Perfect chemistry

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

It is about love, a journey where two lovers despite what they faced they were persistent to loving each other and sticking together

  For Every one who never gives up on love

For Every lover and Dreamer who believes love is always in the air.












“Excuse me! Are you ok? You can’t drop that there.” A stranger came from nowhere telling him to pick up his litter because he could see the dustbin but chose to throw it on the ground. I mean when I appeared he was arguing with her so I told him to pick it up and throw it in its place. He didn’t want to but she threatened to drag him to the dustbin worst, to sweep the surrounding area, I really understand he was pissed being a boss and be forced to pick litter which he later did and she lastly said and I quote USELESS.


She was a bit dark skinned, medium heighted, with a beautiful smile behind her seriousness. She had dreadlocks and trust me when she speaks the air bends as an obedience to the authority her mouth has. We watched her walk away, with Michael growling at her in anger that she had called him useless. I had never seen a girl who cared less about a guy’s looks but still command him to do something against his will.

“Mom that girl is bad” Michael yelled while going to his room. That evening he refused to eat supper rather he went to bed early.

It was 6:10 am,

 And Michael had still not woken up, this was so unlike of him. I went to check on him only to find him clinging onto his pillow like a mother onto her only baby while escaping from the miseries of war. He seemed so down like this, a year back when he was dumped by his cheating ex-girlfriend.

“Are we really doing this? Get up! You don’t want to be late for your meeting right?” I didn’t get a response so I shrugged my shoulders and went out of his room.

6:45 am,

Mom stared at me with an accusing look so I kept asking myself questions like how am I looking, are my pants not in place? What else did I do? I ignored her, went to get my car keys and went out with the kids. Before I reached the main exit door I heard Michael tell mother that he needed to visit the doctor, he really looked miserable. Was he losing himself in yesterday’s incident? Yes he suddenly was. Just as I was surprised with his devastating looks mother nearly cried, this I could not control. I remembered to continue my way.

I Inserted the key on the ignition hole, did the magic and engine started. I left, drove for 45 minutes while I thought about the question I was asked by my nephew and I quote “uncle, why are you burdening yourself with something you didn’t do wrong?” So I sat and asked myself the same question, in the same tone it was asked and realized there was no reason to blame myself. Michael was wrong, he saw the bin but still decided to litter the ground. I let go, moved on, arrived at the office at 7 sharp.


“Good morning sir”, I breathed in and exhaled then I smiled and said good morning back. I walked into my office before I could sit down she came in, my senior, as always a pain in my neck she told me that I had to handle the meeting for the day that was to take place in the next one and a half hour. I closed my eyes, opened, looked at her and told her I would do it and she gave me her proud look and walked out.

Eish, women, always trying to get the best of me. I sat still, told myself boldly that I was a boss.


7:45 am,

Phone was ringing I could hear it and widened my eyes to see who was the caller, it was Michael. I sighed, picked the phone, answered despite having thoughts of hanging up. “HELLO!! Bro, I met her again! This time at the hospital, what does she want from me?! “ The annoying but scared voice came right from my phone and I could hear it, but I couldn’t still believe so I took my phone away from my ear and stared at it, I wondered was this the same “MICHAEL” I knew or it was his clone. I put the phone back to my ear and told him not to panic but drive straight to bed because it was only a nightmare. He told me he no longer knew himself and I asked if he was suddenly falling for the stranger.

“NOO! Why would I do that?! “He asked me and I told him that unless that were true, he should get back to his normal self. He agreed to it and he ended the call.

8:00 am,

As I was getting ready for the meeting, I bumped into a group of girls, no co-workers, I smiled and passed them to the room where the meeting was to be conducted. So on this day, I had to smile at least, I cared less about my history of being known as the boss who never smiled, reached the entrance and I sighed. I entered, found the board members already occupying their seats. I stared at the clock then at the board, they were early on this day and I was the last to enter the room. So I walked to the seat reserved for me as quickly as I could. Sat and greeted everyone, I felt guilty. Not that I was late but I could see the fear in everyone’s eyes.

Last time I led the company’s meeting, I yelled at some of the people in the group for being late for lame excuses. “I hate nonsense, if you feel like attending a meeting is a burden then it’s better to just sleep at your house. Forget that you work. This should never happen again because every mistake done has its punishment.” I continued with the meeting and noticed some people did not show interest so I personally diverted the responsibilities. A 2 hours meeting I’m convinced everyone felt like it took forever. I went out before everyone else. Despite my harshness we achieved success from that day till date.









10 am.

I thought of taking a long drive, sometimes I curse myself for not having a car. School sucks. Sometimes it makes you feel like the richest man and the next, well miserable. I got really exhausted, from running up and down the corridors of the hospital. “Madam. Hi, can we go see the doctor now?” asked the woman in blue and black ladies’ suit. “Yes you may go in now…” I quickly replied. I hit my head with my hand yet I was not embarrassed, I was not afraid for I believed I had not done anything wrong. Oh my goodness, that is the guy I asked to pick the litter. I said it to myself. I hurried away but before I knew it, I was called by the doctor to assist in the medication administration so I had to enter the room Michael had gone into. I pretended to be busy but. Walaa

“Nurse? He needs a stress and anxiety therapy. Can you recommend anything more?” I stared at the doctor as he spoke, looked at the so called patient and smiled, “the best advice I can give him is to drink plenty of water. And get enough rest.” I said this while scribbling a therapist’s number on a piece of paper. “Should the condition persist, don’t hesitate to call this number, he will be willing to assist in any possible way” I handled the paper and of course went out of the room. Little did I know I was the disease he was suffering from. I overheard him tell the woman he was with something about me.

As they walked; “Ma I told you I was fine didn’t I? Why then did we have to waste more time seeing the doctor?” he spoke so calmly.

Ehem.  I cleared my throat, he looked away. “Excuse me, I picked this under the chair you sat.” I said as I pointed an ID card towards the two. He took it as though he were snatching it away from me, said thank you as if he had been forced to do so. “Forgive my boy, he hasn’t had a good morning” she said, I smiled. Went back where I had appeared from. I was not confused, he had all right to show me attitude after all I had made him do what he was against.

05 pm,

This was the longest day of my life, after the hectic day, I opted for a meal that wouldn’t make me overstress. I left the hospital headed for town to grab chocolate ofcourse, some rice and good relish. No more pasta tonight I told myself confidently taking one step further away from everything I had experienced.

As always once I get to the store, I’m always indecisive on which flavor I would like on some foods. Like chocolate, pasta, drinks, Etc. Trust me I’m bad at these things.

“The yellow one is better but you can get both if you like”, I looked around to see who had said that cause I know I talk to myself but that was not my voice. There he was standing, handsomely tall. I’ve always pictured myself staring at my boyfriend like that. Like with my eyes raised at him, you know, due to the difference in our heights.

“Why do I feel like I should listen to you?” I asked him, I didn’t get a response. I saw him get two chocolate bars. “I love these two and every time I have a craving I always get 2. Why? Because they excite me, get both I will pay.” He said. I stared. Who was he to tell me this? “Thank you so much but no thanks I really need to choose one” I said it boldly but with a broken spirit because for once I felt my pride was letting me down.

I started walking away praying that he calls me at least stop me and…“Miss, I insist let me pay for you please.” He said. HALLELUJAH! Where had this beautiful soul been hiding I wondered, joy filled my heart. I could feel myself alive again, gosh I wished he were not a stranger, I could have hugged him. Practically worship the ground he walked on.

“Are you done with shopping?” He asked gently. “Almost”. I replied the happiness had now overflown because I started shaking why, because he had gotten me a double chocolate bar. I felt like jumping, no maybe screaming. I kept staring at him. He asked if he could help carrying my shopping basket. I couldn’t say no, there was something about him apart from looking like a savior in my eyes. I could feel natural love. We walked as we turned to get a tray of meat, we bumped into his friend, Lloyd. They greeted each other and I was warmly addressed by this sweet stranger. After a 2 minutes talk, we continued our journey and off to the till.

Wait, the surprise was not yet over, he paid for everything in the basket. He asked me if what I had got was really all that I wanted and that I had not forgotten anything. I shrugged my shoulders and said yes it is all. I blushed. He noticed. He was charming, we went out of the store this time I felt like clinging onto his hand.

“Where do you stay? And sorry to ask but did you have to buy cooked food?” he asked politely. I did not hesitate, I looked at him, “I am really exhausted from the day’s work I do not feel like cooking plus I am supposed to work on a couple of things. I stay very far thanks for asking”. I reached inside my bag and took out some money handed it to him. He looked at me, smiled then spoke. “What for?” I told him for paying for my groceries but he looked at the sky, looked at me. This time he looked at me as though he was looking at my troubled soul and said, and I quote, “look sweetheart, I did not cover for you that when we leave the shop you pay back I was just doing my job.”

This time I was really puzzled, “T hen what do you want?” I stormed but he calmly said, “You can repay me by being my friend” I agreed. He later asked for my number which I know I did not smile while saving it in his phone but it had me smiling all my journey back home.


07 pm,

Maybe with some minutes past. Phone ringed, I was working on my studies. Like I was so lost in my books and admiring the nature of my chocolate. I answered, before I could speak “Hello? Christie hi, its Jay”. Oh I apologize for not being so kind to introduce myself. I live alone and I don’t like being disturbed when I’m lost in my work. “I thought of calling as soon as I got home but I was occupied a little.” I’m pretty sure you have already met Jayce. The brother to Michael, a boss who is tough and does not like to smile. The savior who enjoys chocolate like I do. Yes he is all that. Probably the only child of his mother and father.

“Hi Jay, Uhm, it’s an honor hearing from you and don’t stress about not calling me on time, thank you for making my evening amazing.” I said as I wept my chocolate that had been transported down my gut.






Having returned from the hustles of day, we sat down round our dining table once again as a big family. Mom noticed something unusual. Now everyone did notice it, I didn’t stop humming while taking my supper. “Jay?”


“How was work?”

“Great, how was your day?” I replied quickly and resumed to my humming. I was really excited. Could I be in love? So let me be honest, all my goons been like relationships especially with people mostly ladies pursuing careers like medicine, law and engineering don’t really work out but I was so determined to take the risk. I ate in no hurry I was not planning on working that night so I left the table when everyone had finished. Arrived at the sink, cleaned the dishes and let them dry while I made myself a cup of lemon tea. I took my cup to my room, sat on my bed and boom, a text. GOOD Night Jay. So I felt her present, much closer than she had been beside me at the store. I imagined me and her holding hands, running up and down as though we were kids. I smiled and replied “You’re supposed to be resting.”

Before I knew it I laid on my bed and like nobody’s business another text popped and another then another.

“I was working on something plus tomorrow is Friday.”

A thought rushed into my head, I really don’t know if it were me typing from this moment but I really enjoyed everything. For once I found out how my phone could be useful and entertaining.

“Can I pick you up early in the morning for school? Please.” My fingers typed.

Before you know she had Whatsapped me her location. I thought I was dreaming and things especially the good ones they were overtaking me. I could see myself happy with this woman for the rest of my life. I dozed off.




05:30 am. Friday


I woke up feeling good, I had to pick up someone. I run into the shower sang songs I never knew I could sing. Done. Picked up one of the best outfits from the drawers and wore my white vest, a red jacket and khaki trousers. Not forgetting my black boots. Off to the kitchen, met mom.

“Good morning my son, you look really amazing today.” I looked at her, hugged her.

“Thanks ma.”

I reached out for my phone it was already 06:15. I had to drive for close to 20 minutes if there were no traffic. I called my lady and she picked up probably on first beep of her phone, I asked if she were ready for I was on my way and she confirmed to even say she was waiting for me.

Left the house to her.

