Olivia & Zachery: Re-United Duo!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic



It’s started in North Carolina, a young girl by the name of Olivia Pure was found in the forest of Bear Creek. 21 years old, pale skin that may look like she dead, bright blue eyes, platinum hair, bags under her eyes, and a very slim body as police describe her physical appearance. She was found unconscious, her camp not too far from where she was found. Officers investigated her camp and found nothing but report as if she was investigating something. She was taken to the nearest hospital and stay there for an entire week. When she finally awakens at full consciousness, she had no memory of what happened that night, she stated that the last thing she remembers was the voice of something “Unkown”.  


Days later, her parents began reporting that she claimed that someone was following her that wasn’t human. She describes it as human-looking, dressed in a black suit with red stripes, he has a hat with a queen card attached and two horns can be seen popping out of the hat, his eyes black with red iris, bright white fangs yet she claimed that it had dried blood spots in it, and lastly his hands had what appear to be claws.  


Doctor Bettel has been investigating Olivia’s case, she believes that this is just the girl's traumatic experiences that making her imagine this “imaginary being”. Olivia still claimed that this being which she calls "Zachery" is not friendly with her, she stated that Zachery will make her see things that not real yet feel real. Doctor Bettel once again stated that this is just part of the trauma that she experiences.  


While she still sees this “Zachery” every day, and communicate with him there is still no signs of mental illness or violence in her. Still, Doctor Bettel volunteer to move in to Olivia’s Hometown, to continue her investigation and see if anything else happen to her. If Olivia began to have more signs of violent behavior or suicidal thoughts, she will need to be taken immediately.  



Act 1: Two Souls  


1 Year after Olivia’s Incident  

An alarm began beeping loud, the clock is marking 7AM as it continues it beep. Next to the alarm is a bed with a girl is sleeping, yet trying to turn off the alarm only to accidentally knock it off which resulted in falling into the floor. A woman voiced is heard outside of the room.  

???: Olivia. Sweetheart it’s time to get up, your Father made breakfast already.  


Olivia slowly gets herself up from bed, still tired from the look of it. Her eyes red due to lack of proper sleep, she yawns herself as she gets out of her bed. She grabs her toothbrush and toothpaste and proceeds to leave her room and head into the bathroom. As she arrives, she turns on the light and sees the empty yet clean bathroom, she looks at every single corner even if she isn’t fully awake. She shrugs herself and commences to brush her teeth's, she looks at herself in the mirror while brushing, touching her face with her left hand. She pulls her head down to the sink to get some water to rinse, as she pulls her head up to look at the mirror, she sees Zachery holding a Hair Brush as he sings.  

Z: I Hear your heeeeaart beat to the beat of the drums.  


Olivia fully awakens by Zachery's sudden appearance accidentally spit the water inside her mouth into the mirror, she turns herself back to see Zachery is actually floating a bit while singing. She proceeds to tried to get Zachery to notices her, yet the demonic being is still concentrated on singing.  

O: Zachery.  

Z: Oh, what a shame that you came here with someone. So, while you're here in my arms.  

O: Zachery.  


Zachery unaware of Olivia trying to communicate with him continues with his song. Until the girl lets out a higher tone of her voice.  

Z: Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young.  



Zachery stops singing, he quickly opens his eyes wide showing a complete pitch-black eye with a red iris. He sees Olivia and gives her a big grin smile showing his fangs teeth. Zachery drops the Hair Brush and quickly floats behind Olivia’s back.  

Z: Well, Top of the morning to you my sweet pale princess.  

O: Why are you singing? It’s 7of the morning.  

Z: Oh sweetheart. You know that to truly start a day, you need to have a big smile and the joy to sing... Except for those with aphasia, HA failure to even start a day.  


Olivia turns back to the mirror; she grabs a piece of paper and proceeds to clean the mirror that she spit out a few minutes ago while still looking at Zachery.  

O: Well, some of us can’t start a day with a smile, or even sing when they got a hellish being annoying them 24/7  

Z: Oh. Don’t be like that, we may be from different places. But we can still find ways to enjoy ourselves... Well mostly me, especially just seeing how you humans continue to make horrible decisions. The same decision that will surely take you to the pit of damnation, in which I will be seeing each and every one of you suffer slowly as failures.  


