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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

You were running up the stairs, sweating in fear, your heart beating harder than it ever did. You knew your room would be the safest place for now from what is coming for you, so you ran into your room and you locked the door. You can hear it running up the stairs, its tail bouncing on the stairs as it did. You could smell the rotting smell of it as you took out the emergency phone underneath your bed since you left yours in the kitchen downstairs. Finally, that emergency phone is useful after all. You waited for it to open impatiently and when it did you dialed the number for the police, and waited for someone to pick up. The creature started stomping, seeking for you.

“what’s your emergency?” asked the operator. It was a woman.

“Mellow Street, address 127,” you whispered.

“I'm not hearing you clearly, what is your emergency?” she asked louder.

“send the police to Mellow Street, address 127!” you whispered, but just a bit louder.

“what is your emergency?” she asked again.

“there is an animal chasing me!” you yelped frantically. “it, knocked down my front door to get me!”

“we are sending the police to your location,” the operator said, and told your story to her partner and you heard them laugh a bit. Probably didn't believe the story much, you thought. And you cannot even believe what is happening to you.

“what is your name?”

“Matthew Duncan,” you said.

“Mr. Duncan, I will need you to be a bit more specific with your emergency,”

“there is a monster chasing me!” you cried. “it knocked down my door to get me, and that’s all I know—”

The stomping stopped. You heard it breath heavily. It was getting closer. You heard it taking a long sniff, like a dog looking for a scent. “how long will it take?” you asked nervously.

“they are going to be there in a few minutes to check out what is happening,” the operator said, and you knew it was an honest answer, but not the answer you wanted.

“I need them here now!” you cried, unaware to keep your voice down. It was now scratching the door to your room, ready to break the door to get you. You stayed on the ground, as close to your bed as possible.

“is there any family members or friends nearby?” the operator asked.

“I live alone,” you informed.

“is any neighbor there?”

“they left for a vacation,” you said, and that was the last thing you told the operator. A hand shot out through the door breaking through the wood and turned the knob of the door from the inside to open the door. Not being able to hold the phone with your trembling hands you dropped it on the ground. The creature had got in your room, you can see its silhouette and its shadow bend down to go under the door sill. You heard the woman frantically talking to you on the other side of the line, hoping that you would answer. She knew you weren’t lying now.

“hello? Hello?” she called. “Matthew, I need you to talk to me,”

The silhouette of the creature walked closer to you. It looked like a human but an abnormally massive man with a tail. It was huge, its legs only being as tall as you are. Its skin looked smooth and as black as coal and it was muscular. You didn't see how its face looked like, but you know its mouth was open, dripping and salivating. Its eyes started to glow in yellow, lighting up most of your dark bedroom. The only light was coming from the full moon outside, the streetlights and the monster’s eyes.

“you and I, we are very much alike,” it snarled. Its voice was deep and cold, sent chills down to your spine.

“N—n—n—no,” you stuttered, tears streaming down your face in fear. You were certain that it was an end for you.

“we will be soon,” it started to laugh. Loud, maniac-like, you cannot stand it, the laughing. You heard the frantic voice of the operator that was calling for you get quiet, she heard the laughing too.

It stopped laughing in a sudden and started observing you, and saw the phone on the ground that was next to you, and the voice of the operator started to talk again when it got quiet.

“Matthew? Mr. Duncan, I will need you to talk to me. The police is on their way—”

The mutant stomped on the phone, cracking the glass into his foot and you didn't hear the operator now. Its foot scaly skinned, huge as your face from scale, had sharp looking nails on its only three toes. It bent down to stay face-to-face with you. You were still sobbing and when you saw a closer look of its face and you gasped.

Its teeth was out of its mouth, in a disorientated way. Some were long, some were short and all in the wrong places. You still didn't see its eyes because the light it emitted was hard to stare at for long, so you looked at the ground, tears again started to stream down your face. This moment was like a horror movie, and maybe your last moment.

“you are going to become something like me,” it said. “any questions?”

So many. What is that? You felt the fear, but you didn't expect this less fear. You didn't even scream yet, you are still standing and not on the ground fainted. You were frozen with fear, but not enough for you to physically panic so you can run away. You were petrified. And you were never petrified before this.

“w—why?” you asked stuttering, not looking up.

“the man who made me into this sent me to get a little army,” it said. “I was once a young man like you,” few moments went by with them silent and him looking at the window. You had to say something.

“why are you helping a man who made you into this?” you asked.

“oh, I'm not. He thinks I am but in the end I simply won’t,” it laughed.

“and I have to turn into something like this to do your work?” you asked.

“after I get rid of him, it will be over,” it said. “but I need a few people first. You are my second victim,”

“who was the first?” you asked. Your voice was now louder than your fear, you stopped crying. It wasn’t going to hurt you. Yet. You were waiting for the police to come and save you. But the police won’t be expecting this, and they may just die to the monster in front of you if they aren’t ready.

“a girl. She enjoys it,”

“how can someone enjoy this?”

“few people in the world, they want to be feared. It’s an easier way to live. No one bothering you,” it stood up and you heard its bones cracking. “I never thought I would like this till I became this,”

The glow in the eyes started to fade. It got shorter and it got less muscular as if his flesh was shedding away like fur. It got shorter than it was, its tail got smaller till it wasn’t there. The cracking of the bones will be engraved in your memory forever, and what you didn't ever imagine that would come from the creature was now in front of you.

