion fruits, eight strawberry guavas, nine bananas, five bowls of strawberries, six bowls of avocados, and fifteen coconuts. Roger was in awe, “Holy crap! That’s all the fruits that Benjamin would eat in a day.”


“Come, sit.” Said Chief Chaka as he brings him to the seat of the table. 


“No-no-no, please, I’m famished. I don’t think I want any-


“Here,” said Lolaka, “have some of our delicious pineapples!”


“No thank you, I-


Lolaka shoves a piece of pineapple into his mouth. Roger swallows the pineapple and breaths.


“Try some of our mangos, little dude,” said Mokii as he shoves one of the mangos into Roger’s mouth and the Englishman swallows it.


“How about some of fresh passion fruits.” One of the natives said as he also shoved the passion fruit into his mouth.


“Some bananas!” One of the other natives said as she shoved the banana into his mouth.


Roger swallows all the food and said, “Okay, please, no more food, now can we talk-


“HULA TIME!” Chief Chaka shouted.


“Hula, what’s that?”


“Come on,” Lolaka exclaims, “I’ll show you.” The princess grabs Roger by the arm and pulls him up to the stage where all the hula dancers are. Lolaka takes the lead in the hula dance and Roger fallows along with her. The other hula dancers danced while the men are drumming.


“Uuh, okay. Now can we please talk about the-


“Now you must do the limbo contest!”


“Limbo what?!” The men drummed rapidly with an upbeat rhythm while all the Hawaiian natives are chanting, “How low can you go!” Some of the Hawaiian natives bends over their backs and walks below the stick with their heads up. Roger asks, “Is this really necessary?”


“Go on. Try it. You’ll like it.” 


Lolaka pushes Roger towards the lowering stick. Roger sighs out of remorse, bends his body against the ground without touching the stick, and walks forward with his back up straight while the crowd cheers for him and chants his name rapidly.


“Okay, got that taken care of. Now can we-


“Would you like to meet my pet whale and dolphin out at sea?”




“Wanna see my tattoos?” Mokii asked.




“Would you like to learn how to navigate?” asked one of the islanders.




“Catch some fish?” Said one of the natives.


“Build some huts?” said the second native.


“Go on a sailboat?” asked the third native.


“See some statues?” asked the fourth native.


“Own an Idle for good luck?” asked the fifth native.


Roger begins to shout, “STOP!!!!” All the native Hawaiians freezes as they finally catch his attention. “Please! No more rituals, no more food, no more activities! I’m not here for any of that! I’m here to warn you that you’re all in grave danger!”


“Danger?” asked Chief Chaka, “What type of danger is coming for us, Roger?”


“The danger that involves a band of pirates coming to this island, right now, as we speak!”


“Pirates?” said Lolaka with curiousity, “What are pirates?”


“You know, Pirates! The ones with the peg leg, eye patch, and sword and always say something like… ‘Arrg! Shiver me timbers! Yee must walk the plank!’ You know.”


The native Hawaiians looks at Roger in silence while the loud crickets are chirping.


“You’ve never seen them before have you.” Roger remarks sarcastically.


“Nope.” Lolaka answered


“Ah-ah.” Said the Hawaiian native.


“Never heard of them.” Said the chief.


“Not once ever.” Mokii responded.


“Wait, what’s a pirate again?” asked another Hawaiian native.


Roger sighs, “Look, the pirates are nothing like me, alright. They’re not nice, they’re not friendly, they’re not civilized-


“Do they like to make flower chains?” Lolaka asked.




The Hawaiian villagers begin to look worried and scared while they talk to each other indistinctively.




Roger brings out the amulet of the lost treasure from his vest pocket and shows it to the Hawaiians. The islanders gasp in both horror and shock. 


“How did you find that?” asked Chief Chaka.


“I found it by the river near the ocean back in own country in England. Why?”


“It shouldn’t belong here anymore.” Said Mokii.


“What? Why not? It’s your possession.”


“It’s a cursed possession!” Lolaka exclaimed.


Roger was in shock, “What? Cursed? Weren’t you guys supposed to hide it?”


“No, we were supposed to get rid of it!” Chief Chaka responds,“Although, we did hide it at one point but it didn’t work out the way we wanted to.”


“What do you mean?”