Olivia rolled her eyes as she notices Zachery’s eyes begin to have fire coming out, while he continues thinking of the lost souls that will end up in hell  

O: Yeah. Ya done? because I wish that you don’t bother me today of all day.  


Zachery's face quickly changes from a demonic look, back to a smile as he hears Olivia. He floats near her face while still smiling.  

Z: Really now? And why that?  

O: Well. Today is Valentine's Day, and I am going on a date with Lucas.  

Z: Splendid my dear. Are you going to lust yourself into his body, rubbing each other skins in anger and pleasure as you both enjoy this so-called meaning of life?  


Olivia found Zachery's comment extremely disgusting and quickly takes a few steps back from him while giving a disgusted look.  

O: NO! Lucas isn't like that, plus we both agreed on taking things very slow.  


Zachery lowers his big smile to a much “normal” smile as he found that response very annoying. Z: Trust me doll, I have seen many lost souls down there that claimed to be true lovers. I know, since me and Lust use to devourer the flesh of the more emotional and weaker of the batch that comes to her ring.  


Olivia grabs her toothpaste and toothbrush while ignoring Zachery, she gets to the bathroom door only to turn back and look at Zachery one more time.  

O: All I ask is that you behave just today.  

Z: Mmmmmm. Perhaps, Maybe I pay a visit to my friends down in Hell.  

O: I sure hope you do  


Olivia leaves the bathroom. Zachery still floating there begins to smile even more while his eyes glow in red as he begins to speak to himself.  

Z: Perhaps. I should join on this date.  


Olivia heads downstairs to the kitchen. She sees her Father setting up a plat of waffle and a glass of orange juice for Olivia, while Olivia’s Mother is seen sitting on the table with her coffee while reading the news.  

M: Olivia. Can you believe this, Rodger Sunflower is trying to remove more members of the town hall, this man just wants all the power for himself just because his “ancestor” founded this town.  



Olivia listens to her mother’s rants, while she sits and begins to eat her breakfast.  

M: I know for a fact that he is going to try to remove my position, that spineless man is afraid of me. The peoples listen to me more than to him, hell you see how everyone comes to me for advice.  


Olivia’s Father refills his wife with more coffee and tries to calm her.  

F: We can deal with this later. Remember, today is our little princess's first date. You must be worry right?  

O: I mean a little, but I’m hoping that everything goes well.  

M: Sweetheart, remember what I told you. Young boys are always in the mood for... you know, but Lucas is a fantastic boy. Martin and Michelle raised a wonderful boy.  

F: Still, if you feel like now it’s not the time. We can order pizza and watch that clown show that you love so much... What was his name... OH right, Mr. Krinkle. I wonder what ever happen to him?  

O: Dad. I’m not 7 anymore, plus Mr. Krinkle was canceled for a long time ago.  

M: Still, you call us if you feel nervous or anything.  

O: Thanks.  


Olivia finishes her breakfast and takes the plates to the sink; she proceeds to give a kiss on the cheek to his parents.  

O: I should head to class now. Love you.  


Olivia leaves the kitchen, leaving her parents as they both watched their daughter leave.  


Act 2: Love/Hatred  

As Olivia walks her way to college. Zachery appears behind her, walking while sniffing a flower that he is holding. Olivia, knowing that he is behind her continues to ignore him.  

Z: Darling, you need to stop and smell these flowers. There no need to rush.  


Olivia continues to ignore Zachery’s comment, pretending that he is not there. Yet, the demonic being begins to float a bit faster, trying to get closer to Olivia.  

Z: If you can’t appreciate the smallest living things, then what the point of even living.  


Olivia continues to ignore Zachery’s comment. This began to infuriate him, yet he notices a small bird's nest with baby pigeons. Zachery pulls out a big smile and snaps his finger which resulted in a giant wind coming to that pushes the nest from the top of the tree and falling in front of Olivia. She stops in shock to see the baby pigeons had fallen to their death by Zachery.  

Z: SEE. What did I tell you, we need to appreciate the smallest living things.  

O: Jesus Zachery. Can you please leave me alone for today?  

Z: And miss out on the fun? No thank you.  

O: At least don’t kill any more innocent animals.  


