Charlie Anderson

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Emma-Lucy Stories

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“Charlie, honey you are going to be late” shouted Mr Anderson. I was fast asleep so I didn’t hear my dad, but I didn’t get away with having a lie in because my stupid little sister Rosie came in
and shock me and jumped on me “Rosie, get off me and go away” I moaned “daddy wants you” said Rosie “fine” I said getting up so Rosie fell off me and I put my clothes on and went downstairs not
helping Rosie up but she got up and followed me “yes dad?” I asked “you are going to be late and you have to take sonny and Rosie to their school too,” said Mr Anderson “fine, I’m already dressed,
and so is Rosie so come on Sonny and Rosie,” I said grabbing both of my sisters’ hand and headed to their school.

When we got there, both Rosie and Sonny let go of my hand and ran off. I signed and headed to my school and walked over to my two best friends Tanya and Frankie (which is my cousin, and her real
name is Francesca, but everyone calls her Frankie) “hi guys, am I late again?” I asked, “no thank goodness, did you try and get a lie-in?” asked Tanya “yep but someone woke me up,” I said sounding
annoyed “Rosie?” asked Frankie “yep,” I said “oh, I’m sorry Charlie,” said Tanya “it’s fine Tanya, isn’t it? Getting up and taking Sonny and Rosie to school or to anywhere they want to go everyone
and never having time for myself” I said hugging Tanya and Frankie “dad doesn’t seem to care no more” I said “oh, Charlie. He does, he is just going through a hard time” said Frankie “yeah, I
suppose. Can we spread a rumour about Carmen Taylor? Because she is doing my head in” I said “yeah but what? She’s perfect. She never falls over or walks into her locker” said Tanya “I’ll have a
think and let you know” I said “okay” said Frankie.

When I got home, I went up to mine, Rosie and Sonny’s bedroom and thought about what rumour

I could spread a rumour about Carmen that she has a plastic nose! I laughed to myself when my phone beeped to tell me that Frankie texted me. It was Frankie asking if she could meet me. I replied
to the text.

25 minutes later, we were sitting on the grass in the park “so what’s the rumour?” asked Frankie “well, the rumour is that Carmen has a plastic nose” I said starting to laugh “ha-ha brilliant” said
Frankie “I know right, let’s go and tell Tanya” I said getting up and grabbing Frankie’s hand and we both ran all the way to Tanya’s house.

“That’s a brilliant idea,” said Tanya “I know right, right I go to go and have a look for Rosie and Sonny because they’ve gone missing and mum is freaking out and dad is busy because he’s at work
so he doesn’t even know that they’ve gone missing, see you tomorrow,” I said “wait Sonny is just a baby and can’t walk,” said Tanya “yeah but Rosie has the pushchair, told you she’s stupid,” I said
“Oh right, well I hope you find them. Do you want me and Tanya to help calm your mum down?” asked Frankie “thanks Frankie and Tanya” I said “that’s okay Charlie” said Tanya. I headed to the town
centre while Frankie and Tanya headed to my house to calm my mum down. I was so worried I wouldn’t find them.

By the time I found them, it was six o’clock and mum wasn’t freaking out, but she was furious “what were you thinking Rosie? We were worried sick, and your sister had to give up her spare time to
go and look for you. What do you say to Charlie?” asked Mrs Anderson “no it’s okay mum” I said “I’m sorry Charlie” said Rosie “it’s okay Rosie-Poise” I said picking Rosie up and kissing her cheek
and then put her down and headed upstairs.

By the time it was 10 o’clock, I was getting ready for bed and fast asleep but I didn’t know that mum sneaked in and came over “thank you for giving up your spare time to look for Rosie and Sonny
sweetheart, to tell you the truth you are a better mum to Rosie and Sonny” said Mrs Anderson kissing me on the cheek and then nearly closing the door but I woke up and sat up “mum, you are a
fantastic mum to all of us and it’s okay, I didn’t mind” I said “thank you, Charlie” I went back to sleep, and my mum looked at me and then closed the door.

The next morning, I was heading to school with Tanya and Frankie because my mum offered to take Rosie and Frankie to school.

