The Mysteries of Magic and Science; The Chase for the Lost

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A group of kids discovers a secret that could change their vision of the world and life. Next thing they know they chose to go on an adventure unhesitatingly to learn more. What is awaiting for them to see and uncover?

Word Count: 75500
Genre: Fantasy
?*: ?. Author.?.: *?: Ameera Ahmed.

(this might soon be a series)

Table of Contents


  The universe is a huge place. You don’t know what will happen out there. Let alone be certain of what is out there. Not even... Read Chapter

The Beginning to a New Life

The school bell rang the last time for the year in Yoltentown, a small village, and all the students went out of the school with a skip i... Read Chapter

Passing the Fence

The girls arrived at Kayla’s place straight at ten. They had fun like they always do. Alex may have come by foot but she was the first ... Read Chapter

A Deal is a Deal

The girls turned around fearing that a relative or friend of the monster banging on the door has come to eat them alive. But as they turn... Read Chapter

The Discovery within its History

The hours went by and soon it was morning. The girls had breakfast and got ready (each telling their family totally different reasons) an... Read Chapter

The Incident

Erica fell with a thud on grass. As she got back to her senses, Erica felt her weight becoming lighter. She was fine now and now it was t... Read Chapter

Falling Down for a License

The scientist started laughing. “oh no, no, I'm sorry, I didn’t think you will know what that mean,” Dr. John said. “you guys are... Read Chapter

Getting Things Close to Natural

They walked through the portal and fell on top of each other in the old house, feeling like they weighted an extra ton. “I sure I t... Read Chapter

Start of Secret Exposing

Her little sister, holding her teddy bear, was staring at her, mouth wide open. Ella saw everything that happened. Bella had carelessly l... Read Chapter

First Invitation

The girls walked up to the sink. They examined it from a distance as the watch started vibrating more and louder each second. It sta... Read Chapter

More Education for All

“what the heck is that freakish thing?” Nick yelped. The boys had been outside peeking through the window and almost fainted when the... Read Chapter

A Relative Forgotten

Kayla yanked her head to see that her grandmother was sitting on her armchair. Her face wrinkled as it had a pleasant smile, like as if K... Read Chapter

Sneaking Out for a Reason

“shh! If we are caught we might go to jail!” Jack whispered, tiptoeing to the fence. It was night and they all were wearing black so ... Read Chapter

Trouble Makers Luck

“how do we get in?” Jack asked. They were right outside the front porch and the boys thought they were ready to break into an old... Read Chapter

Days of Studies Worth

The girls spent last two weeks reading the couple books that Dr. John gave them to learn from. Nights of staying awake reading encycloped... Read Chapter

A Great Story and a Favor

“but what did you say?” Bella asked. “you said that we will be learning about another place after we finish reading the books a... Read Chapter

First stop to a Body of Water

The girls had a good sleep. Alex woke up on the ground, not remembering anything that happened when she hit the sack. The only thing she ... Read Chapter

Night of Meeting for Plot

Night came and the girls fell asleep and an unknown presence visited each of them. Its last visit was to Erica, and it put the tiniest tr... Read Chapter

A Thing More than a Creature

The girls woke up, all refreshed and not knowing anything that happened last night. Kayla went for breakfast and then left for the old ho... Read Chapter

Soul Aching

Nick woke up late in the morning. He jumped off his bed, and looked out the window in his room to hear a door shutting. He lives close to... Read Chapter

Stealing to Save the Young

The sun came and it was morning. Kayla woke up yawning and jumped of her bed to start her day. She had breakfast with her family and excu... Read Chapter

Friendly but Tortured

Dark clouds came on the sky. It was morning and there was little light from the sun hiding behind the clouds. Rain fell from the clouds a... Read Chapter

New Arrangements, Sudden Fear

“we only have seconds before Bella and Kayla gets hurt,” Erica cried. With one hard tug, Alex pulled the Trilage and now only one too... Read Chapter

Cure Intended

It was dawn and the first ray of sunlight covered the sky. Jack, Charlie and Andrew sped to Nick’s house on foot, ready to knock d... Read Chapter

Waking from Hibernation

Andy came down the stairs. Andrew’s new confidence was gone after seeing Andy from such a close distance. “who is that?” Andy a... Read Chapter

Flow of Blood

Nick and Dr. John jumped out from the portal. It was Nick’s first time going through a portal, and immediately fell on the hard ground.... Read Chapter

Waiting with Patience

Kayla came out of the shower, all clean wearing her dried clothes. Not much of a surprise, the house had a fully functioning bathroom tha... Read Chapter

Changes in Life

Nick opened his eyes waking up in a sudden remembering everything that had happen in a flash. He felt so comfortable he wondered how it w... Read Chapter

Lake of Niden

“there are now four more extra kids to deal with,” Jill informed, combing her brown hair with her fingers. They were at the forest un... Read Chapter

Oddness in the Cold

“okay, why is he not here?” Andrew asked. He was more worried than before. They were still in the house waiting for Nick, and made fr... Read Chapter

To an End

“no way,” Erica gasped. “that’s the Gonpliat!” they all went behind a box big enough to cover them. “this didn't take muc... Read Chapter

The Real Beginning is Coming

Jack went in the glass dome through an iron door. It was the only way in and out of the dome, and Dr. John just installed it. Arrow was s... Read Chapter

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