The Journal Of Extraordinary Crimes The Private Enquiries And Lectures Of Artemus Ignatius Enigma PHD. Professor Of Criminology The Jasper Mooth Incident

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Twists and turns may bend my mind, but darkness and murder break it.

The Jasper Mooth Incident


Donald Harry Roberts

In A Local Constabulary Interview Room

Detective Marrin.

“Ok kid. Make me a believer. I don’t want to believe you are a killer, but the evidence points at you like the cross hairs of a rifle scope.”

Jasper Mooth.

“I can exonerate myself Detective but you must listen to my story from start to finish and pay close attention to every detail. I am not a killer.”

Detective Marrin.

“Sounds like this is going to take half the night.”

Jasper Mooth.

“Not really but you might want to bring in a pot of coffee.”

Detective Marrin.

“Just get on with it.”

Jasper Mooth.

Ok. Here it is. I’ll start by telling you I was part of a con. Of that I am guilty, but I was being conned at the same time, which I suppose is more like being double-crossed. I was framed.”

Detective Marrin grinned and frowned at the same time.

Jasper sneered but kept talking.

“Gunth Kaddyn set it all up. He said it was going to a sinch but it was going to take a while. He called it the long game. I listened because I had been down and out so long, I was heading for the bread line and he promised the deal would be worth a million. H would get half and his other partner, a dame named Celia and me would split the other half.

I thought about it for a couple of days then, after a night sleeping in a doorway in the snow, I bought in. Gunth even set me up in a hotel room. A cheapo but it was better than a cold doorway.

Celia was about in the same boat as me, or so they told me and Gunth had her set up in a room across the hall from me.

It was good, it looked good and Gunth gave me cash to clean up and feed myself and told me, No Booze. I need you sober. That was the tough part. Booze was why I was down and out, but the prospect of grabbing two hundred and fifty grand motivated me to dry out. And I did. I managed to crawl through the he DTs, with help from Celia who drowned me in coffee with heavy sugar, lots of food and all the sex I could handle.

They reeled me in like a fish and I never once thought they were a team and using me as a tool.

Celia even sorta made me think she was getting in love with me. What a sucker.”

Detective Marrin.

“Ok kid. I get it, now get on with the evidence.”

Jasper Mooth.

“You’ll only get it Detective if you hear the whole story.”

Detective Marrin went out of the room and came back with two cups and a pot of coffee.

“Go on.” He instructed when they were settled again.

Jasper Mooth.

“The long game. It was going to take six months. Celia was the bait, the sweet girl from the country come to the city to make it big, somehow. She even rigged it so it looked like she was going to college. They never filled me in on the details of that.

The hook was a guy named Wilbur Rymell. He was heir to the Rymell Insurance and Real estate Company and personally worth millions, once the old man croaked. The old man had one foot in the grave they said.

Celia was going to cozy up to Wilbur and lure him into the wedding bed, and she pulled it off in three months complete with a prenump worth a million bucks if the marriage went sour or Dad and Wilbur kicked the bucket.

It seemed like a sweet deal and would work without my help, but what they didn’t tell me all of it. The truth was that if both her husband and father in law died, she would inherit the whole shebang. And that’s where I came in.

It was my job to break into the house like I was going to rob the place. But while I was rifling through a desk drawer I’d get caught. The old man, sickly as he was shows up in the room. I have a gun with a silencer. I shoot him, right in the heart. Then Celia comes in. I have to knock her over the head, out cold. Then In comes Wilbur and bang, I shoot him through the heart too.

And that is how it went except when the old man came in there was something funny about him. Same with Wilbur. Neither one of them came any closer to me than to stand in the door way. Neither one said a word, like “hey you” or something. They just stood in the door way, I shot them, and they dropped like rocks.

Of course when I gave Celia a knock on the head I did it only hard enough to look good. We were in cahoots so I figured a little knot on her noggin would suffice and she could fake the rest, and that’s the way it worked.

I guess I must have really knocked Celia out because when I went to look at the bodies she didn’t move. I went to look because the way they fell just didn’t look right to me. When I checked the bullet wounds, they both had two and I only shot them each once.

I’m not totally stupid Detective. I figured out they were already dead when I shot them. I figured Gunth propped them up in the door way until I shot them then he let go.

I knew then that Gunth was playing me but I didn’t think Celia was in on it. I figured he was gaming both of us. I knew Celia loved me and wouldn’t do nothin bad to me.

I wanted to change the game but didn’t know how. But I was sure Celia would figure it out and we could turn things around on Gunth.

I was wrong. Dead wrong.

When the police came, when you came, Celia gave you the story and gave you a really good description of me and that how she thought I had cased the joint by acting like the plumber. And you went for it. You even showed up at my room.”

Detective Marrin.

