Something Dangerously Special - #2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is the 2nd half in this 2-part story. It would be best to read "Something Dangerously Special" first, then read this. Both stories are about 2,000 word combined.
This day had not been "Something Dangerously Special for Cosset," as Rodney had hoped. But it was dangerous.

"After finalizing the details of their rendezvous at the lakeside cabin, Rodney went back to his office to answer a few e-mails and to lock things up.

There was no need to return to his apartment, he had pre-planed the weekend, deadly details and all, so his overnight bags were already in his car.


It was just before dark when Rodney arrived at the cabin, and he was surprised to see that Cosset's Jaguar was not in the driveway.

So Rodney mumbled to himself, "Cosset is usually here before I arrive. I wonder what is keeping her?"

As Rodney entered the front door of the cabin he dropped his overnight bags next to the door and went straight to a note that was left on the dinette table.

The note was from Cosset and it said, "Forgot ice, went back to Maggie's Market to get some. Shouldn't take long, have a drink and I'll be back before you know it.

Rodney tossed the note in the trash basket and then noticed a glass next to a new bottle of Scotch, well, nearly new. There were two fingers of Scotch missing from the top of the bottle and a wet glass on the table.

Rodger said, "Cosset's been at the booze already. I hope that is all she's had to drink, I wouldn't want her to get in an accident." Then Rodney gave out with a laugh.

Rodney poured a ruff double-shot into the glass and took a swig. Then he walked out the back door and stood on the deck overlooking the lake.

"Boy, what a view," Rodney said as if talking to someone with him. But there was no-one there, just Rodney, the booze, and a view of the setting sun that was hardly noticeable due to the mountain peaks.

"Well Lake, one more for the mountain," Rodney said with a laugh added.

Rodney downed the rest of his drink and headed back for more.

"I wonder if there is any ice in that crappy little ice tray?" Rodney mumbled as he looked at the old GE refrigerator. "A couple of ice cubes would be better than none, let's take a look," he said as he pulled on the refrigerator door.

As the door opened, Rodney's face took on the look of curiosity. That is when he mumbled, "Were in the hell are the T-Bones? Cosset always brings T-Bones and those double-baked potatoes."

Rodney closed the refrigerator door and hurried into the bedroom.

"Where is Cosset's suitcase and her overnight bag?" He grumbled. Then he told himself, "She always brings them in when she first arrives."

That is when Rodney started to feel Woozy.

Rodney made his way back to the kitchenette table but could go no further, so he settled himself into one of the Ranch Style chairs before passing out.


"Well look who just woke up," Cosset said with a smile on her thin little lips. Then she asked, "Did we sleep well, my darling?"

Rodney tried to get up, but it seems Cosset had used some electrician's nylon ties to bind his limbs to the chair-back, and to the legs.

"What's the deal?" Rodney asked.

Cosset was walking around the room, and doing it very dramatically I might add. She was sipping a glass of wine and talking to Rodney.

And as Rodney finally focused on what she was saying, he heard, "So you took my money and you were probably going to kill me! Was that going to be tonight, Rodney, dearest?

Wasn't the three million that you already had in that offshore account enough? What the hell did you need my paltry $900,000 for? You shit-head, you conniving worthless pile of crap! How dare you!"

Rodney's eyes were wide, his head was pounding like a base drum, and he wanted out of the bind he was in.

So he said, "Cosset, baby, let me explain. I was gonna give the money right back. I know this guy, and he was gonna. ..."

"Oh please!" Cosset yelled. Then she grabbed the bottle from the table and began pouring Scotch on Rodney's crotch.

That is when she asked, "How many other women have you done this to? Tell me or so help me I'll light you on fire and watch you burn!"

The Scotch was already taking it toll on Rodney's crotch, not to mention the other places it was inflaming. But to make thing worse, Cosset took a fireplace match, a long and dangerous looking match, and she struck it on the side of the box it came from.

And as she moved toward Rodney, she pointed the burning end of the match at Rodney's Junk.

"Well, Rodney, Dear! Are you gonna tell me what I want to know or are you. …

"Three!" Rodney yelled, "It was three women, but the first one died of natural causes, honest.

I took her money only after she died, and only after I realized that no-one knew she had died. She was a neighbor of mine, a recluse, and no-one knew that I knew her.

After I discovered she had died, I put her body in her basement freezer. And over time I just converted her assets to cash; almost two million. After that, I moved the money around for awhile, and then moved it all to an offshore account.

I'm guessing you've found that account (?)."

Cosset looked bewildered, then she said, "I not only found it, I found the password and moved it all to my own account. You are now broke, dearest. But I have to know, what the hell did you need all that money for? It's not like you are living a luxurious lifestyle."

Rodney got a strange look on his face, then he replied. "I want to make my own movies, write, direct, produce, and finance them. I want to be the big Kahuna, the Boss, the guy who's ass everyone kisses. And to do that I need bucks, lots of bucks!"

Cosset shook her head in disgust. And with tears in her eyes she said, "All you had to do was ask, I would have given you anything. Didn't you know that? Couldn't you see how much I loved you?"

And that is when she knocked the bottle of scotch over and let it's contents run off the table and onto the floor.

As Rodney struggled, Cosset lit one of Rodney's cigarettes and placed it in the ashtray on the table. Then she said, "Do you believe in fate, my dear Rodney. Maybe this cigarette won't catch enough fumes to start a fire on the table, or maybe it will. What do you think, sweety?"

Then she walked out the door.


Cosset drove her car to a roadside pull-off that was few miles away. And from there she could see that the cabin was already engulfed in flames.

It was a bad fire, the whole cabin was burning. But to make firefighter's problems even worse, a nearby tree had caught fire. It wasn't long before the crumbling structure seemed to just melt into the lake.

Cosset took Rodney's burner-phone from her purse and tossed it in the lake, she left his i-phone at the cabin, he never called her on the i-phone. Soon after that, she got back in the car and drove away.


It's too bad Cosset didn't ask other questions. Rodney knew what could happen to a car while on a mountain road, accidental things.

Yes, Rodney made the necessary adjustments to her car to make sure it would fail.

You see, Cosset would have no problem going "Up" the mountain, but going down would be a killer.


JE Falcon


Submitted: February 16, 2021

© Copyright 2021 JE Falcon aka JEF. All rights reserved.

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