She stayed around a beautiful garden. Had flowers and trees. Chairs and I got an amazing view. More interesting was her house, like a hut but it had everything, well contained. Very suiting. She passed on a plate of banana fries I could have said no but they were so tempting. I had more than one despite saying I only wanted one.

We drove to her destination and I drove to my office. Something different happened, I didn’t force a smile, I worked than all days, associated like a new person in me. I enjoyed the fact that some woman had made my morning already.


09:30 am.

At exactly tea break I felt lonely and instead of calling mom, I called my nurse. I told myself that it was only something that couldn’t happen frequently, and she had already picked up the call it wouldn’t be excusable. We talked and talked. She felt down I enlightened her mood as far as I could try and she helped me feel secure at least. By the end of the call I found myself asking if I could pick her up after knocking off.


I felt hungry but I had lost my appetite, I had plenty of work to look into but I was wearing out. My mind was failing me. Phone beeped. I looked at it saw a text. It was from the board, that we had to meet up at exactly 1:15. I don’t really know how people would make me work so hard as if I had no manager. I threw my hands to my face I wanted to start crying but I had a phone call. My lady had called, saying she wanted to tell me to have an amazing lunch. I explained how miserable I felt but she told to chill and take things slow. I listened and found myself walking out of my office to hunt for food.

I exited the building I wondered how things would have been if hadn’t been a strong boy. I flushed the thought out of my head. Thought of grabbing bananas and a drink then I recalled how I used to tell my boys that once I become boss I would be having my meals at a fancy restaurant. It all turned blue.


I had been walking up and down for almost 30 minutes without any food I was feeling hungry now. I opted for something light. I bought juice and fried chicken from a take away. Hurried back to the office, I found the guys waiting for me to start the meeting. It actually went well. It was to run for exactly 2 hours but by grace we had agreed to a lot of concepts quicker than expected that it run for an hour and a few minutes. I left office and decided for home. I really needed a nap. I was feeling bored only some rest would resolve what was going on in my head. Drove away slowly and faster, then slowly and faster as though it were a pattern.

I arrived home, found mom and some ladies at the family room. I smiled and greeted them. I went straight to bed. Gosh. I was feeling cold and hungry. But it felt lazy that sleeping was the best idea.

“Its 5:20 are you sick?” I thought when I heard this I was only dreaming so I turned around to get back to bed but before I could get back to dreaming, I heard the voice calling me again. I couldn’t shun it again for this time it was louder than the first time. I raised my head to see who was making noise in my ears. I quickly exclaimed, “What!”

“Okay, I’ll just walk myself out….

“Michael, come on. I didn’t mean it that way.” I called him back

“Are you ok? What’s wrong?” he asked me politely

“I’m just tired” I sat at the edge of my bed looked at Michael and smiled. I tapped my bed as a sign that he should sit.

“I think I’m losing my mind. I think…. Phone ringed.

“Hello! Jay?” a lady’s voice came from my phone

“Hi dear, how are you?

“Jay are you okay?” It was Christie. Aw her voice like that of an angel. I asked Michael to give a minute,

“Mammy, I’m not fine. I think I’m running mad.”

“You wanna meet up? I just got home. Can you drive? I saw myself smiling. I couldn’t wait for her to finish whatever she wanted to say. I hurriedly agreed as though my life depended on it. Within minutes I had showered and dressed up. I had to see her this instant.

I grabbed my keys and my jacket, I arrived at the kitchen mom and Grammy were cooking.

“Ma, both of them turned and replied, “YES” Now I felt confused, I needed to stop addressing them as ma. At least one of them, Grammy has always been Ma to me, she raised after I lost mom and dad in a car accident. I giggled. “I’m going out. Yes I will be back, and don’t worry I’m a big boy.”

“Take care dear…..” I was already on the last step when ma said this.

I started the car, drove like crazy with my excited spirit. I arrived at my lady’s place. Fixed my jacket checked my face at the mirror, grinned. I stopped for a while, I noticed that I was becoming addicted to looking at myself in the mirror. Ever since I met this girl, a lot changed. I started eating more, I worked on being humble, learnt to love; well at least I began to feel I could be with someone despite my past.

My phone beeped, “I can see you lost in your thoughts. With laughing emojis.” Haha. I laughed, walked through the beautiful bushy flowers. I walked feeling myself, arrived at the door and before I knocked, the door was open. You know that moment when in love, the wind blows the girl’s hair and her face becomes brighter. Just like in movies I saw it happen. I smiled. She blushed. I closed the door behind me. I’m really surprised that I couldn’t stop smiling. I reached for her hand, I hugged her like I was saying goodbye. There are some other people who you never want to wake up without and trust me she was my one.

She had made my favorite meal and this was our first date. I let my mind take me far. She was beautiful, no make-up but with the solar lights she looked brighter than during daylight.

She led me to the table, my tummy spoke she giggled, I felt embarrassed. How can my tummy make sounds while I’m with a fair lady. Eish. I sat stared at the place, it was not a big apartment but it made me experience the best romantic dinner. We talked and talked, laughed and laughed. We had fun and later cleaned the dishes. I didn’t want to leave her. She lay down right superior to my chest. Later blamed me for my irregular heart-beat. How could she remind me that my soon to be girlfriend was into medicine. I sighed. Tried to check the beating of the heart.

It was 21.05.

We were both fast asleep. I woke from my sweet dream found a missed call. Michael had called. I think I cared less about the call, I was staring at the amazing woman next to me. I loved the way she held onto me. I smiled in disbelief, I thought so I had finally gotten myself a woman. Wow. I carried her to bed. I called Michael. “You were supposed to say we shouldn’t save you dinner. Who does that? You know we can’t waste food. “I realized he wasn’t going to let me justify myself so I let him talk as much as he could. For a second, I wanted to hang up on him, but I thought to myself, what impression I would draw to him if I yelled in his face. I let it sink in me. I told him I wouldn’t return home the same night. Asked how mom was doing and he told me she was sleeping soundly. So he bid me goodnight to which I responded calmly,

I walked a few steps to the couch. That was where I was to sleep I guess.




04:30 am.

He was shivering. I took my blanket and covered him. He got back to his sleep. There like a baby he lay. Minutes passed, I grabbed my books I began studying my work. I told myself I would only look at him once but I couldn’t stop staring at him. I watched him sleep. Time was passing. Now the sun was shining, I made breakfast and woke him at 05:45. He smiled at me, then had his bath. “So guess what, I had kept some pants for my brother you can have them. I believe you will return soon enough.” I said with a smile on my face. I had two things in mind. The first, he was to get something better than what I gave him. Two, he would be assured I cared.

We had our breakfast, I smiled slightly having noticed he was staring. I looked at him but he looked away. I was beginning to like him more. Everything about him. “I’m going outside to check on the garden, you wanna come along?” I asked as I looked away.

“Give me a few minutes….

If I knew what he had in mind I think I would have whispered that it was a bad idea. He went to clean the dishes. I shook my head after discovering that he was doing that.


He walked towards me, slowly and confidently. I could feel his presence. He patted my shoulder I turned to look, but he was gone. I accused myself of thinking too much of him that now I was beginning to sense him. I continued removing some weeds from my garden and before I moved, another pat. This time was accompanied by a voice, you know you, it’s not in your heard right?  Now I turned to see and there he was staring at me, his hands behind him came to face me, they were carrying a fresh rose from the garden. They handed the flower to me and I heard the garden singing a love song. I was really insane. I know when someone is in love but in my case I was lost in love. I saw myself dancing like crazy and he was right in front of me. I started humming as in accord to the song I was hearing. He looked at me. I heard a voice tell me I love you. I laughed I then asked “did you say something?”

“Yes” he smiled. I got puzzled. The music in my head no longer played I felt I was now embarrassing myself. I took a step to my right and walked away but he held my hand and said “I really mean it, I love you”

So I stood there still. I realized I had not imagined the whole thing, he really said to my eyes. I smiled looked into his eyes and said, “I know and I believe you.” I then walked away. I laughed at myself because I did not know how best I could respond to the words he had told me.

As I got away from where we had stood he held me by the hand and pulled me back to him. I pictured myself as in Indian movies, when a man pulls his woman back to him. I smiled and looked away, I prayed this never ended. We walked close to the fountain and sat around the bricks that somehow kept the water in one place.

We looked at the sky, birds flying, butterflies, then we looked down, ants moving around, then a lizard came past Jay’s foot, that lizard bigger like a chameleon, with its big blue and yellow head plus blue body. He screamed, held me so tight as though it was the end of the world or worse as though he had seen a ghost. I asked him what was wrong and he just pointed towards the small creature. I held him by his elbow and assured him that I was right by his side. We walked away from the lizard but he couldn’t keep his eyes off the position where the lizard had been and journeyed around the garden. We talked about our families and how we wanted our lives to be as days pass.



10.00 am.

My phone ringed. It was mom.

“Hi dear

“Hey mom, how are you?”

“Jay have you eaten? Are you ok?

“Mom, I am fine. I have eaten. But how are you?

“I am worried dear can you come home for lunch?

“Ma. But she didn’t let me finish what I wanted to say

“No excuses my boy, come home and bring her home exactly at 12. Bye and drive safely.” She literally hang up on me. I stared at my phone. Christie patted me, I returned to the present.

“My mom wants you and me at her house for lunch.”

He looked worried. I looked at him, “I don’t mind going there if you want me to.” His face lighted

“Are you serious? His mood changed. He smiled.

“Yes like I’m really serious. I’ll change and then we can go.”

“Okay.” I smiled as she left my sight. There was really something about her. Now her body was speaking to me. As she walked on her curved body especially her back. I touched my chin in appraisal for her natural beauty. I recalled some boys complement a lady that she had a figure like that of a coca cola bottle.

I imagined myself introducing her to my friends and my family. Then I walk with her down the aisle. I smiled and the smile faded when a dark thought came to mind so you think you’ll be happy to be with her after some months? You have never been in a serious relationship why now then? You’re far better alone. I sighed. I scratched my head. Why was I feeling strange all of a sudden? The more I shun the thought the more I felt bad. I began to hate myself but before things got worse my lady called me I came back to my senses like a fish that has returned to water. I hugged her so tight.

“You’re okay, she said assuring while smiling. Her eyes never stopped looking at mine. She held me tight and we walked to the car. She asked for keys I handed them to her because I could hear the voices in my head cry as my trust in her grew bigger. She started the car and we headed to moms. I admired her way of driving. She brought to an amazing atmosphere as she sang along to the song that played in the background.

We arrived at our destination. I felt good now. I looked at her. I smiled at her. She looked at me. I felt my cheeks flush. I blushed. I looked away.

“Are you ready? I asked her

“Well I know I’m a bit nervous but let’s do this.” She smiled as we both got of the car.

She cleared her throat I looked at her in curiosity.

“It’s a nice place.” She stared around and at this moment I wished I were a psychic. She made an impression that really puzzled me. As we got to the terrace, met Ma. She smiled and she greeted. I responded and she called me naughty.

“I was not greeting you.” She gave me a proud look. I hate it when she does that to me. I felt down but I let it slip off me.

“How are you my dear? Please come inside.” She said while pulling me back

“Hello!” Michael’s mom spoke as she looked at Christie while her eyes went up and down the way Nigerian women do in movies. I sighed. I really felt bad like fire burning.

I gave a fake smile and my lady stood there with her manners she was waiting to be told to sit down.

“Please be seated” I saw Ma smile as she said lightly

“Thank you madam

“Please call me Mom. She smiled even more I started to worry

I had not seen her smile like this in a while. What could she have in mind? I hope she hasn’t devised a bad plan. I scratched my head. As I began to walk away from where the ladies were, someone called me. I turned back and

“Won’t you show her around?” mom asked me. I held my lady’s hand and helped her get up from the chair she had sat.


It was 11.53.