As Olivia continues to interact with Zachery, she doesn’t notice the sudden appearance of three girls arriving in a horizontal line. The girl on the left seems to have a Latina appearance, brunette hair, curvy body shape, and brown eyes. The girl on the right seems to have an Asian appearance, Redhair, a slim body shape, and green eyes. The girl in the center seems to have a more Caucasian appearance, blonde hair, athletic body shape, and two different eye colors, the left eye had blue while the right had pink. The girl in the center began talking to her two friends ???: See Theta and Kappa. I told you that our demented girl talks to herself.  


Olivia let go a big sigh, recognizing the voice of that girl. Zachery on the other hand continues to smile as he stares at the three girls that have arrived, even if they cannot see him. Olivia turns around to confront them.  

O: What now Sally?  

S.S: It’s Sally Sunflower to you, only my friends can call me Sally. Right girls?  

T&K: That’s right Sally.  

O: Look. I’m not in the mood today, can I move on.  


Olivia tries to continue walking. Sally and her girls surround Olivia, making sure that she doesn’t leave.  

T: Nah perra. Sally got something to say.  

O: Let me guess. Your daddy is super-rich or is that you are way “better” than me.  

S.S: We heard that you are going out with Lucas.  

O: Yeah, so?  

K: That Sally’s boy.  

O: Last I check. Lucas is single and he has zero interest in you.  

S.S: And last, I check is that he doesn’t know how mentally sick you are. Once he sees how pathetic and fuck up in the head that you really are. He going to dump you.  

O: Sally. Do me a favor and fuck off  


Olivia pushes aside of Sally and continues walking. Sally and her friends look at Olivia in complete anger.  

S.S: You keep walking, I hope you crack yourself tonight.  


As Olivia ignores Sally’s yelling, Zachery reappears in an exciting mood as he continues to spin around on top of Olivia.  

Z: I was hoping that you will call her out as a “sexual genetic freak”. After all, doesn’t she still have junk hidden down under?  

O: I will never go as low as her. My parents taught me to be a better person.  

Z: So, continue to be the punching bag to all. But when the day comes. She will suffer.  


Olivia stops walking when she suddenly sees an Afro-American boy in upfront of her. A slight chubby on his physical appearance with buzz cut as his hairstyle, as he turns around his bright yellow eyes can be noticed from far. He waves at Olivia while showing a friendly smile. Olivia smiles back and waves at the boy, without noticing that Zachery is also waving at the boy.  

Z: I can see why you have a crush on him  


Olivia gives a slight look at Zachery and whispers in a very soft tone.  

O: Quiet you psycho, don’t ruin this for me.  

Z: Very well. I shall give you a break, goanna torture unworthy evil beings with catchy pop music.  


Zachery disappears thus heading back to hell. Olivia felt a bit of relief not having to deal with him for a while, she gets closer to the boy. Both still have a smile at one and another.  

O: Hey Lucas. I thought that I wasn’t going to see you until tonight.  

L: Same. You look really cute today.  

O: Thanks. You too.  

L: Nah. I just saw this when I got up and put it on.  

O: OH. Same here, yeah, yeah. Super tired too hehe... Anyway, did you get the reservation for tonight?  

L: Yeah. I called them before leaving home, we just need to be there at 8PM and they will have our table ready.  

O: That great. I heard so many wonderful critics about that restaurant, plus you know is a huge fan of Italian dishes.  

L: That makes two of us. Anyway, we should head to class. I got to give this report to my teacher, you?  

O: Oh. Yeah, I have Gut & Slit waiting for me on an investigation project we got.  

L: The two goths? I didn’t know you were friends with them.  

O: Yeah... They accept me, and slowly we became friends.  

L: That cool.  


Olivia and Lucas realized that they both are goanna to get late for class, and decided to go together. Lucas slowly hold Olivia’s hand as they walk together, Olivia notices this small gesture and simply smile while looking down. Without noticing behind them Sally and her two friends are watching furiously, Sally began grinding her teeth.  

S.S: Come on girls, he soon comes back crawling for me.  


Sally and her friends leave in the opposite direction. Meanwhile in Hell, Zachery is seen in a dark palace walking aimlessly while humming the same song he was singing this morning. He arrived at a private meeting with two demon-like creatures, the first one is a woman with a cat's features like a tail, ears, and her golden cat’s eyes. She also has a collar with a nametag in which says “Mania”. The other demons hide in a dark corner, very hard to notices his unique appearance except for his bright red eyes.  

Z: MANIA. So good to see you still playing pet with Haborym here.  

M: No one invited you here Zachery, I recommend you head back from where you came.  

