Wind Ghosts

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Some kids see things no-one else sees, some kids see what is in their heads, sometimes it might be the same stuff.

It is Saturday afternoon in Orange County, California. It is warm outside, not the usual summer style heat, but not exactly what you would call winter weather.

Candice Lehman had just returned home from a Product-line Finalization meeting and was in good spirits.


"Honey, I'm Home!" Candice yelled as she entered the front door.

Her husband, Frank, called out from the kitchen, "I'm in here! How was the trip?"

Candice entered the large kitchen and joined her husband at the kitchen's island, slash, breakfast bar. Then she began telling Frank all about her trip and the contract for the manufacture of their product line.

After a few hugs and some kissing, Candice asked, "Where is Megan?"

Frank laughed and then replied, "She sleeping it off."

"Sleeping what off," Candice asked with a look of concern.

"Her day with the ghosts," Frank stated with a smile attached.

"Have you been telling her those ghost stories again? You know she has nightmares," Candice replied as she hit her husband on the shoulder.

Another hug came right after, and a couple of lengthy kisses.

As Frank began cutting cucumbers for the salad he was making, he asked, "You know the steel patio furniture you bought last spring?"

Candice smiled and said, "You mean the Rockers?"

"Yep, those are the ones," Frank replied. Then he went on to say, "The Santa Ana Winds were blowing this morning when we got up, and Megan noticed that the furniture was moving, you know, rocking with each gust of wind. So I guess her active imagination put two and two together and, (Wallah!), it was all about yard ghosts."

"Yard Ghosts?" Candice asked while snatching a cucumber slice.

"Yes Mam, there is Derk, Mary, Wilson, Rickey, and Casper, sorry, I mean Jasper. Our daughter corrected me when I said Casper, Casper isn't real, you know, he's a cartoon ghost."

They both laughed.

Candice watched as her husband chopped lettuce, the she asked, "So what did Megan reason the ghosts were doing out there?"

Frank replied, "Riding on the Rockers. What else?"

And not only that, she wanted to join them out there.

So I figured, (What the Hell?), and we slipped her into her hooded sweatshirt, britches, and those Cowgirl-boots she got for Christmas; God she loves those stupid boots.

Anyway, I had stuff to clean up outside anyway, so I figured I'd plop her down on one of the rockers and she could fantasize her way through whatever story she had going in her head. Boy, was I wrong! First I had to be introduced to Derk, Mary, Wilson, Rickey, and Jasper. Then we had to decide where everyone should sit, I guess there is an order to riding wind gusts on furniture.

Finally, I was permitted to go about my chores while she rocked in the wind, chatted, and laughed with her new friends."

"It sounds like she was having fun, "Candice said as she poured glasses of lemonade.

"Oh, it didn't end on the furniture. I guess she got tired of windy conditions and asked if her friends could come in to play in her room, they wanted to try out her toys and dolls.

I didn't want to dampen the mood or dull her imagination, so I said, "Sure."

You should have seen the drama she had going, she opened the door and held it opened just as if she was bringing a group of kids in the house. She was even telling them not to touch this, or that, they might knock something over, you know."

Candice chuckled and then asked, "Are her guests taking naps too?"

"Oh no," Franks replied with a laugh, "For some reason the ghosts had to leave when the wind died down. I guess they aren't allowed out except when the wind blows real hard. Like I would have known that.

So, anyway, as soon as Megan's ghost-troop left she curled up on her bed and fell asleep."

Candice smiled, kissed Frank on the cheek, then she said that she was going to check in on their darling baby daughter.


As Candice entered the room, the first thing that caught her eye was the fact that "Snuggles" wasn't in it's usual place, clutched in the arms of Megan.

Snuggles and Megan have been inseparable from the first day Megan got that furry little stuffed bear. But now the bear was gone and so were a few other special items.

As Candice sat on the edge of the bed Megan's eyes opened, and Megan immediately took a daughterly position in her mother's arms.

"Where is Snuggles, sweety?" Candice asked her sleepy eyed child.

"I gave him to Mary, she didn't have a Snuggles and she was lonely, more lonely than me."

"What about Toot the tank train, where is he?" Candice asked.

Megan replied, Derk and Rickey are boys, they like stuff like trains better that me, so I let them borrow it. They'll bring it back on the next windy day, they promised."

So Candice asked her daughter, "Did you give away anything else, sweety."

Megan sleepily replied, "Just my old Binkie-Blanket for Jasper, the one that has the happy-faces on it, and my firetruck-pillow for Wilson. They don't have any of their own."

Candice hugged her daughter, "Such a caring child," she thought, "I wonder what she really did with them?"


And at that very moment, just a few blocks away, Snuggles can be seen leaning against little Mary Martin's gravestone.

The grave is in the Sleepy Meadows Cemetery for children and is a wonderfully shaded area to lay a child to rest.

It's a great place to go looking for lost toys, too.



D. Thurmond / JEF



Submitted: February 18, 2021

© Copyright 2021 D. Thurmond aka JEF. All rights reserved.

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