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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Everyone has a vice. Maybe a drink, videos. That little thing that falls into our routines like a stone in water. And most are contempt with their vices and some even try to give them up. But be warned! Because the one thing you want to be done with, might just not be done with you.

  September 6, 2006, California

The night air was cool and silent apart from a car or two on the road and the exhale of tobacco from an eighteen year old named Ryan who was leaning back against the outside, grey wall of his suburban home. Lightly tapping the lingering ash from his cigarette and jumped suddenly upon hearing the voice of another, slightly older person."What the hell are you doing man, I thought you quit... Do you really want to end up like dad" the other spoke with a hint of condescension but more so concern while his hands lay in the wool pockets of his coat, standing close by. His sudden appearence giving Ryan a slight jump.

"SHIT JON!" Ryan said taking a drag to calm his nerves from the sudden scare. He then shook his head with an exhale of smoke following "Look don't even start, mom is on my ass about it enough. And you know what.." Ryan said looking at his brother stern but calmly. "It's not your choice or hers okay. It's my lungs, my choice and my life."

Jon gave a half nod, understanding his younger brother was having a tough time as they all were from their father's recent passing but still hated to see his brother falling into similar patterns as their father had. "Fine...." He exclaimed and turned with a beginning step. " ...Tell Lungly I said hi"

Ryan looked over with a slight perk up. "...I'm sorry, who?" He asked with a slight confusion in his eyes. His brother stopped walking with a little smirk that faded and turned back to face Ryan. 

"..wait... you've never heard of Lungly?" He said with an almost surprised expression. Watching his brother shake his head no while taking another drag. "He's a demon that comes after smokers." Jon slowly walked around while telling the story, Ryan giving a blank eye roll but continued to listen. "Legend says he was an old man that was so addicted, he smoked a pack every hour. When he came back from the store with a fresh new pack of cigarettes.. he was beaten and robbed for his pack and died in the street." Jon eyeing Ryan every now and then to see if he was paying attention, he was. "The funny thing is.... He didn't stay dead and from that point on, every time he smells that sweet smoke, he comes to take it.. by ripping out your lungs!" He said with a shout, tapping his brother's lungs to give him another scare.

Ryan looked at his brother with a bland look and a solid reply to his horror story "... .. that is about the absolute, dumbest dumb thing I've ever heard in my life, bro." He said and took a drag and shook his head, leaving the property to take a walk. 

"Okay bud.. don't say I didn't warn you!" He called out to his brother who replied with giving his older brother an unamused middle finger while Jon sighed and went in to greet their mom.

Ryan shuffled his shoulders from the coolness of the night air and took one last drag before flicking the last of the cig. He walked until a slight gasp made behind him, forced him quickly to turn and see a still quiet and empty road. Looking around slightly he then turned and kept walking, moving hair out of his face and zipping up his blue hoodie. Soon after a second, even closer and louder gasp made him stop and turn again, a bit more slower.He looked around a bit more carefully and turned but before he could take the next step, a strained gasp emitted right behind him, this time even feeling a breath behind, touch the back of his neck and then rolled his eyes.

"Dude you are so not funny!" He yelled out and turned again with an unnerving, gory, ripping sound which made him blink quickly with a bit of a quiver and a small stream of blood trickling from the corner of his lip and rolling diwn his chin with a look of terror deep in his green eyes which rolled down to gaze at the two enlarged, jagged bleeding holes in his body. His face managing to look up to face a horrific, warn red and black skinned elderly creature; wearing a long, black wool coat and bowler hat with a gasping mouth and dark, empty eye sockets. Huffing the left over smoke out of the lungs, resembling a zombie feasting on the flesh of it's prey. Ryan then slowly and stilly fell backward with a  lifeless thud as the deprived creature feasted on his bloody prize with a gasp of satisfaction, soon after fading down into the concrete street and disappearing in a small cloud of mist, leaving behind Ryan's corpse with two shrivelled, black lungs laying beside. 

The End


Submitted: February 19, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Ozzy8Nails. All rights reserved.

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Criss Sole

Let that be a lesson to all the smokers out there!

I thought this was spooky, but Lungly is a great metaphor for all the dangers of smoking, and how it can rob you of your life.
Great story Ozzy.

Fri, February 19th, 2021 7:35am

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