When we got to school, I started telling everyone the rumour it got to this girl called Jessica but my plan backfires because Carmen found out “Charlie, I can’t believe you. How could you?” asked
Carmen shouting “because you always have a go at her and it was my idea to do it so don’t blame Charlie okay” said Frankie “you are pathetic Francesca” said Carmen and walked off. I looked at my
best friend and shocked that she took the blame.

“Frankie, I can’t believe you did that, you are amazing,” I said hugging her “that's okay Charlie,” said Frankie “that’s what friends are for, well family in your case,” said Tanya. We all hugged
each other and walked to class hand in hand.

I may have done a really mean thing spreading a rumour about my worst emery but when you have a cousin that is your best friend and she takes the blame for you. That is the nicest thing anyone has
ever done for me, but I didn’t know what was going to happen next.

But I was going to find out at school tomorrow as it’s picture day. The most embarrassing day ever.
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Picture day

“Mum, I can’t find my favourite top” I shouted walking downstairs and into the kitchen “Charlie, darling. Why don’t you wear something else?” asked Mrs Anderson “like what?” “like this, it’s from
Grandma Nancy, open it,” said Mr Anderson giving me a box. I opened it and stared at it “do you like it? I thought you could wear it for picture day” asked Mrs Anderson “do I have a choice?” I
asked “no,” said Mrs Anderson “fine,” I said putting the jumper on and headed to where Frankie and Tanya

“Charlie? What are you wearing?” asked Tanya looking at me as I came over “I know but Grandma Nancy gave it to me, and dad has forced me to wear it for picture day,” I said “what? He can’t do
that,” said Tanya “I know but he can’t do that,” said Tanya “I know but I have to, let’s get this over because I can’t do anything can I?” I asked walking to class.

“OMG look at Charlie’s jumper. You are more than a freak than your friends” said Carmen laughing. I didn’t say anything because I was walking away.

After the episode with Carmen, I walked straight home “see you tomorrow guys” I said opening the front door and walked into the kitchen “THANKS FOR RUINING MY LIFE BECAUSE YOU MADE ME WEAR THAT
STUPID JUMPER AND NOW CARMEN THINKS I AM EVEN MORE OF A FREAK. THANKS, A LOT. I HATE YOU” I shouted and stormed upstairs and landed on my bed and started to cry.

It was 10 clock, and I was fast asleep when my mum sneaked in “Charlie, darling can I come in?” asked. I sat up “sure,” I said “darling, I’m really sorry we made you wear that awful jumper. I think
grandma still thinks you are a little girl, that’s why she sent it, but we’ve decided to give it to Frankie’s little sister Harriet” said Mrs Anderson “OMG!! Yes!! Mum, you are the best and I’m
really sorry about what I said, I don’t hate you” I said “it’s okay sweetheart, you’d better get back to sleep. Love you” said Mrs Anderson “love you too,” I said as I kissed her on the cheek and
went back to sleep.

The next morning everyone seems to have forgotten about what happened with the awful jumper.

I was standing by my locker when Frankie and Tanya came over and hugged me “er, guys what are you doing?” I asked trying to let go “hugging ou because of what happened yesterday,” said Frankie “oh
that! I’m over it as your little sister is getting my jumper instead, just don’t tell grandma” I said “omg that’s amazing, she’ll love it. Thanks Charlie” said Frankie “that’s amazing” said Tanya
“I know right, we better get to class otherwise we’ll be late” I said.

As we walked to class, everyone seems to be looking at me but I couldn’t figure out why.

We sat down, got out our books and still everyone kept on looking at me. Frankie got so fed up with it and stood up “if anyone has anything that they would like to say to Charlie, just say it and
stop looking at her all the time” said Frankie and sat down again “I have something to say” said Carmen “don’t bother, we know what you’re going to say” I said, and Carmen sat down as she was too
shocked to say anything back.

When the bell rang for the end of school, I was walking home with Tanya, Frankie, Rosie and Sonny “I can’t believe you said that to Carmen you are amazing” said Tanya “I know right but I can’t wait
until Friday when we go camping with the school, nothing can spoil it now not even Carmen” I said as I opened the front door “bye guys” I added and closed the front door after Sonny and Rosie
walked in.