“Jay, what is disturbing you?” as we held hands I began to feel her hand firm in my hand

She looked worried. I then realized that my face was betraying me. I had never really shown my worried face to the world. I turned to her and held her face, I hid nothing and spoke as I looked into her hands.

“I’m scared you won’t like my family. I’m worried what if I lose you.

I couldn’t believe I said that to her face like where was I rushing to, I had just met her. Why I was being so emotional I did not understand.

“Hey, I’m right here. Why would you lose me” As always her voice reassuring she said it to my face.

For some reason I was starting to feel insecure. I needed constant reminding that I was loved. That I am important at least so that I wouldn’t lose focus of who I was. She smiled, tears run down her cheeks. I felt my heart beat fast like I had been running. But somehow I felt alive. I said to myself, I just saw my better half shed tears in front of me. I lifted her head by the chin. I felt I needed to wipe those tears. She smiled and looked away. I raised my eyebrows and smiled for no reason I guess.

As the clock turned 12. I heard a voice in my head say. It seems like you’re winning. Well do not celebrate just yet. I rubbed my eyes as a sign of boredom. I had had enough of those voices. I smiled as I saw Ma and Christie smile at each other.

Minutes passed, then turned to close to more than an hour and I was starting to feel jealous. My lady had been stolen by my Ma. I decided to find out what was holding her from seeing me. I found her and the other ladies working in the kitchen. I thought of going back to where I came from but I was stopped and they asked Christie to accompany me. I felt like a king. I felt like screaming. You should have seen the smile I wore. As people put it, my 32 teeth were on the observation chart. Haha!





Having talked for long, Ma came to where we had sat and she whispered something into her son’s ears. I giggled as she left because I had heard what she had said.  Well as far as I thought I had heard, she said she had already started to like me.

Jay couldn’t stop smiling. As we praised the environment we were in and some minutes had passed when Michael's brother Kenneth showed up. He had a seducing smile. He walked so proudly towards us. I had already heard stories about him before our meeting.

I agreed now that he was arrogant. Bossy. Somehow I felt like it was in their blood. Well I have to appreciate that all the boys in the family are good-looking but why should they all be proud. I rolled my eyes as he was right in front of us.

“What’s up my little brother” Ken sounded so excited. Like I left it that way what was I to do about it as though he were my brother so I shrugged my shoulders and waited to be introduced to the good-looking man.

“Bro how are you?” Jay responded joyously

I smiled

“Meet my lady, Christie. I smiled. For the fact that I was addressed as his lady, made me feel myself.

I left them to have their boy chat because I thought that I couldn’t really handle them. Every time these two met, they made noise as though they were the only ones with mouths.



04.15 pm.

We were invited for tea. The family was great. But I saw that 2 individuals did not seem that excited that I was around. I shun it off me and enjoyed the moment. For some reason I started thinking that we were now moving too fast with everything and despite all the happiness I couldn’t throw myself at life since it hadn’t been that long since we started seeing each other so often.

My mind wandered away, I remembered one time jay forgot his office keys in my bag. He had looked for them the whole day and stopped minding about them. He mistook my kindness having called him to notify him of me keeping them and later accused me of being a thief, though he had not been fair but at least I tried to teach him to keep important things safe for himself. Wait, did I mention he was also stubborn? You tell him something if you know you cannot back your statement he will not agree with you. He was very sweet when asking for something he told me that that was how grandpa used to ask grandma when he wanted something from her. So she couldn’t refuse him because he had his own way of asking for favors.

Being a superhero, grandpa had a criteria for helping those in need even if they did not spit it out. I was also impressed, the story behind it still fascinates me. I wish I met him before he passed on. But I can guarantee having seen what his grandson does I do not really need someone to explain more.

One time we argued of Jay being careless it happened that the story got so exciting but worse, the tables turned and I was seen as the careless one.

I smiled, Jay shook me. I raised my eyebrow, “Are you here? I nodded in agreement. They had been talking of granny and I told myself maybe that was the reason why I couldn’t stop myself from thinking of him.

I had to leave for home now. I had to bid farewell but I couldn’t get up nor could I say a word. I felt my butt glued to the chair and my lips stuck to one another. Jay noticed my un-comfortability. He was the only person who understood my body language. Haha. Weird right? I know, we got to know each other so well that we could tell when one of us was pissed off, happy, wanted to say something before disclosing to the public.

He came right next to me, took me by the hand and made me to stand. We went outside the room and asked me what the problem was. But as I was about to answer him, he asked me if I wanted to go home. I grinned. This was amazing, I gave my shy face. He then told me that we needed to say goodbye.

We were about to leave when ma called out to pass some plastic bag. I smiled and thanked her. She smiled back. “Take good care of yourself child and you! Keep her safe.” I wanted to laugh there was something about her she only changed her tone when talking to Jay. We drove for more than 30 minutes without talking. He looked at me. I cared less about him. I looked at him. He didn’t attend to me either. We then looked at each other. He gave me his hand. I smiled and took out mine. Placed it on top of his, “Won’t you say a word?” he asked

“I had a great time. Thanks.

“That’s it?

 I laughed. “Wait. There’s more? I asked

“Maybe, like as if we have argued” he put on a sad face. I noticed his tone had changed too. This really touched me.

“Jay, I’m sorry. I just don’t know if your whole family loves me.

But before I could finish, “so this is what it’s all about? Dear, why are you concerned about how many love you? You should understand that not everyone views a rose as a pretty flower. Some focus on its thorns, others focus on the smell. I love you and let it be. If others don’t it doesn’t matter because I’m the one dating you. Please.”

“I know you have a point but.

“Babe please. Let us not do this. Please.

I kept my mouth shut. I then thought about it. He had a point but am I not supposed to be loved by every member as a sign of being accepted by them? I shrugged my shoulders and


He sighed. “Yes”

“I’m sorry.”

“What for? I’m not offended, I understand your worry” he looked at me.

“I am not supposed to worry about it but…


Phone ringed.

“Hello?” I picked up

A voice familiar but I couldn’t make who it was exactly.

“Are you home?” the voice asked.

“Not yet, may I know who is speaking? I asked for the first time I was scared.

“Alright, I will call after some time.” Before I could say a word, he ended the call.

I sat quietly.

“You okay?” Jay asked me. I wished someone pinched me.

“NO! I don’t know who called but he said he would call later.” I put my phone away.

“It’s alright.” I loved the way he assured me. He made me feel more than safe. At times he made me feel like I owned the world.


After a long drive we arrived at my house, he looked at me having opened the door for me.

“Thank you, won’t you come inside?

“No, I’m okay. I will see you tomorrow.” He kissed my forehead and left. He started the car and drove away.


06:20 pm.

I got home, it felt lonely. I sat with family but the noise made me feel worse. I was missing my girl. I grabbed my phone and jacket and went outside. I came back inside the house, I tried calling. That boring moment. The number you are trying to reach is busy at the moment. That really pissed me off. I couldn’t get hold of myself. I grabbed my keys opted for an unknown drive. This I could not tolerate. I called for over 3 times but still couldn’t reach Christie. At some point the phone sounded like she was on another call. Finally got hold of her. “Where were you? I was burning with rage

“I had another phone call. I’m sorry.

“Babe, don’t rush to saying sorry. Is there something you want to tell me?!”

There was silence for some minutes.


“I’m here. She said

“Are you okay?” I asked impatiently

“I’m okay, she said calmly.

My phone died. That made me even angrier. I wanted to throw it away but how could I.

I got out of the car and went inside the house. Headed straight to my room. Slammed the door behind me and sighed.

I felt a soft touch on my back. I relaxed. I inhaled and exhaled then I felt calm and safe. My mind raced back I recalled that touch. It was my lady’s. I smiled. I lied on my bed, clung to my pillow, stared at the ceiling while seeing her face in front of my eyes. I then wondered why I had been mad instead of just understanding her situation. I shook my head to flush it out. I got up and took my phone from my pocket to charge.


10.00 pm.

Phone beeped. I turn around. I yawned so hard and realized I had slept off. I was feeling very down and hungry. I was now up. Gosh I had slept with my shoes on me. Hadn’t loosen my belt I thought that was the reason I felt pain in my sleep. I started off to the kitchen then phone vibrated. I rubbed my eyes to vividly see who had texted. There were two messages at least to mention the important ones. One which read, have a goodnight love. I smiled and scrolled to see the other. My smile began to fade. 7.45 am. Management shall have a meeting. Something just came up. I thought about it then I got to accept it. I was heading towards the kitchen to joyously find food but I felt something holding me back after I held the door handle. I forced myself to enter but I felt myself quiver with fear. Finally I got in. I reached for the mug and made me some tea. I sat down and I brainstormed what I had been scared of. I was taken back to the dream I had the time I had slept. I dreamt some guy had stolen my girl that we argued. I thought about it now I was shaking. The thing that scared me more was the person was close to me but I couldn’t make out the face. So I decided to keep on guard. I told myself to be a jealous boyfriend and care less of what others think about me nor say. I grinned. According to every part of me, this was a good idea. So I smiled as I headed to my room with a cup of tea in my hand. I began to hum.

Sat on my bed, smiling, I slept off.






On a cold morning as I was walking towards the stage to get a bus heading to the hospital, a car rushed in front of me. I got pissed off because I said the driver was too careless. The passenger’s glass lowered slowly. A handsome smiling face was staring. “Hop in pretty lady I’ll drop you.” It was Kenneth. I hopped in. we drove away. We arrived where I was going in good time, I thanked him for the lift but he said it was nothing. I smiled as I walked away.

Jay texted that he had a lot of work that day and he couldn’t make it on time. I assured him to be a good girl and he didn’t have to worry at all.


I texted him for I felt lonely, but the more I stared at my phone, the more I missed him. It was then close to something past 3. Mid-afternoon, I heard my phone vibrate in my pocket, I smiled. I hurried to the tap, washed my hands but the smile faded as my eyes wore out in disappointment, there were 3 messages but none of them belonged to our dear lover.

The first 2 were from customer care service, the Airtel people texted to inform me of my balance since I had just received money from a few people.

I scrolled down to see the last text, it was from ken: it read. “I’ll wait for you at 5, where I dropped you”. I grinned and I whispered to myself that at least I will save some cash.

It was ten minutes to 5. I told myself I wasn’t going to die with fear, I said, “It’s alright even if he yells at me as long as I get to hear from him” I dialed his number.

RINGING. NO response. It was tearing me down. Then at exactly 5 o’clock I heard his sweet voice.

“Hi My lady, I am really sorry for not being around. I’m still working on my project, I’ll call you. I love you.” he sounded tired.

He couldn’t wait to hear what I wanted to tell him, he hang up on me. I walked towards the road, I met Kenneth. He got out of his car and opened the door for me. I began to feel lovesick. Jay didn’t have to leave me at all. I almost cried, I held my tears and got into the car. He shut the door for me. I wiped the tear. He got into the car. He looked at me, smiled. He held my hand for I seemed lost in thought. “Are you here?” he asked. I nodded yes. I smiled. “How are you?” I looked at him. I felt like leaning on his shoulder to cry. I told myself had lost my man in a day. My eyes were now burning. I could feel the tanks of tears loaded and ready to pour out. It became too much for me but he had now held my hand so tight. I felt safe after a long time. He reached for my cheek. Wiped the river that was beginning to now shape on my right cheek. More like caressed me. My thoughts went far that I almost hugged him then I was brought back to my senses because Jay’s palms were too soft like a baby’s.

I removed ken’s hand off my face and smiled. “Thank you. I feel better now.” I spoke in a tone that I guarantee reassured him that I was fine. We drove away. 

We stopped to buy food, my supper. The more I spent time with Kenneth I missed Jay. I wanted to go home just to sleep.