Z: Well funny enough, I was born here. Now put a smile for me for that is my favorite expression.  

M: Don’t you have a girl to attend to?  

Z: She wanted a small break, and I am a demon of my word.  


Haborym makes a small sigh, annoyed by Zachery’s personality.  

H: Whatever you came for, do it now. Mania and I are in an important discussion.  


Zachery walks straight to the liquor stand in which bottles shape of a skull, babies, human’s head, or cross. He grabs a glass and fills it with the baby shape bottles which have inside simply blood, Zachery drank it in a mere second. He quickly cleans himself before speaking  

Z: I have a new satanic idea.  

M: Oh no, no, no, no, no. Your last idea involved a circus in hell, YET someone pulls out a fricking hotel in hell behind our back with fucking music, and that was a total success.  

Z: Ya win some and ya lose some. But that is another Hell problem. My investment involves the girl that I am stuck with.  


Mania and Zachery both look at Haborym, who is still hiding in the dark shadowy corner of the room. His bright red eyes still being the only thing visible.  

H: Continue.  

Z: The girl can be useful; I been secretly practicing how to take over her body. Haven’t successfully work yet, but I plan to do it again tonight.  

M: Any particular reason why tonight?  

Z: She has a date, and while she told me too not be there. She didn’t say anything about being her for the night.  


Zachery lets out a big diabolical smile that made Mania uncomfortable thus walking a few steps back. Haborym can be heard slowly laughing as he slowly stands up from his chair and walk closer to Mania and Zachery. While still hidden in the shadow and hard to see, his owls like feet can be noticed easily now.  



Act 3: You Only Need Me.  

Olivia is seen wearing a beautiful sparkling dress, outside of the front door of the Italian restaurant known as “Rascal” at night. Olivia began to feel a little nervous, but she quickly felt a sigh of relief at the sight of Lucas arriving.  

O: You made me worried.  

L: Sorry. My car wasn’t working and didn’t have my parents to take me here so I just started walking a bit fast.  


Olivia chuckles a bit in front of Lucas, she grabs his hand while looking at him with a very small yet confident smile.  

O: It’s okay. I’m just glad that we get to do this.  


Lucas opens the front door and letting Olivia get in first. As they settle inside and sit at their table, the waitress serves them both an expensive wine and some breadsticks. Olivia chuckle after seeing Lucas putting two breadsticks on his mouth while imitating a walrus. Time pass as both continues talking while ordering their foods.  

L: So, you used to hear Melanie Martinez.  

O: Yeah, it’s was during my “Edgier” days.  

L: Favorite song?  

O: Mmmmm. Has to be Mad Hatter, I used to sing that one a lot back in 2015.  

L: Damn, didn’t know Olivia Pure had a “Dark” side  

O: You haven’t even seen it all.  


Olivia gets up from her chair. As she get up, she gives Lucas a smile and a wink 

O: I have to use the bathroom.  

L: Sure, I’ll be here.  

O: Don’t run away.  


Olivia goes to the bathroom. The entire room is color red, with the floor being white with heart shape red, she looks at the window to see if her makeup is still intact. Before she smiles at the mirror, she notices a laugh that she recognizes. She turns around and quickly opens one of the stalls revealing to be Zachery sitting in the toilet while reading a magazine.  

O: What are you doing here?  

Z: OLIVIA. Sweetheart, what a lovely surprise.  

O: Zachery. I told you to leave me alone tonight, you promised me.  

Z: Yes. But you didn’t say anything about being you  

O: Wait... what?  


Zachery leaps out of the stall and directly into Olivia, he disappears as he touches the girl. Olivia begins to feel pain as she fell to the ground, slowly standing up while feeling great pain. She manages to reach to the mirror and witness how her blue iris eyes began to change to the color red, the pains slowly disappear and she begins to smile slowly. Zachery has taken control of Olivia’s body and voice.  

Z: I can’t believe that it actually works.  


Zachery now inside of Olivia’s body look all over and began touching the entire body excitedly.  

Z: I can feel things, this is quite impressive. Yet, not a fan of the girly voice. Oh well, time to see my date.  


Zachery goes back to where Lucas is seen sitting waiting for Olivia, Zachery sits down and pulled a big smile while looking at Lucas. Lucas notices something off from Olivia.  

L: You okay? You got a big smile that kind of creepy.  

