Does God hate you?

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Lets say I'm an extermenator. Now I kill bugs and rats not because I am angry with them or because I take pleasure in killing. I kill them so i can provide a better place for someone. Now imagine I give you my house and say "I have one rule; keep it clean so bugs and rats dont come in."

So what happened you break this one simple rule? You trash the house so it becomes infested! Now as an exterminator I have to use gas to drown the unwanted vermin. I dont want kill them because I belive bugs and rats have a purpose in nature. But now they have invaded BECAUSE OF YOUR DISOBEDIENCE!

Now I love these creatures in a sense, because I see that all life has value, but BECAUSE I LOVE YOU MORE, I have to make the unpleasant choice to destroy them...for your benefit!

You see, we both can agree that the life of bugs has some value, but YOU took MORE PLEASURE in yourself than you did you did in cleaning the house that I freely gave you.

Now let's go deeper....

Now lets say you had some personal pets of yours. I know of them and I'm glad you have them. I love pets. I tell you that on monday I want you and your pets out because I will be gasing the whole house.

What happenes if you dont take my instruction seriously? Let's say I go in to gas the home and you are gone but figured itd be ok to leave your pets. What would happen? I come in and set of the bug bomb. I dont see any pets. They are hiding but I belive that you took them as I instructed. What do you think happens? The pets die cause you didnt listen yet again.

In short, none of this is my fault. As an exterminator, I provide a service to help you. As a landlord I give simple instruction to avoid harm to anyone.

When people talk about God, they tend to put him into generally one of two camps. One camp says that God is loving. In fact not only is he loving but is love itself. You have heard many times, God is loving, God is merciful, God is forgiving, God is light. We've heard it all. And these traits that define God seem to be universally accepted in most major religions to a degree. Even if you aren't religious, most likly you belive that if there is a God he, she, or whatever, is strongly defined by these things.

Then there is another camp that says God is wrathful, angry, judgmental, or something of that nature. That all he wants to do is find something wrong with you so he can throw you in hell, or destroy you. Certainly when things go bad, when life has hurt us deeply, we go to our default thinking: A loving God would protect me from harm, so therefore God doesnt love me. Or perhaps God doesn't exist at all. After all, how could it be that a all powerful, all loving, and all knowing God allow the suffering the world has. Even more, how could this God pour his wrath on purpose upon people he loves?

I myself have more times than I can count, have been angry at God for certain things. I have cursed him and said "I wouldnt allow this to happen if It was my child!...I guess that makes me better then you!"

I have in my life lost a brother to suicide at only 22 and a father to kidney problems at only 54. I wondered a lot at the time why God allowed these things. After all, I prayed a lot for my family's well being. God could have used a supernatural miracle to spare them. Doesnt the bible say several times that God saved lives? Many like me have even tried their hardest to live the right way, and still God doesn't seem to save their loved ones from dying or suffering. So yes I've wondered why God must hate me.

Many like me have felt rejected and unloved. I've wondered many times "Why are the people who hate you getting into lasting and loving relationships and I am not?"

In short, why does it appear that a so called loving God would let me suffer? Or the world for that matter?

Well let's get back to the question at hand. Does God hate you? First let us define hate. The common idea of hate is one of intense anger. But this isnt the case many times. I hate brussel sprouts. They never did anything to anger me, but after I tried them, I realized that they didnt fit my taste. For some they do. But to me they are very undesirable.

We all have preferences. Likes and dislikes. God does to. He decided to make a perfect universe and have a perfect relationship with his creation. That includes and especially applies to mankind.

But God hates sin. Sin is more than a list of do this and stop that. Sin is simply anything takes you away from a relationship with God. It could be a thing that is very often good such as spending time reading the bible or going to church, or it could be something that is nearly universally bad such as murder or rape. Anything that you put ahead of God is sin. Anything that is used as a substitute for God is sin. Anything that is taken part of that goes against the nature of God is sin.

Look at it like this. God is light. God didnt create the darkness. Darkness isnt created. It only exists where light isnt present. When God isnt present in your life, you are in darkness.

God is love. He didnt create hate but hate exists only where love isnt.

Remember hate isnt always the same as anger. Anger is an emotion and hate, or a separation of love between things often follows.

Many times anger doenst produce hate. I get angry at my loved ones, but I dont separate my love from them.

