Sea Of Treasure

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

In a world were ships sail the seven seas and pirates pillage the lands. Follow Hunter Bullock as he tries avenge his captain and take down the Republic. On his way he must stop James Hocken, Captain of The Sea Raid, from taking over the parallel Earth. Can Hunter and the crew of The Devil's Last Ride prevail? Or will they crumble under the pressure?

Table of Contents


The rain was pouring down. Fog was blinding every captains view from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Thunder was rumbling down with purpose ... Read Chapter

The Code Of The Pirates

It was 1557 and pirates ran wild. However they were not loved. In fact, if a pirate is seen they are put to death immediately. ... Read Chapter

Lungston Isle and The Cheetah

Lungston Isle. The home of the pirate. Hunter needed to go back to get more crew. He needed to do whatever it took to get revenge for the... Read Chapter

The Conqueror

The rowboat was almost broken. John Satio and Killian Brown were still in shock from what happened to their ship. Water was flooding ever... Read Chapter

The Evermap and The Recklen

The Evermap. The most sought after treasure in the realm. It held the answer to anything you could possibly ask. It held the answer to th... Read Chapter

The Republic

The Republic raced through the trees trying to get to The Devil's Last Ride before it left. They fought hard. Even killed the captain. Bu... Read Chapter

The Cursed Water

Captain James Hocken was on a mission. He needed to find The Evermap so he could get to The Under and kill The Devil himslef.  H... Read Chapter

The Legion Of Pirates

Hunter had been sailing for 35mhours straight now. He was  building his ship armada. He needed to have enough man power, ship power ... Read Chapter

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Lord Cerino's mission was to find The Evermap at Queen Adarilla's secret hideout. He was going to use the map to find Lungston Isle and k... Read Chapter

It Was A Pleasure To Burn

Thump Thump John Satio and Killian Brown could hear the boots of James Hocken bumping down the stairs of the deck. They knew he... Read Chapter

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