Conversations of a Reluctant Soul

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These are a collection of aphorisms

Hope is the steel of endurance.

The way that lights my path is Jesus.

Fear is a coward that lurks in the mind.

Listen to the small voice of the heart that speaks to the heart.

Vanity, you are the black stone of character.

Let life resurrect in fortune.

The path of life that I have walked solely belongs to me

Faith is the refuge of fulfillment.

Let not your heart be troubled or anxious.

Life is a poetic journey to be lived.

The mind is a dinosaur of memory.

The body is a slave of passion and the heart a slave of love.

Don’t mourn for me when I am dead and gone; celebrate my life while I am still living.

The novel is the book of life.

The body is fleshy and driven to passion.

The mind has to become an exodus of all negativity.

The soul is imprisoned in the body and the very thought of it is beautiful.

Time is a beautiful song when you are living with the call of the heart.

Discard the burdens of the heart for they are only temporary demons.

The price of democracy is freedom and liberty.

Don’t compromise your ego when others are finding fault with you.

The Ego is a desirable thing and the sine qua non of desire satisfaction.

Some wounds make me bitter.

To know is to become a reality.

Awareness of the self is an essential ingredient to mastery of the mind.

Live life to the fullest of ecstasy.

Making love is poetic music.

Negate all those who malign you and insult you.

Let the law of attraction work your Universe into a becoming of wish fulfillment.

My dreams have to become a reality called life.

A bitter soul is akin to sour grapes.

Passion, you are a bard on wings floating blissfully in the sky.

When will I celebrate the voyage called life?

We are all totems that have eaten the fruit of knowledge.

Forget the past, live the present and anticipate good tidings in the future.

An Epicurean life is worth living.

Let not the mind trouble you or make you feel insecure.

Hurl worry and anxiety into the ditch of hell.

To overcome temptations is a test of faith.

The tempest that rages in the mind cannot be extinguished.

Nirvana, you are a calm peaceful joy that resides in the heart and soul.

Let your soul explore the heights of passion.

Quell the eye of the storm residing in the soul.

I take delight in the solitary walk in the garden of the soul.

When obstacles say you can’t: combat them with the trigger: you can.

Let the joy of summer, the spring of peace, and the tranquility of autumn cancel the harsh winter of your life.

Genuine peace is found within the heart.

Let not the heart be stubborn to the whims and fancies of this temporary world.

Meditate on love, and you will get the joy of your heart.

A life well run deserves an exalted death.

The senses have to control the prison of anger.

Do not be ashamed of the choices you have made in life.

Voice of temptation: do not lead me to sin.

Woe, you are the high tide of the heart that settles down with the arrival of low tide.

The heart inflates the joy of hope and faith.

Live for others but do not allow them to possess you.

Joy has a beginning and an end.

Time is the carrier of hope.

Light the candle of your heart and reflect the world with love.

Greed, envy and covetousness all are gluttons of the soul.

What is planted as a seed becomes a fruit of the heart.

May the light of the sun become a voice of hope in writing.

Peace and prosperity begin with P and the human mind is endowed with achieving them.

Let the dark chapter of your life become a book of writing.

God is a theologian who embraces the soul with love.

Erase the dark chapter of your life with the pen of the book called life.

It is human to be desired and to be loved.

Every sailing on the sea of tempest has a calm lying ahead of it.

To be a Titanic is to drown your desires.

Discard the torn clothes of a dull mind.

A weary heart deserves a compassionate forgiveness from God.

Let me travel on the sea of fortune and luck.

Fortune is a music that defies the senses.

Abundance has to make a person generous.

Don’t be stingy with the purse, be generous in the art of giving.

Conversions with the soul makes a man lyrical and kind.

When you give affection, you will receive it.

Time of the soul is a voyage of life.

The body is a celebration, a joy in the art of a becoming.

Exploit your talents to the fullest extent.

Be of help to those in need.

Do not slumber when the sun shines.

The cross of calvary is the best gift given to mankind.

Humility you have to pervade the soul and make the tides of depth turning.

If you give love: you will get more of it.

The voice of your inner child is the tune for the melody of life.

Patience be gentle and kind to me.

When troubled with guilt: confess to the highest in the heavens and he will answer you.

The passion to love enriches the heart of feeling.

Delight in God and he will carry you through.

Humility is a rare gift of the soul.

Endurance is the vehicle of patience.

Who in the world does not desire and deserve the good things of life?

The soul is a cavernous delicacy.

The soul can actively combat the fear lurking in it.

Do good to others and it will be returned back to you.

Making love is the highest form of music, a sheer art.

I would love it if my reality merges with fantasy.

The real self is real but the fictional self is phantasmagoric.

Make an allusion to the ego and it will provide the right answers to your heart.

The life that you are living has to carry the shadow of achievement.

Being in sojourn with nature is the greatest gift of life.

The truth of friendship is a heart that lends a supporting hand.

Karma is the paradox of making choices.

Life is a ship traveling in the ocean.

The depth of the soul is a voice of hope.

During trying times, wear an armor of hope.

To be in poverty is to have a poor soul.

Aspire for riches and they will be yours.

Moral of the self is the search for truth in the meaning called life.

I have known the pain of a lover abandoning me.

Ego became a reality after the fall of Adam and Eve.

Let the brook of life run through you.

Seek solace within the confines your heart.

Don’t let an astrologer decide the better choices you have in life.

The seed of growing up is the fruit called life.

Being in the right place at the right time is the hallmark of achievement.

The pain of rejection is a rotten fruit which has become poisonous.

Remember you dead ancestors and treat their souls with love.

I am embarking on journey of life with a hopeful destination called success.

Let not the cares of the world bother you.

It is a passion to explore altered states of consciousness.

Work hard till you get the most out of life.

To be brave is an inner victory for the soul.

The Word that was the book of life incarnated into the life of the messiah.

Hope and Faith are the twin axis for victory.

Life is melodious song.

Being gifted with the soul is the greatest gift of life.

Be generous in giving a full measure of your heart.

The soul is an oasis of hope in the desert of discouragement.

Let not the worries of this world create s suicide of your dreams.

Let your ambition guide the path of destiny.

The mind is meditation to achieve a spiritual self.

The self is a vacuum for experiences to fulfill.

To face disaster is to strengthen your character.

Consciousness reflects in delight and is a passion to enjoy life.








Submitted: February 15, 2021

© Copyright 2021 enigmati. All rights reserved.

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