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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

A 12-year old boy discovers that he enjoys wearing diapers.



"Oh, crap! I did it again," Andy muttered, after he woke up and felt his wet pajamas. "What's wrong with me?"

By now, 12-year old Andy Carter knew the routine for his bed wetting. He took off his soggy pajamas, dashed naked into the bathroom and took a quick shower. After he returned to his room, he opened his top dresser drawer. His face turned red when he saw the cotton panties. He remembered his mother's words from earlier this summer.

"Since you refuse to wear a diaper at night, you're going to wear a pair of your sister's old panties in the morning. So it's your choice. Diaper nights or panty mornings."

Andy, a stubborn boy much like his late father, had chosen panty mornings. He hated parading around the house wearing only panties. His 13-year old sister, who had outgrown the panties, always teased him. Still, teasing was far preferable to the humiliation of wearing a diaper. Only babies wore diapers and he wasn't a baby.

The boy selected a pair of blue panties—the least objectionable color in his mind—and slipped them on. His face burned with shame when he saw his reflection in the mirror. The bikini-style panties barely covered him in the front. When he turned around, he could see parts of his butt cheeks peeking out in the back.

Wearing only his blue panties, Andy quickly stripped off the wet sheets from his bed. Using a damp cloth, he wiped down the plastic mattress cover. How he hated that plastic cover! At night, it crackled every time he moved, a constant reminder of the boy's embarrassing wetting problem.

Andy gathered up the wet sheets and pajamas, and carried them to the laundry room. He loaded his soggy things into the washer, tossed in a detergent pod and started the machine.

The boy knew he would have to stay in his panties until everything was washed, dried and put away. That meant another panty-clad breakfast in front of his mother and his sister.

A few minutes later, 13-year old Tammy entered the kitchen.

"Good morning, panty butt!" she said. "You look so cute in those blue panties. How come you never wear my pink panties? You'd look cute in pink."

Andy ignored his sister. She was trying to provoke him into a fight. From past experience, he knew that fighting with Tammy usually led to an all-day session in panties. 

Panty punishment—his mother usually called it panty detention—was how she always disciplined Andy. The boy didn't think his mother was fair. His sister was merely grounded for misbehavior, but he had to parade around the house in skimpy panties.

When Mrs. Carter entered the kitchen, she was pleased to see her children sitting peacefully at the table. Both siblings were in their usual breakfast attire—one gloomy boy in panties and one smirking girl in pajamas.

Anita Carter was quite certain that her son's recent bedwetting had been caused by the death of his grandfather. In the absence of a father, grandpa Carter had become a surrogate father for Andy. The boy was deeply attached to his grandfather, and his passing had triggered restless sleep and bed wetting.

"Are you sure you don't want a diaper tonight?" asked Andy's mother. "A diaper would make your life so much easier. No more washing and drying sheets. No more panty mornings. I'll make you a deal. If you agree to wear a diaper to bed, I'll stop punishing you with panties."

Andy looked at his mother in open-mouthed surprise. No more panty detention! He couldn't believe it. Panty punishment had been a shameful part of his life since the age of nine.

"OK, mom, I'll do it. I'll wear a diaper, but only if you throw away those stupid panties. You have to take off that plastic mattress cover, too. If I'm going to sleep in diapers, I don't need that cover anymore."

"It's a deal," said Mrs. Carter. She gave her son a reassuring hug and gently patted his cute panty-clad bottom. "You can get dressed now. Your last panty detention is over."

"It's okay, mom," said Andy. "I'll stay in my panties until everything is washed and dried. Remember, we made a deal—either diaper nights or panty mornings. I have to keep my part of the deal and stay in these panties until everything is put away."

Mrs. Carter hugged her son again. Andy thoroughly enjoyed the hug. It made him feel safe and secure, almost like a little boy again. He wondered if he would have the same warm feeling tonight when his mother diapered him like a baby.


After Andy took his nighttime shower at 9:30, he wrapped a towel around his waist and walked slowly to his mother's bedroom. He hesitated before entering. He couldn't believe he was about to be diapered like a baby. He could feel his face burning with shame as he entered the bedroom.

"Do I have to be naked for this?" Andy asked.

"Of course you have to be naked," said Andy's mother. "Take off your towel and go lie on the bed. It won't take long. I've diapered you many times when you were a little guy."

Andy trudged over to the bed, unfastened the towel and let it fall to the floor. Then he hopped on the bed and lay on his back. His heart was beating so fast that he thought it might jump out of his chest.

"Okay, mom, I'm ready for my baby diaper." He made no attempt to cover himself. "Did you ever think you'd be putting me in a baby diaper at my age?"

"It's not a baby diaper," his mother reassured him. "It's a youth diaper and lots of boys wear them at night. Lift up your legs!"