I tried to force my smile but it just made my spirit break more. I ceased to smile. He held me by the back, I looked at him. “What’s wrong?” he asked, I could vividly see how concerned he was. I only wanted to hear of just one thing. “Let’s get you home.” I smiled. I felt like dancing a bit but the burden in my heart was too much for me. It deprived me from walking with my self-pride.


We had arrived to my house and my world began to shut down right in front of my eyes. I bid Ken farewell. I went inside the house. All the lovely scent had vanished, the air inside my lonely hut was then like that of the dust that is found on chairs in a house that had not been occupied in a while.

I hurried to bed. Slept off while clinging to my pillow.


06.55 pm.

I could hear my phone ring but was not interested to pick it up. It was then when I wished it were Friday. I couldn’t bear anything but due to irritation from the continuous calls, I picked up. It was Ken. I sighed. I wanted to curse the day we met but what was in it. It had already happened so it was better for me to go with the flow and at least enjoy the tough process.

All he wanted to say was he had arrived home safe and sound. I told myself. No one will ever be like Jay, not in this lifetime. I sighed.

I wanted to go back to sleep but I remembered I had important things to do. Life had to go on. I was only making a great fool out of me. I grabbed my books and went to sit on my desk. Something rose in me. I had food in my bag, I hurried happily as though I was a runner desperate to get to the finish line. Took out all bought food and dropped a plastic bottle. I knelt to pick it and phone ringed. It was Jay. As I was about to answer it, my phone slipped off my hand fell on the floor, the battery came out now I left everything I was doing to attend to my phone. Put the battery in place as fast as I could. Pressed the power button but it couldn’t turn on. I wanted to cry. Put it on the charger but no avail. I left it there. Went to do what I had been doing. I couldn’t stop staring at it. Sad.



I broke. Why was her phone now off. I was now getting irritated. It was too much for me to handle and I couldn’t stop yawning. At first I understood the problems I had but now I couldn’t reach Christie. I looked here and there. My eyes met those of the clock. It was getting late now it was 08.40 pm. I had to leave for home. I yawed so hard and my eyes teared. I closed my laptop, packed my books and all papers I needed. I wiped my tears and then remembered when my girl was the only person who used to wipe them. I was really missing her but couldn’t see her till I finished my work. I scratched my head then left for home. Said bye to few co-workers.

I staggered as I got down the stairs. I scratched my eyes. Gosh I was really tired. I wish I had someone to drive me and put me to bed. Then I reached for the exit door. I grabbed it the way I would grab my only savior. I went out. For once I felt the air get past me. It flew around me and helped me to confirm myself being alive. Got in, start the car, I drove away. As I was driving, well that was what I thought, but I felt like I was moving at the same spot. I was moving at 60 km/hr. no matter how hard I pressed the accelerator I was still moving at that pace.

My eyes on the road, one hand on the wheel, my mind was searching for answers, why my girl had not called me till then I did not figure out. I refused to accept the idea that she was mad at me. She had every right but she just had to bear with me just for a little longer now.

I got home, went straight to bed.




Thursday, 05.45 am.

The alarm was now tired I am sure. I ignored it. I wanted to do just one thing and that was staying in bed. But still, I got up, went to turn my radio. Our favorite song was playing. I breathed in deeply and exhaled. It was a beautiful morning and I didn’t want to miss anything. I began to dance I heated my water, made breakfast and I really felt good. I arrived at my table and found that my phone had still not turn on.

I thought of going for a walk as a matter of fact, the weather was friendly this morning. My ground phone ringed. Picked it up, Ken had called to say he would not be able to drive me today maybe later in the day otherwise it were not possible. My mouth was filled with joy, I almost jumped like Thomas does in the Tom and Jerry cartoon. Had my bath while humming.


It was now 6, my alarm had sounded like crazy. I got up, headed for the kitchen. “Wow! Your eyes look sore.” Michael said it to my face. I rubbed them sat round the dining table with family as they were having breakfast. I opened my laptop and all I could see were things that looked like words yes, but I could not make sense out of them. Ma put cream by my side, as I got hold of the handle as I thought I did, the mug slipped off my hand and fell to the ground. I felt miserable. I got off the chair knelt to pick the broken pieces but stopped everything when my phone ringed. I grinned because in my head the only person I longed to hear from was Christie. But the smile faded within a second as I saw who the caller was. I rolled my eyes.

“Hello.” It seemed my voice had not changed. It still sounded sweet.

“Jay, I have seen your work it’s great. I will present the whole idea to the board at 8. See you shortly. All the best and congrats!” As always she had irritated my ears again. Madam pain in the neck. I put the phone down left for my room and threw myself on my bed. I kept rolling. I got angry. I could not sleep and this pissed me. I got up, stood akimbo. I had two pages and then my work would be over. I had to take a shower. I had been in the shower for close to an hour just letting the water get past every part of me. I let it run down my muscles. Gosh they hurt. The coldness of the water helped me cool down. I just stood there. My head bent down, my hands holding the wall. I did not feel like doing anything.

I heard a knock. I ignored it. I was so lost in the water but I heard it again. This time my ears were raised high for I was keen to prove my pride wrong. I turned the shower off. Grabbed my towel and wrapped it round me. Opened the door, got out of the bathroom.

I looked around and saw no one. I put songs and headed for the drawer. Wow. My favorite song was playing. I saw myself dancing than expected. As I got to turn ma was in front of me with her eyes brightly shining in my direction.

“How are you my boy?” she calmly asked

I smiled “I am fine mom. How are you?”

I sat down shirtless. “And shirt?” she asked me.

“I don’t want to put it on.

“You sound down, talk to mom.” She sounded really concerned.

“I haven’t seen my lady in days. Tried calling, not available.

She cut my words with a high pitch. “Why do you have to call her when you know where to find her?!”

“Ma please, it’s not easy as it sounds. She is mad at me

“Oh! So you expected her to be happy? Huh!

“You know that’s not what I mean but work has always been on my neck

“EXACTLY!! It’s always been about work. You forget you have a family. We understand. You forget you got a girl. Will she?

I felt guilt build up in me. All accusing questions picking in my brain.

“What should I do?” I lowly but politely asked. When it comes to Ma I always seek advice.

“Go to her. Don’t buy anything as though you want to buy her. Just present yourself. Dress nicely". She left me.

For whatsoever reason I felt my lips curve and I began to smile. I hurried out and thanked her. I started my journey to work. My mind was right with me so I opened up and asked out loud, "How can we make things better?" I signed. A thought came. Maybe we should go see her now. Call her tell her it's very important. I thought about it. I really liked the idea but what if she were busy and she doesn't pick up. Then I thought heading straight to work was better.

I got to work. I stretched myself as I sat to open my laptop. There was something I liked. I had no work that day. So I put my hands at my back thought of watching a movie. Then I paused. I took my phone out. WhatsApp. Checked my girl's last seen gosh. It hurt me. Now even if I wanted I didn't know how I could meet her. I quit everything told myself I would go to her house later in the day. I dozed off.


Twas around 11. Having slept was woken up by some noise. People were shouting saying we had won and the deal had been finalized. They said they came to congratulate and thank me for putting the company on the map again as they put it. They brought me champagne along with it was a box of chocolates. I smiled. The thought that popped into my head was I could drink that with the woman of my dreams. I thanked them and congratulated them back. I didn't want noise. They were asked to go out and continue celebrating that my seniors wished to have a few minutes with me. At last peace. I smiled at them. How are you? One of them asked. They were three of them I remember. I rubbed my eyes to see clearly. I cleared my throat and

"I'm alright, how are you?" I replied back.

They stood in front of me but gladly sat after asking them to. They made noise for close to thirty minutes to an extent I began to doze. Luckily I wore my shades.

Somehow I don't remember what they told me, but I recall hearing "You should get some rest. You need it." And the door closed in front of me.

I wanted to scream, at least thank the heavens for I was free to call it a day. I got myself up, carried the gifts and my laptop. Not forgetting my phone. I left office at exactly 1.

I almost banged my head on the wall. I was really tired. This was like the only day I had my rest. So I went to the nearest store and got me chocolate. And of course some nice 2 litres carton of Ceres. I started my drive. I thought of some chicken or pork. But before you know it, my eyes betrayed me. I began to sleep. So no matter how I rubbed them, I was still dozing. They felt heavy for me. I put on music. Great! Now my favorite was playing. The Sinach type. I began to jump on the driver's seat. I told myself only heavens could help me for I was not ready to die. Not while driving home. Not before I saw my woman and apologize to her. Having listened to the song. My eyes cleared. I could see far and I was driving at a pace I knew I could stand anything that came to me.

Drove for almost an hour on the same road I drive for 45 minutes but I was okay. Got home. Met Mom. She was on the veranda with her friends. I greeted them and went inside. Straight to bed. I just threw myself as usual and I was okay with it. I slept. Now for forever.



05.30 pm.

Got a cab headed home. Feeling numb. I prayed I found my phone on at least. It was beyond me. I didn't want to buy another one. Well not now. I arrived home and found champagne and a box of chocolates. I smiled and took it inside. Now without having the mindset of wanting to know who had sent it, I opened the box and had one chocolate, then another and then another. Then a thought came. I checked for my phone. Turned it on. Boom it responded. I wanted to dance or scream. The first person I wanted to talk to................


"Hello." Sounded sleepy

"Wake up sleepy head." I tried to sound sarcastic

I could hear him make sounds on the bed.

"Hello my love." Sweetly came his voice. I could feel some wind blow to my ear. I took the phone from my ear and stared at it. I closed my eyes and giggled.

"How are you? I asked

"I'm okay, I'm up."

I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. I could feel the connection between us again. I confidently told myself I hadn't lost him.

"Can you come?

Before I could finish well I'm not sure if I had other words but he had already jumped out of bed and he was on his way.

I ended the call and made dinner. An amazing one I think. Pasta. Spaghetti and meatballs. I blushed.


After an hour and some minutes, I heard a knock. It was around to eight. I hurried to open. As handsome as always, he stood there. I held his hand and pulled him close. I hugged him so tight and I heard him say. "I will never let you go." Uuuuuh I wanted to jump. I felt like I now had wings. We stood there and I felt amazing. I felt safe. I felt alive. He looked at me. I looked away. He held my chin and kissed my forehead. My cheeks flushed. I wanted to go away to hide my blushing face but he held me so tight and brought me too close to him that even air would suffocate for lack of space between us. I brought him inside. Took him to the table.

"I smell something nice" he looked at me and smiled.

"I made your favorite." I smiled back.

He adjusted the chair for me to sit. Then he sat by me. We ate and talked and talked. We laughed. I was missing him. Every second he spoke I could feel some broken pieces in me glue back together. I felt warm especially around my thoracic region. He was beside me physically, emotionally.

He looked at me non-stop. I ceased to speak. "Why?" I looked at him.

"Don't stop. Please." He pleaded

"I miss your smile and your voice that I want to listen to you fully." He said. I smiled.

I took out my hand and gave me his. Music played slowly. He pulled me up. We danced. I only wished the moment never ended. "Happy anniversary my love". Aw he had said it to my face. "Thank you so much and happy anniversary to you too dear. Thank you for the chocolate and champagne".

"But how did you know I brought it?" He asked nicely

"Look sweetheart, you're the only person I know can do that." I replied with a smile

He spin me round and he pushed me away then pulled me real close. He embraced me as time went, every second felt great. I had forgotten that he had been away for all week and the more I could feel his heart beat the more I heard I love yous. I nodded my head and tried to enjoy the moment. We were so silent and I could feel the rhythm of his heart. It was regular. He looked at me and I looked away. So every time he looked at me, I couldn't face him. He lifted my chin again. He made me look at him in the eye. I heard sounds like in the movies. Dadadaaaaa. I looked away but I was brought to the same position. This was it the inevitable part. My heart beat so fast.

"What do you want to do??" I was scared.

