Future World 2015 Written in 1994

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Back in 1994, when I knew nothing about computers and still do not, I wrote up an article in which I listed what I thought would happen in the year 2015. That seemed so FAR into the future! Well, some of it has manifested and some of it has not. Hilarious what language I used and how wrong I was about some of the predictions. I saw "the plague" was fatal for 72% of Africans, but Near Death Experiencer Nanci Danison was shown that Mankind (all Mankind) was decimated by 2033 by mutated viruses like SARS and other issues, like climate change. So she was more on the mark that I was.


Composed by Alexander Guinevere Kern
c - 9/1994

(As dumb as it sounds, I was sort of “on the mark” with some of my predictions. I did not then and do not now, understand the mysterious workings of a computer! Also, I don't know WHY I saw that Africans were decimated, instead of all of Mankind, as others have seen in the future. I am a longtime supporter of Black rights. I was raised by an African American nanny, to whom I owe my partial sanity. Yet - that is what I saw. I sincerely hope I am wrong and other psychics are also wrong about Mankind's future on the Earth. I am NOT a psychic. I don't know what I am.))  

These were my Future World Predictions back in 1994 !

CD ROM will be in common usage in most middle to upper class. homes. (Will there still be a definable middle and upper class?)

All homes in possession of a modem will be connected to the Internet or some on-line serice very much like it. Immense TV screens a la Fahrenheit 451 with sensa-round sound will be invented - also ability to connect viewer to virtual reality performances or interactive fantasy games, etc. Holographic projections possible as depicted in ALIEN TONQUE  with audio transmission. Information on Any subject or person will be accessible at the touch of a finger. It will be extraordinarily difficult to maintain any degree of privacy in such a culture.

People will be visually intoxicated and image-oriented, no longer interested in stimulating their imaginations through play performances or through the power of the written word. The language will deteriorate further, until persons meeting one another in the street will communicate  with a sort of computer short hand, preferring to and accustomed to expressing themselves in PC shortened dialogue and ideograms widely used by hackers. The people will have some difficulty determining what is real from what is unreal; the producers of virtual reality movies, etc. will be expert in their craft and the majority of people will live, work and play at home thereby placing themselves willingly under the influence. The neuro-chemical bonding so essential to human relationships will be thwarted  as people find their hearts’ and mind’s desire in the three dimensional world provided them by the CD Rom.  Thus their psychological development will be arrested or incomplete. Such techno stimulation assault by two-dimensional visuals) may ultimately and permanently alter the evolution of the human brain.

Plague - There will be outbreaks of uncontrollable, virulent new strains of virus that will further cause people to be suspicious of one another and therefore unlikely to forge new relationships. To slow down the rate of transmission, most people will be advised to conduct all business from the safety of their homes. There will be more guns purchased than ever as people attempt to protect themselves against the tide of crime, which has erupted as the high tech economy eliminates low wage, service jobs or robots or androids assume the simple labor positions. The less intelligent, who no longer have any place in a scared and emotionally cauterized society of the spectacle, will be forced to plunder and thieve their way to survival.  Drugs will be legalized, as well as prostitution  and therefore those former ways of the criminal underclass making a lucrative living will have been eliminated. Africa’s human population will have been decreased by 78% leaving the land virtually unprotected from scavengers hunters/investors. Remaining blacks will be utilized as slaves by incoming plunderers.  Because very few Africans were able to buy computers and subsequent new technology they could not compete in the new global economy  - the New World Order had never intended to make space for African contribution.  The rich resources will be appropriated by the wealthy white invaders who were late inoculated against plague.  Alaska will be further colonized as viruses tend to stagnant in freezing conditions and groups of people tend to be protected by their geographical location and isolation.

Many of the dependent elderly will have been effectively killed off by the random attacks . . .

The entire page is missing . . . on to page 3

. . . get emotionally involved with the interactive media just as if it were television.  This is truly scary. Suppose you fall in love with a person whose innermost (and social veneer)  is broadcast to you only through the computer? This is Pure Mind, or as close to MIND as one can get, because not even the physical being is present to exert hormonal influence. Body language doesn’t mean shit, tone of voice accounts for nada, clothes won’t make the difference, will it be beneficial for humanity to relate to one another in this way a large percentage of the time?

