Conversations of a Reluctant Soul

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

These are a collection of sayings.

Envy is a malicious demon residing in the heart.

Patience, do not be a cruel master.

Angst: you are real and yet you don’t know how it plagues the heart.

Occupy the given circumstances into an oasis of talent.

Solitude is the river of life.

Life can test you with endurance to know whether you are made up of steel.

The heart can cry without tears.

Passion is an intelligent mind with a beautiful soul.

Gossip makes the soul a prison.

When life tests you, give it back your very best.

Whatever you do: do it with love.

The cross that endured pain and suffering, has made it possible a bliss of life in eternity.

When the mind is in doubt, test your conscience to see whether your intention is right.

When the soul is burdened: negate it with an optimism of thought.

Spend time with nature; watch the flowers bloom; hear with passion the rhythm of the falling rain; hear the groan of rolling thunder; watch the lilies of the field. All of it is a monumental experience for the soul.

You should love your neighbor by celebrating his or her achievements and forgiving his shortcomings.

When thinking within a system, you are bound to a box.

Allow the muse of poetry to become a flower of life.

Weigh the intentions of the mind on a scale of goodness.

The mind is forensic in analysis, but the heart is filled with emotions and passions.

Don’t let anyone bruise your soul.

Time will heal the wounds of the heart.

Write down the desires of your heart and send it to the Universe for fulfillment.

Angst, you demon; I have experienced you many times, but I always challenge you with the spring of optimism.

Rejection is the greatest curse of character.

Happiness is found within the heart.

Sartre, you are a wounded psyche of angst.

Sorrows of life strengthen your character.

Poetry on the bed is done with the heart of love.

Don’t let the sorrows of your heart, steal the optimism of hope.

True Wisdom lies in mastering what experience has taught you.

A wounded soul and a woeful heart are a palliative that heals with the passage of time.

Let dreams manifest into a reality of optimism.

Live out the life you want to live.

Life is a melody of songs.

Dear Lord God Yahweh, give me a heart to love, a heart to forget, a heart to forgive, and a heart to persevere.

Remorse lies in a wounded soul.

The meaning of life is passion and celebration.

Fortune, open your lips and smile at me today and always.

 The meaning of life lies in the heart of desire.

If you have thought to fulfill your desires, they will be yours.

Erotica, you are a pen that penetrates an orifice in joyful melody.

Hope and Faith makes life a joyful meaning.

It is love to surrender to your passions.

Discernment is the beginning of wisdom.

The finale of life is a joyful beginning and a nostalgic ending.

Trust your instincts: they are the guardian of the heart.

Enrich your heart with joyful meaning.

Take time to talk to your soul.

If you are alright: I am also alright with you.

Watching the sunrise and the sunset and the full moon—all these are the paintings of an artist’s soul.

The gloom that pervades the heart is a dark carpet of dull illumination.

A person, glad with his heart, has a beautiful soul.

Irony is the wit of sarcasm.

Pursue your dream, no matter what the obstacles are.

My body is leaving a text called life.

Angst is curfew that plumbs the soul into a depth of sorrow.

Confidence is the best medicine when facing obstacles.

The journey of life defines the soul in a furnace of fire.

 All things can be achieved if you cross the bridge of belief and faith.

The body lives in a soul of feeling.

Woe and despair make a rock of character.

Patience is the key to success.

A brave soul, a stoic mind and a peaceful heart makes possible the best outcome of life.

Submitted: February 11, 2021

© Copyright 2021 enigmati. All rights reserved.

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