"I want to bite your nose silly." He said it as if he meant it.

"But why?

"And what kind of question is that? I want to kiss you. Shhhh." He shush me. I tried to break away but how could I flee. I gave up. Stopped panicking. Who was I to escape? He kissed my forehead and asked me if I had anything to study.

He left me. He went to the sink and cleaned the dishes we had used. This night he told me he would spend it with me. He called home and told mom he would not return until tomorrow. He came to sit next to me and took out his phone to study.

Having studied for an hour. He held me by the hand and took me to bed. I had been dozing slowly. He put me to bed and he went back to study.


11 pm.

I had made up my mind to start a project. I needed to quit my job and do something about me. So I'm 22 turning 23. I have been thinking of starting a business. I have seen a lot of potential that need to be unleashed. I set an alarm. I was now dozing. Christie was shivering. I put my phone on the table and went to her. I lay next to her. Held her tight with the blanket covering us.

Let me make this clear, I had told myself that I was going to be her soldier, to fight her battles. Be her pillar as she falls. To be the thing she can think of and smile in the midst of all negativity. She slept close to me and our breathing was now one as though they were in agreement to some things we did not know of. I smiled. She turned to face me.

She was a beaut. With her eyes closed I examined her. Her nose was beautiful. Wait let me take you back. Her forehead was sidely covered by her hair. Just inferior to her nose my eyes met her lips. I stared. I didn't let myself get tempted so I looked away. But I was brought back and now I imagined what life would offer me in the days to come so I said to myself, I will patiently wait for the right time cause for sure I had her. I cannot remember if at all I said it out loud but I heard her make a sound as though she agreed to my words. I slept while staring at the amazing woman.


Friday., 05 am.

"Good morning my love." She smiled while looking at me. I was so excited and happy and intrigued and all those words you can think of. I was in love again. I felt much better and I had a crazy idea to buy a ring fit for her finger and ask her to wait till our wedding day.

"Good morning to you". She smiled. I told her water was ready and all she had to do was to take a bath and have breakfast. This day I had my pants with me so I didn't have to ask for clothes.

"You look amazing." She said while staring. Her eyes tempted me. What did they want. As if they were asking me to accompany their owner to the bathroom. I looked away.

I believe when you love someone you respect them and you shun away from anything that can make you fall into traps like heading to the bathroom yet you had already had your bath. I put music and went outside.

The breeze was great, accommodative. I breathed in and out. Plucked 3 flowers. Yellow, red and white. Took them inside. Put them in the water on the table where I had set bowls for breakfast.

She had dressed up and in her uniform she looked great. I loved her. She came close I wanted to ignore the fact that I was nervous to face her. She held me by the shoulders. With her hands by my neck I panicked. I think she noticed. She massaged me and made me fall in love with her. I wonder how she did that. It felt amazing. My breathing pattern changed. I was now in love. She kissed my cheek. They flushed. I don't know if males blush but I think I did. Lost in thought but as soon as she left me I returned to my normal state. We had breakfast and it felt great. At 6.45 am. We prayed before we left the house, later headed for town for she had to get to the clinic on time.

The morning was great. We sang songs on our way. We talked and talked. Gossipped people as we reduced the gap between our daily lives and who we were.

We got to the hospital. I opened the door for her. We hugged. I didn't want to let go. I wanted to cry. Why was she doing this. Why couldn't I just have her. Why couldn't I just keep her for more than the night we had. I looked up, I felt tears thrive to come out.

"Jay? " She called me. I ignored her

"Don't". She held my cheek. Oh I missed her touch. Now that made me feel worse. I was to say goodbye to everything about her for more than 12 hours. I heard a voice inside me. You are a crybaby. I ignored it.

"Will I see you at 5?" I sadly asked. She laughed lightly.

"Do you have ask me? You know you can have me anytime you like."

With her words I felt better. She wiped my mischievous tear and the way it felt? WOW. Where was she from?.

"Okay. You stay safe for me. Don't fall for anyone except me, right?" I said with one heart. I kissed her forehead and let her leave.

"I won't. You are my one and only." She smiled. Walked on. I watched her. She was amazing.



Day was great. Been at home. Didn't go to work and I felt better. Helped Mom in the kitchen. We laughed and talked then laughed. It felt so good.

Michael walked in. He looked sad.

"We need to talk" he gave me his worried look and I was scared.

Questions filled my head and it began to hurt. What had I done? We went outside. He sat I stood. I was looking my patience.

"I think I can't stop myself from thinking." I looked at him as he said those words. I said nothing.

"You got an amazing girl". Now I was getting the puzzle put in place.

"Talk" I said while sitting right next to him.

"Are you so lucky than I am?. Now I was puzzled

"I met her first but you date her and sleep with her?.

I wanted to say something but

"Don't. You'll only make me feel worse." I could sense his anger but he didn't want me to help him cool down so I left it that way.

"You didn't let me talk her first nor face my fears instead you went behind my back and ask her out. Bro who does that?!"  I felt guilty. He had made his point but he forgot the fact that I had asked him if at all he liked her. He denied. So I wondered where this came from. I sighed.

It was 3 pm. He left me on the spot we sat and I saw tears flow like a river down my cheeks. This was beyond me. Now my brother was against me. Well mad at me. I took my phone and went to the gallery. There were photos of me and Christie. I smiled. Ma came. Pat my back. I wiped my tears fast.

"I already saw them." She said

"I held her. Ma what did I do. Why didn't you tell me it was wrong of me to date her?

She cut me. "Shhh! You didn't do anything wrong. Let life play it's role. You'll be fine". She placed her hand on my head. Lifted it up and kissed me.

I felt better.




It was Monday morning. It was chili. I was walking towards the stage. He was there.

"Good morning senorìta." I was scared. Kenneth brought this atmosphere that made me somehow feel unsafe. I wished Jay was here. Then I would hold him so tight and he would keep me warm and assured.

"Hi Kenny." I smiled. He held me by the hand. I panicked. "I came to pick you up. I heard your prince charming has gone to the hospital with Granny again today. I thought I can't risk not seeing you again sooner". He grinned. He had the devil's eyes. What was he trying to do.

"Hop in I'll drop you in town." He said nicely

I hesitated. But I didn't want to raise questions so I got into the car and we drove away.

"Thank you. I said.

"What?!" He asked as though he had not heard me for I had said it out loud.

"I said thank you." I repeated making sure every word came out clearly and firmly.

"It's fine". He smiled. I reached out to exit the car but he locked us in. I tried to unlock my door but he pulled me back to my seat. My heart missed a beat. I failed to swallow my saliva. I tried to remain calm but the more I tried to think positively, the more I became scared. I wanted to scream but to who? People would wonder cause I had been in that car for at least 5 minutes now after our arrival at the spot. I knew I couldn't reach for my phone. He loosen up his seatbelt. My heart raced so hard. He came closer. "What are you trying to do?" I asked him but he paid a deaf ear to my question.

"Ken! Stop!." I screamed

"Shut up!" He yelled to my face. I knew he was upto no good. He was really close to me. I knew I had only one thing to do.

I slapped him. He looked at me angrily. "Did you just slap me?!" He asked me

"No! That's just a warm-up. Now I will slap you if you do not let me go out. He held his slapped cheek.

"So I can't even kiss you?" He exclaimed

"And why would you do that?" I asked

" I thought you liked me?!" He said

"You thought wrong.! I don't. Why would I when I have Jay?" He unlocked the car. I got out but as I walked on. He said

"We will see if you will not come crying to me!"

I ignored him. I nursed my wrist that had been squeezed by the weirdo. I don't understand why he wanted me to feel inferior nor why I was to be so scared when we were not really related. All negative thoughts rushed to my mind. I reached for my phone. I was about to call Jay and on the other end, he was about to call me. But he called me first.

"Hi honey, I miss you. Are you okay?" He asked me. I wondered as if he had an idea of what was happening.

"I am. Are you?" I replied

"I'm worried about you, where are you? Are you safe?" He sounded impatient. For once I felt we were connected.

"Jay, I'm okay. I'm safe. I'm at the clinic. How is ma?" I tried to divert. I tried to talk calmly for him not to notice anything strange.

"Ma is fine. She just had faults with the legs. She is with the doctor but I was worried about you so I thought I should call you."

"Jay, but he cut me

"Look my love, I guess I'm supposed to worry about you. I just had a strange feeling. Are you sure you are...

"Jay, let me attend to patients. Will talk later. Please." I said.

"Alright my lady, do that. I love you."

"Greet ma for me." I hang up. We were both safe and sound. No need to worry. I breathed calmly and got to day's work.




09.45 am.

"Jay, my dear go to work I am fine now". Ma said it to my face. I ignored her. "Jay, please."

I had enough of her. "Ma stop!. If you are trying to make me feel better it's not going to work. Just rest there and I am not leaving you.!" I exhaled deeply. I was burning with anger. She had fallen after slipping off in the kitchen. I was really pissed I didn't want to leave her. I didn't want to accept the fact that she would have to leave me sometime. Something like die and I would be a true orphan. Why did I have to lose the one parent I had remained with. I felt broken. Tears were falling and I wiped them but the more I wiped them, they did not cease to flow.

"Honey. " Now I got annoyed

"Ma, if you were going to be fine maybe you shouldn't have slipped. Maybe you should have just stayed in bed. Maybe you should have done something so that you gain balance and not fall.!" I left the room and slammed the door behind me.

I went to bed, hurried to my pillow and embraced it so hard like it was the last thing I was to do on Earth. The pillow really made me feel a bit better and I was getting to my normal self again. I thought of ma. I had to make her feel better somehow. So I opted for yoghurt. I went to the kitchen grabbed the bowl written "I love you, get well soon". I had gotten it made for granny when she had fallen sick some other time. I poured plain yoghurt added a few strawberries to add flavor plus some bananas. I was so excited to see her and cheer her only to find her crying.

"Are you crying?!" Ok do not tell me I asked a silly question because in my opinion it isn't. She is one person who does not like seeing people crying and she would ask you that question as if she was not seeing you crying, so in other words I was only reminding her of her own behavior. "Sit up." I don't know if I sounded very commanding but well she just had to sit up.

I repeated the question. "Are you crying?!" She sat up wiped her tears and "No I am not. Some wind blew and a rock entered my eyes. So these tears are a technique to remove it." She smiled. I couldn't hold it so I broke into laughter. "Mom, your bed is far away from the window even if the wind wanted to blow right in your eyes, it would not reach you. I gat to admit she made me feel great and I prayed I did too to her. We talked about a lot and we laughed, later she made me lay my head on her lap. It felt good.

We both dozed off. I again had a dream. Some relative fought against the because of Christie. But in all circumstances, I won her back. I woke up. I found ma staring at me. "Are you okay?" "Yes" I stared at my watch, she had passed her lunch time. "I'll make you something to eat." I hurried out but. "Jay?" "Ma," I smiled at her.

"Come here." My heart raced. What had happened while I slept. I put a smile on my face to take my mind somewhere else.

"What did you dream of?" I swear that was the last question I wanted to hear because I do not remember doing anything except fighting in the dream. Could I have been violent even on the outside? I didn't know what to say.

"Ma I am fine. What happened?" I asked while smiling. "You seemed to had been in a fight with someone. You seemed worried and angry". "Nope ma, I'm okay" I grinned. "How come you woke up scared and startled?" She raised her eyebrows at me. I only wished she could permit me to leave her presence. I couldn't handle lying to her more. "Ma you need to have your meds on time." I left. I wanted to just bury myself in the ground that she asks me no longer of what had happened while I slept.


Just after approximately 2 minutes my phone ringed. “Hello bro” said happily the phone

“Hi” I replied hesitantly. “Is this Jay?” “Yes it is, talk.”

