Guidence from afar

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

When an owl understands you more than people do. See the story also on vocal.

My grandmother swears she had a person who loved and guided her. I always would wonder what she meant. Every time she mentioned it, it was as if she was falling for another man. I could tell grandpa was getting worried.

But honestly, it was nothing even close to what he was thinking. With his white skin, large eyes, and white feathers, Lenore felt like her lover had the answers to everything. She stares into the distance when my grandfather comes home.

"Lenore, when de fuck is my dinna?"

Lenore looks at her husband while feeling dissatisfied and unappreciated. She quickly slaps on rice and meat as he sits down to eat. My grandfather acted as if he was the king demanding a placemat. Lenore got his glass and poured out the juice as well. I could tell grandpa was still dissatisfied with his meal even though it was what he wanted. He looks up in disgust again.

"This meal is way too hot; This is why you need to present the food at a reasonable time. I almost burned me mout."

My grandmother almost took the fork and stabbed him with it. But because her guider flew from the fence to near the window. He made sure he stopped Lenore in her tracks. She quickly checked herself and fixed her plate of food.

Lenore quickly smiles as she sees a spark right from his eyes. She pulls out her chest with courage and decides to speak up for once.

"I want to tell yuh somtin, but yuh have to listen. I have been tinkin about my writing career and I was tinkin of goin for it."

He tends to roles his eye as he eats his stew meat. He looks at Lenore as if she was crazy as hell. His brown eyes and cocoa brown skin shined in the light as he sweats.

“Why? Yuh wasin your time yunno. Der is no place for a woman to chase a ridiculous dream-like dat. Yuh might as well forget it and stick to cookin and cleanin.”

Lenore was discouraged by his answer and felt like it was worthless. She almost gave up until her lover flies into the house and ends up landing on the large vase behind her husband. Lenore sees the spark in his eyes and smiles. She pulls out her chest and finally stands up to her husband.

“Listen, Eh, I capable of being any ting I want. It is about time I follow my dream.”

 Her husband laughs as Lenore finally stood up for herself. She pushes out her chest once her guider flaps his wings. Her husband begins to roll his eyes as if Lenore was speaking nonsense.

 “Do not be so dotish, nuh. Yuh can't be sometin so impossible.”

 “Who say dat? Yuh became successful after chasin yuh dream.”

 “Der is no way you will be successful in dis world because you will only be good enough to stay in de house. Dis a man's world, and a woman can not beat it.”

Lenore sits on her couch as she grasps what her husband said. She started to reminisce on the times where she did chase after her dream and never made it. Lenore almost swallowed her pride until her guider flew from the vase to her shoulder. He nodes his head towards the suitcase as he flaps his wings. The twinkle appeared back into his eye as he encourages Lenore to make the next move.

She quickly gets to the point and packs all her belongings in her suitcase. Lenore quickly goes into her bank account and takes half of the money from her shared account with her husband and puts it into her personal. She finds her second stash and puts it in her pocket. Lenore was on the move to take anything that belonged to her. Since she had her guider on her shoulder, no one can stop her. Lenore’s husband walks in on her while packing her life away.

“Wait a minute, what yuh doin?”

? "Leavin.”

? “And goin when?”

“Don’t worry about dat. All you need to know is dat I goin to a place whea I appreciated.”

? “Is dat sesame street because I doubt you got any place to go.”

 Lenore finally packed her suitcases and dropped them on the floor. She started to give a great big sigh as if she was holding in what she wanted to say. A taxi pulls up once she has all her stuff together. Once everything was in the car, Lenore quickly looked back at her husband.

“Yuh know what, der is a lot of ting that people say about me. That I can’t do dis, and how I can’t do dat. But all I know is dat I do not need you or anybody else telling me that I am capable of doing anything because I know what I am worth.”

 Lenore takes off her ring and throws it at her husband. She quickly looks at her friend on her shoulder. Lenore starts to get ready to create a new journey for herself. Lenore enters the car while turning the page for the next phase in her life. Who knew an owl had more guidance and love for her than her own husband.

Submitted: February 14, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Sunshine gray. All rights reserved.

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