Z: Oh. I’m just happy to be here... again.  

L: You been gone for quite a while, figured something happens.  

Z: I masturbated.  

L: What?  

Z: POLISHED. I Polished my face; you know like what normal girls do.  

L: Ummmm okay. Anyway, the waitress told me that the Lasagna is going to take a while.  

Z: Can we change it for a steak, very rare and bloody, please.  

L: I don’t think that they sell steak here?  



Zachery stands up abruptly from his chair pushing it down to the floor. Lucas confused by the sudden difference between Olivia, not knowing what really happening.  

Z: Quickly. I know of a butcher not far from here that cut the bloodiest and raw meats in this sinkhole of a town.  

L: But the restaurant? Our date?  

Z: Screw all that.  

L: Screw all that? You mean to tell me that you don’t care all of this, that talk and the good time that we were having?  

Z: Mmmmmmm. NOPE, not at all. It’s just a waste of time and I got better things to do.  


Zachery still inside Olivia’s body, leaves the restaurant leaving behind a heartbroken Lucas, confused as to what just happen. Hours later, Zachery is seen on top of the rooftop of a building eating raw steaks while watching down at the people passing by.  

Z: Look at these sad and pathetic souls. Oh, how I dearly wish to see them all in my realm. Just to see them climb to salvation only for me to kick them back down, watch them fall into their doom.  


Zachery finished his raw steaks and proceed to clean himself with a napkin, he stands up and proceeds to walk away from the edge.  

Z: Alright. You can have your body back sweetheart.  


Zachery expelled himself out of Olivia’s Body. Olivia regains control once again of herself, she collapses to the floor and vomit, while feeling a small yet annoyance headache. Zachery crouches himself down to be face to face with Olivia.  

Z: Smile. You not fully back until you have a smile on that face.  

O: Zachery... What the fuck did you do?  

Z: Isn’t obvious? I had a bit of fun, took your body for a spin, met what you people called “Homeless” pfff I rather called them “Aristocrat Rats”  


Olivia paused for a second after hearing what Zachery told him of taking over her body. Her face went in deep shock as she begins to wonder what he truly did to her or to Lucas.  

O: What did you do in the Restaurant?  

Z: I dump the boy, trust me, girl. You don’t need him; love is made up. You humans use it to hide your carnal desires for flesh contact, it’s all made up by us down there... A simply yet sick lie.  

O: Lucas actually does care about me.  


Olivia quickly pulls out her cellphone and began calling Lucas. After a few attempts, the phone called keep getting declined from the other side. Olivia continues trying each time more desperately than the last time.  

O: He not picking up. Dammit Zachery, one time, ONE FUCKING TIME I ASK YOU TO LEAVE ME ALONE. But you can’t even give me just one night to be with someone.  

Z: You will only bring more people to suffer. Trust me girl, the fewer people on my way, the less will die. Unless you want a pretty boy gone. You know, having your first experience in bed. Together kissing, without knowing that I will be watching, and when the moment that you so focus on that and not in your surroundings. I will get inside, and I will kill him, and only you will have the blame.  


Olivia walks a few steps back nervously from Zachery's change of tone, a creepy and sadistic smile came out from the demonic being as he slowly walks closer to Olivia. Zachery uses his claws and slowly touching her neck as if he is about to slice her throat.  

Z: Chin up! We’re going to have so much fun.  

O: I want you out  

Z: Hah. If you want me out, then all you have to do is jump.  


Olivia stops for a second and looks behind her, as she notices that they are on a rooftop she slowly walks to the edge, looking down seeing the people walking by. Zachery slowly walks behind her and touches her shoulders; he gets closer to her ear and whispers.  

Z: I wonder. How many tears will your parents have when they find out that their poor sweet Olivia is now gone. What about your friends? Will they feel guilty? What about Lucas?  


Olivia couldn’t bear the damage that she will cause to her family and friends. She walks back, tearing up that she can’t do anything. Zachery quickly hugs the traumatic girl.  

Z: Atta girl. Trust me, all you need is just me.  

O: I hate you.  

Z: I love you too. Now, why don’t we watch more of that clown show?  



Zachery proceeds to walk away while still talking as he tries to remember the tv clown's name, leaving Olivia alone on the rooftop. Still tearing up and scare of what Zachery may do in the future. 

Submitted: February 13, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Gaston Hernandez. All rights reserved.

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