“Your Celia told me a lot more about you than what you look like.”

Jasper Mooth.

“Yah. I got that. But you didn’t find me in my room because I was else where making my own plans. Yah see, when I left the house I didn’t really leave, I made it look like I did and then I saw Gunth and Celia together, together like they were more than just partners in a scam. You know, the big hot kiss.

I got mad Detective Marrin. I wanted my cut but knew they were setting me up for a murder wrap. Gunth must have killed them before I showed up. I should have suspected something when he gave me the gun only a little while before I was to break into the house. He used the same gun. They were still warm when I put the second bullet in them. And you said yourself that Celia said I shot them both twice.

Well I didn’t and I was on the lamb for something I didn’t really do. I ain’t saying I ain’t guilty of something. I’m just saying I didn’t kill Wilbur and the old man. Gunth did that.”

Detective Marrin.

“Celia Jamey didn’t mention anything about there being anyone else in the house. She is playing the bereaved widow quite convincingly and staying put. There is no sign of another of your accomplices. She is telling us that you cased the house then later broke in, shot the old man, slugged her with the gun and apparently killed her husband, but she can’t swear to that because she was unconscious, and I have to tell you Jasper, her story makes a lot more sense.”

Jasper Mooth

“Yah. I know. But let me tell you the rest of it.”

Detective Marrin

“Ok kid. Make it good.”

“It took you three days to track me down. I wasn’t idle in that three days and to tell you the truth I let you find me. I wanted a chance like you’re giving me now to get you to see the truth. The truth is, like I said, I ain’t innocent but I was duped and I didn’t kill those two men.

The thing is. After you cops left and they’d hauled the bodies away and Celia was alone, Gunth showed up and they were kinda celebrating. I watched them get happy through a window and was going to use the gun again and kill’ em both, but then Celia did something real crazy. She shoved a knife into Gunth’s ribs and he dropped, stone cold dead on the floor.

Then Celia, jeez she’s strong, hauled the body away. I got in the house through the window and followed her.

She tossed Gunth’s corpse down the cellar stairs then went down herself. Then she dragged him into a root cellar with a dirt floor. Gunth is buried there. You can go look for yourself after we finish here.

Anyway. Then I thought and did something stupider than I had already done. I thought, yah. Celia really does love me and now its back to the two of us. She got rid of Gunth so we could claim all the doe together and well you know, live happily ever after. Of course I didn’t know she had told almost exactly who I was.

Anyway, I stepped out and said, “Hi Celia.” I figured she’d be startled but she wasn’t.

“Hi Jasper.” She said sweety and cozied toward me. She would have stuck the knife in me too if I hadn’t seen her pulled it out of her pocket. I sucker punched her and bolted. I didn’t know where I was going to go or what I was going to do. I just knew I had to clear out. And yah. I rooted through the house for cash and found a bundle of it. I planned to run as far as I could and change everything about me. But then, just as I was going to catch a bus, I decided to turn myself in. I went back to my room and you were there, and now we are here.”

Detective Marrin

“It’s a good story Jasper and I half believe you. If we find Gunth in the root cellar then that will tally up to I three quarters believe you. But I will have to hold you until we get a warrant to search the house.”

Jasper Mooth.

“I get it Detective, but what’s going to happen to me after you figure out, I didn’t kill them two men?”

Detective Marrin.

“You’ll get a little time, a couple of years. With a little help from a certain detective. But then you’ll be done with it and maybe you’ll go straight.”

“Jasper Mooth.

“I will Detective. I have had enough of this cloak and dagger con game stuff and being stupid.”


The Next Day: Same interview room

Jasper Mooth.

“Well Detective?!

Detective Marrin

“We found the body and your  Celia is in custody. She confirmed your story. I guess she figured it was better to come clean, like you.”

Jasper Mooth

“I guess she’ll get life for murder.”

Detective Marrin.

“Well. Maybe not. She is claiming Gunth tried to kill her and she stabbed him in self-defense.”

Jasper Mooth.

“Are you going to let her do that?”

Detective Marrin

“It would be your word against her’s and a jury is usually sympathetic to the woman, but we can get her for conspiracy to commit murder and fraud.”

Jasper Mooth.

“And me?”

Detective Marrin.

“Testify against Celia and the crown will settle for something small. Maybe you’ll get six months easy time.”

“Jasper Mooth.

“I’m in.”


Cedric Rymell

It’s Tragic Mr. Wellmire. I can’t believe this could happen. And with no one to be held responsible for the murders I don’t think I can ever feel there will be any closure.”

Lands Wellmire, Lawyer.

“Well. You could get some closure knowing that the woman know as Celia and the man Gunth are both dead. Celia was murdered in her bed before her trial. Unfortunately, the authorities don’t even have a hint on a suspect. It was an inside job, nobody will ever talk, and I doubt the police will pursue it.

