Spellbound: Coven of Cards: Lost

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

Quick heads up: This takes place three months after the events of Enchanted, so I'm just warning you before you read this.

Table of Contents

Call For Help

Rhiannon whipped around when she heard the sound of a bullet in the woods and flung her dominant hand in the direction it had come from. ... Read Chapter


Five members of the Thirteen stood guard by their Headquarters and waited for the Coven of Cards to show up. The leader of the Thirteen, ... Read Chapter

The Recording

"Kimberly, we need to get out of here. Now," they heard a panicked voice say through the recording. "Hurry up, or they'll kill us! W... Read Chapter

Plan For Calm

Willow rounded on Alex, furious. "EXCUSE ME, WHAT THE HELL?!" she yelled once she was certain no one else would hear them. "You... Read Chapter

Unseelie Fight

The Fae refused to stop firing their magic bullets. They had already killed two of the eight members of the Thirteen who were presen... Read Chapter


"This is where the weapons are. Choose any weapon you'd like," Alex told the Coven of Cards as he led them into the armory. Rhiannon ... Read Chapter

Planning The Journey

Rída and Rom breathed out sighs of relief. They were finally free from the wrath of the selkie king. "Rom, we need to leave Rhyndale... Read Chapter

The Kitchen Witch

Rhiannon sat up in her dorm room in the Thirteen's Headquarters and looked around the room. The sun was rising, and it was blinding her, ... Read Chapter

The Unseelie Queen

The Unseelie queen grinned down at her captives, then cackled in delight. "I had only dared dream of taking the human child in place of t... Read Chapter

Battle of Rage

Another shot rang through the cavern. "NICOLE!" came the screams. Out of the eight Thirteen members that had come, there were on... Read Chapter


Rhiannon, Amy, and Kailani left the training area and wiped sweat off of their foreheads. "That," Amy panted, "was exhausting." Rhian... Read Chapter

Dead Goblet

Willow leaned against the balcony and turned around when she heard somebody open the door. She saw Alex and asked him, "How long? How lon... Read Chapter

The Journal

"Rhi, don't just go around doing that!" Amy said with a laugh. "Sorry, ma'am. Didn't realize gathering bets from everyone was illegal... Read Chapter

The Queen's Plan

The Unseelie queen paced around her chambers, desperately trying to formulate a plan. She knew that the five present members of the Thirt... Read Chapter

Portal to The Cavern

"Kal, relax. I'm perfectly fine. I'm not possessed. There is literally nothing to worry about," Kailani said for the millionth time. "Ple... Read Chapter

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