Moss Book Two

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Half-human, half-fairy Moss has been living at the Mountain Cottage, studying the herbal arts with her Aunt Brigid. As her education continues she finds things, and people, are not always as they seem...and that secrets are everywhere.

The cover for this book is the character Paili. Also, there are a lot of clues in Moss Book One regarding the action in Moss Book Two, so I'll be trying to add links to the appropriate chapters where I can. Thanks for reading!

Table of Contents

The House of de Lech

Background: Linden assumed his father would be furious if he knew.  Lord ... Read Chapter

Dirty Laundry

It was washing day and Brigid sorted through the laundry absently, dark in one pile, light in the other, then went to fetch the basket of... Read Chapter

Curse and Chaos

“Curse and chaos, Dolora, why do you encourage the boy in his depravity?” growled Lord de Lech.  “He must marry else we will h... Read Chapter


“Can it possibly have been but a year since we were last here?” sighed Moss.  “It seems an age.” They lay in the shade o... Read Chapter

Wheels Within Wheels

It had been so easy, she thought, easier than she'd imagined it would be to convince her brothers to make the bond.  Greed, pow... Read Chapter


“Have you been eating stones?” grumbled Teg as he and Edana dragged his cart across the bumpy path to the stadium.  The hurling ... Read Chapter

The Offer

“Forty percent is my final offer,” haggled William with a bored gesture.  “Less than that and I have no incentive to back this... Read Chapter


Almost five months and there was no disguising her pregnancy now.  Since they’d returned from Mabon, Brigid had been gently asking... Read Chapter

Guy's Betrayal

Guy bolted awake.  It seemed he’d slept but a few moments when the racket began, someone beating at his chamber door.  Whoeve... Read Chapter

A Sad Samhain

For a typical Faylinn Samhain see
Read Chapter

Atropa Belladonna

For background, please see
Read Chapter

Witch Hazel

Moss slept uneasily, tossing and turning from side to side yet unable to find any comfortable position.  She felt nauseated for the ... Read Chapter


In the quiet early hours, the silence broken only by Moss’s moans, Brigid sat waiting.  She had finally been able to administer a ... Read Chapter

A Mighty Prince

A huge bear-like man and a sleekly beautiful woman stood on the wide rocky shore, silently watching a small object bobbing on the waves.&... Read Chapter

Darkness Darkness

Another day of bright emptiness.  As soon as the rising sun's glow pricked at her eyelids she felt the pain begin again.  ... Read Chapter

The Wyrm

Part of her knew she was safely asleep in her warm bed, yet another part of her walked quietly out the door of the cottage and up the mou... Read Chapter

A Warrior Princess

The days were growing longer now, and Brigid had insisted Moss spend some time outside.  She had to admit it was pleasant to sit on ... Read Chapter


Paili paced the diamond-shaped tiles: red, black, red, black, red, black. She’d been waiting in this damp, desolate chamber for wha... Read Chapter


“Do you think they will find me much changed?” Moss asked as she and Brigid scrubbed the cottage in preparation for their departure f... Read Chapter

May Day

Moss stopped and inhaled deeply, then expelled the spring air with a contented sigh.  The smell of the meadow’s wildflowers was fa... Read Chapter


“Are you sure you feel comfortable staying here alone overnight?” Brigid asked doubtfully.  “I’m not sure it is such a good ... Read Chapter

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