Andy lifted his legs up and slightly over his head, giving his mother a bird's-eye view of his private parts. With his legs up in the air, the boy felt like he was surrendering the last of his dignity.

Mrs. Carter unfolded the diaper and slid it under her son's bottom. After Andy lowered his legs and spread them apart, she pulled the diaper between his legs and snugly over his genitals. She finished by fastening his diaper tapes. There were two tapes on each side.

After Andy stood up, his mother watched him struggle with the sensation of being in a diaper again. The boy could feel the thick padding between his legs and rubbing against his penis. It felt so strange, nothing at all like his pajamas.

Andy reached back and felt the thick padding on his bottom. His face burned with shame. He was in a real diaper, just like a baby.

"Why don't you go to your room and put on your pajamas now," said Andy's mother. "Once you're in your pajamas, you'll forget all about the diaper. Then you can come to the living room and we'll have a little chat."

Mrs. Carter gave her son a loving pat on his diapered bottom.

Andy exited his mother's room and walked down the hallway towards his room. His diaper rustled with every step, reminding him of his babyish status. 

The boy didn't know which was worse—the rustle of a diaper or the crackle of a plastic mattress cover. At least his mother had kept her part of the deal. She had removed the plastic cover earlier in the day.

In his room, Andy went over to the mirror. His white diaper stood out in stark contrast to his suntanned body. As he stared at his reflection, he felt a strange stirring in the front of his diaper.

"That's weird," Andy thought as he looked at his diaper bulge. "Either my wiener likes being in this diaper or it's trying to escape." 

The thought of his penis punching a hole in the front of his diaper and escaping made the boy giggle.

Andy turned around and examined his rear end. He couldn't help but smile. He loved how the diaper padding rounded out his bottom. 

He wiggled his fanny and smiled again. He looked like a diaper-butt toddler. He had a sudden desire to be a toddler again. All thoughts of wearing pajamas over his diaper evaporated.

"I'm not going to wear pajamas anymore," Andy announced, after he entered the living room wearing only his diaper. "I'm going to sleep in my diaper and stay in my diaper for breakfast, just like a toddler. We'll make that a new rule. Once I'm in my diaper, I can't wear anything else until after breakfast. Is that okay?"

"Suit yourself!" said Mrs. Carter. "Come sit on my lap, little toddler! All toddlers like to be hugged by their mommies."

Andy smiled sheepishly as he sat on his mother's lap, something he hadn't done in years. She put her arms around him and hugged him tightly. He felt happy in her arms, just like this morning when she had hugged him in his panties. They sat and talked like this until 10:00, Andy's bedtime.

Mrs. Carter was amazed at her son's transformation. Just yesterday, Andy had stoutly resisted her attempts to put him in a diaper. Tonight he seemed to embrace his diapered status, not even objecting when she called him a toddler. Boys are such strange creatures.


The next morning, Andy woke up in a wet diaper, but a dry bed. The diaper had worked perfectly and hadn't leaked a drop. The boy was ecstatic. No more trips to the laundry room! No more wearing panties to breakfast!

"I'm going to sleep in diapers forever," Andy thought to himself. "Diapers are way better than wet pajamas."

Andy stayed in bed for several more minutes, enjoying the sensation of being in a wet diaper. Then he put his hands behind his head and peed his diaper while lying on his back. 

The boy felt delightfully naughty as he peed in his diaper. It was something a 12-year old boy shouldn't be doing, but it sure was fun. He checked the sheets again. Still dry. Way to go, diaper!

Pretty soon, Mrs. Carter called her children to breakfast. Andy waddled down the hallway, his pee-filled diaper crotch sagging noticeably between his legs. 

Andy's mother asked her son if he wanted to get out of his diaper before breakfast. Andy said no. He was enjoying the soft squishy wetness of his diaper and wanted to stay in it as long as possible.

"I can't believe you want to stay in a wet diaper," said Tammy, wrinkling her nose at her brother. "What a potty pants!"

"Maybe I like being a potty pants" said Andy. "I'd rather wear diapers all day than wear your stupid panties again."

Ironically, Andy's statement about wearing diapers all day came true. After his bedwetting stopped, his mother used the remaining diapers to punish her son whenever he misbehaved. On these occasions, he was forced to stay diapered until bedtime.

The diaper punishment experiment was a dismal failure. Andy loved romping around the house wearing only a diaper. He enjoyed going potty in his diaper, too. When his mother changed his wet or messy diaper, he was in boy heaven.

Mrs. Carter was quick to recognize that her son was becoming a diaper lover. She never bought diapers again. By the time school started, Andy's diaper summer was only a pleasant memory.

Submitted: February 20, 2021

© Copyright 2021 tannermark. All rights reserved.

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Wonderful story! Please consider expanding it in the future. I would love to read more.

Tue, February 23rd, 2021 2:28am

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