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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Think about this! A study in 2020 sugests the average person has over 6,000 thoughts per day. That's a scary thought, especially when you never know what someone is thinking. And sure you hope their positive but sometimes negative thoughts, can have a mind of their own.

November 25, 2000, New York

A loose faucet dripped slowly, followed by a rush of water pressure into a pot of freshly peeled potatoes and chopped carrots. The pot set onto a stove top by a young man with a casual, thin red sweater, jeans, short blonde messy hair and icy blue eyes that silently moved up from the stove to glance at a younger girl in a neat blue dress with white lace, black heels and a blue ribbon in her blonde, shoulder length hair sitting on a cushioned, wooden bench. Her lime green eyes glanced through the glass of the window to the light rain falling outside. Her expression bland and visibly upset, letting out a sigh under her breath. 

 He watched her and sighed himself and started to fix up gravey, eyes moving silently back to the girl and finished his preperation for an up coming dinner. He shuffled from behind a counter separating a white & black tiled kitchen from a white wall and hard wooden floor sitting room.

"So what... we're never talking again?" He asked, walking a couple steps, echoing off the floor smoothly. He tilted his head quietly as if waiting for a response. She would only huff and put a hand under her chin. "I know you miss mom & dad but their in Washington for Dad's work, you know that." He said in kind and took a few more steps to her and leaned down to her level. "I know your upset okay"...will you atleast look at me?" He pleaded in a soft hearted tone.

The girl slowly turned to face him with the expression still on her face with a thought coming to her mind. **Yyyou left without me...Yyyou left me alone.** the thought had slight emotion and echoed in her mind.. and in his. He glanced down with a look and glanced up silently. 

**III'm sorry about that, kiddo** He thought in reply which made her softly look down. He then gently lifted her chin with his fingers and gave a smile. **III just wanted your first real thanksgiving to be perfect... lllike mine was.**  The open thought managed to give her a small smile. "So, are we good?" He asked out loud."Okay but promise you won't go without me next time." She finally spoke out loud. He gave her a reassuring, extended pinky as she hooked hers in his. "I swear.... you know what, I'll even let you carve the turkey." He said with a smile and pat her arm as he stood and walked toward the dinning room. "Oh can you grab the cranberry sauce, please?" 

 "Okay!" She called out and skipped to the kitchen to grab the plate with cranberries, moving passed a limp, still body on the tiles of a man in an expensive suit with the top half of a balding skull removed along with his brain, leaving an eerie, still smile on his face with lifeless open eyes. She skipped joyfully into the dining room with her brother smiling, standing on the opposite side of a round, dark oak dining room table with seven men & women in expensive suits and gowns with fancy jewlery, sitting still as stone at the table with hands at their sides and the same eerie smile as the corpse in the kitchen. They all had surgical markings around the middle of each of their foreheads. And a man laying on top of the table with the word "turkey" drawn into his forehead with a black marker. Smiling with eyes frantically glancing side to side but unable to make a sound. Though their faces had a joyful and contempt smile, the eyes of the guests contained sheer terror and panic with a single tear falling from one of the woman's faces. Amoung the guests were a police officer, a couple of high society level people including a senator and federal judge.The girl skipped to her end of the table and set the cranberries down. She carefully picked up a razor sharp carving knife as her brother took hold of a knife on his end of the table, looking around at the smiling, silently terrified guests, looking around with a heightened level of panic.  His eyes fell upon the eyes of the girl, knife in hand and developed a smile of his own. "Alright, lets eat" He spoke. And though they were vocally silent. The psychic syblings were still able to hear their blood curdling and excruciating screams of their frozen and still smiling dinner guests.


The End



Submitted: February 20, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Ozzy8Nails. All rights reserved.

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Criss Sole

What a creepy and sadistic brother and sister!!!
Yikes. Poor 'turkey' guy.
Well written.

Tue, February 23rd, 2021 12:39pm


Don't feel too bad, their republicans lol eating brains is actually where they get their telepathy from. Also.. may not be the last time you ever see these two.

Tue, February 23rd, 2021 7:12am

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