Dark Widows Drive

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a story I wrote in one day. It is about a man who conquers evil at Dark Widows Drive with a being that is literally not from this world. It starts with a man carrying a possession down the street where the streetlights keep him for company.

Many do not know the boots or shoes that a person has walked in or the hardening calluses that are within the hands of workers that work until their hands cracked from the dry air that is around them. Many do not know the first names of people that come into and out of lives like a firefly that light up the night and never to come back into the same space in its shortening life. Many of men and women do not know of the secrets that rouse their heads when they walk up and down the city streets, morning, noon, and night with something simple in life that they cannot put into words but alternate the discretions that are performed into actions.

Life is grand but life is a burden for some that cannot find any stimulation in it when Patton walked down the street with a tune in his head. The tune is something that he had learned when he was a child. The weather reports on the news says that there is going to be rain by four o’clock in the morning when Patton continued to walk down the street with that tune being disturbed by the many commotions that are going on upon houses in Dark Widows Drive. Dark Widows Drive is a place that holds the commonwealth of negative embrace in the entire town when Patton tried to keep the sounds of those voices away from him when he dangled something within his hand. What was within his hand is something that will make the world more happy for him as he continued to walk with the tune coming back to him like tuning the radio in a car that has no wheels.

Patton started to smile with the possession that is banging against his thigh when he continued towards the folly of Dark Widows Drive. He took his boot with him, forgetting the old Honda Civic in the driveway when he had to trek over the sidewalk to get there when he remembered the rain that should be arriving in six hours or less. The possession is still within his hand when he did not see one car driving up and down the road when the voices started to come back to him like a room that is about to flood with the water coming in to drown him for all of eternity. He wanted to be ridden of these voices when he continued to walk, stumbling a little when he foot hit the gutter where the old newspaper are that proclaimed that there is very bad news in the coming future. He walked towards the mouth of Dark Widows Drive with the possession banging on his thigh when the streetlights kept him for company as he walked and walked with the tune in his head keeping him for company.

That is when he is accosted by his father who has been dead for the past nine years.

“Where are you going?” His father asked him a question when Patton knew it was a trick.

“You know that you are not going to win this. The police are involved on the matter and they have everything in order.” His father smiled. It is the same man who took him sledding when he was little when Patton cocked his head, knowing that he is a false face.

“You are not here in spirit. She is using the faces of the past to warn me.” Patton ingested this when his father continued to stand there when Patton continued to walk as the streetlights overhead of him came and went. The mouth of Dark Widows Drive came to him when he stood there, looking at the sign with his eyes reading the name over and over again before he started to walk into Dark Widows Drive with his father warning me again and again.

“Do not go in there. You will die in there if you do! I warned you and you will listen to your father!”

“Go away. You are dead and you are nothing but a face that is messing with me.” Patton informed his mind when the tune came back and he continued to walk with the thing in his possession still banging on his thigh. He came to the first house on the right when he heard of the voices that are behind the door. The voices are quarrelsome to books that are not printed in this country when he knew what those books are when he continued to walk, keeping his mind clear with the exception of the tune that is still playing in his head. He kept his mind clear when he passed the house on the right when he continued to walk with the streetlight passing over him like a blanket of seeing before the sight left him, shedding him in darkness again when he continued to walk towards the last house that is in front of him upon the cul-de-sac that makes up Dark Widows Drive. He knew what is within that house when he touched the two products that are within his pocket as he continued to walk with some of the sidewalk broken as he passed over it like a cloud overhead.

He stopped and looked at the house on the right when he knew that they are thinking dark thoughts in that house. It is the thoughts of hate and violence when they thought about burning people in churches in praise for the dark lord that has gathered there in a house of vinyl, wood, and impurity. It is the house that is building bombs in the dark corners of basement to use on government installations and then blame it on a sect of people that never knew of the ideal of evil that they gather. The children are the worst of them all. They are the children that push people off the top of jungle gyms and laugh after the child breaks a leg, an arm, or a collarbone. They are the children that take the weakest children of them all and lock them in utility closets in schools when they are in there for more than twenty hours.

