His Virgin Neighbor

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Meet Victoria she is a woman who is used to being single, the men she had met were either not interested in her or she had found them boring that is until she meets her new handsome neighbor Lucian who she finds is frustrating and noisy but who ends up sending her world into a spin.
Meet Lucian he is your typical rich playboy and the 'love em and leave em' type, that is until he meets his curvy sexy neighbor Victoria who he thought wasn't his type but he finds her getting under his skin and his world getting turned upside down.

Table of Contents

Chapter one

(This book is quite explicit but I hope you enjoy it and if you haveanyideas for my next book please let me know. Thank you ????) V... Read Chapter

Chapter two

The next morning Victoria woke up early to a loud hammering sound coming from next door, she knew there would be noise, she thought as sh... Read Chapter

Chapter three

Victoria did her shopping and cleaning and there was work going on next door still and she heard the workmen talking and from what Victor... Read Chapter

Chapter four

Lucian placed his hand on the front door after he slammed it shut, he frowned because for some reason he felt guilty after she told him t... Read Chapter

Chapter five

Victoria woke up a little later than usual as she had found that she had slept through her alarm and she knew it was because about what h... Read Chapter

Chapter six

Victoria had an easy day of cleaning which she was pleased about and that night she came home to find there was silence but she wasn't to... Read Chapter

Chapter seven

Victoria pulled up outside his house, she remembered yesterday morning and how she had reacted when she had saw his gaze at her and how h... Read Chapter

Chapter eight

Victoria walked to her car on unsteady legs as she felt him watching her, she felt like she was in a dream as she climbed in and drove aw... Read Chapter

Chapter nine

Victoria walked into his living room to find it looking different from this morning, she saw a lamp glowing warmly on a side table that w... Read Chapter

Chapter ten

Victoria went to work the next day and tried to focus the best she could on doing her job but she couldn't stop thinking about last night... Read Chapter

Chapter eleven

Victoria was tired but she found she couldn't sleep and after tossing and turning in bed, she walked downstairs and sat on her sofa, she ... Read Chapter

Chapter twelve

Lucian stood still as he let Victoria explore him, he watched as she slid her hand down his chest to feel his stomach muscles, he felt hi... Read Chapter

Chapter thirteen

Victoria tried to relax as she lay in the bath but she remembered what happened after Lucian had slept with that woman because he had thr... Read Chapter

Chapter fourteen

Victoria woke up when Lucian was still sleeping, she smiled, he looked so handsome asleep, she couldn't help herself as her hands slid do... Read Chapter

Chapter fifteen

Victoria went home after she finished work and she found she couldn't stop thinking about that photo that she saw in the magazine of Luci... Read Chapter

Chapter sixteen,

Victoria felt awkward as she cooked them a stir fry because she had never cooked for anyone but herself and he was watching her, she was ... Read Chapter

Chapter seventeen

He wrapped his arms around her waist as she cuddled into his chest, "I lost my parents in a car accident when I was three and I had no ot... Read Chapter

Chapter eighteen

Lucian woke up to find Victoria asleep in his arms, he smiled knowing that he could get used to this so easily as he found he slept bette... Read Chapter

Chapter nineteen

Victoria took a deep breath to calm her nerves as Lucian led her into the restaurant, the restaurant was a quiet place with soft music pl... Read Chapter

Chapter twenty

Lucian took Victoria in his private plane where he flew her to Las Vegas to get married, they spent their honeymoon travelling around Eur... Read Chapter

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