Focusing Inward Too Much

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

taken from my book, "Our Founded Feelings"

Focusing Inward Too Much


My storming brain

Goes a little more insane

More and more everyday

I'm like a chicken layin' eggs

I've been down for such a while

That nothing's amusing, on any channel

Women won't take their walls down for me

Now I'm fed up with everybody

This anger that's inside

It fucks me all up

And I cannot give a fuck

For anybody

The world's going to shit

There's something wrong with me

I don't know what it is

Something about people dying, just scares me

I'm shaken to the core

Wish I could go to the store

But my Safeway's closed

And I gotta wake up early anyways

Sure wish that my heart

Wasn't so broken

Number 128

Would not take the bate

She must not really be single

Like her Facebook told me

So whatever

Fuck her

To her, I'm "nobody"

I didn't become single

__just to become somebody's fuckin' little "friend"

And it's pretty fucked up

__that that will never change, between us

I've got no reason

__why I should keep on tryin'

Things will never be the same between us

I gave her my heart for nothin'

I'll never forget how fucked up she is

Number 129 better be better than her

Or I'm going to hurt, even more

Tonight there is something wrong with me

This rollercoaster ride

__called "life"

____is full of surprises

Just 2 and a half hours ago

__I was so happy I could cry

Now pain has swallowed me whole

Nowhere to turn to

Nowhere to go

This wretched love-life

Always leaves me full of anger inside

Without it, I guess I'd be hallow, and dead

But wouldn't death be better than this?

Hours and hours go by

Week after week

__the days drag on and on

Until finally another month has passed

And then years pass me by

And before you know it, it's a new decade

And I will still be single

Because that can never change

A woman can just never give a shit for me

'Cause I'm nothing but a shit show

So fuck ev'rybody

__with their perfect wives

Because they have a perfect life

__with no flaws

I hope the world eats shit and dies

For leaving me alone, with my shit

Yeah, their gettin' away with it

Because they've made my retaliation illegal

Hiding behind the law

Just 'cause they know I would kill them all

__if there were no laws against that

The rage is getting hard to live with

I wish I could just be happy

But there's no happiness without a lady

__that I can call "my baby"

There's not even steps I can take

__to maintain a healthy relationship

I guess teeth and confidence

__are really important

But I'm not convinced that I'm the shit

So how can I believe in something I don't believe?

I guess I know too much

Can I help it if my limitations

__are so blatantly obvious?

How the Hell can I forget what's wrong with me?

It's in front of my face ev'ryday



D. L. Cannon

Submitted: February 18, 2021

© Copyright 2021 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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