A Little Nasty

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A series of different mature scenes/ short stories. Contains explicit sex scenes between males.

My hands traveled down the edge of the dresser, not picking up a single bit of dust as they went. My eyes downcast, I spoke in a soft voice, talking to him as he stood behind me silently. 

"You must like to clean," I said.

His voice, deep and soft, came from behind me. "I like to keep my spaces tidy." 

I hum in response, my hands finding his old toy he called Panda. I would smile as I picked it up, squishing it in my hands gently and watching the foam form back into its original shape. My heart felt warm in my chest already, just from my sudden awareness of his presence. He always seemed to have that effect on me, to make my body stand on the edge every second he was close. Even now, as he stood not only three feet behind me, my body was hyper-aware of him. I hear him sigh and just the small sound made chills run down my spine, my heart thumping unevenly in my chest for a moment. The floor would creak slightly before I heard his footsteps approach me. My back tingled some as he got closer, then, before I could react, I saw his hands reaching around me. His fingers gripped the ledge of the dresser top as he circled my body in his arms, caging me in my spot.

My lips parted some as my eyes got a little heavy, the feeling of his warm body being so close sending adrenaline through my veins. His mouth lowered to my ear, his head tilted down slightly so he could speak directly to me, his voice barely a whisper.

"Why so quiet..?" He'd purr in my ear. Just the sound of his voice was almost enough to make my eyes roll back. 

I bite down on my lip for a moment before turning my head to the left, my blue eyes glancing back at him and connecting with his dark ones. I stare at him for a moment, chills shivering down my spine once more. His long arms were angled just right around my body, leaving barely enough space for me to manage without touching him. Even then, I slowly turned on my heel, exhaling as quietly as I could before I was face to face with him. My heart thudded in my chest, harder this time, and it didn't stop. His dark brown eyes were lidded heavily, his lips parted some as the corner tipped up in a little grin. He knew exactly what he was doing to me, and he loved every second of it.

I knew he had asked me a question, but I couldn't remember it. Not now that I had looked into his eyes, caught in his seductive gaze. I tilted my chin up some, releasing my lip from my teeth as my chest slowly rises and falls with each tiny breath I managed to take. I was surprised I was even still breathing with him that close. His eyes watched mine with just as much intensity and curiosity as mine watched his, and deep down, I wondered what he was thinking. If he really was going to do it this time, or if it was going to be another one of his many teases. I took a small breath, my chin still tilted high as I kept eye contact.

"And what do you think you're doing?" I asked.

"Talking to you," He'd answer, his dark eyes glancing down at my mouth for half a second before meeting mine again. He knew I had seen it but he didn't care at all.

A large part of me was tired of being teased by him, and yet, a whole other part of me never wanted him to stop, even if he didn't like me at all.

"This close to me?" I'd mutter back, my voice losing its strength with every second our eyes stayed connected. 

"Do you have a problem with me being this close to you?" He asked, lowering his face closer to mine.

I gasped softly, turning my head to the left as a jerk reaction. I went to correct myself, but he only smiled and took it as an invitation to lower his head further. My body grew tense as my heart raced, my stomach and chest growing hot with each second. I could feel my hands sweating when I felt his mouth near my throat, his hot breath fanning over my skin with a feather-light touch. I couldn't remember what he had said to me only moments before and honestly, I didn't care. The feeling of him being this close was absolute bliss. I wanted to forget the world and cherish every second. 

"You smell good..." He'd whisper, his breath hitting my throat once more before I finally felt his lips graze my skin.

The contact made my heart skip a beat and I felt my lower stomach fill with warmth and butterflies. It became more difficult to stand still the closer he got. My face grew hot and I found myself holding my breath, my legs growing weak beneath me. I prayed silently that they wouldn't give out on me. Not yet, at least.

