Becoming Queen

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

The year is 2065, there are no flying cars, everyone does everything from home, and we havent cultivated the moon. Instead there were mutations. Causing children and teens to shift into wild animals. They were put into classes. They were put into colors to help babies understand what colors they should hope to be. They were brainwashed. They where told to be a Purple was of the highest honor. Purple the color of the wolves. To be white was to be dead, they were told to never be white, as if they can control it. Whites would retain rod like strength, speed, stamina, they were gods. They were told if they wanted to fit in they needed to strie to be pinks and browns. Nobody spoke of blacks. They acted like that wasn’t a class. Why? Blacks were demons, and nobody talks about the demons hiding in the shadows. So what happens when a girl named Katalina is Black?

Table of Contents

Classes: A guide

For starters this is a reverse Harem. It doesn't start off like that of course. I am 16 years old so it might suck tbh. But here is a little guide to try and help you.
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