As I walked into the kitchen “hi mum” I said, “Hi sweetheart, how was school?” asked Mrs Anderson “it was okay, hi dad” I said as my dad came in smiling “dad? Why are you so happy? It’s creeping me
out” I said, “because honeybee, I just got off the phone with your school and because they’re one teacher short and they offered me to come along, isn’t it great?” asked Mr Anderson “please, don’t
say you’ve said yes,” I said “how can I? when I have,” said Mr Anderson.

I didn’t say anything, I was shocked, but it got worse.
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Misadventures in Babysitting

“Oh, please mum, I’m responsible and I picked up Rosie and Sonny from playgroup, please let me babysitting,” I said begging “no Charlotte, you are too young,” said Mrs Anderson “I’m 13 and Tanya
and Frankie babysit their little brother and sister,” I said “fine, you can babysit for a trial,” said Mrs Anderson “thank you so much, I promise everything is going to be fine,” I said and I ran
up to my room and grabbed my phone and dialled Frankie’s number “so you are allowed?” asked Frankie “yes,” I said “good,” said Frankie as she said this, I smiled.

When it came to 7 o’clock, Tanya and Frankie were in my room when my mum called “Charlie, darling we’re leaving” said Mrs Anderson. We ran downstairs and walked into the living room. My dad looked
worried “dad, stop worrying. Everything will be fine. Don’t you trust me?” I asked Mr Anderson. Mr Anderson thought for a moment then looked at Mrs Anderson she nodded and Mr Anderson “thanks dad”
I said.

After they had gone, Tanya and Frankie sat on the sofa and started to watch tv when Rosie grabbed the remote and switched it to CBeebies “Rosie! Give me the remote back. We were here first” I said
“no,” said Rosie “fine,” I said, and I walked off “sorry about that,” I said “it’s fine, it’s the same with my little sister so does Tanya with her little brother,” said Frankie “we’re all unlucky
then,” I said laughing “yep,” said Tanya.

But it got worse, Rosie was bored so she decided to go into my bedroom and throw my clothes everywhere, but I didn’t know she was doing this because it got worse downstairs.

At the café my mum looked at my dad “stop worrying, they will be fine” said Mrs Anderson “maybe, we should go and check” said Mr Anderson “no way, you know how much this means to Charlotte, that
you trust her” said Mrs Anderson “okay” said Mr Anderson. Mrs Anderson then signed “fine, we’ll go and check and come straight back here okay,” said Mrs Anderson. Mr Anderson signed and smiled and
kissed his wife.

Back at the house, I was doing my homework with Tanya and Frankie when we heard a strange noise coming outside “who’s there?” I asked. There was no answer. But they tried to open the door “kids,
open the door” they said “dad! What are you doing here?” I asked “umm ... your mum, she forgot her purse,” said Mrs Anderson. I didn’t look convinced “really dad?” I asked “yes Charlotte,” said Mr
Anderson “Steve, give it up. She knows,” said Mrs Anderson going into the house “I can’t believe you, you were meant to trust me,” I said “I know sweetheart, but I don’t want my little Charlie to
grow up to fast,” said Mr Anderson “well, I am,” I said “I know you must hate me right now and I’m the worst dad on the entire planet, but I still love you,” said Mr Anderson. I didn’t say anything
and went upstairs with Frankie and Tanya. “I hate him,” I said “you might hate him now but I know he was meant to trust you, but my dad will probably have done the same thing,” said Tanya “I
guess,” I said.

That evening I was in my bedroom when my dad came in “oh, hi dad. Listen I’m really sorry that I had a go at you” I said “it’s okay Charlie, it’s my fault really. I’m just not ready for my little
girl to be grown-up” said Mr Anderson.

I was in my room when my phone rang, and it was Frankie and Tanya. I answered it “what’s up?” I asked “did you get a piece of paper saying that we’re going to get a partner with a boy and we have
to experience what it’s like to be married and at the end of the week we have to tell the rest of the class,” said Frankie “no who am I with?” I asked “you are with the handsome David,” said Tanya
“OMG, yes this is my chance, see you tomorrow,” I said “see you tomorrow and calm down,” said Frankie laughing “I will,” I said and hung up the phone.
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I do, I don't

“Charlotte and David. Tanya and Simon. Francesca and Ashley” said, Miss Rogers.

By the time Miss Rogers finished partnering the class up, it was the end of school and me, Tanya and Frankie were walking into my house when David caught up with us “hi Charlie, want to start our
project” said David. I didn’t say anything because I was in shock.