Lolakaw explains, “A long time ago, that amulet was invented by akua-akua, the god of greed as charitable gift to us. We once wore the amulet until we become greedy. We fought over the amulet for many moons, causing much unhappiness. The power from the amulet gives us a powerful urge to steal everyone’s possessions including gold, silver, and even the treasure itself that we berried a hundred years ago. So we tried to bury the amulet along with it. One of our villagers found the amulet near the treasure chest, wears it, and continues to steal everyone’s jewelry from the island until my father snatched the amulet, throws it into the ocean, and hope that it would never be seen again…until now.”


“So…this amulet puts you all in some sort of dark mind manipulation spell to steal everyone’s belongings.”


“Yes,” said Chief Chaka, “And there is one other option to dispose the cursed amulet.”


“What’s that?”


“You must throw it…to the top of Mauna Kea.” Chief Chaka points his staff to the enormously tall volcano of Mauna Kea. 


Roger stares at it in awe with his eyes wide open, “That long way up there?”


“Hey, we tried crushing it, throwing it, hiding it, and breaking it, but burning it seems to be our only solution.”


Roger sighs, “If this is what it takes to end this cursed nightmare, then so be it. Just as long as I can do it before the pirates will ever arrive.”


“Hey, don’t the pirates come in boats like that?” Lolaka asked as she points her finger at the pirate ship in the distance. 


The ship shoots the bombs out of the canons and the pirates that are on the ship are waving their swords in the air and fire their guns at the ocean. Captain McBrugal stands at the front part of the ship while looking through his telescope and makes an evil sinister laugh. The pirates hoist up a black flag with two crossbones and a skull on it.


Roger stares at them nervously, “Oh yes they do.” The young Englishman turns over to the Chaka. “Chief, you keep the pirates at bay while I bring this to the top of the volcano.”


“Will do.” said Chief Chaka as he turns over the Hawaiian guards, “WARRIORS! Prepare yourselves for battle!”


The Hawaiian warriors led out their war cry as they raise their spears, shields, and weapons and charges towards the pirate ship. One of the Hawaiian natives sounds the alarm by blowing a conch shell with his mouth on a tall steep hill.


The ship arrived towards the shore and the pirates swoop into the attack on their ropes with their weapons. Captain McBrugal jumps towards Chief Chaka and fights him off with his sword while Chaka fights him off with his staff. Mokii swings a vine and kicks all the pirates with his feet. When he lands on the ground, Mokii punches all the pirates that are coming in opposite directions with his large fists. The large pirate comes in and presses his hands towards Mokii’s hands as they try to push and shove each other. The pirates and Hawaiians collide to each other as they continued fighting with their weapons.


Meanwhile, Roger walks his way towards the jungle until Lolaka walks with him and said, “Its okay, I know a short cut.”




“Come on!” Lolaka grabs Roger’s arm and runs into the tropical jungle. McBrugal sees Roger running into the jungle and knocks Chaka over into the sand with his fist. He runs through the crowd and starts to run after Roger and Lolaka.


Lolaka runs rapidly through the bushes, trees, twigs, thickets, grasses, and exotic plants as she still holds Roger’s arm. Roger hits into a twig, a bush, a thorn bush, and another twig, and a few coconuts as Lolaka still pulls Roger’s arm while she runs. The two stopped in the middle of the jungle and see a long trail towards the volcano.


“Or maybe not.” Lolaka responds.


“Great!” Roger remarks sarcastically, “Now we got to take the long way to the volcano. I knew there was some sort of catch to these foreign paradises.”


“Not to worry, Roger Blake, I know a friend who can take us.”


“A friend?”


Lolaka whistles with her two fingers in her mouth. The bushes brushes each other recklessly and unpredictably until a large wild boar jumps out of the bushes and squeals with excitement as it runs towards Roger. Roger screams terrifyingly and the boar jumps on Roger on his belly, licking him repeatedly with its tongue.


“This is your friend? A boar?”


“Awww, he likes you!”


“Yeah but I think he likes me too much!” The boar continues to lick Roger’s face with its tongue. “Uh, could you tell him to get off of me please?” 

“Muuka, you can get off of him now.” Lolaka taps on the boar’s back and Muuka walks off of his body while squealing. Roger rises off the ground and brushes the dirt off of his vest and waistcoat.


“That’s the biggest pig I’ve ever seen.”


“I know right. I’ve adopted this cute little guy since I was a little girl.” Lolaka’s pet rose-ringed parakeet, Nikii, flies towards her and lands on her arm. “Oh, have you met my pet parakeet, Nikii?” She turns over to Nikii, “Say hi, how are you.”