“I work with your girlfriend at the clinic, I was wondering if you ever love her. Do you at all give her what she needs?” I sighed. “Can you just go straight to your point please.” I cut him. Ma looked at me. I judged I had sounded angry. I looked away from her. “Easy bro easy. She has been seducing me lately. So please tell her for me I don’t do girls who have boyfriends. I only want to get my job done”. “okay, I will that thanks. Bro.” I hang up.

“My boy, who was it?” I ignored her. I had already had enough. From the bad dream to now a phone call. I told her it was nothing. I was burning with anger. Could this day get any worse? I sighed. I went to the kitchen. 


Instead of focusing more on the food, I put too much salt. I took the food to ma and I am certain she had had enough of me. "Jay, taste your food". At first I did not get why she wanted me to taste it but as I got lost in it, I caught the salt in it. "Ma I'm so sorry. I_". She raised her hand to me, "you wish to kill me?" "Ma please" she got out of bed and" I'll cook for myself. Rest. You will talk when you feel like it." She left me and slammed the door behind her. The warm room began to feel cold. Now my nightmare had made itself my daymare. I wanted to leave. What was wrong with me? I then decided to leave at once. I grabbed my jacket, my keys and drinking bottle went out. I started my car. I saw ma outside. She looked as though she were saying something. I ignored her. I left. Having drove for close to 45 minutes I felt hungry. I had to stop somewhere just to eat. I added too much salt for I wanted to feel the pain I had instilled on Ma. It did not benefit anything I forgot I had been a salt addict for months now.

 I turned my phone, went straight to the gallery and straight to the love folder. The best moments of our lives. Oh that smile. Oh that hand that caresses so gently. Oh that Coca cola curved body as she turns to head the opposite way. I tend to wonder at times if no man would come claim her to be his. I told myself I was fully blessed. She deserved a trophy for changing and loving me. I began to smile.

A thought of Michael came to my head like a flash. My smile began to fade. I thought, I wouldn’t have met her if it were not for him. Then I thought I needed to thank him. But just the idea that he had fallen for her unknowingly, we had argued about her several times I began to hate myself.

I got up the chair as the clock on the restaurant wall struck 4. I had to pick up my lady. Paid the fee and left. Drove as slow as I could and arrived at the spot at 4.45 pm. I sent a text. “I am waiting for you outside. Don’t be late but yes, take your time”. I opted for a racing game. I told myself it had been a while since I played. I had played for close to 25 minutes with no sign of my lady. I checked my whatsapp she had not read my message. I thought of calling.

“Hello” spoke the voice on the other side.

“I am waiting for you outside”. ”Alright, coming.” She hang up on me as though she had called then I recalled the strange call I had received hours ago. I was burning with anger. What if she was with him? What if he had done something to her? A lot of what ifs rushed to my head that it began to hurt. I thought of calling her again until she was already close to me. I smiled. I felt alive. She opened the door, sat at her rightful spot, close to me. “Hi”. I blushed. I did not know why for seconds ago, my pulse was rising due to fury. “Hi”. I was so excited to hold her, then I saw her swollen wrist as she put on her seatbelt. “What happened?” she looked at me. “This? I hurt myself in the morning.” “Till now un attended?” I fixed my eyes on her. “Love I applied some ointment”. “Some ointment?! The way it’s swollen?” I asked angrily. “Can’t you be careful just for once?” “I was.” “Were you? What is wrong with you ladies? You seem to enjoy getting hurt, then burdening us with the pain. I don’t like that! Please!!” I sighed. I rolled my eyes. I looked away. Then I started the car. “I’m sorry” she said lowly. “NO! If you can’t be careful, I don’t need your apologies.” I didn’t even want to look at her. She kept looking at me. I sighed. “Can you stop staring at me? It’s making me feel uncomfortable.” “I’m sorry”. She looked away. I missed my face. I missed her smile. I started feeling lonely. Why was punishing her? She was already in pain and now I was adding another. I lifted my hand to touch her hair. She ignored me. Ouch that hurt. I played with her hair. It felt nice. Finally she had looked at me. “Do you have the ointment with you?” I asked. “No”. I didn’t like to see her like that so I changed the route and drove to a pharmacy. “What do you call the gel you use? “Diclofenac gel”. I got out of the car, headed to the pharmacy while mumbling to myself so as to remember the name. I had got it and went back to the car. To make her feel how pissed off I was, I bought her two. Haha! I had already laughed when I was buying. “You can finish both at a time, as long as I do not hear you complaining anymore.” I told her while handling the two boxes to her. She giggled. I liked it. She didn’t have to be sad anymore I was her superman. I turned the radio and the song playing was by Alicia Keys, No one. I saw her shaking her head. I giggled. She looked at me, I grinned. “What will you have for supper tonight?” “I have pasta”. I shook my head. “You know if mother is to find out that her daughter lives on noodles, she will be sorry and blame herself for being irresponsible over you, right?” she looked at me, I knew she had words to say but she held them. “When was the last time we went to a restaurant for dinner?” I got excited all of a sudden. “I think two weeks ago” she responded “Can I take you on a date?” “Yes please” she sounded excited too. I felt better for I saw my day ending well. “Which restaurant should we go to?” “Which one do you have in mind?” instead of answering I allowed my thoughts to wander. Then I recalled the first day we ate at a restaurant, we made a lot of noise. We had so much to talk about. At least gossip aloud about. I had the amazing day of the best days we always have. With that day, I fell in love with her more like every other day. So I drove a different route. Her phone rang. But with her swollen wrist, she failed to pick up and I did. To my greatest surprise, the caller who on the screen registered unknown. I didn’t get a response despite my undying hellos! Having sang along the songs we knew coming from the radio, we arrived to our best restaurant.

06.10 pm.

Having ordered food. Well she is always humble. She says her boyfriend is not an ATM. I personally like her principles, she makes me feel useless at times for she refuses what I offer. I just do not understand her. I take her shopping, she gets things at low amount; she prefers a few things but those that do not leave my pockets hungry. She proved wrong the conclusion I had drawn years back that girlfriends only want money from their boyfriends on a large scale as compared to the rest of the things they need. Just thinking about how good I feel with her, I swear I need nothing more. I smiled. I looked at her. She wanted to open the door, I declined. I had to show her my gentlemen capabilities. So I got off the car, opened the door; held her by the hand and helped her on her feet. She was a beaut. With her shinning eyes, it made the evening look prettier. We went inside the restaurant.


06.40. Pm.

It was getting colder and darker. I did not worry for I was with the handsome man I’ve ever met. His smile worth billions. I started to shiver, he took off his top just to make his lady feel warm. We talked and talked. We laughed and laughed, maybe until we had nothing to laugh about. My phone ringed. Jay picked up, again the caller uttered no word. He hung up. After about 15 minutes, he called again. I told Jay that the caller had ringed again. So this time, I put on speaker. For Jay refused to pick it up. “Hello?” but no response. “Hello!’ surprisingly this caller is not answering.” I told Jay. “Maybe he does not speak”, he laughed sarcastically. “But if he does not speak then why call than text?” “You’re right, then maybe he’s a coward. Give me the phone” I passed onto him. “Look caller, she has a man, she can never waste time with, plus he loves her so much. One more thing, even if you try, you will always be a loser”. He hang up. “Jay?" He looked at me. "You're supposed to be nice_" he cut me. "To who? Some stranger who doesn't want us to hear his voice? What a waste." He mumbled. He was very proud. Now that he had me, I saw him being more arrogant. I remember one time at the office, some girl tried to be friendlier, he literally told her he was already occupied. "Taken". He deserves a medal at least. For being there, for loving me and supporting me. It was getting really late. He got us both mugs of cream to keep us warm as we headed home. He seemed carefree until his phone ringed.

"My boy, where are you? Are you alright?' it was Granny. "Ma, have you eaten? Are you alright?" I giggled. Each of them had things to ask. He was alright but was she? She sounded well. "I have eaten, have you? When will you be back home, my boy?" I don't really know if this boy of hers wanted to return home. He looked unshakable. I think having heard she had eaten and took her medication, he was at peace. "Stay safe, I'll see you when I return. I love you" he hang up. Looked at me, held my hand and it felt great. As always, he opened the door for me and sat the other side. We talked and drove to my place. At Choo! He sneezed. It seemed okay. Then the sneezing was strongly increasing. "Are you alright?" I wanted to give him his jersey but he refused. I wish he knew how worried I was. We got home, I had to help him to get out of the car, and it was that worse. He suddenly had a fever. I made him lie on the couch, got him a blanket and I heated some water. I was right next to him, hours gone, we passed out.


5.03 am.

The rooster couldn't stop making sounds that I woke up. He leaned on my shoulders. I guess both of us had a wonderful night as always. I liked spending the night with him by my side. He brought an atmosphere that made me wish he never left me. As day passed, I got deeply addicted to having him around and it felt so good to hear from him that the feeling was mutual. He didn't want to take a bath. I laughed. What was wrong with him. He is a man of his principles where having a bath is a priority. As much as I don't like having my baths, he usually has 3 in a day. Most especially on the days when he is to have afternoon meetings and also when we are to meet up later in the day.

I tried my very best I swear. This duty of persuading him was not working. I bargained but he paid a deaf ear to what I was telling him. He still slept. "The good thing is that none of us is going out today, so leave me alone. What's for breakfast??" He grinned, what was going on today. I could hardly make out anything on his actions. Well as long as he was feeling fine. I cared less about the rest. I wanted to laugh out but then I was concerned, why out of all days didn't he want to take a bath? My instincts were betraying me. But anyways he went out of bed. Brushed his teeth and asked for breakfast. I had made his favorite. He smiled. Now I was scared. What was he really up to?

"I'm going to the kitchen." She left me. I guess she didn't have anything more to say. I didn't feel that sick though, my temperature was low.

She began her cooking when she suddenly burnt herself. I ignored her, I pretended like I had not been staring at her. Then I couldn't take it anymore. "What's wrong?" I looked at her. She hid her hand. "It's nothing. I'm fine" she calmly said. I thought it was only a way to fool me into believing it didn't hurt. "Can I see?" I knew she couldn't refuse if she meant it to be alright. She insisted on claiming she was fine but I could see the pain written all over her face but I couldn't force something she didn't want to accept.

"Can I just see please?" She took her out out of hiding. It was hot red. Swollen. I became angry. I looked at her. I saw fear. I remembered the day, Aunt beat me for failing in my exams one time. I saw myself in her state but I.

"Baby! Can't you be more careful?" I yelled. I had really lost myself. "It was an accident. I'm_" I cut her. "Stop!! I don't need your sorry. You're always apologizing but still repeat what I don't like. I'm tired! If you can't take care of yourself just tell me."

"Jay please

"Don't! You'll never be able to take care of yourself. I can't trust you." I was breathing heavily as if I was trying to calm myself after a long run. "Go sit down, I'll cook this myself." She left took her diclofenac gel and tried to apply on her own. I heard her making sounds to notify me that she was in great pain. I ignored her. I cut the veggies. I found myself looking at her and sympathizing with her condition. I almost cut my finger. I dropped the knife. She looked at me. "It's all your fault!" I exclaimed. I guess I didn't have any other reason for I was right. "Stop staring!" yet I was the one who had been staring at her. I left what I was doing to apply the gel on her. She was in pain. I saw tears in her eyes. I blew some air to cool as I applied the gel. Then I looked at her. She was staring. Our eyes met. I tried to ignore her I looked back to the burnt site. But my eyes were so excited to look at her. She was still staring. I couldn't look away anymore so I let the eyes do the fight. She was beautiful. With the tears and the pain written all over her face she was still beautiful. I remembered her favorite song by John Legend, all of me. I guess I was giving my all to love and her. Despite it all, I was all of hers. I smiled. No weird feelings, my eyes run down her nose, then her upper lip. Later the lower lip, it was pink. I sighed. But that was not the final destination for I saw myself looking at the beautifully curved chin. Down to the neck. Then I was taken back to the eyes. I wanted to sneeze so I went away. I wish she pulled me back but she didn't. I mean how could she?, Her hand was in pain and the other held the burnt hand. Having sneezed, she said I didn't have to cook but I insisted. I almost fell, she was right behind me. Superwoman. I was led to the couch. We were both sick I guess. "Now I admit. I'm sick." I said. I guess this was my subconscious mind at work. I literally would never say this in my conscious mind.

