Tale Of A Tellurian And A Martian

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A Tellurian and a Martian meet for the first time.

My home is Telluria

But I am a trader 

So I travel to many

Worlds to ply my trade.


Telluria is a large exoplanet

In the far reaches of the galaxy

So far away none in the Milky Way

Has ever been able to see it. 


I know of the Milky Way 

But have never dared enter it 

Because we know nothing 

About this far neighbor.


As my spaceship left 

The closest planet to the 

Unknown galaxy I heard

A loud squeal from my ship.


I dropped through space 

Unable to control my ship

Until I found I had fallen

To a strange red planet.


Thankfully I was able to 

Deploy my landing gear

That also engaged the

Landing sequence as well.


I drifted to a soft landing

In the red dust under me

And quickly donned my

Spacesuit just in case.


Perhaps this planet’s

Atmosphere was close

To that of Telluria

But it just might not be.


I stepped out of the ship

As my suit tested the planet

For atmosphere and safety

While I stood still and waited.


To my relief all readings 

Were close to that of my

Home planet so I slowly

Removed my silver helmet.


I heard a sound and 

Swiftly turned to see

A strange creature

As strange as I had ever seen.


It had a round little dome

Atop a tiny little blob

With two stick like

limbs on each side. 


It moved on another

Two sticks on the bottom

And seemed to be examining

Me with one big orb.


The orb was in the center

Of the round little dome

That was tilting one way

Then tilting to the other.


I realized I was doing the same

As we examined each other

Trying to discover whether 

We were friend or foe. 


We circled and stared again

And again until we were dizzy

But could not decide whether

Each other was even intelligent.


I gathered my courage and

Cleared my throat to speak

But it seemed their planet

Had not enough gasses.


All I could muster was a

Sound very like our rodents

Which spoke in squeals and

Noisy high pitched squeaks. 


The creature jumped back

As if it was quite surprised

Then squeaked back at me

But emitted no squeals.


I had no idea what the 

Creature was trying to say

But I gave another squeak 

Followed by a tiny squeal.


The creature once more tilted 

Its dome from side to side then 

Moved closer and reached one 

Of its stick like limbs toward me.


As I did the same with one of the

Eight limbs surrounding my body

Until we touched palm to tentacle 

Then both happily squeaked in unison.


Since I am stranded on this red world

With no parts for my spaceship

I will have time to study the language 

And maybe I will learn what I just said.

Submitted: February 13, 2021

© Copyright 2021 scarletscribe. All rights reserved.

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