Nikii offers him her talon and responds, “Raah! Hi how are you, Raah!” Roger shakes the parakeet’s talon slowly and awkwardly.


Roger responds, “Uuh, glad to meet you, Muuka, Nikii, strange names. Look, we gotta focus here.”


Lolaka turns over to her pet boar, “Muuka, can you give us a lift?” Muuka responds with a snort.


Roger and Lolaka climbs on Muuka’s back and the boar runs through the jungle towards the volcano while Nikii flies ahead, leading them through the trail. Captain McBrugal slices the grasses, trees, and bushes with his sword and clears his way to the middle of the jungle. The pirate sees Roger and Lolaka riding off on Muuka as they head north on the trail. McBrugal grunts angrily and runs after them. 


Muuka jumps over the bushes and runs on his four legs through the Hawaiian jungle with Roger and Lolaka on his back while following Nikii. The boar hops on the rock pathway on the river pathway and runs through the bushes, tall grasses, large leaves, and trees. While Roger and Lolaka are riding through the jungle, A flock of colorful butterflies flies from the peddles of the vibrant beautiful flowers and into the surface of the jungle. Roger looks at them in awe and said, “Wow.” A flock of colorful tropical birds of every species flies through the jungle and all the flowers of the jungle blooms and blossomed. The birds guided them through a large waterfall valley filled with large grassy meadows, hills, and waterfalls on each side with the largest waterfall in the middle. While in the valley, the Muuka slows himself down and lumbers through the flowers, “Woah, I never thought this island would look so… beautiful.” 


“Yeah,” Lolaka responds, “it really is beautiful isn’t it? Especially when it rains, too.”


“Yeah, I can believe it.”


“Roger, what are your goals in life? What would you like to do after all of this is over?”


“Well, ‘huh’, I would like to see my best buddy, Benjamin again, but he died yesterday during the attack on the ship.”


“Oh I’m very sorry about that. I hope he’s with the spirits.”


“Yeah, me too. He was a very funny and intelligent guy and he likes to eat a lot of food. I’m sure gonna miss him though. I would also like to… get outside my comfort zone, you know, explore the seven seas, sail to places I’ve never even been, get my own sailboat and maybe…just maybe, I would find someone love. But I guess that’s not possible.”


“I was once like that, a long time ago. I expected love to come, but then it didn’t. I wasn’t even into all the other men in my village cause they’re too macho, self-absorbed, and self-righteous. But you, your not self-absorbed, or self-righteous, or anything like that, because I can see that love to help people. And you’re very determined about it. That, to me, is attractive.”


“Well, ‘huh’, to put it that way, I can be a little geeky at times…”


Lolaka laughs softly and attractively, “Your not geeky at all. Just cute.” The Hawaiian princess kisses Roger on the side of his cheek, which causes him to blush with his cheeks turning red.


“Oh boy, I’m gonna be feeling that tomorrow.” Suddenly, the Englishman and the Hawaiian princess hears a series of gun shots from a distance and sees Captain McBrugal charging towards them on a giant black boar with red eyes. “Oh you gotta be kidding me!”


“Muuka, go faster!” Lolaka exclaims, as the boar runs through the flower garden and leaps through the waterfall and into the cave. Muuka slides down the slope of the cave and jumps through another waterfall on the other side. McBrugal continues to pursue them through the Hawaiian jungle. Muuka leaps towards the monoliths that lead him up to the volcano while McBrugal jumps off the black boar and swings a vine towards the boar as Roger, Lolaka, Muuka, and Nikii made their way to the edge of the volcano.


While the head pirate swings a vine, McBrugal kicks Roger off the boar and lands the ground. He unsheathes and swipes his sword towards Roger until Lolaka comes in and blocks his sword with her club. The Hawaiian princess swipes her club at McBrugal while the head pirates fights her off with his sword. McBrugal knocks her away with his foot and Roger unsheathes his dagger from his pocket swords fights McBrugal while he swipes his sword at him. The two men sword fights each other by the edge of the volcano until Captain McBrugal knocks Roger’s dagger away from his hand and punches him hard in the nose, causing him to fall on ground.