The evil resides there and it is gathered there in cynical impress. Patton continued to move down the street, towards the house that sat there with lights on over on the other side of the cul-de-sac when Patton stopped and dropped the thing that he has been carrying on the ground. He let it go and breathed in a spruce of air into his lungs when he looked at the house like a bad church that needs to be expunged when he looked at the thing that is within his possession when he grabbed it and pulled it up to his side again. He started to walk again when the house on the other side of the cul-de-sac got clearer and clearer in his vision when he stopped and looked at another house to the left of him when the tune became broken and garbled. He looked at the house when unspeakable images flooded his mind when he shook his head and placed his hand on the side of his face. He rubbed his temples when he doubled back as the possession that is within his hand almost came out of his hand when something flashed like the face of a woman that is soaked with blood and is lying dead upon the floor. He looked at the house for the longest time before he started to walk again.

I have to keep the tune in my head for I am walking through the valley of the dead. That is a nice rhyme. He continued to walk when the sidewalk started to get more cracked and the streetlights that are installed in the concrete started to get less vertical, bending over to the side like a tooth that is jagged and in bad need of straightening. The air started to feel more pressured on his lungs when what gathered there is something as planet earth left him, being now in another world that is spilling into this blue earth like an infection of dim and wizardly quality that is on the edge of insanity. He knew that for it is growing in this town when people gave up cars in diplomacy for horses, carriages, and coal oil lanterns that are burning on the porch. Patton had seen that they are placing gallows for heretics at the town square when Patton knew that his small world is changing for a time that is none too good at all.

He got the thing that he needed the most in one shelter at the edge of someone’s property. He did not like the prospect of stealing when he sighed at what he needed in the shed when he left that shed in silence and started to walk. Patton did not want any witnesses when he came to the house on the cul-de-sac with the thing that he needs the most in his possession. He looked at the house with the jagged roof that is in bad need of repair when he looked at the impurities of the windows that are not balanced but wavy, like an Amish person made those windows in the workshop upon their property. He looked at the house with the boards that are older than the hills when he knew that house is a house from some other plane of existence with a coal lantern burning on the porch, hanging on a square headed nail when Patton gulped before walking up the porch with his eyes darting left and right. He came to the front door and knocked when he started to uncap the possession that within his hand. Something came to the door that is not human when it provided a cloak over what it really is when it appeared human on the other side of the screen door.

“What is the matter?” The woman cackled on the other side of the door.

“Do you wish for communion?” She croaked when Patton asked for it and she considered with grave interest, opening the door when she did not smell what was in his hand before it is too late.

“What god did you pray to?” She asked when she realized that the thing that is within his hand is red when he raised it like a stone that is casted on the first born blood of this world.

“I pray to the one that banishes this evil from this place, never to come back again to seek refuse.” He threw the gas on her when she breathed in and felt the fumes go into her body.

“Impuriter!” She screamed with her voice changing in the room that smelled of old age, old papers, and death that is within.

“This impuriter is casting insurrection in light of anew!” She screamed at the top of her lungs – or its lungs for that matter.

“Burn in hell you wretched beast.” He flicked a match and threw it to the floor when he knew where the fluid spilled when she went up like a roman candle. He is caught in the fumes when he caught himself on fire as he ran backwards out of the house, patting the flames on his body when his pants is caught on fire with the gas that he spilled upon himself.

“Oh shit.” He frittered, patting the flames that are on the front of his body when he rolled to ground as he is did not realize that he is out of the house that started to ooze green slime out of the cracks of wood that holds no insulation.

“You bastard of the old blood you ruined my face!” The thing inside rolled around the room as the flames inside darted left and right.

“You will pay for this. You will pay for this dearly!” The thing patted the flames out and gathered its strength to stand behind the screen door. It did not hold the face of an elderly woman anymore but the face of a monster – or rather a djinn that came from a dimension that holds no life but the wastelands that is dying with no life to live.

“You have come from this land to murder me? You will be hung like a heretic that you are until your neck breaks for this. I will see to that.”  The Djinn opened the door and walked out in dragon scales when the people around the neighborhood came out of their houses with blank stares that are looking at nothing in a trance that holds no intelligence.

“What are your last words before they haul you away to the gallows, my uneventful friend?”