David Craft asking me to hang out with him!

I looked at Tanya and Frankie and they nodded, and I looked at David and I shyly nodded “sure” I said “cool” said David and we headed home.

“So, what do you want to do the first sweetie?” asked David pretending to be my husband “umm ... I don’t know honey,” I said pretending to be his wife. We played this game for hours then David had
to go home.

That night, I was working on my project when my phone rang and I answered it “Charlie, hi. How’s the project going with David?” asked Frankie “it’s going great, what about you?” I asked “It’s going
good thanks,” said Frankie “I wonder who Carmen is with,” said Frankie “well, we will just have to find out tomorrow, night,” I said “yes we will, night,” said Frankie and I hung up the phone and
started to read.

The next morning, we had to present our projects to the class and surprisingly we were picked first “what we have learnt is being married has its challenges but at the end of the day everything
turns out okay and It’s also about loving someone” I said “thank you, Charlie, you pass! A star” said Miss Rogers. I smiled and sat down in my seat.

By the time it was lunchtime we had all finished our projects.

“Well done for getting a star, we are very proud of you,” said Frankie “thank you guys, well done for getting you As too. I’m really proud of you both” I said, and we hugged each other as the bell
rang for the last lesson.

It was the end of the school day, me, Frankie and Tanya were in the back garden sunbathing when my dad came over “Charlie, can I have a word for a minute?” asked Mr Anderson “sure, dad” I said and
got up and followed dad “what’s up?” I asked “nothing sweetheart, umm. how would you feel if I came on your school trip tomorrow?” asked Mr Anderson “that’s cool dad, it will be fun,” I said, “are
you sure?” asked Mr Anderson “yes, I am sure dad,” I said. We both smiled and I went back to my sunbathing.

“Your dad can’t come tomorrow,” said Tanya “but he was so excited, I didn’t want to disappoint him, I know it will be embarrassing but I can’t do anything,” I said “well, we will share the
embarrassment with you. Besides he is my uncle after all,” said Frankie “thank you guys, you are the best. Love you” I said “it’s going to be so much fun tomorrow” I added “yes, it is,” said Tanya
as we went inside “see you tomorrow,” I said as I opened the door and we hugged and closed the door, and I went upstairs.

I laid on my bed trying to think of a plan, it didn’t work.

“OMG! Tomorrow is going to be so embarrassing. Why did I agree? But at least it’s not mum and the only dad coming. I would die if Rosie and Sonny came with mum. It would be a nightmare so I’m
probably lucky that not all my family are coming” I said to myself and got into bed.

I just have to keep away from him and then he won’t do anything embarrassing.

Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. I will keep away from him. Yay, I thought of a plan.
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When dad attacks

“Charlie, we are going to be late if you don’t hurry up and we’ve got to pick up your cousin and Tanya so please hurry,” said Mr Anderson “coming dad” I shouted dragging a suitcase down the stairs
“about time,” said Mr Anderson laughing. He looked at me “only joking sweetheart” said Mr Anderson smiling at me and I smiled back. My dad put my suitcase in the boot of the car and then kissed
Rosie and Sonny and I did the same “Rosie, you be a big girl and look after mummy for me okay” I said. She nodded and started to cry “Rosie, please don’t cry. I’ll be back, I promise. It’s only for
two days and then I’ll be back home” I said kissing her on the cheek and got into the car and we both blew a kiss and waved as dad started the engine and we were gone.

“Right, Frankie’s?” asked Mr Anderson.

I got out of the car when we got to Frankie’s and I rang the doorbell.

Frankie answered “hang on, I’ll just get my stuff,” said Frankie and went upstairs. I waited for 5 minutes and she came down “mum? Dad? I’m going” she shouted. Frankie’s parents came over and
kissed her “right you both have a good time and thank your dad from us, Charlie,” said Frankie’s dad “sure,” I said and we got into the car and we were off again.

By the time, we collected Tanya from her house, it was almost 11oclock “it’s going to be really fun” I said “we know” said Frankie and Tanya.

It was 11:45 am when we arrived at the campsite. We got our things and went over to Miss Rogers “thanks for helping Mr Anderson” said Miss Rogers “that’s okay, anything for my little Charlie” said
Mr Anderson.