****** 2 days later******

We both got better, there were great changes. Except she was deteriorating in terms of wanting to work more. I could never allow that. We had spent a full week together with no disturbances and I liked it. I was grateful. The more time we spent together, the more the gap between us was filling. I needed her more. Just like morphine, I was addicted to her. I would literally cry once she left for work. I had finally moved in with her, despite the family not fully agreeing. It wasn't my fault, it was Love's. The Angel of love had fired an arrow to my heart and I had no control over myself.


I woke from a terrible dream. Some relative was snatching my girl from me. I sighed. I had missed lunch but I didn't have much work so I left office. I walked from restaurant to another, I didn't find the food on the menu appetizing so I kept walking. I stare at my watch.....

02.25. Pm.

I stood leaning against my car. I was now thirsty. I thought of grabbing a box of Ceres. I got into the shop and got me Ceres and chocolate bars. 2. I was walking really slowly on my way out to my car and I bumped into Ken. "Hi bro!" I tried to smile while saying hi but my face betrayed me. It was long and sad plus confused. He ignored and pushed me. It felt like a dream. He hit me. A punch in the face. "Bro?!" His gang held me up for him to hit me more. "Bro! You know I love you?!" He sounded drunk. My nose began to bleed. "What - did- aaaah--do? Ah!" "Leave her alone! Leave her Alone! You claim to love her better but you're whack. Whack! She says she'll never leave you for anyone else, why?? How good are you? Huh?" He hit me again. I fell while the other two tried to pull up. "Leave him" he commanded them. He kick my Ceres box, stepped on my precious chocolate and... "If you don't leave her, you'll lose her!" He left. I was bleeding. My white jacket all bloody. I needed balance. Thank goodness my phone was in the car, otherwise. Goodness knows. I struggled to get on my feet but I was a man, I had to. I limped, staggered finally to my car. I found a missed call. It was from Ma. I sighed, took my jacket to wipe off the blood. It was already dirty. I felt lost, more confused. Were my dreams coming true? Was I insane. Was it just another nightmare? My head hurt. I called Ma. "My boy?"


"Baby, are you alright?"

"I'm coming......

I hang up.

I was so angry but was now scared. If my own relative can get drunk, to hit me for a girl. How worse would outsiders deal with me? I started the car, drove to home. I wanted to go to my new apartment but I didn't want my girl to know I had been hit because of her. She would blame herself.

I drove long but blood kept oozing. I saw myself crying for my girl. I longed for her more. I arrived home, I felt dizzy. I was losing my balance. My vision was blurred. Had I lost a lot of blood? Was I haemorrhagic? Why hadn't my blood clot till now? My head hurt more.

05.40. Pm

I woke on my old bed. Ma was right beside me staring. Instead of considering or recalling what had happened, my eyes checked the time. "Christie!" I sound restless. I felt weak. My body felt heavy, what was wrong with me. I ignored how I felt. "Rest. She knows you're here." Ma said. Why did she tell her I was beaten? Why did she inform her? She doesn't understand how crazy she can get about me. She'll be so worried about me. I was breathing fast, irregular heartbeats were throbbing from my chest like the leaves of trees on a windy day or night. I tried to cool down.

I had finally relaxed, when Ma said I was to call my girl as soon as I was stable. So she hand the phone to me. It was already dialled. Within seconds, there were voices in the background. Noisy. "Hello" said one of the voices.

"Hello my love" I was breathing calmly while speaking.

"How are you feeling now? You know you should have called me to let me know you were not feeling well right?" She paused for a minute. I paused. Ma had not told her of me being beaten. Hallelujah. I had been worried about how I could explain it to her. She was told I had been involved in an accident. I felt bad, she was to sleep alone in the house. I was sleeping at Ma's and she was ok with it.

06.00. Am

I woke up feeling better. The swellings on my face were now leaving me alone. Life had to go on. I found 2 missed calls from my girl so I had to call her immediately. She picked up. We talked while I left my room to have my breakfast. I still felt dizzy but I had work. I wore my shades and went out.

"Good morning suffering boyfriend" Michael's mom greeted me. I saw the mockery not only in her words but also in her eyes. I hang up on my girl. She didn't have to hear any of these words being produced. "Weren't you warned about this girl yet insisted on falling in love? If Michael was with her I'm sure he would have been fine_" she was cut before she continued her words.

"If you have nothing good to contribute, better shut your mouth." Ma said.

"Mom you're always backing on him, look at how miserable he looks, they should separate."

"Mara!" Ma exclaimed. I had never seen Ma like this in a while.

"Michael's mom trembled. She looked really scared. Were they really fighting because of me?

"Ma, please." I said

"Hush!" She raised her hand at me while she spoke

"She needs to be taught a lesson, this is not the daughter I raised. She has changed. What wrong did my boy do that you despise him so much?_

"He took my son's joy. That was to be my son, with her. He met her first!" I wasn't surprised. Michael had just sat at the dining table staring and saying nothing. It was when I realized that the rivalry was from all angles. I just stood there. Ma said nothing. She looked startled. Michael's mom stood there ready to say something like an army at war prepared to attack. I didn't have anything to say. I carried my cup of tea and left.

"Yes, run away like always" Michael's mom shouted as I made my way out.

I sat in my car. What was I to do now? What would I say more? How would I end this feud. I bang my head against my steering wheel. I hurt myself. I was abusing myself. I must talk to Michael. Somehow, anyhow. To at least hear him out. I thought that was why he never wanted to fall in love with anyone else. That was why he no longer attended to me like a brother. We no longer walked together and I blamed myself for being too busy with my girl and mostly nothing. I sighed. Started my car and left.

Having driven for 45 minutes, I felt lost. I changed the route headed home. I needed to sleep. I felt more dizzy. I sipped my tea as I drove and suddenly I came to stop. Packed my car with my hazards on. "Do you love her? If you do, keep her. Do you want to regret leaving the woman who puts a smile on your face in the midst of pain? Fight for her, despite it all win her. It's not going to be easy but you ventured into something that will hurt you and you knew it." The voices in my head made me feel I was not alone. I turn my car and went to work. I called my girl and to my surprise, she answered. "How are you feeling today?" She asked in a way I loved.

"I'm feeling much better now that I have talked to you" I was smiling. My teeth, all 32 were on the show. I needed this woman. I loved this woman. I know I stole Michael's girl but he didn't understand how precious she was to me. Her picture was right in front of me. I could feel her present. Right next to me. "Where are you?" She asked in a very calm tone. It made me feel better. "I'm driving to work, where are you?" I didn't know what to expect. She was unpredictable at times. Whether she would shout at me, I didn't know. Whether she would continue speaking politely I couldn't tell. "I'm currently at work, but have been waiting for your call" upon hearing that, I wanted to jump up and down. Was this real? It made me so happy. I had finally arrived at the office and she had to go. "I will see you at 5. Stay safe. I love you" I said

"I will see you at 5. I'll be safe, you too. I love you." She said. There was something about the way she said the magic words. I hang up. I knew I had a great day ahead of me. I got out of the car and walked to my office. No one to disturb me. I sat on my desk faced outside and wondered. I found my fingers dialing Michael's number. "Hello" the voice at the other end spoke. "Are you free? We need to talk." "I'm on my way" he hang up.

I viewed the files on my desk and I smiled. Not that I didn't have much work but because I knew I could carry work home and still concentrate. As I took my eyes on a journey deep into the files, I lost track that I was seeing myself with Christie holding hands in a park. I started smiling until I was disturbed by a knock on the door. I looked up, to my greatest disappointment, it was my annoying senior. What did she want this time? She came with a file that needed my brains. She was stranded and needed the help of the junior. Never underestimate the power of a common junior. I obtained it from her hand and told her to give me some time. I had to fully read it, for whatever happens above me, has a great impact on me and my reputation. She had agreed to my request and left. As she headed outside my office, she bumped into Michael. Their foreheads met, they stood there for minutes staring at each other like I was invisible. The way they do it in the movies that people freeze for minutes and then presume. She left blushing and I saw Michael smile once more. Love was in the air, no lie. He sat without me saying, grabbed my banana, ate it and I watched him. I had called to apologise so I had no right to object.

"So who is she?" He asked while humming. I was not surprised. "She's my senior. Liz." As much as I know that this is wierd, I found myself responding without self questioning that why. We talked alot about how distanced we had been lately and we told each other to bring the fire back into our lives. I felt like throwing up, I run to the bathroom. Liz entered my office without me and I'm sure she didn't bother for when I walked in, she was busy with Michael. I sat on my chair. I looked at the two with much attention. They had already exchanged numbers, without even seeking permission. I then realized I had nothing to contribute to this new whatever it is. She left. Michael escorted her out with his eyes. Looking at her back and everything of her.

"I have a meeting in a few minutes, are you coming?" I asked while looking at Michael. He didn't seem to care that much. "I'm leaving." "I'll come with" he was right behind me. We left for the meeting. None of us were given roles so our duty was to listen and ask questions later on. My head spin hard. I needed water. I got up, threw my eyes all over in search of water. I walked to the water tank I felt dizzy. The way was all blurred. The thing I can remember is being called while I fell. They poured water on me. I woke up in the conference room. I got up, feeling light headed.

"My keys" I heard myself say.

"I'll drop you home" Michael said

"No, it's all good. I'll drive myself." I said. I could hear myself talk but I really had no strength to do what I said. "Michael, leave me." I snatched myself from Michael's hands. He left me. As I walk on, I felt dizzy again. Had I not eaten, I don't remember. Did I have less glucose in my body? I'm not sure. I lost balance. I almost fell. I was caught by Michael. He insisted on driving me home. Iet him have the keys. We got out of the building. Now I needed to sleep. "Should I take you to the hospital? He asked me. I didn't feel like doing anything apart from going to bed. "I need to pick my girl at 5." I couldn't stomach the thought that it was still early noon hours.

"Please take me home." I sighed. He drove to my place, the worry began for he did not know my place. He got my phone, called my girl to ask for directions. "Hey! Hello? Hi can you hear me."

"I can hear you. I dozed off. When we got to my place, he helped me out. Took me inside the house. Helped me sit on the couch and asked me to rest.

"Babe." He cut my words.

"I asked you to lay low, I'll pick her up and drop her to you." He said though he looked pissed. "Hey, I wanted to ask for directions to your place. Your person does not want to go to our house, he says your house is better." I cut him, "I know my way home. Let us go.” “He will lead us through. Bye.” He cut the call and focused on the road. We got home after an hour drive. The same road that usually takes us 20 to 30 minutes when we are in a hurry and just a normal drive. I got out of the car thinking I was finally better. But I almost on the ground if it were not for Michael. He held me like he would never let go. He helped me to the doorstep. I retrieved keys under one of the flowers, Michael laughed so hard. You should have seen his face. I couldn’t help it, I ignored him. Finally I opened the door and we got in. he helped me sit and asked me if I needed anything. “I think I am fine thank you.” “Are you sure? Cause I_“ “Bro, I’m good, this is my house. If I need anything, I will get it myself. Thank you.” “Alright great, then I will be on my way to finish the meeting.” While he walked on, I remembered I needed water. “But, you can get me water” I grinned. He walked to our so called small kitchen to get me water. The sweetest thing was that he put it in my drinking bottle. I was so grateful that I almost burst into tears. “Thank you!” I found myself saying this non-stop. “Ah bro, what for?” I wanted to say something but, “I know you would do the same for me.” He walked towards the door. “It’s what brothers do, isn’t it? I will see you in the evening. Call me.” “Yes, if I need anything, I will call you. Bye.” He left. I checked the time on my phone. I closed my eyes to clear my head. I slept off.