My vision felt glazed over for a few seconds, and then the hot, wet feeling of his tongue running up my throat brought me back to life, causing me to take a sudden intake of air into my lungs with shock. He pressed his body closer in response, his tongue pushing and sliding against my skin with enough friction to make my head spin. Chills ran down my spine when I felt his mouth near my jawline, his canines grazing my bare skin just slightly before I heard him speak.

"You taste good too," He whispered, not moving his mouth away.

I swallowed back the tight feeling in my throat, trying to find something to say but managing not a single word. I could barely remember my own name anymore. I heard a small sliding sound and realized that he had moved his right hand off of the dresser, then I felt his fingers grip my left hip, his thumb against my hip bone as he tugged my waist closer to his. His lips pressed into my skin once more, sending a jolt through my body once I heard a soft noise rising from his chest. Something lustful and exciting. It drew me in deeper, knowing how eager he must be. His dark curls brushed against my face while his mouth moved, running a hot trail of kisses up my throat while his hand held steady on my hip, keeping me from escaping. Not like I wanted to.

It took me a few moments, but I gathered my thoughts and lifted my left hand up, resting it on his shoulder before closing my eyes and leaning my head to the left, allowing him access to my neck. I could feel his lips smile against my skin before he drew himself against me, his hips pressing firmly against my own as his right hand found the small of my back, his fingers pressing into my skin. He dug them in a little, using the force to keep my body flush with his. The pressure of his hips on mine made his intentions very evident now that I could feel the hard bulge at the front of his jeans. It rubbed against me for a moment, the feeling of his lips hot against my ear.

He spoke once more, his voice deeper and rougher than before. "What are you thinking about?" He'd ask.

"You," I gasped, my eyes heavy with desire as I continued to gaze off into empty space, my mind only focused on the feeling of his hands on me, his body pressed into mine. 

"What about me?" He asked, tilting his head back some so his dark eyes could find mine, which were glazed over with lust. I stared at him for a moment, my lower stomach and pelvis tingling from the feeling of his bulge pressing against me. Just knowing he was hard in his jeans was turning me on so much. I wanted to know how it felt to be in bed with him. 

I couldn't find any words, my eyes stuck on his as his perfect mouth curved into another perfect smile. His scent was heavy in the air, engulfing me and intoxicating me evermore. When I gave him no response, his hips ground against mine with more aggression and I could almost see his eyes darken, his fingers gripping my skin tighter as his head lowered towards mine again. I thought he was going to kiss my neck again, but instead, his mouth came close to mine. His mint breath hit my lips and I gasped quietly, my mouth opening some while my eyelids grew heavy, my stomach filling with heat. His left hand slipped up from the small of my back and moved beneath my shirt, his warm skin hot on mine as his fingertips traveled up my spine. Then, finally, his lips found mine.

His were warm, soft, and a little wet when they hit mine, not too hard, but with perfect pressure. My mind buzzed with bliss while I kissed him back, pushing my lips with his. He exhaled quietly from his nose and tilted his head to his right, pressing his face closer to mine. His tongue felt hot as it found my lips, rubbing over them and urging me to open my mouth. I did, allowing his tongue entry and sliding my own out to meet his. My eyes fell closed as I felt his tongue slide against mine slowly, his body moving against mine with fluid energy, his hips rolling slightly while he rubbed his hard bulge against me. All of the movement and the touching made me feel so light-headed, so I leaned into him, my hand sliding up his shoulder and close to his neck. When he didn't protest, I slid my hand further, running my fingers up the back of his hair. He had it pulled up still, so I slipped my fingers through the strands and trapped my fingers there, holding his face close when my tongue played with his.