“Oh, look it’s Charlie and the dorks with her daddy, couldn’t you come on your own? Scary cat?” said Carmen. I didn’t say anything.

As it turned 10 pm me, Frankie and Tanya were in our tent telling spooky stories and then we had to go to sleep.

By the morning we were all outside listening to Miss Rogers “so today is all about working as a team. The girls are with Mr Anderson and the boys are with me and whoever finds a four-leaf clover
wins” said Miss Rogers. We all nodded and separated.

“Found it,” said David “well done David, now let’s go back,” said Miss Rogers.

As the boys headed back to the campsite, Miss Rogers blew the whistle.

We all heard it and headed back “this is your entire fault Charlie” said Carmen “how do you figure that out?” I asked “because you are a freak, that’s why and it’s always your fault. You’re even so
scared to go on this camping trip, that you’ve brought your dad with you to hold your hand,” said Carmen and she walked “hey, there is no need for that. Charlie is not a freak and for your
information, I was offered to come on this trip and not because of Charlie. It’s not about the winning, it’s about the taking part,” said Mr Anderson. Carmen raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah, my dad is right. Don’t blame me because it isn’t my fault” I said. Carmen didn’t say anything. When we got back, it was time to go home, and we all helped put things away all expect from

As we got in the car. I realized something “dad, you know something?” I asked, “no what’s that?” asked Mr Anderson “you are not the worst dad in the world, you are the best dad in the world. If you
hadn’t have come, I would have missed you terribly. Thanks for what you said to Carmen” I said. Mr Anderson smiled, and we hugged.

By the time, we dropped off Frankie and Tanya, we were home and we got out of the car and I opened the front door. Rosie ran up to me and I picked her up to give her the biggest squeeze “hi mum,
we’re back” I said, “Hi sweetheart, did you have fun?” asked Mrs Anderson “yeah it was really fun, and I realized that you are not the worst parents but the best parents in the whole world. Come on
Rosie, I’ll read you a story. Night” I said, and we went upstairs.

Mrs Anderson looked at Mr Anderson “wow, what happened?” asked Mrs Anderson “ah, well that’s a secret” said Mr Anderson and they both laughed and went upstairs.
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Pool Party

Have you ever been invited to a popular guy’s pool party, but you couldn’t go because it was the same day as your grandmother’s 90th birthday? Well, I have, and it all started this morning.

We were on our way to school when David came over “hello ladies, would you care to join me at my house for my pool party?” asked David. We didn’t say anything because we were shocked, but we smiled
as David walked towards the school.

I looked at Frankie and Tanya “okay, what just happened?” said Tanya giggling “we’ve been invited to David’s house! What are we going to wear?” I asked, “I think we need to go shopping; can you ask
your mum if she can drive us?” asked Tanya “no way,” I said, “why not?” asked Tanya “because she is embarrassing,” I said “well, so is my mum,” said Frankie “me too,” said Tanya “well, what about
your dad?” asked Tanya “same,” I said “no way,” said Frankie and we looked at Tanya but didn’t ask because we knew the answer “well, we will just have to walk,” I said “yeah good idea,” said
Frankie “I know right,” I said smiling “but when guys?” asked Tanya “tomorrow after school?” I asked “totally,” said Tanya as we walked to mine “well, see you tomorrow,” I said “bye char” Tanya and
Frankie as I opened the door and closed it behind me and went into the kitchen “hi mum, is it okay if I go shopping with Frankie and Tanya after school tomorrow? David’s just invited us to his pool
party, and we need something to wear” I said taking my coat “yeah course sweetheart” said Mrs Anderson and she went over to the fridge and looked at the calendar “this Saturday?” she asked “yeah” I
said as I got the milk out and poured a glass “oh sorry sweetheart, you can’t go. That’s the day of great grandma’s birthday” said Mrs Anderson “that can’t be right” I said as I looked at the
calendar “so I can’t go?” I asked “no sorry sweetheart, I’m sure there’s going to be loads of other pool parties,” she said. I just stood there.

