Bakers Last Bake: The Rising Dough

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

When food fights back

Bakers Last Bake

A Quick Story By AKking

“When you don't bake with love then your bake can not love”


This story begins in a small bakery in a small city that has had 3 murdered bakers all which were killed by someone who has been Nicknamed “The Cake Killer”. The city's 3rd best detective Allen Richards has been put on the case! We see him now on the east side of town outside one of the last open bakeries in the entire city. He is reaching for the door knob to enter but unknown to him he’s about to find a bit more than just sweets.



Allen enters the brightly decorated shop in the hopes of getting a cake for his daughter’s birthday and some possible leads on the “Cake Killer”. He is not wearing his glasses so He has a bit of trouble seeing the cakes and has to stare hard at them. He looks them over and a Large vanilla cake catches his eye.


Sweat runs down Allen's face as he strains to see the large vanilla cake, it is funny but he can see a wonderful white cake with little whipped cream tassels and in the middle he sees what appears to be fondue eyes. “Strange but I bet Susie will love it!” Allen says. A flake of dust falls from the roof onto his left eye causing it to water, so in response he tries to wink it out of his eye.

The baker had heard a customer come in so he came out of the backroom with flour all over his shirt and a bit of icing on his shoe. The baker looks at Allen who was bent over staring at a cake, “may I…” The baker starts to say but he notices the man wink at the cake! 


As the man winks at the cake the baker starts to say “Ladie wut ere ye..” but stops as he watches his cake start to turn red!? “Oie what hev Ya don to me cake laddy!?” The baker says in anger and bewilderment. Allen jumps up after being startled by the sudden shout. “W-what?” Allen says in confusion. The baker comes over and looks down on the Allen and says “I said, Wut ave Ye done to me Cake Ladie!?”


Allen looks back at the cake expecting he must have messed something up but after looking at him he notices that the creamy white color has turned a rosey pink-ish! “Sir I can assure you I have done nothing,” Allen says sternly. “I am here to buy that cake and it just so happened to change color…” Allen says but then drifts off in thought. “Sir would you mind if I took a look inside that cake?” Allen says pointing at the cake which had now turned a seemingly whiter version than it was before.

“Not if Ye dont buy et first ya dont” The baker says in a less angry tone. 




The baker with a considerable grunt lifts the cake up onto the large counter while Allen places his credit card in the machine to buy it. The baker completes the purchase and hands Allen a small cake knife so that Allen could take a slice out. Allen takes out his batton, “Your a cop!? Wut do ya need that for lad?” The baker says in confusion. “If my hunch is correct I just saved your life sir” Allen says in a quiet tone nodding towards the cake.

Allen with a cake knife in one hand and baton in the other starts to slice into the cake slowly, the blade slides through easily then seemingly stops 30% of the way in. Allen now grinning takes the knife out and flips it over onto it's dull side then slams it back into the cake with great force! OWWWW!!! A scream eroups from the cake causing both men to jump back in surprise! To their astonishment a person leaps from the cake flinging cake and icing everywhere! Allen and the baker both fall down from surprise as the figure which was about 4-5ft tall leaps off the counter and slams into the glass door!


Without saying anything Allen gets up, walks over to the figure which had been knocked out after leaving a large stain on the door, notices it's not wearing any clothes, blushes, removes his jacket, places it on the person then proceeds to handcuff them. Meanwhile the baker is glancing from Allen to the person and to his once elegant cake that is now strewn across the counter, wall, floor, and door. After he finishes handcuffing the person he walks back up to the counter and takes out his wallet “how much do I owe you?” Still bewildered the bakers replies “If that's who aye think ye goot then ye don't owe me nothing” Allen looks around then points to a much smaller cake and says “I’ll take that one” then he takes out a $100 and places it on the cream smeared counter. “Keep the change”


Allen leaves to lock the person in his modified car which has a special back that can be turned into a temporary “prison” but looks completely normal from the outside. As Allen gently sets the person inside of his car he finally gets a good look…. Her? She is a  creamy white the same as the cake she was in but it was strange… not natural. As Allen walks back to the bakery to get his cake it hits him that the woman is 4-5ft tall and was hiding a cake that couldn't have been more than a foot wide! As he approaches the door he notices that the baker is no longer at the counter. Allen reaches for the door but then from behind him he hears a muffled banging. It's that woman! She had woken up and was now slamming her fist on the bullet proof glass on Allen´s car.


Allen quickly jog´s back to the car and signals to the woman to stop banging on the window. It's not gonna damage anything but I don't wanna have to clean up all that cream Allen thinks of himself. The woman immediately stops banging then starts pointing at the bakery and making a X with her arms. Allen then hears Shouts and a blood curdling scream emanating from the bakery. 


Allen quickly sprints into the store and slams through the door! The little bell above the door twinkles. The store is eerily quiet, the only noise is Allen´s shoes on the white tile floor. ¨Hey!¨ Allen shouts, No reply. There is a soft thud sound from the back room. Allen slowly creeps over to the door and then he sees a small trail of blood flowing down the tile floor from the back room! 


More muffled bangs could be heard from outside as Allen entered the back room. The baker lies kneeled over on the floor with blood pouring from an open wound in his chest, his eye´s are glazed over and his skin has started to fade of color. Allen now brandishing his Batton surveys the room for the suspect. To his right is a stove and oven which are littered with various assortments of dough and flour, In the center was a large stationary table covered in knives, cookie cutters, and a various assortment of cake decorations, on his left are baskets full of bread, cookies, and other sweets.


The only door was the one that Allen had entered through. ¨Come out with your hands up and there will be no problems¨ Allen booms. No reply. First he walks over and checks the stoves. Nothing but dough. Then he walks over to the table. Still just more cake stuff. He approaches the bread but quickly walks away because each basket is less than 2 feet wide and they are all squished together.


After not being able to find the perpetrator Allen returns to his car and hops in reaching for the radio, the woman is sitting in the back seat watching him carefully. After he finishes calling the police for back-up he turns to the woman and realizes that she is now sitting in the Back Seat! He glances to the cream smeared metal bars that block off the back of the car from the back seat.


Somehow she had escaped from the back through the metal bars that couldn't have been more than 4 inches apart. But remembering how she had been hiding inside of a cake he just shrugged it off. Out of all the stuff that's happened today I can't be surprised anymore. Allen returns to the cop car and starts to drive away as sirens could be heard in the distance. As he is driving away he looks back one more time and see´s a dark figure brandishing a knife leaving the store, Allen blinks and the figure is gone. Enough of this I need my glasses and a cold beer. Allen thinks to himself as he drives himself and the woman to the police station.


The police take the woman into the station and place her in a temporary cell for the suspicion of having part in the murders. Allen files a report on the incident then heads home. As he reaches for the door handle he remembers he forgot his daughters birthday cake! It's not for another week I can get another one. Allen enters his hotel room and is met with one of the most horrific scenes a parent could find. The living room was a mess the coffee table upturned, smashed potted plants everywhere, but the sign that nearly stopped Allen´s heart was blood red letters on the wall saying ¨You saw too much¨ and a letter was pinned next to it that said ¨You want her back come and find me¨


To Be Continued…

Submitted: February 18, 2021

© Copyright 2021 AKking. All rights reserved.

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