God is like this. He has in the past been angry at all of us. But if you are part of his family, you cant escape his love!

Now I want to share a couple of hard examples with you of God punishing mankind because of thier hatred (separation of love) from God. I want to make something clear. God doesnt leave you. You choose to leave him.

In Noah's day, the world had choosen evil (or the separation of God) over a relationship with God (Good). God saw that Noah was righteous and wanted to save his creation and mankind from a flood that would destroy the world. He told Noah that rain would come unless man repented. They were told for likly over 100 years but never listened.

What about the innocent Childeren and animals then?

Childeren just like the rest of earth where put in the care of man. Man was in charge over them.

Remember my exterminator example? God put us in charge of creation. We had a simple task but didnt want to do it. But God wants to still have a relationship with us. In order to do that however, he has to wipe out the things that are coming between us and him.

Think of this. If Noah hadn't of listened to God, then there would have been no one. At the time, he was the last one who cared.

If today, every person in the world was an atheist, would God disappear? No! A belive doesnt change facts. If God is real then he is real. If he is loving, then he is loving, if he acts as our judge, then the acts as our judge.

A judge in a courtroom can be a loving man but MUST be just! If he let murders free, what kind of justice is that?

Perhaps the murder is truly remorseful, and perhaps the judge can forgive him, but the law demands that there still must be a penalty.

Jesus, the son of God, told the judge, "I will go to jail for life instead of this murderer"

Ofcourse the law doesnt work this way, but Gods law works how he dictates...and that's just what he did!

Jesus said "If you offend in ONE point, you offend in All points"

We all have done wrong, and God demands perfection. Heaven is made to be a perfect experience for everyone in ever way! There are no flaws there.

Since we are flawed, it doesnt matter if it's small or big. If God allowed imperfect people into heaven, then heaven would become imperfect. No one is worthy!

But Jesus who was perfect died. Death is the penalty for sin, and since Jesus died sinless, it was an unlawful death in Gods eyes. So God brought him back to life! And now we can have that too! You cant do enough good, but you can belive!

It's free, easy and eternal!

God may not know you in the sense that you dont want a relationship with you. In that sense God may hate you. And by hate I mean you have nothing to do with eachother. Throwing you away could be like a fast food employee who makes a burger, but it comes back to him wrong so he throws it in the garbage. The employee did make the burgar but he has no attachment to it personally. But God is begging to get to know you! He wants a personal relationship with you and to one day take you from this would of pain and home to a glorious and perfect heaven!

Think about it! What harm is there in just believing? Why would anyone take a chance on losing thier soul? Why would anyone reject the gift of Jesus Christ? The free gift? What would it hurt? If your wrong, nothing happens. But what if your right?

If you were God wouldn't you want to know your creation personally? Why is believing the bible so farfetched? Do you know everything? Are you sure you've interpreted everything you belive correctly? If you were God, wouldnt you use your power to make your message heard? Wouldnt you keep your message preserved? Would you let a false God or guru create a more compelling religion then yours after you commanded no one to put other Gods ahead of you? If the devil is real, wouldn't he try to lie to you? Could it be hes smarter than man? Smart enough to create convincing lies that God doesnt have a word on earth? That the word is corrupt? That you aren't good enough...or perhaps to good? If God exists then didnt thinking originate with him? If you have contradictory thoughts, couldn't some be from God and some be from satan? How can you be sure?

Anyways I hope I have giving you something to think about and I hope that the God that gives me peace and love can do the same for you. Yes God allowed a flood. He allows many floods that kill, as well as many other natural disasters. But pain is a product of sin. We put it in the world and it's not Gods fault. But one day for all you choose to belive....all pain will be gone and there will be peace and love eternal!

Submitted: February 13, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Penetentman. All rights reserved.

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D. Thurmond aka JEF

Love can not hate. ---

Sat, February 13th, 2021 11:13pm


Exactly. And you cant love what you have no relationship with.

Sat, February 13th, 2021 3:17pm

Criss Sole

I thought you made some good, comforting arguments. I enjoyed reading this one and seeing you point of view.
Great article David.

Mon, February 22nd, 2021 7:57am


Thank you for your support. Thanks for reading!

Mon, February 22nd, 2021 2:19am

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