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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Rachel works hard as a mother of the only child. And it's hard for her to be at home with Becky all the time. So she decided to find someone who will help her with that.




Somewhere in the house a phone rang.

A woman of 30 walked through the living room to pick it up. Her bright voice resonated off the walls.


A voice of a woman sounded from that side of the line.

“Good morning. Yes, my name is Rachel. And I’m searching for a nanny for my kid.”

“Did You have an experience in babysitting before?”

“Yeah, from 08:00 AM till 08:00 PM, if this is OK, could be great.”

“Talking about salary…”

“Really? Children are our passion. Indeed.”

“Sorry, hesitate to ask, didn’t hear Your name well.”

“Thank You, Mrs. Kraus. Will wait for You to come.”

She ended the call and thought thank God she will come soon.


Rachel was a little bit busy hurrying to work, so that nanny’s early visit could be a nice opportunity not to leave the child alone.

Becky, the girl was named, slept tight in her small crib without any noise.

She is so sweet, Rachel thought, while she was standing at the door watching her little girl flying in her child’s dreams. Hope you’re seeing something good in there.

With these words she left the room.


She stood a bit with ‘what I was doing’ face, her phone vibrated on the table.

The screen was still enlightened when she approached.

Tiffany. She picked up the phone and read.

“Can we meet at 10:00 AM today?”

Sure, she typed as an answer.

Rachel went to the kitchen and turned the kettle on. In a while she had a good cup of coffee with a chocolate cake. Mmmm, this cake is delicious, Celina was right.

The kitchen was huge and if to take into account that it went right into the living room it made it twice bigger.

The TV in the kitchen was on, it was always in this state, just for a background. Rachel usually didn’t like to waste her time watching television. She thought that she’s too adult for that.

She took a newspaper from the table and read the titles.




Hmmm, there’re a lot of bad things happening around us. Maniacs, serial killers… Sometimes even dangerous to go outside.



The door bell rang.

Must be Mrs. Kraus, thought Rachel and went to check the door.

When she approached, no one could be seen through the small windows at each side of the wooden door. So she put her hand at the knob and opened it.

Afore her was standing a big woman in a pink dress, with a lightly brown coat over it. She had an umbrella with her and was wearing a hat with a rounded corners. Was hard to say something about her age from the first look. Apparently she was in her fiftieth.

“Hello”, the woman started first, “You must be Rachel, right? I was talking to You on the phone.” Her face was shining with a smile and eyes were twinkling with kindness.

Rachel stood a moment in bewilderment, then broke the silence with unwary Yeah.

“Nice to meet You…”, the woman didn’t finish.

“You must be Mrs. Kraus. Nice to meet You, too. Come in.”

Mrs. Kraus followed Rachel inside.



“Sorry, I’m a little bit worrying right now, simply this is the first time I’m looking for someone to sit with Becky.” Rachel said while moving to the living room. “Would You like a cup of tea?” A little detail but shows You as a good hostess.

“Yes, please, if this is not hard for You. Thank You.”

Mrs. Kraus took off her coat. Rachel noticed this and immediately came to help. “Let me.” She took the coat and put it on the hanger.

“Thank You very much, darling. Very kind of You.” Mrs. Kraus said in a sweat and pleasant voice.

“Don’t worry. Take a sit, I’ll be in a minute.”

She went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea.

Nanny sit on the coach and was curiously looking everything around in the house.

In an instant Rachel came up with a cup of tea. She put it on the table with a plate on which two cubes of sugar were lying.

“So, tell me about Yourself.” She asked looking at the nanny with interest. Mrs. Kraus had that beautiful smile from the moment they met.

“My name is Jeanette von Kraus. I’m 56 years old. I’m working with children for almost thirty years. First, I was a governess in a kindergarten. Worked for 10 years. Then I decided that I can teach children something good and started to work as a teacher. That was really good experience for me.”

“What were You teaching?”

“Philosophy. Do You know what Kant said about Ethic aspects?” She asked with a glisten in her eyes.

“No, what did he say?”

“An action has moral worth if it’s done for the sake of duty. And to add to this quote, I would say, will You consider a person good or bad judging by their deeds, right? But the main question to You, what was the motivation for that person to do that good thing for You?”

“Maybe that goes from the heart or from the soul?”

The smile on Mrs. Kraus’s face widened.

“Exactly that power that motivates us to make a decision for something good or bad is the subject that describes our personality.”

They were sitting silently for an instant looking at each other. Then Mrs. Kraus decided to take initiative:

“Then I wanted to have a rest a bit from all that lessons and decided to be a nanny. This requires not so much powers.”

“Do You have children?” Rachel asked.

“For me, as for a mother, children are very important.” For Rachel it sounded earnestly.

“Yeah,” she agreed and watched at the time.

“What is the name of Your child?” Mrs. Kraus asked then made a sip from the tea cup.


“Becky? What a lovely name.”

Rachel felt bewildered. “Yeah”, she smiled warily.

“And where’s Becky, right now? Can we see her?”

“Sure, she’s sleeping upstairs.”

They got up and went upstairs to the room where Becky was sleeping.

Rachel slightly opened the door trying to make as less noise as possible. In the corner in a little crib was sleeping a beautiful girl.

“She’s like a little angel,” Mrs. Kraus pointed out whispering.

Rachel just peeked at her for a moment and then returned to her daughter.

“How old is she?” Mrs. Kraus asked when they left the room.

“She’s three. In the next month she’s going to be four.” Rachel said proudly.

“Oh, this is very good.”