Me? why? I get invited by the coolest guy in school to his pool party and I can’t go

“That’s not fair. I’m not going either” said Tanya “me neither,” said Frankie “what? Guys, you’ve got to, you can still go” I said “not without you,” said Tanya “guys, please go. I don’t mind” I
said “but you could still go,” said Frankie “what? Lie to my mum and dad and go to the party?” I asked “exactly,” said Tanya “no, I can’t go,” I said, “why not?” asked Frankie “because I’ve never
lied to my parents before,” I said, “but this is David Craft’s pool party, can’t you lie just this once?” asked Tanya “well, he is cute,” I said thinking and the girls were grinning at me “oh okay
just this once,” I said “yay,” said Frankie and we smiled and hugged.

We managed to go to David’s party, it was awesome but unfortunately got caught because my stupid sister went home with my mum and I wasn’t there and my mum rang Tanya’s mum and her little brother
told my mum where I was and I got busted. So, we’re now grounded but it was amazing. I had my special moment with David, but Carmen interrupted us

That evening I was in my room and my mum and Rosie came in “Rosie? What do you say to Charlie?” asked Mrs Anderson raising her eyebrows because I had no idea what was going on “Charlie, I’m really
sorry I got you into trouble. I won’t do it again” said Rosie “good girl but you are still grounded so go downstairs and tidy up your toys in the living room there’s a good girl” said Mrs Anderson
and Rosie walked off and then it was just me and my mum “darling, I and your dad want to unground you” said Mrs Anderson “oh my god, thank you mum” I said and hugged my mum and we smiled at each

I guess it was a good idea to sneak out but there was a surprise in the store waiting for me the next day.
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Charlie's nightmare

Have you ever been so embarrassed that you just want to die?

I have and it all happened this morning when Rosie got on the wrong bus and went to my school.

“Have you seen this new girl with David?” asked Frankie “no who is she?” I asked “I think she’s called Rosie Smith, she oddly looks like Rosie, your sister,” said Tanya “she better not be! I had a
lot of trouble with her this morning” I said walking to David’s locker “why? What happened?” asked Frankie “just Rosie being her” I said and when we got to David. I looked at the girl and then she
turned around and I fell to the ground.

“Charlie? Wake up” said Frankie. I opened one eye and then the other and sat up “are you okay?” asked Tanya “yeah, is Rosie still with David?” I asked getting up “yeah but they’ve gone somewhere,
and Rosie had a handful of photos” said Frankie “what photos?” I asked “the ones when you were a baby,” said Tanya “what? She can’t do that. We’ve got to find them” I said, and we headed to the art

By the time we looked in every classroom, it was the end of lunch and I had a thought “Miss Roger’s room?” I asked “yeah, let’s go,” said Frankie and we headed to our tutor.

By the time we got there, Rosie was still showing David the photos, so I went over there “Rosie! Can I have a word with you? Now!” I asked and dragged Rosie over to my locker “WHAT are you doing
here?” I asked “got on the wrong bus,” said Rosie “but why here? Why show David Craft, my baby photos?” I asked “you are so embarrassing” I added and went back over to David “hi, I’m so sorry about
my sister. She shouldn’t have shown you the photos to you” I said, “Rosie is YOUR little sister?” asked David “yep, unfortunately. Why? What’s she done?” I asked “nothing but she is so cool so are
you, Charlie,” said David. I didn’t say anything because I was frozen, but David just signed and went away with Rosie.

“Charlie? Are you okay? What happened? Where’s Rosie?” asked Frankie “I don’t know, tan. Let’s go home” I said, “are you okay?” asked Frankie “yeah, I’m fine but I just can’t be bothered with Rosie
anymore,” I said “aww char,” said Tanya.

By the time we got to my house, Rosie was watching tv “where the hell did you go off too?” I shouted. I waited for Rosie to answer.

My mum came in “hey! What’s with all the shouting?” asked Mrs Anderson “never mind, just Rosie is ruining my life and embarrassing me in front of my crush, let’s go guys” I said, and I went
upstairs with Frankie and Tanya.

“So, what do you want to do?” asked Frankie “truth or dare,” I said “right, Frankie. You are first truth or dare?” asked Tanya “truth?” asked Frankie “is it true that you have a crush on Liam Payne
from one direction?” I asked “yes, Charlie. Right truth or dare?” asked Frankie “dare,” I said “Right, I dare you to kiss that chair,” said Frankie pointing over to the chair in the room. I went
over and kissed it and went back over to my friends “right truth or dare Tanya” I said “truth” said Tanya “is it true that your middle name is Samantha?” I asked “yes,” said Tanya.

