The Haunted Castle On The Abandand Island

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Four friends land on a deserted Island after being in one of the most biggest typhoons ever. What happens next will definitely haunt their nightmares.


“Hey Zack,” Jason said. “What?” Zack asked. “Seriously, you don’t see it?” Jason asked Zack.

Jason, Zack, Beth, and Olivia happen to be stranded on a deserted island.

“Is that a castle?” Beth asked pointing ahead of her.

“You know between the castle and the typhoon that just hit our boat. I’d rather be on the boat,” Olivia said. “You know I’m with Olivia on this one,” Zack said to Jason. “You two suit yourselves. Come on Beth,” Jason said. “Okay,” Beth said as she walked towards the castle.

Beth took out someone’s cell phone that she had found. She started to take pictures of parts of the castle.

“I’m surprised that your phone is actually working. Mine got completely washed out when the typhoon had hit,” Jason said. “Actually this isn’t my phone,” Beth said. “What?” Jason asked. “I said that,” Beth was about to say again but Jason grabbed the phone out of her hands.

“Hey this is my phone,” Jason said. “Really?” She said looking at the back of it.

“Well it was the only one that was working so,” Beth tried to pull the phone out of Jason’s hands.

“I don’t think so,”



“Alright fine,” Jason felt someone push his back.

It was still daylight out so if he turned around he would actually know who it is. Whatever it was pushed him again. Jason turned around this time.

“Oh thank God,” Jason said relived that it was Zack and Olivia. “What?” Beth asked turning around.

“Ahahaha,” Zack and Olivia laughed diabolically. “Ahhh!” Jason and Beth screamed.

“Now how did that get there?” Olivia asked Zack as the two of them were standing outside of the castle beside a pinewood tree.

The two of them saw their boat stuck up on the pinewood tree.

“That typhoon must’ve been a big one,” Zack said. “Oh great, because of the typhoon I get the feeling that something even worse is going to happen. UGH. Ahhh!” Olivia screamed in terror as she faced Beth and Jason standing in front of them along with a bunch of dead people behind them looking like zombies. “You were saying?” Zack asked. There was nowhere to run. The wind was picking up.

The two friends had no choice but to get eaten by their friends and the other zombies.


Submitted: February 17, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Alicia Wooters. All rights reserved.

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