A man wearing a neat suit. Looked like he was in his early twenties, just about five to three years older than you. Oddly skinny, made you wonder how he got so muscular in his animal form.

“when I change you into something like me,” he started. The voice he had now was soft and was a good British accent. “you can change into both forms. It will hurt the first few times, but you will get used to it,”

“who hurt you?” you asked. “who did this to you?”

“a mad man. His brutality changed me. I would never hurt someone, but all I want to do now is kill him. Get rid of him,” the anger in his voice started to make his eyes glow. You saw a bit of his face, a familiar one.

“are you the one? From the missing poster?” you asked out of curiosity. You remember the missing posters that was all over your neighborhood last month. “didn't they confirm that you were dead?”

“that is why I want to kill the man,” he said. “I don’t want to stay without giving him my vengeance he deserves for all the souls he hurt, so I'm asking you, do you want to be just human or a human and a monster?”

You didn't know how to answer that. Both things are good, wait? What are you thinking man? You didn't want to become a monster. But even if you become a monster, you would be still you right?

“I have been watching you for a while,” the man said. “you wish that your life is a bit better. You wish to finish studying at that university faster so you can get away from those classmates of yours that messes with you. This could just be the chance where you can simply show them what you can be, with an element of surprise,”

You heard the police siren echo from a distance. And so did the man in front of you. He took out a small injection that was underneath his suit.

“you got no other choice,” he said. “you have to come with me now since you have seen me. There is a world beyond your imaginations that will accept you. We both can get what we want; my revenge and for you a fantasy that will suit you,”

He threw the injection at you aiming at your shoulder. The liquid in it started to seep in your body, as if they needed you as a place for them to stay in. Things were happening too quickly now. Your vision started to get blurry right away and you fell on the ground. You heard the bones of the man crack as he turned back into his animal form. He carried you down the stairs on his shoulder and through the back door. You looked up a bit and saw the flashes of red and blue, the signal of the police car. You closed your eyes, getting ready for the worst.


“now that was good scary story!” Abigail exclaimed. The camp guide, a young woman, and three of her camp students were around a camp fire. The rest of the camp was about a mile further away from them in there tents sleeping peacefully.

“hey, be quiet! The others might wake up,” the camp guide told them.

“what happened in the end?” Sasha, one of the three students asked.

“the rest is unknown,” the camp guide said in a spooky voice.

“that was a great story!” Nora said.

The camp guide started to laugh, making the others around her nervously glance at each other. The black hair of the guide glistened in the moonlight. The fire flickered.

“you think its just a story?” she stopped laughing and looked at the others. “you think it’s just a story?”

The others didn't know what to say to this. They were surprised by how strange their camp guide was acting. She was always cool and chill, but now acting a bit awkward.

“are you feeling okay? Are you—” Abigail started.

“the emergency phone that was under the bed,” she interrupted. “the operator still heard everything that was happening, but her voice didn't reach to the other side. The phones screen cracked but it didn't fully break,” They all stayed silently for a while.

“the operator was the fifth victim. Because she heard the conversation and knew what happened. Just like what happened to Matthew, she was turned into a monster a bit stronger than the other victims and the first creature that was there itself. They all helped the first creature that gave them their powers to get rid of the mad man. The mad man had his own type of power, and that’s why the revenge plot of the first creature needed five more monsters like him to kill the mad man,”

“after the revenge was over they all left. The fifth victim, however didn't find a life anywhere, and then the mad man, came back from the dead. Well, he was never dead in the first place. He was just sleeping. He used the fifth victim, made her wear disguises and attack unsuspected innocent beings to turn them into his soldiers, a brand-new army, but this time possessed with a dark spell till the war he was in is over,”

The camp guide stood up from the log she was sitting on, looking down at the students. The air got cold as she did, and the fire started to slowly burn out.

“the fifth victim was spelled too, and she has to do what the mad man says,” tears started form in her eyes. “she t-tries to be stronger than t-the s-spell but the sp-spell w-was too s-strong,”

The camp guide started to cry even more, tears streaming down her face rapidly. The others were speechless looking up at her.

“she c-cannot, and realizes that if she does the mad man’s work f-faster, every soul she was forced to hurt will be free f-faster,” she sobbed. “I'm s-sorry, I'm the f-fifth v-victim, I'm t-the fifth victim, I'm s-sorry t-that I'm the fifth victim,”

She looked up at the sky, trying to get rid of her tears. She made her hand into a fist, and she started to transform. Transform into her animal form. She got taller, few of her teeth got longer and got out of her mouth, her black hair got attached to her head like a helmet, her clothes ripped and her body was covered in fur. She looked down at the kids. Petrified. They were frozen, not being able to move, holding each other’s hands hoping for a miracle. And just like Matthew in the story, they were too afraid to physically panic and run.

“this w-will b-be o—over before you k—know it,” the camp guide stuttered crying, now a monster. She looked down at them. Her eyes, her eyes were blood red, glowing brightly. It wasn’t only bright with light, it had so much sorrow in it they can easily see it. Still crying, she looked at her hand. On her hand, there was three injections none of the kids noticed before, filled with a venom shining in green.

“but, do you want to be just human or a human and a monster?” 

Submitted: February 12, 2021

© Copyright 2021 AmeEra19088. All rights reserved.

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