By the time it was six o’clock Tanya and Frankie had gone home, and Rosie came in “Charlie, I’m really sorry I embarrassed you! I shouldn’t have shown them photos to David or got on the wrong bus
and went to your school. I only did it because I wanted to spend time with you and I’m sorry. It’s okay if you never want to speak to me again because I deverse it” said Rosie “it’s okay, don’t
worry. Of course, I don’t hate you, don’t be silly. You’re my little sister. It was wrong of you to go to my school, but it’s old news. David’s forgotten about it so don’t worry and I love you” I
said smiling and Rosie smiled, and we gave each other the biggest hug and Rosie went downstairs.

I guess Rosie isn’t embarrassing all the time. But I didn’t know what I was expecting what is going to happen tomorrow. I better wait and see
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“Right, let’s put that over there and the world model over here,” I said as I put everything where I wanted it to go

Have you ever become obsessed with something? Well, I have, and it all happened the morning when I volunteered to do the “save the world” project.

That morning I was walking to school when someone behind me caught up with me “why are you doing the “save the world” project, choir, organising the school dance, walking the dog, babysitting and
working on our English project? Don’t you think you are doing too much?” asked Frankie “no I don’t because I want to make aa difference, you know I do” I said “I know you do” said Frankie “please
don’t tell Tanya because you know what she’s like, worrying too much and then telling people” I said “I won’t char, I promise” said Frankie “thank you” I said “that’s okay” said Frankie. I smiled
then we busted out laughing.

Back at home, Rosie got obsessed with a new game that my mum had got her “Rosie, honey I think it’s time that you had a break from that game” said Mrs Anderson. Rosie didn’t listen because she was
playing the game. As I got in, I went into the living room “ah there you are Charlie. I need your help” said Mrs Anderson “right, I have an idea” I said walking upstairs.

3 hours later, I was still looking for something when my phone rang, and I answered “hello” I said “I think you are doing too much” said Tanya “do you? How did you find out?” I asked “Rosie told
me, and I’ve told Rosie to tell your parents, see you tomorrow,” said Tanya and hung up. I went downstairs and Rosie was still on her game. I signed “Rosie, why don’t you go outside and take a
break from your game and I promise you can have a go with my makeup,” I said. I smiled and then one surprise that even surprised me, but my Rosie kissed me.

Weeks past and I learnt something very important but something had happened.

“Guys, I’m sorry I’ve been a jerk, and Tanya I’m sorry for having a go at you and that you didn’t win the fashion show because I know how much you wanted to win and it’s all my fault” I said “it’s
okay, if I hadn’t had spent all night working on the costume then I would have won but there’s probably a lesson in there somewhere but I’m too tired to find it” said Tanya “there’s always next
year, I think you would win it next year and if Carmen wasn’t going to get her dad to be the judge then you would have won this year but because she did and you fell asleep, there was no one else
so she won which is so not fair but that’s just because her dad is deputy head and that she is an only child and that her parents are so rich, she has five horses, 2 dogs, 1 cat and she has no
siblings and she has two bedroom which is unfair as well but oh well” I said “yeah you got obsession with something you need more than one person to help you because Charlie, you can’t save the
world, do the English project, babysit and walk the dogs all by yourself, you need at least a 100 people or more to help you save the world, you need two people help you do the English project and
the same with babysitting and walking the dog. If you would have come to me or Tanya and asked for help, we would have helped you, but you didn’t” said Frankie “I know I’m sorry” I said smiling and
they smiled back at me and we walked towards my house.

As I opened the door and by my surprise, Rosie wasn’t on the game “where’s Rosie mum?” I asked “outside, I think playing hide and seek with Sonny. Thank you for curing her,” said Mrs Anderson “just
told her she can have a go at my makeup. Why, what’s he done?” I asked “you better have a look,” said Mrs Anderson.

We went upstairs and I opened my bedroom door and stated at it “oh my god! Look at my room. She is so annoying” I said “grr, now I have to tidy it up and it will take me all day and I have to
finish my English project as well by tomorrow. Guys, can you help me?” I asked “yeah okay,” said Tanya and Frankie and we busted out laughing.
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