Crown Of Shame

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Writing and Reviewing!

A children story (I need feedback please) on selfishness.

Mrs. Reynold's Classroom:

  The children all were clamoring around and looking for their seats, while their lovely and kind teacher, Mrs. Reynold, was getting the tests ready for the morning. Everyone took their seats and continued chattering away.

"Class, class... Calm down. Now my wonderful first graders, we will be taking a test-" Everyone groaned. "On spelling. A spelling test. I will say each word and in the blanks, you must fill them out." 

"But spelling tests aren't supposed to be until third grade!" Shelly protested.  

"Well, I suppose you can just get a head start." Everyone filed to the front of the room afterwards. They each grabbed a paper and wrote their names. Each word was called and all of the students wrote their answers. 

The Afternoon:

"Ok everyone! Recess time!" Mrs. Reynold called out. Each student ran out the door quickly, hoping to get a good place to play. 

"Hey Penelope! Look at MY crown!" Shelly bragged.

"Pretty." Penelope said.

"I HAVE ONE and you DON'T!" Shelly yelled.

"Hey..." Penelope replied.

The Next Day:

"Hey Shelly, I have a crown too!" Penelope said.

"Mine's prettier and I'm not sharing!" She stuck her tongue out.

"Okie Dokity! But that's not very nicee..."

  Penelope passed her crown around to the class, and everyone tried it on, taking turns wearing it for about ten minutes. Shelly sat there, her face beet red with anger. 

"NO!! NO, NO, NOOOOOO!!!!! I'M SUPPOSED TO BE FANCY! I'M SUPPOSED TO HAVE ALL THE FRIENDSSS!!!!!!" She screamed... Which got her sent to the office. While she was still wearing the crown of shame...

The End!



Submitted: February 10, 2021

© Copyright 2021 dreamcatcher10. All rights reserved.

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This is a cute short story with an important lesson. But I think that you should write about selfishness and sharing somewhere, maybe the principle talking to her, and maybe her nice teacher, or even a friend!
I really loved this story and it has a great moral, just for children the lessons have to be written straight out.

Wed, February 10th, 2021 4:28pm

Alizzia Ward

She got to the office.. And it made me a bit curious about what will happen.. I know it's the end, right? (I don't mean to offend)

Thu, February 11th, 2021 11:35am


I like to make it so YOU (or the reader, whoever is reading) can decide what happens. I feel like it leaves something undecided so you can pick and choose. I know I always enjoyed stories like that, so I thought I'd try it! (it's ok)

Thu, February 11th, 2021 6:19am

Francesca Battersea

I really like this, specially the last part!

Mon, February 15th, 2021 8:38am


Thanks, I hope you really did enjoy! :)

Mon, February 15th, 2021 6:45am

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