A Chance Encounter

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A chance encounter in a department store.

After me and my last girlfriend had broken up I hadn’t been looking for someone to replace, just a dress for an upcoming party when I saw her. She was older then me, but I never worried about age only if they were open to the love of another woman. I watched her look at dress after dress as I slowly made my way towards her, not really looking at the things that I touched. The silky and satiny material did fan the flames of my desires.

It didn’t take me long to get near her and I breathed in her scent. The smell of a flowery perfume overlaying the soft subtle aroma of soap. I reached out slowly my fingers quivering with desire as I gently ran my nails up the back of her thigh to the hem of her short skirt.

She spun around and like a deer caught in the headlights of an onrushing car I was frozen. I was sure she was going to yell or slap me, but then she smiled and I felt my lips open partially as I smiled back. She was older then I thought but still very much beautiful, the wrinkles around her eyes and at the corner of her mouth just add to her natural beauty.

“I was thinking of buying this, but I need a second opinion.”

She held a short black dress up, but I could barely pull my eyes away from her face.

“There is a fitting room over here. You can try it on,” I told her as I took her free hand and lead her across the store.

I pulled her into the changing room and pushed her against the wall as I kicked the door shut. Her lips tasted sweet and her hair had a lavender scent to it. She didn’t resist as my hands slid down her sides and slowly pulled her skirt up. I broke off the kiss and dropped to my knees.

I smiled as I leaned in and gentle kissed her again. “You are naughty not wearing panties.”

She smiled then gasped as I kissed her again slipping my tongue into her. She tasted so sweet and juicy. She thrust her hips forward as I continue to kiss her softly and her moan echoed in the small space.

I could tell she was growing more excited as I continued and I didn’t want to stop. She ran her fingers through my hair so softly. The feel of her soft skin under my fingers and the taste of her juices drove me crazy. I wanted her to enjoy the pleasure I was working so hard to give her and her scream as she finally released told me I had done it.

The knock on the door caused me to sit back on my heels.

“Are you ok in there Miss?”

I gasped for breath to answer and barely managed. “Yes.”

“Ok,” came back the reply in a deep masculine voice and I looked up seeing her blushing and cover her mouth.

I stood up picking up the dress she was looking at where it had fallen. “Come with me.”

“I’m married.”

“I’ll return you to your husband in time, if you want to go.”

I didn’t wait to see if she followed, I stopped to get the same dress in my size before walking to the registers. I never looked back even as I paid for both dresses. I walked out of the store and felt her following me slowly and I smiled. She was hesitant, but she was hooked she would come home with me, for a while at least.

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Danni Lee

Another beautiful story. I love your work Gypsy Rose. Thank you so much for sharing your love.

Thu, February 18th, 2021 11:28am


Thank you, Danni

Sat, February 20th, 2021 5:37am

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