What A Conservative Believes

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It is time for a new generation of conservatives to achive important positions in local and national governments.


What A Conservative Believes

In 1963, while living in Phoenix, I walked into the Goldwater for President office and volunteered my services. This consisted of stuffing envelopes with campaign literature.  Barry Goldwater set the standard for modern day conservatism in his book, “The Conscious of a Conservative”. He was the Republican candidate for President in 1964. After President Kennedy’s assassination it became clear that the sympathy vote would get Johnson elected. Although he was defeated, Goldwater sparked a renewal of the conservative movement. He defined what American conservatism is. Politicians that call themselves conservative should be measured against his beliefs.

He is the man that said,”...extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! ....moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue”. He was not, like so many of our current “conservatives”, afraid to take on the liberals who slowly but surly take away our liberty and justice.  Today we have two forms of justice, and liberties taken away by a local mayor or governor. Roger Stone had his home invaded by a swat team in the middle of the night, while CNN cameras filmed it. His “crime”? Making false statements to Congress, his penalty, 40 months’ imprisonment. The head of the CIA lied to congress and got a job at CNN.  Democratic officials everywhere ignore the directives they impose on the people that elected them.

Ronal Regan was the heir to Goldwater’s movement and governed as a true conservative with tremendous popularity and success. He created a conservative Republican Party that fought for its principles. Today’s Republican Party is reluctant to take on the liberal establishment, they are inclined to try to get along with them. President Trump governed as a true conservative and they dismissed him because they did not like the way he spoke. He was not a member of the ivy league debating class, he was not one of them. A look at the record will show that he accomplished more for the conservative movement than Reagan. The following is a list of Regan’s top achievements according to the Regan.com official blog. President Trump’s achievements in the same category are shown for comparison. The point is not to diminish Regan’s great achievements, but to illustrate that Trump is as much a conservative as he was.

Regan:TAX CUTS: One of the most well-known Ronald Reagan major accomplishments was his tax cuts.

Trump:Signed the Tax Cuts Act. A typica family of four saved $2,000 because of it.

Regan: REGANOMICS: Tax cuts reduced unemployment and inflation.

Trump: Reduced unemployment rate from 4.7% to 3.5% in the first three years. Minority unemployment greatly reduced.

Regan: REPUBLICAN REVOLUTION: energized a new generation of Republicans to lead and develop the party. He received 44 million votes in his first election, 54 million in his second election. 

Trump: Defeated all “traditional” Republicans in the primaries although he had never held a political office. He received 63 million votes in his 1st election, 73 million votes his second campaign.

Regan: COMMUNICATIONS STYLE: His charismatic, yet casual speaking style, usured in a new era of political communication.

Trump: Communicated directly to 88 million followers. He spoke bluntly and directly to the American people.

Regan: AMERICA FIRST: spearheaded a campaign to re-focus the country's attention back on its own people.

Trump: Devoted his entire Presidency to the goal of making America first.

Regan: MILITARY MIGHT: Funding and development of the armed forces is one of Ronald Reagan’s major accomplishments.

Trump:Rebuilt the military with $2.2 trillion in defense spending, created the Space Force.

Regan: THE COLD WAR: Ronald Reagan is credited with bringing major changes in the Cold War.

Trump: Secured a $400 billion increase in defenses spending from NATO.

Regan TECHNOLOGY: The development of new technology was a key part of Ronald Reagan's platform.

Trump: Removed regulations preventing a strong internet.  He eased regulations on commercial space investments.

Regan: UNUSUAL PATH: Ronald Reagan's unique journey from Hollywood actor to governor to President set a new precedent.

Trump: Trump is the first President who had never held a political office before being elected.

 President Trump had many other major achievements:

Renegotiated trade agreements that brought millions of jobs back to America and $1.5 trillion.

Made it possible for oil and gas producers to make America an exporter of energy again.

Operation Warp Speed, the joint efforts of government and the private sector, led to the creatin of a corona virus vaccine in half the time it normally takes.

