A Year Gone By

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To think, so many things, wondering, what matters, and what doesn’t… is it all in vain, all this pain, that I am feeling, from so many memories.

Guess the biggest fault is giving up, on what you believe is right, and doing what’s wrong.

Becoming a monster, for the sake of love, never did I think that I would be the one to curse it all with my name.

Wondering, if we can do such terrible things for love, is it really the best thing in the world.

Brings me to my knees, to face what’s become of me.

And now that I got a sick grin, smiling from ear to ear, choking back every tear.

Fearing I will loose my mind if I let it bleed.

All of this regret, of trying to do what’s right, it was a losing fight, and so my head bends in shame, to dirty up another name.

With no lesson to learn, what is it we earn.

From the beast you must kill for a feast.

The plants we must eat, just to run out of breath, to keep us warm, shield us from harm.

It is said we grow from pain, so I must be a tower by now, hoping not to be the one of Babylon.

With wishes to be beautiful, not just by skin and bone, but from within, if only they knew my sin… where do I begin.

Will they ever let me in, and if they do, am I even worth a grain of pain.

In a different light, changing colors, reflecting my skin, my so called sin.

Yet I did it all with love.

Is it the masses, who preach for nothing, teach us something, to be rewritten, in a different time, to say it is all wrong again.

Bend my knee to a pledge, in a prayer, in something I believe in.

To become again, the being I was to begin with.

Forgetting the teachings, and all this preaching, for a simple life, give up the strife, it takes to tell when someone lies.

How can we know the truth, when we hardly remember our youth.

People are not open books.

Submitted: February 11, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Vox Semper. All rights reserved.

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