6) let us suppose that the technological advances in electronics now allow persons using their PCs to be able to hear and see one another through the monitor. (Effect on telephone services?) Additionally, could not the government, which, due to the plague and subterranean insurrections, have become extremely paranoid, spy on its citizens through this avenue. Dating services wherein the applicants can broadcast their features and their requirements and immediately view those respondents who are brave enough to literally show their face. Doctors could evaluate patients visually and receive vital data taken by inexpensive diagnostic machines. (Patients could hook himself/herself up to a computer, which would send data directly to a physician. If plague is suspected the authorities would be sent out like Animal Control to declare quarantine and forbid the other occupants of the domicile free ingress and egress.) Psychotherapy done by computer? **The IRS could closely monitor the viewable assets and make assumptions concerning the honesty of the occupants in reporting their income.  Question???  Will there still be mail service? Phone service? How far will the religious right get in establishing and enforcing their ideology in this country?

7) Washington Post - Saturday November 26, 1994 - “The Nation’s Housing” Switch to Electronic Underwriting Risky for Mortgage Lenders, Applicants.” Article states that electronic 90 second on-line credit reports on loan applicants often contains errors, misinformation, old data, false data in 44% of hand-reviewed cases. Too heavy use of computerized quickie credit reports “is going to create a whole new category of people discriminated against unfairly” unwitting, unknowing victims of high tech underwriting. Article states that the three main credit reporting firms TRW, Equifax, and TransUnion merge their raw data files by computer software into a single report.

8) All U.S. currency will be rendered invalid. Citizens will be issued debit cards and they must use these to make their purchases. There will be no mercy shown those who cannot afford the basics of life, no social services other than the government provided housing. There had been a strong push for gun control, but after plague outbreak all attempts to disarm the people failed.

9) Washington Post - November 26, 1994 - house hunting by computer - GEOSPAN and other technological innovations are going to change the nature of the realty marketing business, which has basically been an information-hoarding industry through its highly controlled ownership of multiple listing services of homes for sale. But in the future technological advances will make such information widely available, possibly reducing the role of agents in the selling or buying of real estate. Assists prospective buyers by permitting them to view the homes for sale as though through a window in a van, allows them to freeze a particular camera angle and print it out without resort to a Polaroid. Viewers can see “not only house they are considering but also look to the west and see that it is on a corner, that the neighbor’s grass needs trimming and look across the street to see a house with a fenced in yard which looks tacky.”

(Note from 2-19-2012^^^^ Far less power and influence than we could have EVER predicted!

To continue:

10) Gene Therapy/Plastic surgery - Beauty and Intelligence enhancement - options only available only for the wealthy. Creates even greater disparity in society with regard to qualifying for jobs, mates, lovers, status.  Persons who are force to live outside protected enclaves will often be instantly recognizable by their crooked teeth, baldness, skin color, height, weight, unsightly nose, weak chin - they will seem like atavistic ancestors returned to haunt the perfect living.  Among the perfect hyper-intelligent beings of the future, what will become the standard for beauty?  Might people, who are naturally competitive, then select their lovers, mates, friends, teachers, business partners partners based on interior qualities, or will they, as I strongly suspect, having nothing inside themselves at all.

11) Privacy no longer exists, and the American people permitted this outrage to occur. There will be organizations which will have made their fortunes by compiling private, personal data on every single American and selling this information to those willing to pay the price. Printouts will include birth, marriage, complete medical records, deeds, insurance, assets, stocks, bonds, and all registered investments.  Additionally, the investigators for these firms will pay top dollar for personal testimonials from former lovers, spouses, employers, doctors willing to spill the beans of private confidences.  (Note: 2-18-2012 -and Journalists and psychiatrists!) The identities of these cyber informers will be protected, unless the unfortunate victim of all these intelligence scouring of his/her personal life is wealthy enough to fight back and pay to have his/her stool pigeon revealed.  This will cause people to become paranoid, and to view strangers with mistrust, which will feed the already highly suspicious state of society due to plague.

12) Power: Citizens will be able to purchase power from the utility company of their choice, the monopoly of electrical utility companies such as Pepco will be a thing of the past.

13) View screen and intercoms in the house so that people will be able to communicate with anything between floors.

Submitted: February 20, 2021

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