230 Federal and three Supreme Court justices confirmed.

Significantly reduce illegal immigration.

Recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Negotiated peace treaties with Israel and many of its neighboring countries.

Created the 1776 Commission to promote American patriotism in education.

He did this while being constantly and brutally attacked. That is the Left’s customary treatment of conservatives. In 1964 the Johnson campaign ran a television ad showing a little girl being engulfed by a nuclear bomb. The message was clear, elect Goldwater and we will be involved in a nuclear war. The Democratic Party and their ultra-liberal supporters do not have a shred of decency, and they do not deserve any respect from us. They call us racist when they are the ones that use race as an excuse for every socialist program they force upon us, their hypocrisy is unlimited! From the President to Congress, from the media to Hollywood, whenever they say something it contradicts something they have previously said. Their “do as I say, not as I do” attitude is viewable at every level of their party. Conservatives are fed up and disgusted by it.

Todays Republican party is not the party of Goldwater or Regan,. They have not fought for the principles that these two Presidents believed in. The Republicans in congress, with the exception of the Freedom Caucus, gave Trump a minimum amount of support. They were unwilling to go head to head with the liberals that are forcing socialism upon us. Some even voted to impeach him. The Supreme Court refused to get involved while some states openly violated the Constitution regarding voting laws and The Republican Party in general did not protest this. A few brave individuals spoke out, but the majority were silent. It is clear that this party no longer represents seventy three million conservative voters.

It may be time for a new political party, an American Party. President Trump could do what Goldwater did, be the inspiration for a conservative majority to arise and elect a truly conservative president like Reagan and himself.  Could it be viable? It might be. If a majority of the Trump coalition of 73 million voters could be held together then the Democrats and Republicans would split the vote and give them victory. The party would need new, young and energetic voices, voices that have proclaimed conservative values for many years, voices that conservatives know and trust. They are out there and should make themselves heard. We have lost the present, we must win the future!

Submitted: February 17, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Tuxie. All rights reserved.

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D. Thurmond aka JEF

This is fiction, Right?

Thu, February 18th, 2021 12:20am


This is 100% factual excempt for my commentary, which is my opinion. Check it out!

Wed, February 17th, 2021 5:20pm

JE Falcon aka JEF

I did some fact checking and would suggest anyone reading this should too.

Thu, February 18th, 2021 9:14pm


What did you find?

Mon, February 22nd, 2021 10:30am


Thank you for your opinions. Unfortunately, Trump is no Goldwater or Reagan. I lean conservative and would appreciate a leader in Reagan's image. Trump is a flim-flam man who fiddles while the country was overrun by a pandemic. He is also a traitor who couldn't accept that he lost and tried to overturn an election. He could have been great but his degenerate moral character prevented that. So, time to move on.

Mon, February 22nd, 2021 4:47am


Trump closed our borders to protect us from infected people comeing in, saving thounads of lives,and was sevely critized for it. He led the way for a vacine being created in 1 year, a process that usually takes up to ten years. I do not consider that to be "fiddleing". Some states UNCONSTITUTIONALLY changed voting laws (only state legistatorns have that authority) so there was reason to be concened about how the election was handled.

Mon, February 22nd, 2021 10:28am


1. Russia, China, and Europe developed vaccines in one year so somehow I don't think it was Trump magic.

2. State supreme courts, including justices appointed by Trump disagreed that voting laws were changed unconstitutionally. I think I'll listen to their rulings instead of your armchair opinion.

Trump is a loser. He lost the House, the Presidency, and the Senate. A true Republican would want him gone before there's nothing left of the party.

Mon, February 22nd, 2021 6:53pm


In the United States it took up to ten years to develop a new vacine because of government regulations. Artilce two of our constitution says "Each state shall appoint, in such a manner as the LEGISTATOR therefore may direct a number of electors..." It does not say as secratarys of states or governors or whom erver wants to can appoint electors. It does not say that anyone else arbitrarily change the voting laws. Trump was a big winner before the liberal attack machine went after him.

Tue, February 23rd, 2021 11:18am

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