Forgotten- A WoF Fanfic

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Washed Ashore

  She didn't believe it when she heard the voices in her head. Dahlia, wake up. Dahlia, remember. All those... Read Chapter


It was a 3 day journey, with nothing but the voices in the crystal to guide her, but she finally made it to possibility. She wasn't used ... Read Chapter

Dream or reality?

Dahlia was fast asleep. Cobalt decided it was best if they rested before entering the rainforest. She dreamt of her family, locked i... Read Chapter

When the world turned upside down

Cobalt was on his way to pantala. Once a month, the Pyrrhian queens chose one of the council's animi to visit pantala for a weeklong peac... Read Chapter

Locked Away

Sakura paced the room? cage? prison? that she was trapped in. Hopefully Dahlia was on her way to free her. She was sure she'd go mad if... Read Chapter

A friend turned enemy

  It rained for weeks after Junix died. Horntail personally felt responsible. He'd sent a messenger saying he had... Read Chapter

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