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No, the title is not a joke. That is how moronic things have become.


For those of you who follow me regularly, or even occasionally, you can tell right away from the title this isn't the usual kind of piece I share. But sometimes when stupid gets so stupid you just have to respond.


Not a Joke

In case you are wondering, no, the title is not a joke. Some brain dead liberals have stooped to labeling Superbowl champion, Tom Brady, a “racist” because he has led his teammates “to win seven Superbowls in the month of February which happens to be Black History Month.”**


This is yet another example of the insanity of the left – it has no limits. You would think it would be impossible to get any dumber than this, but keep your eyes open because I assure you it will. According to the evidence, it appears these morons are angry because Brady “stole” the Superbowl from a black man.


This is literally one of the stupidest things I have ever heard. Here's a sampling of what I'm talking about from some of the liberal twits on Twitter:



Tom Brady beating a black QB during black history month just feels racist” - Zaib (@Zaib_12), February 8, 2021.


tom brady racist ass stole the win from a black man!!! during black history month!!!!” - yifan//court (@loeygim), February 8, 2021.


Hmmmmm just thinking about how Tom Brady has gotten all his rings during black history month. Sum to think about seems very racist to me” - matthew (@swagdickmatt), February 8, 2021.


Something about Tom Brady winning the Superbowl during black history month feels racist” - – Josh Mitchell (@Oh_My_Josh69), February 8, 2021.


There's something racist about tom brady...a white man...winning the superbowl every year during BLACK HISTORY MONTH” - jam (@jamrantz), February 8, 2021.


Tom Brady winning the Superbowl during black history month kinda racist” - jenks (@aidencentral), February 8, 2021.


Tom Brady surpassed Michael Jordan in number of championships during Black History Month. I dc that's gotta be racist. - Derrick (Lamar Better Than Mahomes)” - (@DJGreatness 2020), February 8, 2021.


Aint no way Tom Brady winning 7 Superbowls during black history month aint racist” - washington capitels (@Kekadex), February 8, 2021.



Complete garbage. Talk about conspiracy theories. I'm having trouble finding the words to express how absolutely foolish this is! It is becoming clearer with each passing day that whatever brain they have left is either numb or wasting away, or both.




*Adapted from “Black Lives Matter Call Tom Brady “Racist” For Winning Superbowls During Black History Month” by Jeff Maples on (Those familiar with this resource and are having doubts regarding credibility, be assured I personally researched and verified the information contained in my article)



Submitted: February 11, 2021

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