Lolaka rises from the ground and shouts at McBrugal, “HEY! NO ONE DOES THAT TO MY FRIEND!!!” Lolaka hits him in the gut and side kicks him to the ground. The princess raises her club, attempting hit him on the head until McBrugal blocks her club with his sword and pushes her away from him. The pirate rises from the ground and continues to fight her off with his sword while Lolaka hits at him with her club. McBrugal knocks the club away from her hand, grabs her by the wrist, pulls her over to his chest, and puts his sword against her throat. 


Roger rises from the ground, grabs his gun from his vest and points it towards the pirate. Once he clicks his gun, McBrugal exclaims, “Shoot me and her head will roll!” Roger freezes with hesitation while still holding his gun, looking worried and petrified. McBrugal laughs manically and sinisterly while still holding Lolaka by the wrist and walks slowly to the edge of the volcano. “How’s about you give me that trinket, boy.”


“What happens if I don’t?”


“Then you’re little friend here will have a nice permanent hot-boiling bath in the lava-pit.”


Lolaka gasps horrifyingly while McBrugal leans her over to the lava-pit. The Hawaiian princess shouted, “Don’t do it, Roger! It’s cursed! Throw it in the pit while you still have a chance!”


“What’s it going to be, lad? I won’t wait forever. And neither will the lava.”

The lava slowly and steadily begins to rise as it continues to boil and sizzle rapidly. Roger continues hesitating while he points his gun until he puts it down and brings out the amulet from his pocket. McBrugal smiles devilishly and Lolaka shouts, “Roger NO!”


Roger lends the amulet towards McBrugal until he says, “Nikii, Catch!” and throws it over to the parakeet, Nikii.


McBrugal responds, “What?” and Lolaka hits him on the nose with her elbows and punches him in the eye. Miuuka, the wild boar bites McBrugal on the leg, causing him to scream and toss the boar way from him with his foot. McBrugal reaches towards the parakeet and tries to grab the amulet away from her. Nikii throws the amulet towards Roger. The pirate raises his sword and charges towards the couple. Roger says to Lolaka, “Shall I have the honors?”


“Please.” Lolaka responds as she lends him his club and Roger knocks McBrugal in the head as he is almost about to fall into the lava pit. McBrugal swipes his sword towards Roger while the young man hits at him with the club and then throws the amulet to the edge of the volcano. 


McBrugal turns around, grabs the amulet and wears it around his neck, shouting, “YES!!! ITS MINE!! ALL MINE!!!” The pirate laughs sinisterly until he finds himself falling in the volcano and falling right into the lava pit. The lava continues to rise and the ground begins to shake. Lolaka grabs Roger by the shirt and pulls him over to Muuka’s back while he sits behind her.


“Come on!” said Lolaka, “Lets go!”


Muuka begins to run and slide down the slope of the edge of the volcano and leaps on the monoliths towards the jungle. While leaping up in the air, the volcano erupts with large smoke and hot boiling lava bursting out of the top. As they make their way through the jungle, the boar runs through the waterfall and heads into a cave. Afterwards, Roger and Lolaka ride out of the cave and through the waterfall. Muuka rushes through the flower garden while the lava chases them. 


Meanwhile by the shore, the Hawaiian warriors continue to fight off the pirates until Mokii and Chaka hears Roger’s voice in the distance. Roger shouts, “CHIEF! MOKII! The lava is coming down! We need to block the jungle with some stones!” Roger and Lolaka ride out of the jungle and into the village.


“Are you sure that would work?” Mokii asks.


“Just do it!” Lolaka responds.


The pirates and Hawaiians see the large volcano erupting and shooting meteor showers from the top. While the pirates retreat in fear, Chief Chaka orders his men to grab every piece of stone from the village and build a large wall against the lava. He also orders the islanders from the mountain to dump the large bucket of water into the lava. When the lava pushes itself against the large stonewall, the lava stops spreading and turns into stone. When the volcano stops erupting, the Hawaiian villagers cheered and the pirates retreat back to their ship. Lolaka kisses Roger on the cheek and gives him a hug.


“Okay, got that taken care of.” Said Roger, “Now we’ll just think of a way to keep those pirates away from this i-


Lolaka whistles with her fingers in her mouth and a giant blue whale rises out of the water, flying in the air and dives towards the pirate ship, leaving all the pirates out of the ship and into the water. Another whale jumps out of the water and destroys the other half of the ship. While the pirates swim away in fear, a pack of great white sharks chases them and eats them alive.