04.35 PM.

My phone couldn’t quit ringing. What was it this time? I rolled my eyes while pissed off. I did not even check who was calling, I picked up. “Hello” I was so sure I sounded sleepy. Imagine I had slept for hours that I had forgotten myself. “Where are you? Feeling any better?” the voice on the other end was not familiar at all. I took my phone away from my ear and checked who the caller was. It was one of the seniors at work. I place the phone back on my ear, sighed and “I’m feeling drowsy but will be alright in no time thank you, how are you?” “I’m perfect” said the voice. ”Anyways, I wanted to check on you, continue having an amazing day.” “Thank you so much, you too.” I replied and the call ended. I turned to get back to sleep when I heard a knock on the day, the door opened afterwards and my lady entered. She was not alone, Michael was with her. “Hey love” she greeted me, I turned to her with a smile. “Hi” she caressed my cheek, I missed the touch. My mind raced to distant lands. “Sorry, how are you feeling” Michael disturbed the moment, “I’m feeling better, thank you.” I couldn’t wait any longer for him to leave. I know it’s funny but sometimes you just want to have quality time with the woman you love and this was the time. I coughed. But he had already sat down. Christie had went to change and probably would be busy in the kitchen afterwards because of the unusual visitor we had among us. I was in the middle of cooking words to chase him with but before I could release them, his phone rang…. “I have to go.” He said all of a sudden, this scared me. “Is everything alright?” I asked. “Yes, something just came up and it needs my attention immediately. I will see you when I return. Tell madam, I will visit tomorrow.” Before I replied, he had already left “Where is he?” My lady asked as she looked around the room to see Michael was not present. She looked really concerned and I felt like she was starting to care about him than the patient I was. “He said he had something urgent to attend to.” “So he just left? You should have insisted he stayed for a little while” she said. It sounded as though she was angry with me. I swallowed my saliva, looked at her. Gosh. I felt so bad. She did not even look at me anymore and that hurt badly. She just sat there and I kept looking at her. She got so busy on her phone and gave it an angry look. I got scared to ask her what it was she was looking at but I held myself in fear that I might contributed to the anger. We stayed for at least 5 minutes in silence, our longest time not talking to each other. She sigh and got up. As she was walking away, “Love, I’m sorry” she turned, looked at me and smiled, “What for?” she asked maintaining her smile. “I know you might think this is crazy but for not asking Michael to stay for long”. She laughed sarcastically, that hurt. “It’s nothing, it’s not even an issue. Okay?” she left. Then she turned, what would you like for supper? I did not know how to respond to this. “Anything you like, my love” I sighed as though I was exhaling pressure or my anxieties. I looked at her, in my head I kept thinking what she was going to say next. There are some moments when I wish I knew what went through her beautiful mind. Some words come out when I least expect them and they hurt me, but I have to accept them. Some are very beautiful that I fall in love with her every minute she says them. Every sweet word is a magic word in my world. She’s an angel. My angel. My best friend..

“I plan to cook pasta that’s why I asked for your opinion” she said. She looked tired, I did not have the guts to question her choice. “You cook pasta too well, I will gladly have that. Thank you, your choice for us is always the best”. I grinned. Haha. I wanted to see her beautiful smile again and boom, there it was.

10.45 pm

I do not remember how I got tired, we were both fast asleep and if it were not for my annoying ringtone, I’m pretty sure we could have woken up in the morning. Surprisingly, both our phones had been ringing without us even noticing. She was sleeping soundly, I admit I enjoy staring at this woman as she sleeps. She has this beautiful cloud that removes my fears and anxieties. If I were to be employed only to watch her I would apply again and again every minute of my life. She was a beau. I loved her, even if I were paid a large amount of money to leave her, I would not, she is more valuable than any amount. She smiled as though she was hearing what I was mumbling to myself. I held my mouth not to utter another word, but there she was still sleeping. I got up, took the plates to the kitchen and picked the endless call, “Hey, I will call you tomorrow.” I ended the call, put the phone away and was back to staring at the beautiful creation in front of me. I picked her and put her to bed. She was still in that world of her own. I wondered if I were in it too. She smiled and sighed, I smiled too, I did not understand but I felt really assured I was in her dream-world, so I smiled too hard that I myself became scared. I shook my head and grabbed a blanket, went back to the couch and just closed my eyes. Then I said I love you, Jay. And I love you, Christie. I love us.





05.30 am.

Whatever day it was it seemed slow, I needed it gone too quickly because of the schedule I had. Why was this even happening? First, I came with soap in my hair from the shower, then almost burnt my blouse, then the egg fell down from the bowl, I forgot to add sugar instead added salt in my tea. I really had something going on somewhere that needed urgent fixing. As I was to quit everything, he came right behind me and gave me a tight hug. I closed my eyes because I could feel the warmth, exactly what I needed. He did not always need me to explain myself, hugs, my weakness. Just hug me and see what will happen to me, like a puppet you would pull my strings and make me do anything. “It’s alright, I got you.” The way the whole thing sounded as he whispered into my ear it felt great, I felt love like never before. I relaxed and he made me sit, he massaged my neck, this eased all stress and I saw myself blushing. He made me tea, without salt. I chuckled. I don’t know how he saw the tears in my lacrimal glands, I could feel them yes, but they were not visible. “Why the tears?” he asked. I looked away, he came pulled my face up and kissed my forehead, “You look beautiful either way” he smiled. What did he want from me? I was already his, he did not have to chase after me again with his words. “I want you to always remember that I love you. I know there will always be a time when you will feel like you are alone, but I want to tell you this, I got your back, always. Even if things go haywire, I got you. My partner.” I bit my upper lip while looking at him. Was he a psycho? Was my mind thinking out loud? How could he hear my questions and answer them? I held my mouth and closed my eyes, I was scared of uttering another word and “I love you too” he said. I relaxed. He went away.

It was something close to 7 am. “Will you drive us, madam?” he asked. Did he have to ask me? Did I have to be the one driving after all that had been happening? “Yes, things will be fine, think of the amazing things, you’ll see this dark cloud will vanish in no time.” He said while he held my hand. We walked to the car and he opened the driver’s door for me. He had carried my bag, I entered, sat down and fastened my seatbelt. I put the key in the ignition hole and did the magic, the car started. I began to drive slowly until, Jay put a song by Chris Brown, entitled with you. I felt myself back. Just what I needed, he placed his palm on my dorsum and I gathered enough energy to get back on track. We drove a long way and we arrived at the clinic, he got out of the car and got the door for me. “I’ll pick you up myself.” He said as he closed the door behind me.. “Deal” I said it confidently because I knew I could count on him. As usual he waited for me to walk a little distance then he left.

07.25 am

“You should keep that young man” said one of the ladies who was highly qualified. I pretended as though I had not heard what she said. I minded my business. “Love like that is not easy to find. My dear, when you have someone like him, who takes care of you like an egg, hold him tight. There are a lot of people spending sleepless nights, fasting and praying just for one like your man. Keep him, guard him and love him.” She sighed and left, why did she say all that? I knew she was right but what did she see that I did not see? Why were a lot of ladies telling me such words? I shook my head and started my day’s work.



















Time was moving so fast for a minute, then as I sat to review previous reports I felt like my clock had froze. The seconds seemed like minutes, I reached out for my phone but found nothing important instead there were a lot of unread mails that some even lasted weeks.

At something around 10, I had a meeting that ended exactly at 4 pm, of course it had breaks. My heart raced. I was super excited, I would have to drive peacefully and slowly to pick my lady at 5.05 pm. I winded up the last pieces of work and headed to my woman.

I sat comfortably in the chair, while driving, my hands held the wheel as though I had a battle ahead of me? What was going on? As I made a turn to enter the main road I remembered I had to get pasta for tomorrow’s breakfast. Why I did not think I would have gotten it with Christie I could not tell.  I kept driving, then I had this strong urge that I had to get myself a bottle of water. The thirst was too much for me to handle. I turned the car and drove to the store. Upon arrival, things were just fine, I had to be mindful of time, so I activated my straightforward mood. I got all I wanted plus some relish for supper. I paid and went straight to my car.

I sighed. I could still feel unease but it was alright, I told myself.  Started the car and drove away. I hit the road it 04.35 pm. I kept whispering to myself, "I'll definitely make it." I put music and focused on the road. As I kept going I met, Kira. Why did I have to meet her now? She was still beautiful, still smart as always. She was with her friends and her car broke down. She saw me too. Eish, I went in front and parked. I got out of my car and she was already into me. She clung onto me as though we had anything together. "Jay! My car broke." She said so sadly but I could see that so there was no need to tell me. I thought it that way. So I checked the battery, after trial and error, the engine started. She and her friends thanked me.

"Kay", as they called her, "no intro?"  Asked one of the friends

"Oh yes, guys this is Jay, my boyfriend....

"Ex boyfriend, it's a pleasure to meet you all but I really have to go." I left.

I got to my car, now I had fuel on my shirt, I checked my phone it was then 05.20 pm. "I my goodness" I kept mumbling to myself. What was I thinking? Why didn't I just get the ladies a mechanic? Since when did I start fixing engines? I was so dead. Now I had made my girl wait for me like an idiot. "Please make her forgive me." I called her back having found 2 missed calls. I couldn't swallow my saliva. My throat hurt. I began to sweat perfusely. Now I couldn't breathe. What was wrong with me? I only had to tell her what happened. No excuses. But did I have to tell her I was helping my ex whose car broke down? How would that make her feel? Finally she answered my call.

05.45 pm

"Hi love" I couldn't wait for her to talk. "Where are you?" I asked

"I'm home, are you safe?" She replied calmly, what was going on? Why was she not mad? I had lied to her about picking her up.

"I'm alright, where are you?" I asked

"I'm home, a friend dropped me home. I called to tell you not to go to the hospital but you didn't pick up."  She said

I felt bad, I made a turn and left for home. Now back to the thoughts, why did Kira come back in my life. What did she want now? She left me because she said I wanted a whole different thing. She said I was not her person not on this life. But it had been a year now where had she been. I drove as fast as I could and finally got home.

"Hey love, what's up with the shirt?" Was the welcome I got. How warm, of all things and words to be said was that appropriate? "I helped my ex fix her car." There was silence. How could I just bloat out like that? What was wrong with me?

"Okay?" She looked away.

"Baby don't leave me please, nothing happened" I yelled out again. Why could I not stop talking? Why was I just saying things without being asked. I found myself explaining the whole incident and she was just there listening.  Then she spoke. "Just remember who you are and what you are?" It's all she said. She went to get me clothes to change. I relaxed and she returned with our favorite shirt. I gladly changed while she served me tea. I felt at peace. She was the other person apart from granny who I could run to for safety and comfort.

We talked and talked and laughed until when my phone beeped, I checked it..

"Thank you for helping with the car. Xoxo." I knew this was Kira. Gosh what did she want? My face changed. I closed my eyes and my head hurt. Christie held my hand and I felt heat like I put my hand close to fire.

"It's her, isn't it?" She asked. I nod my head in agreement.

"Lemme have your phone" she said. What did she intend to do? My heart raced. I gave it to her. She typed something and left the phone down. She got up and headed for the kitchen. "Enjoy the process." She grinned. I took the phone, she had only written, "you are welcome. Get it serviced next time before going anywhere". I smiled and looked at my girl. She was occupied. I left my phone and went to her. We hugged.

 She said.. Remember who you are and what you are..........

Submitted: February 16, 2021

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