A plane crash!!!...

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On a frantic 9th of February night at John F. Kennedy International Airport, in New York, USA; dozens of passengers haul to board the American airlines, 777-200 aircraft to a short distance flight to Paris, France. The duration will be six hours and fifty minutes. Boarding time is, 9:00pm. Several children, men, women, and elderly people are taking a journey to Paris on this paralyzing, winter night.

Long tail queue bestrides, backlashed passengers mumbling in the background, flight attendants attending to their passengers seat numbers, people effortly getting ready to be seated. People placing their luggage’s in the overheard lockers. A safety demonstration is viewable on the seatbacks screen; as the aircraft steadily pushbacks for takeoff.

Everything seems to be perfect at the moment anyhow, black fate and misfortune will be hitting like a rocket anytime soon…

The cabin crews are obeying to their safety measures/precautions. An announcement from the pilot, “cabin crew please prepare for takeoff” and they do so. The plane slowly accelerates, speeding more and more. As the plane takes off with no hazardous warnings.

Turbulence plunges. However, this is a normal part of flying. Flight attendants serve dinner for their passengers with the tray trolley. But turbulence this time is much worse and brutal…

It’s currently, 9:50pm.  

After the meals are completed; the plane climbs up and down once; then twice, then thrice; the passengers say a mouthful “whoa” this is an error, something is failing in the engine…

A few minutes later, the plane is beginning to turn to left and right and then dangerously zigzagging! All the passengers are shouting with agony and terror! However, the flight attendants are ambitiously remaining calm, as they always should be in every catastrophe and crises.

Oxygen masks are provided now and the seatbelt sign is turned on. But no use!... the victim  passengers are anxiously mourning to themselves, crying and sobbing with panic and fear. Children and babies are also screaming and crying. Last but not least, the ending is near… the plane collides with something and disastrously nose dives at an intense speed!; as the victims cry out their last bloodcurdling and bloodbath scream…

At 11:15pm, the plane vanishes deep down into the Atlantic Ocean; the planes debris is inspected and all corpses are found. Thus, some were missing. All two hundred and thirty passengers are dead.

From the black box it is believed that,

A family of three was going to a wedding.

A man was going to a funeral.

A little boy was going to get treatment for his leukemia.

A twenty three year old lady won the lottery and was going to claim her money.

A twenty nine year old woman was going to meet her long distance relationship boyfriend for the first time. 

Of course, additional searching will be conducted.


The cause of the crash was because the plane had collided with another plane from the front; known to be Delta Airlines, Boeing 737-800; moreover, there was an air traffic controller error and a maintenance failure as well.  

The black night of 9th of February was an apocalyptic nightmare! The destruction was powerfully horrifying. What’s worse? It’s torturing for the leftovers loved ones.

And this is how this tragic and unlucky plane crash happened…

By Seniha Haksever  




Submitted: February 17, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Authoress Seni. All rights reserved.

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