“Okay, lets go with that.” Suddenly, one of the pirates comes in and swipes his sword toward Roger until mysterious stranger in a pirate outfit punches the pirate hard on the face and knocks him into the water. “Wait, what?” The stranger takes off of his disguise and revealed himself to be Benjamin Smith, smiling at him. Roger looks surprised and excited, “BEN!!!” Roger gives Benjamin a hug, “Its so good to see you!!”


“Its so good to see you too, Roger!” Benjamin responds, “Did you do it? Did you hide the amulet?”


“Nah, we threw it in the lava pit, turns out it was cursed.”


“Oh good. I knew that thing was cursed from the moment I first saw it.”


“Wait! You knew it was cursed! And you never mentioned it to me?!”


“Look I was only assuming that it was cursed, its okay now. It’s gone. Oh and who’s your new friend?”


“Benjamin, this is Princess Lolaka. Princess Lolaka, Benjamin.” 


“Please to meet your aquaintence, your majesty.”


“The pleasure’s all mine.” Lolaka responds.

Benjamin moans and groans as he holds on the bleeding wound on his side. “Still wounded from the gunshot.”


“Good thing you survived,” said Roger, “cause it looks bad.” 


“Not to worry, Roger,” Lolaka replied, “I know someone who can help him with that.” The princess turns over to her cousin in the village, “Alikii!!” Her cousin, Alikii comes in and gently picks Benjamin up from the ground. “Could you heal his wound for me?”


Alikii looks at Benjamin with a romantic look on her face and said softly, “The pleasure will be all mine.”


Benjamin looks at her awkwardly and said, “Uuh, Roger, what’s going on?”


“I learn to just roll with it.” Roger answers and Alikii takes Benjamin to the village.


“And Roger,” said Lolaka, “Since you saved our village, I have a surprise for you.”


“A surprise?”


“Look behind you.” Roger turns around and gasps with surprise as he sees the Hawaiian villagers pushing a giant sail canoe into the shore. “Your very own sailboat.”


“Oh my god! That’s the biggest sailboat I’ve ever seen!”


“I know right! It’s built up to 90 to 100 cubits and it even has a very fast pull string. Do you like it?”


“Nah, I don’t like it.”




“I love it!” Roger happily takes Lolaka by the hips and holds her up in the air while spinning around. “I could kiss you right now!” Roger pauses and gently puts her down. “I mean, only if you want to, besides if you’re not interested then…” Lolaka kisses softly him on the cheek.


“I’m more than interested,” Lolaka replies, smiling at him lovingly and touches him on his chest. Roger and Lolaka kisses each other on the lips and slowly tongue-kisses each other in the mouth. 


The villagers rejoiced and after the two stops kissing, Mokii pats Roger on the back and says, “Ayyy, good job little white dude!” 


Roger responds, “Uh, thanks…Mokii.”


“Would you like to give the canoe a little spin?” Lolaka asks.


“Eh, I would. But that is, if you would like to go with me.”


Lolaka gasps with excitement until Chief chaka comes in with hands crossed and said, “I’m not so sure if I approve.”


“Please, daddy!” Lolaka pleads, “It’ll only be a few days.”


“Hmm…. make sure you bring her back by three moons.”


Lolaka gives her father a hug and says, “Thank you daddy.”


Roger climbs on the canoe and lends his hand towards Lolaka. Lolaka grabs his had and gets pulled up on the canoe. The princess whistles with her fingers in her mouth and Muuka the boar and Nikii the parakeet heads towards the canoe and jumps on board.


“Do they have to come too?”


“Well, why not? The more the merrier.”


“Well, in that case, Benjamin, are you coming?”


Benjamin sits on a layback chair made of straw and sips on milk from a coconut while Alikii and the other Hawaiian girl waves their leaves for him on both sides. While sitting, he says, “You guys go on ahead, I can get used to this.”


Roger looks at Lolaka in the eye and said, “Shall we be on our way then?”


“Please.” Lolaka responds.


“Next stop, London, England!” Roger pulls down the rope and releases the giant sail. The Hawaiian soldiers pushed the canoe into the water and the sail canoe takes off into the ocean. The Hawaiian natives wave their hands goodbye to both the young Englishman and the princess. The dolphins rise and dive into the ocean. Roger and Lolaka hold each other by their waists and rest on each other’s heads as they sail into the sunset.

Submitted: February 10, 2021

© Copyright 2021 travis archer. All rights reserved.

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