Paradigm Shift

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Just read . . .

The CGI green screens and coined 'bullet time' wasn't, for me, the crowning glory of The Matrix. I preferred the 'subtext' or very Nietzschean: how to self-actualize against all odds . . . even if a chain-smoking Oracle tells you straight to your face that ". . . sorry, kiddo, you got the gift but you ain't The One." - Or words to that effect. The 'spiked' cookie in the scene - albeit a little of the Oracle's own software - was the circumference of Neo's plight.


Nietzsche's Beyond-Man can be realized - cognized in the sense that 'progress' or intellectual materialism is completely outward-looking. Matter and sense - as a consequence - have been made 'concrete' by the drawing-board. All we really get, alas, is a chunkier data-base of information - pumped up to the max. Intel Corp ads with their Play-That-Funky-Thing technicians were an entertaining 'externalization' of Silicon Valley's off limits industry. In a dance of aesthetics, the lay-public and 'component synergy' came together to enjoy a tribal beat.


There's a 'surge' or 'energy' unseen by the naked eye. It's swift because it doesn't personalize. You could say it's the 'ethereality' behind the senses and all matter interpreted by the brain. A much degraded or 'gross' version of this can be illustrated by the sometimes 'cogged in' jigsawing of digital TV viewing. Scientists would call it the 'machine code phenomenon' but these 'glitches' are a momentary glimpse of the crystalline splendour of the indivisible.


Seeing beyond the 'product' is a hard-hitting inquiry for anyone. But it can present something 'experiential' or transcending mere subject matter. It's there to be tapped - divined.


When asked what his 'vision' was, owner of Diesel Jeans, Renzzo Rosso, had this to say: "We don't sell a product, we sell a style of life." And Swatch is not, you'd imagine, anything to do with watches: it's about the idea of time. Eclipsing itself in this respect, was the controversial billboard campaign of United Colours of Benetton. In the end, it was never really about the success of the Benetton label or range of clothing. Something entirely more 'transcendental' had created a mythology - a free-standing 'meaning' all of its own. MTV metamorphosed - eclipsing the music videos themselves.


I've come to realize it's not so much what your story says - but the fact you say it. And say it without compromise. You may have to cop some intellectual bashing - all very normal when putting aside the mindset of a writer and seeing yourself more as a 'meaning broker.' Welcome, also, the 'meme shamans' who get the readers to do all the work. Outsource the effort. Signature. Branding - go forth and multiply! It's all about 'spinning a vibe' with absolutely no content getting in the way. The psyche drinks up more than the rational mind can handle. Cut out the middle man and you have yourself a winning formula.


The 'mood-mining' venture is a bridge for 'the craft' to stay afloat and compete with the times. The kids these days are mirrors of the world-condition. And the PowerPoint/tablet relationship the teacher and pupil now belong to, is an outwardly-educated curriculum serving that focus. Attention spans are almost non-existent. Try finding one able to read five pages of a book or story. Paper? Um - what the hell is that? Kids of the not-so-distant future aren't going to 'read' in the conventional sense. The 'vibe' of what's currently trending holds more mystique. Plus much of their progressive language is now meme-oriented. Literature has to 'resonate' - the linear now has to encompass something of the ineffable.

Submitted: February 11, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Jobe Rubens. All rights reserved.

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I take Nietzsche, in a phrase, to advocate 'being all you can be.' And Hegel to remind us that this is a social, not purely individual accomplishment. There is so much that is shallow and self-serving in contemporary culture - when was it ever different? - but I'm in favour of going with the programme and running with it regardless.

Thu, February 11th, 2021 10:05pm

Sharief Hendricks

The machines are alive and well and it is all around us yet we are blind to it...
The future will not be as we think because it is already virtual...
Welcome to the desert of the real...

Well penned Jobe !

Fri, February 12th, 2021 9:15am

Serge Wlodarski

Welcome to the age of the new flesh.

Fri, February 12th, 2021 9:49am

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