Suddenly, he turned me around and started to walk me backward. I stumbled some, my mouth pulling from his as I gasped and tried to look behind me to make sure I wasn't going to run into anything. His hands held me steady as I found myself being backed towards his mattress. My heart thumped a second before I looked back at him, finding his dark eyes with my own. He stepped me backward again, causing me to fall back onto his bed, my back hitting the mattress with enough forced to cause me to bounce a little. My veins filled with fire and my heart jolted with anticipation when I felt his fingertips right above my knees. I opened my eyes to see him standing at the end of the bed, standing between my slightly parted thighs. A few strands of dark, curly hair had popped out of the hair tye, falling into his eyes. His lips were parted as he ran his tongue over them, his brown eyes studying every inch of my body as he plotted his next move. Whatever it would be, I knew I would love it. 

His fingers slid up my thighs more, making my skin tingle and my body grow even warmer. Between my legs began to tingle as well and I felt myself getting hard as I watched him get closer. His head lowered while his hands glided over my hips. His eyes glanced up at me and caught mine finally, and his lips slid into a smile. The look he gave me turned me on even more while I felt his hands glide up my shirt and over my stomach, making it tense up. My arms lifted up subconsciously, laying over my head while I studied his every movement. He closed his eyes while his mouth found the bare skin of my stomach, hot and wet as it slid down towards my belly button. I clench my jaw and my eyes fall closed as well, my chest filled with butterflies and my crotch burning with desire. I wanted him to touch me so badly already.

His mouth glided at his leisure and eventually, I felt his lips touch my skin right above my waistband, driving me wild. His tongue came out once more, slipping slightly below my waistband and pressing into my skin as it moved from my right hip bone all the way to my left, soaking my skin in his saliva. A whine dripped from my lips at the sensation, never having been touched this way before. The sound excited him more and he smiled, his fingers gripping my waistband and tugging it down, yanking it off my thighs until it fell to the floor with a soft sound. Without skipping a beat, he gripped my boxers and yanked them off of me as well. The cold air hit me and I tried to pull my thighs closed, but his hands suddenly pushed down on my thighs, his fingers pressing into my skin and forcing them to stay open.

My face flushed as my eyes opened and I looked down at him, wanting to say something. What exactly, I wasn't sure, but something. My anxiety peaked as I watched his eyes take me all in. After all, he was my best friend and his opinion mattered a lot to me, even at this moment. What did he think of me?

He licked his lips again before sitting up some and running his hands up my stomach again, pushing my shirt up. With a smile, he pulled it over my head and then let me lay back on the pillows again. As he tossed my shirt away, I finally realized just how butt ass naked I was. The desire to cover myself was so great, but I knew he didn't want me to. I just hoped he'd get naked soon too. 

"Take it off..." I whispered, my voice weak from lack of breath. I didn't notice how ragged my breath had been until this moment.

His dark eyes flickered up to me, his voice low. "Take what off?"

"All. All of it...Take it off," I'd reply, trying my best to ignore the heat all over my face.

His response was a small smile. I almost expected him to just say no, but instead, he straightened his back and grabbed the hem of his shirt, tugging it up and over his head before throwing it somewhere in the room. I bit down on my lip as I examined his hard torso and chest, beautifully lined with muscle. Not too much, and not too little. His body leaned away from mine for a second as his hands moved to his belt, his fingers prying at the clasp before getting it undone and yanking it from his jeans. The sound of it sliding away from his pants make me shiver. I watched carefully as he wound it up around his knuckles on his left hand, his eyes still watching me. My heart continued to race as I watched his fingers pry open his button, then he pulled his zipper down. My pelvis burned with an aching desire while he slipped his jeans down, the hard outline of his dick becoming very visible now that his jeans weren't hiding it anymore. I found myself licking my lips while I listened to them hit the floor, my eyes raking over his body. His thumbs hooked in his boxers and he slipped them down as well, letting them pile with his jeans. I tried to control myself when my eyes found his dick, hard and wet looking as it hung between his thighs. I could see that he was eager from the way pre-cum already dripped from his tip and down the side of his shaft. 

My chest bumped with eagerness when he moved closer to me again, his hands finding my thighs and parting them more so he could get closer.

Submitted: February 15, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Ezephel Sorrow.. All rights reserved.

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