Cedric Rymell.

“I have to tell you. I never expected any of this. I knew that Wilbur Senior and junior and I were the end of the blood line, but Wilbur Junior is ten years younger than me. I always figured I would be the middle class cousin who came to visit over Christmas and sometimes for a week in the summer.”

Lands Wellmire

“You never can tell how things will go Cedric. Life is always tossing us mysteries to solve. But that’s here nor there. You are master of the Rymell Estate, lock stock and barrel and the end of the Rymell line, unless of course you produce an heir.”

Cedric Rymell.

“I may do that. I am just forty five and not too old to become a father if I find someone to agree to be my wife. I am told I am not the easiest person to get on with. And I admit I have my quirks, even a bit of a dark side in a humourous way.

By the way. What ever happened to Jasper Mooth?”

Lands Wellmire.

“Seems he vanished into thin air and Detective Marrin explained to me that there is no record of him. Its like he never existed. Marrin let him go settle his affairs before locking him up for trial and poof, there he was gone. The finger prints they had didn’t match anyone on record.”

Cedric Rymell.

“Isn’t that curious. It seems that this whole thing is a big ball of wax. A Gordian Knot maybe.” He laughed. “So what happens now Mr. Wellmire. I am sure I can’t just step in and take over. Isn’t there a probate thing or something that has to take place before the estate comes to me.”

Lands Wellmire

“It will take about three months to settle everything Mr. Rymell, but if you are in need, I can provide an allowance to get you through.”

Cedric Rymell

“Oh that won’t be necessary. I’m set by my own account. I can hold on until all the red tape is cut through or is it all the I s are dotted and the T s crossed.”


“Brandy Alexander please Stephen.” Cedric Rymell requested.

“Sure Ceddy, but let’s see your money first. I am not a charity organization here, like you seem to think I am. It would be nice if you paid me up what you owe me as well.” Stephen, of Steve’s Corner Pub demanded.

“Of course Stephen. You have been so kind through the year. Here is two hundred dollars. Will that cover my tab?”

“And then some. Who did you rob?” Stephen accepted the bills.

“Absolutely no one. I just put something into motion that worked out to my advantage and it has paid off handsomely.” Cedric Rymell replied cheerfully.

Stephen turned away and was gone for a few minutes. When he returned, he delivered a Brand Alexander.

Cedric said, “I have come to pay you off, I mean pay my bar tab Stephen and say goodbye and thanks for all your kindnesses. I do not think I shall be frequenting this area of town or your establishment any more. This boon has lifted me up to a higher station in society.”

“I am glad for you Ceddy, or is it Mr. Rymell now?”

“I will always be Ceddy to you Stephen but I could get use to Mr. Rymell. I think too, I will curb my drinking. I don’t like being a drunk.”

“Well Ceddy, it was only for a year. I always wondered what happened to put you on the bottle.” Said Stephen.

“It was kind of…well…Jeez I don’t know what to call it.” Cedric replied.

The street door opened and a man dressed in a plain grey suit and a trench coat entered the pub. He looked around the room then walked straight to the bar and took a stool beside Cedric.

“What can I get you?” Stephen asked.

“ Draft beer. What ever is handiest.” The man replied then turned to Cedric and said, “When all is said and done there really are perfectly orchestrated crimes that are never solved. I have one on my plate now.”

Cedric Rymell smiled. He looked at Stephen and said, This man’s draft is on me, and when we’ve done with these, we’ll have a second. I believe Detective Marrin and I will have time to drink both.”

Then he turned to the Detective and said, “Shall we retire to a table? A little privacy might be handy.”

The detective said to the bar keep, “Save that second draft. I shall not be here that long. And as for privacy I don’t think we need it. We don’t have much to talk about really. I just thought we might have a drink together and remind you that I have not forgotten you.”

“Nor Have I forgotten you. You will find everything in order when you go home Detective.”

“Then I shall have a drink with you then leave you to that privacy you love so much. And you might like to know I have discovered what became of Jasper Mooth which I am certain you already knew.”

Cedric Smiled but said nothing about that. He just raised his glass and said, “A toast to cleverness Detective Marrin. I hope it never fails you.”

The next days newspaper headlines read,  Home of Detective Welland Marrin Explodes.

The article began, “Detective Marrin died in the explosion caused by a gas leak.”

“What a shame.” Cedric Rymell said, almost sincerely as he read the article.






Submitted: February 13, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Donald Harry Roberts. All rights reserved.

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My goodness twists and turns and betrayals all over the place and the guilty person gets away with it.

Sat, February 13th, 2021 10:00pm


yup....the good guy doesn't always win...thanks for reading

Sat, February 13th, 2021 2:47pm

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