“That you go back to hell where you came from?” Patton smiled when he pulled a .357 from his pocket, did a stance on his one knee and fired four of the six rounds that are within the chambers. The bullets all hit for a man who had been shooting this weapon for a long time now when the Djinn’s head exploded and the bullets that went into its scaly body blew out like an inflated tire on its backside. The Djinn jumped back against the door when the screen door crumpled as the house shook like it is upon a sinkhole. The coal lantern on the square nail came off as the nail rattled onto the wood that is starting to bend inward like wood that is warping with a heat that is beyond comprehension to even measure. The houses focal point came undone and crashed through the foundry of the house when the wall came next in splintery crash, destroying the glass that are within the sills and the door that is the last thing that is visible when the house collapsed from the inside out, laying dusts of sands that are from a desert that is long from this world.

The people that came out of their houses started to come out of their trances when they shook their heads, wondering what in the hell happened when Patton laid on his back with the thought that he has won against the demon that is taking over this town. He has won and he is not standing down until he knew that it is done.

The rats that came out of the debris that is settling are about the size of small cats when they bumbled through the night like deer that were once caught in the headlights of an oncoming truck. Patton did not see the rats when a woman screamed from her stoop on the street that serves Dark Widows Drive. Patton did not look around when he knew that it is over when he rested his head down and looked at the night sky where the stars are apparent. He can see the big dipper pouring out the spring to the world below as Orion is there as well, chasing the maidens for all of eternity when he can see the sign of Gemini there in the infinite sky as well. He did not want to sleep until the Djinn is dead when he got the energy to get up and look at the people that are racing into their houses to call the police. Patton walked off the property as the air started to get a little less thin when he can breathe the night air when he walked and walked, turning around and seeing something that made him stop in his tracks when the house that is dilapidated started to go transparent with the night air that is blowing the image into the wind, making it non-existent. The people look at the coal lanterns in disgust when they grabbed them and threw them into the middle of the street when they tried to figure out what day it is or what week it is when they started to pour pandemonium in Dark Widows Drive. Patton smiled and walked out of Dark Meadows Drive, leaving the gas can on the property when that started to go transparent into the other world when two men into the other world rode up on horses with broken boots and thick beards in the lands of eternal wastes.

“I thought there was water here.” The man whose lips are chapped licked them when he looked at the red gas can that is next to a dilapidated house that looks to have been there for thousands of years. Of the two men they have guns in their worn leathered holsters; one being a revolver and the other being a semi-automatic handgun. They stopped their horses that will probably not last another day, hunkering down to look at the gas can that is in the middle of the desert.

“Do you think that it is the will of the gods?” The older man with a grayish beard proclaimed to the sky that has not seen the sun in five years or more in this life.

“The gods have rested behind the hills for centuries now, forgetting us to rot in this hell.” He looked at the gas can before grabbing it and looking at the directions that are imprinted in this can.

“What is this alien language?” The young one with the beard pointed at the words that are on the can.

“Who the fuck knows but it might be the scrawls of the destroyers from millennia’s past.”

“The destroyers,” The young one spat onto the desert before he realized that it was spit in his mouth that he can swallow.

“I piss on their bones if I can find them.”

“Agreed on that watch and warrant on the day that my father was born but it has to be a curse that is grown from the desert.” The older one dropped it from his hands, wiping the distaste from his hands when he looked out into the desert for any sign of trouble.

“Do you think that this is a curse of the Djinn?” The older one croaked with his boot planted on the desert floor.

“I do not know.” The younger one implied, crossing his arms where there is nothing but desert as the nearest town is about ten quails from their present location.

“The Djinn has been dead for fifteen years or more when my father put that pisser to bed.”

“Also I agree on the truth of what you speak.” The older one nodded his head when he got up upon his feet, casting a look around when he looked at the mountains that are in the distance.

“Now where did that pederast go?” They looked at the mountain ranges when the wind blew up the sands, putting them into the fold of the world that casted them in blindness from the distance. The winds never stop as they continue to blow in the valley of the damned. They continued when they started to move west into Hop’s Mountains in search for the criminal that will pay for its price in dear fatuity for his nature that threw his life away in a place that is dying off with the rest of the lands. They will stand against injustice to give justice to the ones that earn it at the end of a rope.

Submitted: February 17, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Adam Steele. All rights reserved.

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