sister soul and wife

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is the story of 10 years of friendship and sisterhood.

Hey, my sister soul and wife 

I know we’ve been framed in a maddening still life

Stuck watching the seasons turn before our static eyes


But still...


How’s it going?

I hope you do know

I see your red rose beautifully growing


It’s been getting colder again

Do you remember last year for my 21st?

We chose water over wine or even champagne


And shit,

This isn’t what we had dreamt of

Not a great start for the second roaring 20s

There’s no dapper Gatsbies

Or even just all night movie-thon parties


Now just tiny screens

With shity wifi

Till both batteries nearly die




Hey, my sister soul and wife

we bothfear leaving the simplicity of childhood life

We have to be the ones now wiping our own tears and shushing our own cries


But still…


Do you remember when we first met?

Your shamrock Old Navy sweatshirt and my cheetah print backpack

I followed you around like I was a lost pet


Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

Same time every damn day

We did it, just to drive everyone else insane


And shit,

Didn’t prom really just blow? 

The music went from bad to simply dead

Then sitting on a disconcerting wet carpet stained red

We ended up taking photos and selfies instead


But now unicorns have a special place in my heart

“Math is Magical!” was our lie

Even though with the subject we did for the most part try




Hey, my sister soul and wife

I know the world wants us livin the black and white life

Forcing us to only use the gray hues for our skies 


But still…


What are you drawing next?

A whimsical fairytale?

Does it go along with your unwritten text?


On the phone till 4am or sitting at your dining room table

It was always a candle and story swopping 

With characters of absolute absurdity becoming our own bible


And shit,

Everyone thinks it’s just a pipe dream 

They say, “art and writing are just for weekends.”

“It won’t pay the bills or odds and ends.”

They hope it's a fleeting phase like passing trends


But I love living in our own heads

With the drawbridge that connects the two with a tie

It warms each night before the cold morning goodbye




Hey, my sister soul and wife

I know it’s damn hard trying to live our best life

Because we know peace and security is the real true prize 


But still…


Do you know why I smile?

Simply because we have one another

No matter the length of the minute or mile


Two nervous Plain Janes surviving by way of daydreams

You’d be great at knitting or crocheting 

One of us needs to know how to stitch up our torn seams 


And shit,

We’ll be roommates in our own little cottage 

A pair of witchey artists crafting in the arts

There will be dogs, cats, and donkeys with full hearts 

Reading, painting, pottery making, and why not? We’ll bake tarts! 


There is no good way to explain it

We're like a weeping Willow and an Alder tree

There's just something about you and me


(Happy, happy sigh)


My sister soul and wife


Submitted: February 13, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Natalie McKenty. All rights reserved.

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