Pets, And How They Can Help With Our Mental Health

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Article about mental health and pets and how they can help us.

Do you suffer from anxiety? Pets can help you with that, why because pets have a stronger sense then we do and can sense when something is wrong, say you have an anxiety attack or panic attack a dog will sense it and come running to sooth you and will stay with you until you’re calm.


They will do whatever is necessary to calm you down like put their head in your face and nuzzle you, or take your hand and put on their heads so you can pet them, some will lay with you, some will kiss you.


Pets especially dogs and cats can reduce stress, anxiety, or depression, ease loneliness, encourage exercise, and playfulness. Specifically, pets and therapy animals can help alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression, or feelings of loneliness in social isolation. Interactions with animals can help people manage their long-term mental health condition.


How do dogs or cats help with depression?

Pets are great motivators for people they can also be funny which may help their owners laugh and smile and a dog or cat or whatever pet you have will do what it takes to make their owner feel better. They also can sense what you’re feeling and will stay with you until you feel better, that’s the great thing about pets they are designed to pick up on things we can’t and therefore be there to pick us up whenever we may need it.

Here’s a good example and I’m using myself and my dog as an example I have a five year old Chocolate lab and she’s amazing and is great helping me with my anxiety and depression; during the winter I went through a severe case of depression where I spent days crying on end and everyday I cried and was sad she was right there by my side and she would lick the tears off my face until I felt better, or she’d snuggle or nuzzle me, and hug me. Pets are amazing that way and wonderfully made and are so good at handling depression, anxiety, or any mental health condition.


Best pets for anxiety are:

Dogs, cats, Guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, fish, or even horses.

Remember not every pet has to be a service dog, or animal to help with mental health issues, all you need is to find a pet at your local animal shelter, pet store, or local breeder and you’re all set.


Statistics show that 74% of pet owners reported a friend or family member’s mental health has improved because of their pets in their life. I’m living proof of that too because my Chocolate lab has helped with my depression and anxiety. If you’re looking to get a pet to improve your mental health, I hope you get one and can see for yourself about what I’m talking about.


Dog breeds that help with mental health.

1. Golden Retriever

2. Chocolate Lab

3. Cavalier King Spaniels

4. Bernese Mountain Dog


What breed of cats can help with your mental health?

1. Maine Coons

2. Ragdolls

3. American Bobtails


5. Bengal

6. Manx

7.American Short Hair

8. Siamese

9.Russian Blue

10. Sphinx


Inclusion, If you have problems with mental health and you want or need a pet in your life, go out and get one statistics show how good it is for your mental health and well being, not only is it good for you but you you’ll also be giving a pet a warm, loving, home where it will cherish you and cherish it. Inclusion all sorts of pets from cats to dogs, to hamsters and so on, can help with mental health.


Submitted: February 15, 2021

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