Cross Town Commute

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Dysfunctional Poetry

The beginning of any winter day


Cross Town Commute


Plunging forward

Thru the fog and the darkness

Toward those tasks

Which define my being

Daybreak crouching just beyond the horizon

Across McCullough Bridge

Above the scenic bay

I’m not seeing

Emerging from the mist

A welcome in blood red neon

Down deserted streets

To meet my purpose and pay

Thru North Bend, Coos Bay and Empire

Stopping only

To grab a coffee

Along the way 

This is the journey

I take to meet my money maker 

This morning ritual

I’ll enact time and again 

There is no pot ‘o gold

At the end of my rainbow 

Only a lifetime

Of toil and pain



11 feb 2021






Submitted: February 12, 2021

© Copyright 2021 ShadyBrady. All rights reserved.

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