In the pocket Rachel’s phone vibrated. She took it out and checked the message.

“Sorry, I have to go. If You need anything here’s my phone number. Just call me, ok?” She wrote her number on the piece of paper.

“Sure, don’t worry. Everything will be fine.”

Rachel was hurrying, took her coat, took her umbrella.

“I left some money in case You will need to buy something. It’s on the table, You can check it.”

“Yes, sure. Don’t worry about that.” Mrs. Kraus assured her.

“Thank You, very much, Mrs. Kraus.”

Mrs. Kraus only nodded in answer.

Rachel picked up her bag, put some papers in it and left the house closing the door.




Becky woke up.

She was lying in her little crib staring at the toy hanging above. It was circling and circling around glistening with dozens of yellow stars.

She tried to reach out and touch the toy.

When she did, the toy went on the next circle.



Becky looked to the side of the door. There was no one there. Then she heard someone coming upstairs.
She saw a woman, a woman in a pink dress. Becky didn’t lose her out of sight. The woman approached to the crib where the girl was lying and bent over to her.

In a matter of time the girl was in her hands.

“Come to me, little star.” Mrs. Kraus said lovely.

The girl was looking right into her eyes without a noise.

In the living room a phone rang.

“Dammit,” Mrs. Kraus put the girl to the crib and left the room.



“Yes?” She said in that still sweet lovely voice.

“Mrs. Kraus, it’s me, Rachel, just wanted to remind You that today a milkman should come, Mr. Miller. Could You let him in?”

“Oh, sure. No problem with this.”

“Thanks, I put 10 dollars on the table, too. That is for the milk.”

“Good, got it.”

“How is it going?” Rachel asked warily.

“Very good, Becky is still sleeping. Maybe flying in her tiny dreams.” She said and giggled.

“Fine. I will call You later. Thank You, Mrs. Kraus.”

“Don’t worry. Everything under control.”

Rachel ended the call.



In fifteen minutes the door bell rang. A man was standing at the door.

He was wearing a cap and a blue uniform. In his right arm was a bottle of fresh milk, Rachel ordered.

Mrs. Kraus opened the door.

“Hello. I got the milk, Rachel ordered. I am, Mr. Miller.” The man started the conversation.

Mrs. Kraus looked at him and answered, “I am her child’s nanny. Come inside.”

“Ok, thank You.” He entered inside.

“Want to drink something? Tea, coffee?”

“Sure, a cup of tea could be great. It’s hard nowadays to go this far without something to drink.”

“Yeah, You’re absolutely right.” The voice of Mrs. Kraus sounded from the kitchen.

“There are 10 dollars for You at the table. You may take it.” She continued.

“Oh, thank You.” He came to the table and took it.

When he turned around she was standing with a tray and a cup of tea on it.

“Thank You, I appreciate this.”

“No problem.” She went passed him to put the tray on the table.

While Mr. Miller was busy with his tea, something sharp glistened under Mrs. Kraus’s apron.

In an instant, a knife stuck in his neck.




Rachel couldn’t calm down.

Something was bothering her. A strange feeling. She just couldn’t understand it.

Rachel was sitting at her table in the office, working on some documentation. A yearly report. But she was not as busy with the report as she was peeking at the phone lying at her table.

Maybe to make a call…

How is Becky doing?

What are they doing with Mrs. Kraus?

Rachel, You’re worrying too much. Everything is fine. Nanny will take care of everything.

She returned to the keyboard and started typing.

But her mother instinct was stronger and she took the phone without further hesitation.



After a couple of signals, Mrs. Kraus answered.


“Hello, Mrs. Kraus, how are You doing? I’m worrying. Just wanted to know.” She could hear the water pouring.

“Rachel, I was thinking about You. Don’t worry, we ate a bit with Becky. And now I’m washing dishes.”

Why do I worry, everything is good, Rachel thought.

“No, I wanted… To ask, did Mr. Miller come?”

“Yes, he did. Very nice person.”

“Indeed. Thank You, Mrs. Kraus.”

“Don’t worry.”

Rachel ended the call.

Seems I’m winding myself up. Need to take a cup of coffee.




Mrs. Kraus finished washing her knife off blood. Her hands were in gloves.

The body of Mr. Miller was already hidden in the wardrobe. Sleeping between coats of different tastes.

She came upstairs to Becky. The child was lying in the crib. Mrs. Kraus stood a moment at the door, her pink dress was a little bit stained with Mr. Miller’s blood. But that worried her not so much.

When she approached, the child was looking at her. Straight into her eyes.

“My little angel, I’m going to save You.”

She bent over and took the girl in her arms.

“Come with me, my girl.”

The child didn’t make a noise.




When she opened the door to her house, she was already exhausted and was falling to sleep.

But the lights were out. Her heart started beating faster.

“Mrs. Kraus? Anybody home?”

She ran to the living room, turned the light on. No one there.

“Mrs. Kraus? Becky?”

She couldn’t feel the floor beneath her feet, her head was dizzy and tears came to her eyes. The door to Becky’s room was ajar. She ran into her room. But her Becky was not there anymore.



Rachel was in panic, she took the phone and dialled 911.

After a short message, police officer contacted her.

“It’s the police department, how can I help You?”

“My child is missing.” Rachel pushed out through her tears.

“Where are You now? Please, what is You name?”

“Rachel.” She named the address and the police patrol was moving on the call.

When she was talking with police officer, her gaze fell on the small piece of paper that lied on the table. Rachel picked it up, the text read:





Submitted: February 13, 2021

© Copyright 2021 J.R. Patrick. All rights reserved.

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